Silentish Saturday!

Shortened our long run for today so I decided to get out for a few easy miles yesterday at lunch time.

Looking like fall in some areas around here…

IMG 2460

IMG 2476

Rewind to the beginning of the day—> I think I might like French toast more than pancakes at this point in my life.

IMG 2457

IMG 2455

Andrew went mountain biking and sent me this when he finished haha;)

IMG 015D7C5345AE 1

IMG 2477

My sign to stop doing my hair= I burned my arm with the curling iron and it got pretty swollen after.

IMG 2483

We met up with my parents for Chalk the Block (my mom stood on the curb so she could fit in with my dad and me;)

IMG 2502

IMG 2495

Some times you just need to jump in the water with your clothes on.

IMG 2519

Keeping the streak alive.

IMG 2521

Brooke is off with her dad today but we’ll see her tomorrow!

IMG 2488


Tell me three things that you have going on today!!

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Ahhhh can’t wait for Fall!
Long run, running errands and start meal planning! My children may or may not have had ice cream for 2 meals this week (we were at city and county fairs) ;-).


100% Andrew needs another bike


Hahaha I think you are right!


Finished my morning run early today, and now we’re off to ride ATVs with the kids in Bear Lake!



ATVs at Bear Lake= Sounds like heaven to me. Enjoy Paige!


Today I went on a long run with a friend. Then I am going to do some cleaning and hit up Costco because you can never have too many snacks in the snack drawer! And then tonight we are going to the Washington County Fair. I am so excited! This is the first time we have ever taken our two year old little guy to something like this so I am pumped! Hope you have a great day Janae!


A gym sesh, a quick house project, and a BBQ with friends!! Enjoy your day!!


For her 13th birthday last month my daughter decided that, instead of a theme with decorations etc or having her party at a party place she’d rather we use that money to take her and 2 of her besties to build a bear. That was this morning. It was awesome!! The young man who waited on us had the perfect energy for the mass quantity of giggles. They were so silly and so fun and it was the perfect activity for the last weekend before school starts again. (A mix of 8th and 9th grade) I’m so thankful they can be fun and lighthearted and it’s not all teen drama.


I tried to get in a long run today, but it was so, so hot! I just could not do it! I only went about three miles before I decided to be done for the day. :( How do you deal with this, running in 100° heat and humidity? I try my best but I have never been able to get used to this…


I recognize that trail you’re running behind the houses, I think :) I ran Timp half last year and it finished in neighborhoods around that area. Either way, neat to see some of the trees changing already (I still want summer to stay!).

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