Sentence Per Picture!!

You would think that this picture was taken at the end of my run but it was actually taken 2.2 miles into my run.

10 miles again (about my max in this humidity) and I miss my running friends.

IMG 3935


IMG 3941

Got in some art projects with the kids.

IMG 3897

It only took 6 days of being at the beach for Skye to be okay with walking on the sand without shoes.

IMG 3878

For our last day we decided to keep it really relaxing and stay at the house.

IMG 3965

Knox lost his tooth in the pool.

IMG 3961

This is what happens to your hands when you’ve been in the pool for TEN hours (not exaggerating) straight besides breaks for food.

IMG 3973

Definitely feeling more rested at the end of this trip compared to normal vacations with our kids… I think all of the time playing outside made it so we all slept really great each night.

IMG 3950

Knox’s favorite part of the day.

IMG 3968

What I’m reading:

IMG 3960

Back to the mountains today but Andrew and I agreed that we will be back to Cayman again someday.

IMG 6347

Love these curls that she gets in the humidity.

IMG 3805

PS did you see this… a 6:48 pace for ONE HUNDRED MILES (and on a track?!) along with the 12-hour record.

Screen Shot 2019 08 26 at 6 28 00 PM


Give me your sentence for the day!!

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Run, laundry, car inspection, pick up kids.

Glad you had an amazing trip. Looks like a great house!!


Thanks so much Lauren! I hope your run was great and the inspection goes well!


Didn’t your kids miss a lot of school?


Hey Tracy! They have missed school while we are here. We spoke with their teachers and they were very supportive and excited for them to get the chance to go! They gave us homework and books to have them read while they have been gone! They weren’t worried about them missing at this point of the year because the time is spent mostly focusing on rules and procedures which they felt Knox and Brooke had already picked up on! Hope you have a great day!


Omg, loved that book so much!
Are you imagining who would play all the characters in the tv series based on the book?
I see Taylor Swift and that guy from Imagine Dragons as the leads.


And now for the rest of the book I’ll be picturing them:) you are RIGHT ON with those two! I’m excited to get some time on the plane to finish it (maybe)! Have a beautiful day!


Packing for Maui & getting everything arranged for the kids for the week while we are gone!


That looks amazing! I always get nervous running on vacation alone any tips for safety?

My daughters hands got cuts a few times while swimming too I now realize it’s cause she was in there so long! I thought was the pool we were at lol


We went to Grand Cayman two years ago and loved it so much that we went back this summer. We were just there the last week of July! My husband, kids, and I just love everything about that place. We snorkeled in numerous locations, swam with wild sea turtles at Spotts Beach, went on a Bioluminescent bay tour at night, toured the Crystal Caves, and of course went to Stingray City! Plus I love the food there! I greatly admire you for running outside there. I live in a hot humid climate, and I could only stand to run on the gym treadmill at our resort. I’m so glad to see you enjoyed such an amazing place!


So amazing, I’m glad you have a bit of solidarity with the humidity ;). It looks amazing though!
And that run is crazy, I went to law school with his wife (Nicole Bitter) and she is also an amazing trail runner (and practicing attorney). She was 7th female at Western States this year. Power couple!

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