Many Bullet Points + 10 x 1k + IT IS GOOD FOR US TO DO THIS.

Yep, speed work is a million times more fun for me when I am doing it with friends vs on my own.  Yesterday’s speed went by so quickly compared to the previous week’s workout on my own (and I’m sure the temperatures played a roll in that too).

We got home from the airport at around 11:30 Tuesday night.  Then I met the team (there were about 8 more total there) at 5:45 for 10 x 1k (about .62 miles).   Caffeine was a NEED for this workout.

This workout was a little intimidating going into it but I just kept reminding myself how nice it felt to not be sweating to death when it was hurting. During my running in Cayman I was feeling a little worried I had lost a lot of fitness suddenly (I know, it doesn’t make sense but neither does 99% of the stuff I worry about) because of how hard the paces felt each day.  I realized during the workout yesterday that nope, it definitely was the humidity that made it feel so much harder!

We did about 2.5 miles of a warm-up up the canyon and then got started.  We alternated with each one going uphill and then downhill.  On the uphill ones we had a major headwind that was crazy and felt like a wall but we just kept reminding ourselves that it’s GOOD for us to train in hard situations like wind.  Those hard situations make us so strong for race day.  It also made the downhills more fun to have a strong wind on our backs.

We started off with pretty much equal recoveries but then shortened them to get home in time!

For the total 10 1k repeats my average was a 5:56 and the effort was THERE so I’m very happy with how the workout went.

IMG 4052

And then it was time to get them to school.   That little dog of Skye’s is sure seeing the world… it is pretty much glued to Skye at all times.

IMG 4061

It’s so funny to me that out of the dozens of stuffed animals that we have, Skye ONLY wants this one.  Maybe it’s her way of telling us we need to get a German Shepherd.

IMG 3165

MEGAN GOT ENGAGED.  I can’t even begin to share how happy this makes me.  She and I were together pretty much daily during my single days and seeing her so happy with Cam makes me want to cry every time I think about it.

IMG 4078

We had lunch together and this plate of goodness was perfect (from Magelby’s).

IMG 4076

Soccer has started again!

IMG 4091

A few more random things I forgot to tell you from our trip.

*This is Andrew in the airport saying he will NEVER fly again with Skye.  After that he talked about how flying with kids is like running a marathon.  During the final stretch of a marathon and right afterwards you say you never will do it again but then you find yourself online shortly after signing up for another race ha.  I’m sure we will be looking into plane tickets with Skye again before we know it;)

IMG 4041

*I think I need to purchase storm shutters for Skye’s room here.  Skye (well, we all did) slept like a champ in the room with them because they blocked all of the light AND noise!

*Brooke saw her first shooting star on the boat one night and it was the best to see her reaction to it.

*I only reapplied lip gloss 2 times a day while we were there which is 78% less than when in Utah.  My skin felt so good and my acne disappearedish too.  Definitely some pluses to humidity!

*My feet felt so swollen at the end of each run in the humidity there.  Is that something anyone else experiences with running in humidity?

*The things that kept Skye entertained the most on the plane = Water WOW, these Nesting Dolls and a box of bandaids for her to open and put all over herself.  <—All ideas from you guys, THANK YOU!

IMG 4026IMG 4025

*There was only a one hour time difference for our trip which made coming home SO much easier for all of us!

*Our phones only really worked when we were inside the house (besides to take pictures/videos) and it was the best.  Unplugging is good for the soul.

*Who watches The Outpost on the CW?  THE PRODUCERS/WRITERS of this show were on the trip with us and just returned from shooting in Serbia for most of the year.  It was so cool to hear all about what goes into their professions! They are amazing people.

Screen Shot 2019 08 28 at 10 17 39 AM

*Beretta stayed at the dog hotel with all of her friends while we were gone. Everyone was so happy to see her again!

IMG 4083


Speed workouts= do you do most of them in flat areas (ie track/flat trail) or most of them with ups and downs in them?  Which do you prefer?

Have any shows that you are REALLY into right now?

Anyone reading get engaged recently or any other exciting things like that?  Tell me about it!

Parents reading—> What sports are your kids into right now?

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I’m from Michigan and June-August the humidity is awful. My fingers get very swollen when I run, but go back to normal once I rehydrate!


HOW DO YOU DO IT!? I feel like I would hibernate those months! I probably was a bit dehydrated too so I’m sure that didn’t help the swelling. Just a few more days until the humidity gets better for you! Have the best day Lindsay!


I’m kinda glad to hear you talk about how hard it was to run in the humidity. September humidity in Texas is off the charts awful and it feels like I’ve been losing fitness! Thanks for the reality check :)

I think flying with Skye would be way harder than a marathon. I remember flying two hours with my almost two year old and swore I’d never do it again. I never did haha!

You have a beautiful family!


Sports- swimming for both my girls, soccer for my youngest and she wants to try a kids obstacle course place ( she won’t start back to swim until Jan).

My oldest will be 12 soon and winter swimming is intense. They want her to go to 5, 90 min practices a week with a day of dryland/ strength before practice. My goal is gonna be 3 days a week, maybe 4. I think 5 is too much. Anyone else deal with this??


Oh wow…. that is a lot! How does she feel about it? Is she wanting to go 5 days or less? I’m kind of on the less is more side of things when they are young but if my kids are super passionate about a sport and they want to do more then I’ll get them there! I just would hate burning them out and not giving them time to be kids. I definitely have never had a 12 year old though… can anyone help?

Kids obstacle course= sounds amazing!


Oh YES that Humidity! I live in Kansas City. My fingers swell so much in the humidity and my feet do also when it gets really bad. Anxiously awaiting fall runs!


Oh I didn’t pay attention to see if my fingers were swelling too… interesting. I am so excited for your fall runs. It will feel like heaven. Enjoy your day!


Sounds like such a great workout!!

I got engaged in October (my ring looks almost identical to Megans!) and am getting married in 16 days!


16 DAYS!! AHHH KATRINA! I am thrilled for you and your ring is GORGEOUS. I couldn’t stop staring at Megan’s ring. I would love to see a wedding picture after if you feel like emailing me one:) . Enjoy every second!


Living in South Dakota we have really humid summers. I like the humidity for what it does for my skin but it makes for tough runs. I am enjoying the slightly drier air we are having. Two of kids live in Salt Lake City, one misses the humidity because her skin is so dry.


I understand what your daughter is feeling… my skin is so dry here too! I’m glad that you guys are having a little bit less humidity right now. You guys probably have really cold winters too! Enjoy your Thursday Heidi!


Hi, Janae! I live in an area with absolutely no hills, so all my speed workouts are flat. I love hills though and I miss doing them so bad! :(

Question for you: how many mile repeats would you recommend I do as my first speed workout for my half? And what kind of recovery between? Thanks!


Wahooo for your half coming up! If this is your first speed workout then I would probably start with 2 and if you feel great then 3. I usually do about half time recovery for mile repeats (some times full time recoveries). So for example if your mile takes 7:30 then recover (jog or I’ve had some coaches have me walk too) for 3:45! Let me know how it goes and I’m cheering for you Laura. You can do it!


Thanks so much for the response, Janae. I will let you know how it goes. This is not my first-ever workout, just my first for a half, but I am not really following a training plan, so I thought I’d be safe and ask. :) Thanks for cheering me on! You really are the best!


Hey Janae!

I used to love doing speed workouts on a flat area in DC! I haven’t yet gotten the courage to go out for a run since I was attacked by a dog but it will come soon…I have faith!
I’m completely used to humidity living in Alabama and South Carolina my whole life. I just moved to Illinois and this no humidity is awesome! Now, I’m trying to get my mind wrapped around the idea of winter coming…..
Congrats to Megan!!!! I got married on August 3rd <3 best day ever


Elizabeth… FIRST, congrats on your wedding! I hope it was the most perfect day and you are loving life together!
SECOND, you were attacked by a dog?!? When did this happen and where were you? I am so glad you are okay but totally get why you are fearful!
Third, I can’t even start to think about winter coming soon… it makes me cry!

I hope you have a great day!


Wow you crushed that workout! Awesome.

Exercising in humidity will really screw with your water/salt balance. I can gain 8 lbs of water the day after a long humid ride. It all goes away after 24-36 hours but everything is swollen in the meantime. So I totally believe your feet swelled up!


Thanks Victoria! Okay… WOW. Yeah, that definitely shows how it can really mess with our bodies. The feet swelling was normal. PS how do you do those long humid rides? I would be stopping for ice cream every 2 miles. I hope you are having a beautiful day!


I’ve been avoiding the track this summer because it’s always in full sun and really windy on one side (weird, I know). My neighborhood is great for intervals because of all the shade trees and I can do an 800 in one loop instead of two! It’s not completely flat but my races will never be totally flat so I feel like it’s good training.
My favorite show is Undeniable with Dan Patrick. I’m waiting for the new season. Not sure when it’s coming back.
My oldest nephew will be getting engaged very soon. I can’t wait!!
I guess I’m used to the humidity. I get so tired of being sweaty all the time. There is no way I could only wash my hair 2-3x a week because my hair is always wet when I’m finished running. I look like I’ve been swimming instead of running, even on the treadmill. I feel sorry for whoever is on the TM next to me lol


Okay, I want to come to a speed workout in your area… that sounds perfect with all of the shade and the 800m loop. I will have to check out Undeniable and that is so exciting about your nephew. I’m not too far off from nieces and nephews being in that stage too. If I lived in a humid place I would be washing my hair daily too! I was a sweat beast! I hope your day is a wonderful one! Thanks Elizabeth!


Hi, my name is Annie and I have been a victim of humidity for the past bajillion months (roughly). Everything swells, you feel like you are the worst runner in the history of running, and you’re perpetually sweaty. :) So basically, your feelings were all normal.


BAHAHA well you are just my hero. Good to know I was feeling normal emotions about the whole thing. I think you need to move to Utah and live in this crazy dry climate with me:) . Hope you are having a beautiful day Annie and that your next run is a little less humid!


Hi Janae!

Long time reader here, and have commented a few times.

I love speed workouts but I actually do most of them on the treadmill,it just helps to really get me focused. I usually do them on flats but then include one day of hill training at least a week to make sure I am training uphills and because I think hills are so good to reduce injury risk and increase speed.

I got engaged 2 months ago! I am getting married next year and can not wait :)


MARIA!!! CONGRATULATIONS! I am thrilled for you! You are going to have to fill me in on all of the details and I of course need to see a wedding picture (please:).
I think you are so right about hills reducing the chance of injury! I hope you have a wonderful day and I am just so happy for you:)


Congrats to Megan! That is so awesome!


Seriously it just makes me so happy! Thanks Gillian and I hope your day is a beautiful one!


I used to live in Nebraska and it was crazy humid there. I always told myself the hard runs in humidity made the fall PRs.

I used to do all try and get all my really hard speed workouts done on flat surfaces but have started to enjoy doing them on hills. After finishing a speed workout on hills I feel like I can conquer the world!

Congrats to Megan! It’s always so much fun to celebrate your close friends engagements knowing how happy they are and how exiting this time is for them.


Hurray for Megan, her ring is stunning! And Janae, your vacation pics were amazing, I can’t believe how beautiful it is there! That seemed like the perfect vacation for your kids ages right now, so nice to stay in a house where it’s easy to make naps happen and being able to cook and eat in is so nice. And I know flying with toddlers is a challenge, but I think most passengers are super understanding. I never have anything but sympathy for parents on planes. Even trips where little babies cried the entire way, I know when we get off I get to have peace and quiet and the poor parents have to deal with the aftermath!


I live in Alabama with heat and humidity. My hands swell badly during my runs.


I lived in Cayman for 23 years. Each time I would come back from a run my fingers would be like fat little sausages! Even if I wanted too, there is no way that I could have gotten my ring off, other than having it sawed off!!!!


I thought I understood humidity and how bad it made my fingers and toes swell up during/after exercise. Then I moved to Florida. It’s like how you think you know about parenting before you have kids…???

I haven’t watched that show but we like a lot of the other CW ones so I’ll have to check it out!


Congrats to Megan! Her ring looks gorgeous!

My country is very, very flat. Sometimes I cross a couple of bridges If I want to run on something that ‘feels’ like a hill.

Weird question: would you tell me Where you got Skye’s puppy? That stuffed animal looks exactly like our dog :D


Bridges count as hills in my opinion:) you need the stuffed animal! It is Douglas Cuddle Toy and I tried finding it online but I haven’t yet! Let me know if you find it!


We bought black out blinds fir our kids rooms and now we have them too! Helps them go to sleep when it’s still light out for sure!!

My oldest is trying soccer for the first time this fall


I have still never eaten at Magelby’s! I need to get on this asap!



Of course I have those same penguin nesting dolls! ;)


I tell myself I only need to run around the subdivision (1.5 miles) and then go back to bed. Never want to after that…………..usually. ;)


Oh man! That paragraph about the humidity made me feel SO much better! I live in Charleston, S.C. and most summer mornings it feels like you could drown by breathing the air. I slog through summer miles and feel so unfit! I’m anxious for the first cool, less humid morning to see what my body can really do!

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