Sentence Per Picture!

She was just so thrilled to have a whole new fresh day ahead of her.

8 miles with friends @ 8:21 pace and I’ll take today as a rest day before a long run tomorrow!

IMG 2235

Took the kids to the lake.

IMG 2244


IMG 2255

I need to join in with the girls and get a matching suit.

IMG 6006

Good thing this fits into the car so well because I take it everywhere with me… my hamstrings have been so tight after our mile repeats.

IMG 2413

Had a 13 minute uninterrupted conversation together which might be our record for this week;)

IMG 2265

I was definitely not brave enough to get in that cold water.

IMG 2424

I forgot how good cantaloup is because I’ve had my focus on watermelon for the last months.

IMG 2402

But I never forget how good ice cream is.

IMG 2445

BYU Farmers Market makes me so happy… the peaches are unreal and the homemade mango salsa from the salsa man (you’ll know if you go:) is just heaven.

IMG 1837

Super fun challenge to join on Strava!

IMG 2242 2

One of yesterday’s affirmation with the kids as we gear up for a new school year.

IMG 6111

Making these today and I cannot wait.

Screen Shot 2019 08 08 at 8 46 48 PM


Give me your sentence for the day!

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Squeezing in all the fun (last day of summer vacation) before I go full-time!


I’m right there with you with trying to get in all of the fun we possibly can over the next few days! Good luck going back to full-time! Hope today is perfect for you Becky!


Is that a picture of Bridal Veil Falls? I was just there last week on vacation, so beautiful!


Yes it is! Oh I wish I would have seen you there. We run by that multiple times a week. I hope you loved Utah and enjoy your Friday!


Finishing up my summer semester this week, with a final exam today and essay writing this weekend!


This is so so exciting. Good luck on your exam and your essay writing. You can do hard things Mikaela!


I’ve been in a sweet potato mood lately and I feel like I can’t get enough. I never thought about black bean and sweet potato burritos but I think it will be in my future.


I hope you love it too! Have a wonderful day Hollie and you are coming out soon right?!


Went to CrossFit this morning and struggled to get the weight up + my coach kept telling me “you are strong enough…” “tell yourself you are strong enough and that this is a light weight for you” — I left in tears (happy tears) super encouraged after pushing through the mental game and getting the weight up:) Thats my long sentence for the day:)


Eleanor, I love this so so much. Thank you for sharing it with me and I’m so proud of you for getting through that mental rough spot and DOING IT!


Hi Janae! I just saw that Brooks came out with ICE CREAM THEMED shoes ( and was just wondering how many seconds until you get yourself a pair. :)


AREN’T THEY BEAUTIFUL!? I am in love with them and I’m crossing every finger and toe that I get them soon! Have a great day Jenny!


Mel’s Kitchen Cafe is my go to website for any recipe! Her stuff is so good!!

Love the girls’ swimsuits!


You’ll have to share some of your favorite things from her with me when you get a chance. I can’t wait to try a bunch of her recipes. Thanks so much Alyssa and I hope you have a really great Friday!


We’re taking our oldest to college tomorrow just north of Chicago!! I can’t believe the day is here! Exciting for him (and all of us), but it will be a little weird and sad too! He’ll be playing football, so that will be super fun to watch ?
Have a great rest day Friday!


WOW. This is a big weekend for you guys. I hope everything goes smoothly and how amazing that he is playing football for them! Enjoy Wendy!


Today is my last day at work before a nine day vacation!!!


NINE DAY VACATION… I am thrilled for you Courtney. Have the best trip ever and I hope today zooms by fast! I want to hear all about it when you get home:)


Sentence for today : Don’t procrastinate and get things done!!

I lack motivation to pack for our family trip and have waited too long. Youngest is at camp and my 11 year old has sucked me into watching the Flash instead of doing anything…
I ran 5 miles this morning, 2nd week that I have trialed doing 5 miles with my crazy knee. I did a total of 8.5 miles and then lifted an hour after it (won’t get to my weights for awhile so I wanted to fit it in, normally won’t do that on the same day). It felt great. I am trying to not let the running interference with my racewalking pace but it is tricky.


Last day of vacation started with a run, rest of the day is open to possibilities!


Cantaloupe…yum! I wait allll year long for the brief season of Hermiston Cantaloupe season! They’re grown in Oregon. If you ever have the chance or happen to see them you will not be disappointed! I can devour a whole one “accidentally” in minutes! Haha!! Happy Friday!


Does Skye have the water sensor on here, or is it just for pools?


We spent the day at bear lake, which was heavenly!

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