Celebrating Big Time + My Friday Favorites!

Four out of five of us had a really great morning.  Skye was not thrilled that she was not going right into their classrooms with Brooke and Knox.

Back to more routines and getting in the run even earlier because now the kids need to stop sleeping in until mid morning and get to school:).  Emilee and I were talking about how it is going to take a few weeks to get back in the habit of being early early morning runners again.  When it’s hard to get out of bed in the mornings now I’ll just remind myself of last winter and running at 4 a.m. in a blizzard for ultra training.

I am taking today off and then race day tomorrow!  My legs are feeling fresher than they have since December haha.

IMG 3011

Brooke woke up, had crepes (w/sprinkles on top) for breakfast and was so excited to see her signs out front!

LRG DSC01040

So we’ve reached this stage in life with Brooke:)

IMG 3014

Brooke requested that we come and bring Panda Express for lunch.  This was Knox’s first time eating lunch at school so that was pretty exciting too.

IMG 3068

Judging by this picture… Brooke had a great first day of school.

IMG 3090

Brooke loved all of your comments (THANK YOU) and this comment from ‘Kimmy Gibbler’ made her so so happy…

IMG 3100

We then went to classic skating.  I’ve broken one bone and it was while rollerblading (I was racing my brother in his car) and luckily no bones were broken yesterday.

IMG 3099

She then requested Pizza Factory with my parents and my nieces.

IMG 3106

Followed by a very sprinklfied funfetti flavored cake.

IMG 3094

Birthdays are my favorite but they are also exhausting… I was wasted by the end of the day ha!


Time for just a few of my favorite things right now!

*I have a few of these tanks in different colors (tons of colors to choose from and they are so soft) and I am really loving them!

IMG 3008

*My current favorite Costco buys:

-The coconut almonds with dark chocolate are unreal and perfect snack anytime of day in my opinion:). I’ve told you about these before but just in case you missed that post and need some happiness in your life.

-The cilantro lime crema is SO good on tacos, nachos and anything else you want to put it on.   This will definitely be a repeat buy for me.

Screen Shot 2019 08 14 at 1 33 08 PM

*I was grocery shopping with Knox the other day and when he saw these he told me that he thought I would love them.  I bought them and he was very right.  I. LOVE. THESE. (Can you tell I have a thing for chocolate + almonds?)

IMG 2644

*My mom brought this back from Hawaii and every time I put it on I want to eat it because it smells so good.  No joke, the most delicious smelling body cream I have ever used.  It makes me crave that pineapple dole whip from Disneyland every day now ha.

IMG 2613

*I’ve had a few people ask me about what alarm we bought for Skye for our trip next week—> HERE it is!  It only has 3.5 stars on Amazon and I’ll give my full review next week when we use it more but we have tested it out at home and the alarm is LOUD when the wristband gets wet.  It fits really nicely on her wrist and she doesn’t mess around with it while it is on.  A friend told me that their alarm went off when a little kid drooled on it so I’m sure there will be some false alarms on the trip (if she spills any liquids on it etc) but I just want to be as safe as possible while we are there.

*Thank you Target for the Our Generation brand of dolls/accessories.  Brooke loves this brand of stuff and everything they sell is SOOOO much cheaper than American Girl Doll stuff.

IMG 3096


Ever broken a bone?  How?

Have anything you are looking forward to this weekend?  A long run or race?

What brand of running tanks have you been really loving lately?

What’s your favorite type of lotion?

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I would just die if Kimmy Gibbler wished me a happy birthday!!

I broke my pinky finger on the last day of school in maybe 3rd grade(??) playing kickball. It’s still crooked to this day. And my sweet little niece has a cast on her leg bc of a hairline fracture on her ankle. She gets it off soon, but it’s hard to not let her go splash in the water when everyone else is.


It seriously made Brooke’s day! She is so so kind. Crazy that your finger is still crooked years later! Oh I hope your niece is feeling better and better and that she gets a little bit of water time before it gets too cold again. Have a great day Loribeth!


Looks like Brooke had a delightful birthday–as she should :)
The only thing I’m looking forward to this weekend is getting away to the Outer Banks! It’s finally time!
Have an awesome race tomorrow, Janae!!


I’ve broken a couple of bones, but the weirdest was a couple of mother’s days ago, I really broke my pinkie on my right hand while riding home from our favorite bagel shop (with the whole family). I literally crashed and flipped over the handle bars… Held onto my coffee cup though ?. I was in a really funky shaped cast for a little over a month.
I have several Fabletics tanks that I love! I was just thinking the other day that it may be time to go through my running/work-out drawer again…maybe freshen it up with some new pieces.
Enjoy your rest day! Can’t wait to see how you do on Saturday!! ?


On mother’s day you broke your finger and crashed?! Glad the coffee was safe hahah (I’ve done a similar thing with my phone too and I wonder why I kept it safe;) . It’s always a good time to freshen up your running gear IMO. Thanks so much Wendy. I hope your Friday is really great so far!


My parents are watching Hope overnight as we cash in our anniversary coupon for them for this sitting and dinner on them at one of favorite fancies.


Erica… that is the BEST coupon ever. Have the best time with Chris and I am sure Hope is so so excited for a sleep over too!


Corey!! I hope you have the best time… enjoy every second and THANK YOU!


I broke my should falling out of the top bunk when I was 5ish. I have broken my wrists/hand 4 times, twice on each side. In the last 5 summers, I have broken a toe 4 times, currently one is broken and on the mend. I also broke a toe when I was in high school. As you can tell, I’m a repeat offender.


Okay, breaking your shoulder must have hurt SO so bad. And your toes… time to start wearing cowboy boots at all times to keep them safe:) . I hope your toe is feeling better right now. Enjoy your Friday Corry!


I was just saying that I feel like I have one color of running tanks and it’s. Black. I need to look for a good variety.

My girls also love our generation and I’m also very glad it’s not as expensive as American girl. It’s what they’ve been asking for for birthdays and Christmas for a few years now. I’m so glad she had a good birthday!


I always tend to go for the black tanks first too! They are just so so cute. Thank goodness for our generation… buying the same type of stuff with American Girl would have been like 4 x as much. We need to get our girls together. Hope your Friday is a really great one Jenny!


I’ve broken a ton of bones, unfortunately. I’m extremely double jointed so my bones just snap more easily than most people’s because I overextend everything. This means that I’m never tight for running, which is great. My injury issues are almost always caused by something being too weak and not doing enough work.

I actually just got back from hiking the Appalachian trail, and recovery for this feels harder than marathon recovery. I was averaging 20 miles a day on the days that I was hiking, which, depending on the terrain, could be a 12 hour hike. I keep sleeping 9 hours a night and then taking a 2 hour nap, which is an abnormal amount of sleep for me. You’ve mentioned that you need more sleep than average and that Brooke does too- I’m the opposite. On vacation, I’ll sleep about 7 hours a night and feel great. I can’t sleep 8 hours a night every single night because it’s too much, and frequently will wake up after 6 hours a few times a week. Since I’m still sleeping way more than typical, no workouts for me :) and I’ll take another week off.

I got an athleta sports bra for the trail and wore it every day. It was the comfiest bra ever! I’m an A cup though and I feel like bras are so different for everyone.

Favorite type of lotion? Pure coconut oil. I have sensitive skin and often get hives for normal lotion. But not coconut oil!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROOKE :) Hope yall have a phenomenal weekend and enjoy the rest of your summer!


CONGRATULATIONS!!! I cannot even imagine… 20 miles a day with the amount of elevation gain and loss on that trail. I bet it was such an incredible experience. Congratulations! Good for you to listen to your body and get all of that sleep. Keep me updated on your recovery.
Thanks so much and that is so interesting Savannah! I had no idea that being double jointed leads to more breaks! You too!


Broke my foot once tripping over absolutely NOTHING. I had to have surgery! Was just jogging over to where my friend was standing, fell, and boom. Not even a good story. :-)

I really love Origin’s grapefruit lotion. It comes in a jar and smells heavenly. It’s a special treat for me to buy but is so worth it.

I haven’t bought a new running top in a while . . . but I just bought a jacket from Calia (Carrie Underwood’s line), and it’s great–will be good for colder running or running around town. I love her line!


Oh Kristin, that is SO lame that that happened to you! + surgery?! NOOOO! I hope you don’t deal with any effects from it now! I’ve never looked into Carrie Underwood’s line but now I’m going to have to (not sure Andrew is going to be very happy with you know;). I hope you have a great Friday!


LOVE that pic of Brooke!! I’m so glad she had a fun birthday. Her cake looks AMAZING!!
I’m always looking for a good running tank. They change the styles so often! I don’t like it too tight or too loose or worse TOO LONG (short people probs) especially this time of year when it’s drenched in sweat during the first mile.
My favorite lotion is Kiehls Creme de Corps. I use it daily and stock up when Nordstrom has the giant sizes on sale. I’ve also been using Trader Joe’s Lemongrass Coconut Body Oil. It’s under $5 and works great!
Good luck tomorrow!! I know you’re going to crush it!!!


See I’m the opposite… too short of tanks drive me crazy when I’m running. They need a happy medium for us all:) . Oh I love that TJ’s body oil… and the price:) . Thanks so much Elizabeth and I hope you have a really great weekend!


Bones? Yup. I got hit by a car in 2nd grade and it ran over my left leg and broke it. Luckily (I guess) I also hit my head on the door handle (the old style ones that jutted out) and knocked me out so I didn’t feel any pain. I woke up in the ambulance, lol. My mom told me the eye surgeon and leg surgeon had a heated argument whether they should stitch my eye or fix my leg first at the hospital. I also broke my wrist playing on the bars at recess – that was also in elementary school.

Working tomorrow and still no running for me. I plan on starting again in another week or two. I have been studying my running form in depth since I strained the hamstring and I think I see some issues I can fix. Lots of youtube videos and frame by frame analysis. We shall see.

My compliments to whoever is in charge of your front lawn, that grass looks awesome!


I am seriously so sorry about your hamstring… it’s a very tricky injury. Looks like you are really figuring it out and I am hoping you are back to yourself and running asap! HIT BY A CAR?!?! I did not know this about you. I cannot even imagine… so glad you didn’t feel any pain. Which did they stitch first?
Andrew is very thrilled with your comment… he works hard on that grass:) .


Nice job on the lawn Andrew!

The car thing was freaky. I was walking home from elementary school and a friend of mine was petting a dog on the other side of the street. He called me over, I looked both ways, and then stepped out into the street. It was a white car and it happened to be right in front of me, so when I moved my head from side to side I somehow missed it. I stepped out, my left eye/head hit the door handle, my right leg folded under my left and the left leg got run over by the back tire of the car. The accident miraculously happened adjacent to the driveway of a lady who is a nurse, she immediately ran out and started first aid. The car that I hit/hit me was actually driven by my neighbor from 2 doors down. My older brother ran home and told my mom my eye popped out, lol. The only thing I remember to this day is waking up in that ambulance and the paramedic telling me I got hit by a car. The plastic surgeon doctor won the argument and he stitched my eye first – luckily it hit right to the left of my left eye and did not damage the eye itself. I have a very small scar there – he did a fabulous job. I also still have a little round scar that is sensitive to the touch on my left leg where a bone popped out, I was told the nurse popped it back in prior to the ambulance getting there.

Is anybody else here old enough to remember the car door handles that stuck out? I’m not sure when they stopped using them, probably in the 70’s?


Happy bday Brooke! I love her first day of school outfit!!! Need to find an adult sized version :)


Bahaha right?! It’s fine to covet your daughter’s wardrobe right? Hope you are having a really great morning so far Julie!


Thankfully no major bones ever broken… when I was younger I broke a pinky playing softball and a toe when I walked into a chair ?
I’m working tomorrow but looking forward to a relaxing Sunday!
I haven’t bought any running tanks recently but I just found the greatest workout leggings from Walmart for 17 dollars!
My 12 year old self still loves Bath and Body Works lotions. They smell so good!

Enjoy the weekend!


17 DOLLARS… well you are going to have to share those with me at some point. I will forever love Bath and Body Works (I used to work there too and I LOVED it). Broken toe from walking into a chair… I stub my toes daily and I’m just waiting for them to break one day. Hope tomorrow is a great day at work. Thanks Melissa!



I just bought another pair because they are that good :)




Those coconut chocolates from Costco are even better when you keep them in the fridge and eat them cold! Just sayin… ?


AHHH WE DO THAT TOO! Great minds think alike!


That tank looks great! I got a Flyte tank from Oiselle in one of their recent sales and I love it. I never used to run in tanks but with your Dove deoderant trick now I can and it’s been great for some hot summer runs! That picture of Brooke is the best, and how fun that Knox and Brooke are at the same school this year. Hope the transition is going well for Knox, at least better than for Skye, poor thing, it’s rough when the big kids all go off! My nieces were raving about that cilantro crema so will have to try that!


The only bone I “might” have ever broken is my tailbone. We were ice skating at Lake Tahoe and a girl stopped in front of me. We both went down, she landed on top of me. I say “might” because I didn’t go to the doctor. My dad broke his tailbone years before that and he told there wasn’t anything the doctor could do. “It’s not like they can put it in a cast!”

Les is flying back to Hawaii today. I’ve been here all week but he had to go to a conference in San Diego. It’s been so weird being here without him. I’m usually at home in California when he’s on business travel. Looking forward to having him back. His birthday is Monday!


Ugh — I was just in Hawaii and looking for another bottle of one of my favorite conditioners by Island Soap and Candle Works but couldn’t find it! They’ve got some nice stuff and I’m not surprised that they make something you like too!

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