A NEW PR, Luck & Meltdowns.

We all hit some new PRs yesterday and I think I know why…

My friend found a penny during the warm-up, picked it up and passed it around to all of us and she said it was a good luck penny.

It was either the penny or the hundreds of miles and workouts we’ve done over the last few months that got us all a new pr:)

IMG 2800

8.22 miles @ 8:28 average with a new pr for the MTC mile!  My previous PR for this mile was 5:16.  This MTC mile is the one that is partly flat and then downhill for the rest so it is absolutely aided but it’s fun to see how much faster my legs are moving than they did when I started doing this mile a few months ago (my time then was a 5:51 on it).

IMG 2814

My cadence (how many steps you take in a minute) has always been around 165 over the years (even when running faster/doing intervals) and it’s awesome to see how much it has improved in the last few months training with my coach.  Even while running easy during our warm-up my cadence/leg turnover has improved and then when I want to go fast (the highlighted mile) I can get them to spin a bit faster.  I always told myself that I couldn’t get my legs to move fast like that because I was born with a slower turnover or I didn’t run in college blah blah blah but through working on it it has improved!

PS not sure about my average heart rate for that mile because I’m guessing it was more like 200… not 154;)

Screen Shot 2019 08 13 at 12 44 14 PM

While the perfect cadence is different for so many runners, a quicker cadence/turnover helps to avoid injuries from overstriding (your foot landing in front of your body rather than underneath your body) and it simply helps us to get faster!  This article has a lot of great tips/workouts to help you increase your cadence if you are wanting to do that.

From McMillan:

Screen Shot 2019 08 13 at 12 51 45 PM

Our coach went out the day before and freshly painted our workout markings in the different locations (he has had permission to do this).  It’s been fun to work with a coach in my same area so that you are given the exact locations to do your workouts along with what to do!

IMG 2802

Before the mile we did a bunch of strides (20ish second sprints) and then after the mile we ran to the track and did a few 50-100m sprints.   We are dropping our mileage a lot this week to get us ready for our race on Saturday.

IMG 2803

Core conditioning at Burn Bootcamp was calling my name so the girls and the stuffed dog that comes everywhere with us went there.  My goal is to go once a week to burn and continue working on my pull-ups 4 times a week at home during the rest of this marathon training cycle… and then after the marathon get back to 2-3 times a week at burn.

IMG 2819

Trader Joe’s is right next to Burn which is another reason to go there more often.  TJ’s protein pancake mix is REALLY good FYI… samples are the best marketing tool ever because 99.9% of the time I buy the item that they are sampling when I normally would have never bought the item without tasting it first.

IMG 2824

We had swim lessons and then we sat on the driveway and had some deep discussions together while munching on these.

IMG 2833

Fast forward through a bunch of errands and time at a park…

IMG 2852

Ali sent the recipe for this southwest turkey vegetable rice skillet and it was so so good.  Thank you for all of the zucchini recipes… I have quite the list of delicious things to make now.  It was so so good.  PS if you make it make sure to add some avocado on top.

IMG 2845

We got to work together…

IMG 2866

And then I put Skye in pajamas.  They were not Minnie pajamas so she went into the laundry room and dug through the dirty clothes to find them.  She found them and then had a meltdown when I had to put them in the wash and not on her body.  So we definitely ended on a high;)

IMG 2856

But the glazed donut I had after Skye went to bed was sure amazing.

IMG 2863


Random question of the day that I would love to hear your answer—> If you love vegetables is that because you grew up eating them often and prepared delicious ways or you learned to love/eat them as an adult?

Are you a sampler person at grocery stores?  And if you are do you usually buy what you are sampling or not usually?]

Have any good luck charms, good luck gear or good luck routines?

We had this discussion during our run—> are you a crier?  When was the last time you cried?

-I’m a big time crier… pretty much anything can get the tears flowing for me ha!

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We grew up in a house that always had a ton of vegetables. My mom always made sure there were two types/colours of vegetables on our plates each night and I always ate them first. Sometimes it was just a basic steamed green bean but we also ate a ton of stir fries, curries, salads, etc. and we always had a job in the kitchen to help prep the meal with her so we knew what each kind of veggie and fruit was growing up and how to cut and prepare it.
I am 50/50 on samples. I love almost all food but I am not going to wait in a line at costco to try triscuits, I know what they taste like ;)
I well up during movies or if there is something really sad happening but it is rare for tears to actually fall. I am pregnant now though so all bets are off with my emotions hahaha.


Okay, your mom rocked it… two types/colors of veggies plus prepping it! I need to start doing that with my kiddos. Hahaha wait you aren’t going to go into the mob of people over something you have already tried a billion times. Oh pregnancy + emotions are quite interesting….

Enjoy your day Krista and I hope you feel amazing!


I LOVE that you’ve been linking to so many recipes lately. I’ve made a few of them and have saved some more as new options. The more you talk about food / meal planning / dinner recipes, etc — the better for me :) It’s so easy to get stuck in the dinner rut when cooking for a family with little kiddos!

PS: Are you still wearing lashes? I thought last week maybe you’d taken yours off. I’ve been wearing lashes for about 3.5 years now and I love how easy it is to get ready in the morning not having to worry about mascara, etc — but sometimes I wonder if I should save the money and stop going. With two little boys, it’s pretty much my biggest ‘self-care’ commitment… but it would definitely cost less to get a new tube of mascara every few months!


Oh I am so glad. I’m enjoying cooking more (and eating at home with Skye rather than a recipe ha)! Yes about the ruts and what did people do before the internet where you can find a recipe for anything and everything. I stopped wearing lashes recently. I’m not sure when I’ll go back or if but I get what you are saying… it is a commitment. I miss them a lot but it’s just been too hard to get in to get them done this summer. Maybe when school starts I will but I’m not sure. Let me know what you end up doing. Have the best day Betsy!


WHy does food taste extra delicious when eating it after putting the kids down?

I do not think my current love of vegetables was always there…….especially the variety I now desire, but what I do remember is my parents always eating that huge variety in front of us. They still had the brussel sprouts, asparagus, squash, ect. even if I had carrots and cucumber.


Yes… I think that is so important. They watch us and hopefully my love for a variety of veggies will rub off on them ha. Seriously, that donut tasted like a $100 donut just because it was eaten in silence (and no bites were stolen). Enjoy your Wednesday Erica!


My mum was more of the “you better eat your vegetables OR ELSE” kind of mums. I’m Asian so growing up it was more often than not stir fried leafy greens with garlic, a touch of soy – quite liked veggies in my younger days but wouldn’t say I loved them? However now I truly love kale and broccoli and cauliflower, kale especially is so good no matter if you eat it raw, stick it in a smoothie, saute it… haha


I want to like veggies and I think I’m slowly liking them more but I just never have been a fan. I need to find the best recipes for them!

Toddlers are so hard! I feel like the only way to keep mine happy for a long period of time is to be on the go playing. Not running errands but like the park, activities etc..


So funny…I was just discussing this with my son (not a veggie lover) last night.
I did not grow up loving vegetables and the way they were prepared for me was not delicious. Everything was boiled until mushy…think peas, carrots, corn. I always joke that my parents would take a can of peas and boil them for 10 minutes. Raw veggies or salad never seemed to be an option.
After I moved out on my own and started to cook for myself, I discovered the deliciousness of vegetables.


I really like veggies & probably because we always had them as a dinner side dish growing up, mostly steamed or sauteed, so nothing fancy. I’m pretty sure it had a lot to do with selecting fresh/seasonal or sometimes frozen options.
I don’t often sample, but I sometimes buy the product if the samples look good, especially if the kids taste and like it.
If I find a heads up penny, I’ll put it in my pocket :)
I used to cry ALL the time as a kid when I felt frustrated or lacked confidence, and that was quite a bit. My 3rd-grade teacher helped me find more confidence, but I was still quicker to cry than most people I knew. Now it’s actually pretty hard for me to let it all out and cry, though I’ll easily tear up when I see certain videos (military parents/kids surprising their families) or hear of scary/violent situations in the news, etc.


I 100% grew up eating loads of veggies. It was just habit at our house. My girls never shy away from veggies ( aren’t a fan of roasted veggies but since they eat them other ways I forgive them). Oddly enough my sister has not raised her kids this way and her kids eat hardly any veggies. So it does matter!!
Not a sampler person due to my peanut and dairy allergies but if you label a recipe online as “ the best” I will pick that one!! Gullible I suppose.
Not a crier at all, my husband is and I am trying to teach my girls it’s ok to cry. Awkwardly, I tend to giggle when I get sad which has it’s really hard moments!!!


I know exactly what you mean about giggling when you are sad! I do it too, and it’s so awkward! We all have different ways of showing our emotions LOL


Fun questions! :) My mother always cooked broccoli until it was BROWN! I loved it. I think as a child it made it more palatable because it was basically mush. But I really have always loved veggies. I think it would be hard to start as an adult!

I am not a sampler. Also not into good luck things at all. I don’t believe in them.

I am not a crier! Thankfully I am happy 99% of the time and when I am upset (or feel upset coming on…) I literally just turn on the tv or youtube or a podcast and/or grab the dog and go for a walk and bury, bury bury. It is MY coping mechanism to NOT deal with upsetting things and I’m sticking to it =) I think there is WAY too much put into addressing and dealing with issues head-on. ha ;)


Great question! I did NOT love cooked vegetables growing up but I did enjoy fresh raw veggies in the summer. As an adult I learned that you can roast things like broccoli and Brussels sprouts instead of boiling them into fart-y tasting mush so now I love a lot more veggies!


Congrats on your PR! Wow – you are FAST!
My lovely mom thought that veggies were canned peas, so I began to eat veggies as an adult and love them.
I am definitely a crier! After fighting it for my whole life, I’ve decided to embrace it. I also learned that my particular personality (maybe yours too?) is called Highly Sensitive Person and the reason we are so emotional is scientific! What a relief. :) There’s also a very uplifting support website called Highly Sensitive Refuge that helps me feel better and gives me some life tips for those challenging times.
PS Crying also releases cortisol (the stress hormone), so it’s a win-win!


Good to know I’m releasing that stress hormone often then haha! I am going to embrace it with you:) . Hahaha veggies are just so so much better when you prepare them right. Thanks so much Melissa and I hope your day has been great so far!


I was never a vegetable person growing up. I didn’t hate them, but I didn’t necessarily like them. Now I can’t get enough of them! I think it’s been a matter of trying new veggies and finding what I like, and also eating something that’s prepared in a delicious way (Brussels sprouts, for example) has helped me learn to love new vegetables.

I am a huge crier. I cry when I’m really happy, when something touches me deeply, when I’m sad, when I’m frustrated…pretty much all the time. :) I figure it’s one way I show my emotions.

That new mile PR is amazing! Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you that all your hard, hard work is paying off.


Congrats on the PR! You are SO speedy!

I don’t know if my parents prepared delicious vegetables haha they are amazing people, but cooking is not really their passion in life. But I’ve always loved broccoli (my mom would always stick a few pieces on my plate with heaps of lasagna – that was my all time favourite childhood food) and we usually had giant salads to go with dinner. My love for brussels sprouts however did not come until adulthood. Those things have to be the least kid-friendly food ever haha.
I’m definitely a crier too. Literally a daily occurrence (lately). Cried HARD yesterday after defending my thesis. And before that I had a good one during the Lion King. So you’re not alone :) I think its healthy. Why keep it bottled up, right? Even if it makes other people extremely uncomfortable at times ha. Have a great day!


Congrats on your PR!! Just curious what your favorite “Cook Once Eat All Week” week (haha) has been! I borrowed it from the library and curious where I should start!


Hey Emily! Oh I hope you love the cookbook… Week 9 has been our favorite week (the confetti chicken casserole is so good) but we still need to make so many more recipes from her. Let me know what you end up loving and have a fabulous rest of your day!


Thank you so much! I will try that one! :) Have a great day!


I grew up eating veggies out of my grandparents’ garden and I I still love veggies. Asparagus has always been one of my favorites. My four year old also loves veggies….so maybe its genetic. I do love a good sample at the grocery store. But most times its processed stuff and I tend to not buy it.
For the last 10 years or so I have hardly cried. Even when I was pregnant. But our family has had a rough summer and I have definitely made up for all those years of not crying in the last month and a half. The littlest things make my cry now which I admit makes me mad because I don’t like people to see me cry.
I just added that TJ pancake mix to my list for this weekend. I will finally be close to a Trader Joe’s so I can stock up. Anything else I should try?


That recipe looks amazing! My husband is doing Keto and I am finding myself craving more plant based things, haha.
Definitely love veggies more as an adult but because of this we are incorporating a love early on with my 4 year old – she loves broccoli and zucchini (when we make zucchni bites in the oven), and asks for green smoothies with spinach frequently!

I always sample and never buy 99% of the time!

I cry a lot around my daughter’s birthday, happiness she’s growing into such a cool kid, and bittersweet because she’s getting older! My husband thinks I am nuts. LOL :)


That mile progress is INCREDIBLE! You should be so proud!

I am also a big crier…and I love it! Human emotions and the ability to REALLY feel and express them is what makes us special; we aren’t lab rats! “Emotional” is used as an insult so often but I call B.S. on that. Being emotional (and showing emotion) is brave! Cry it out!


Oh I like that… emotional is used as an insult often but I’m going to own it. I hope your day is a fabulous one Monica!


Congratulations on that mile PR!! Flying!!!!

I don’t think I can truthfully say I love vegetables (except I do love me some salsa) but I do enjoy lots of them and eat them frequently. As a kid I grew up with an insanely picky mom (she legit will eat hardly any foods, to this day) so our family dinners weren’t great but once I was an adult and started cooking for myself I branched out. I enjoy eating healthy and giving my body good food so even if they don’t taste the best, you gotta eat the veggies :-)

I have never eaten a sample at a store!! I’m kind of scared to do it…is it clean?? Haha


Veggies were part of every dinner growing up, and even though they were often overcooked and mushy (sorry Mom, I love you and so appreciate that you put dinner on the table every night), I think that instilled the habit. I really started to cook for myself when I went to college, and my college town was in the central valley in CA, so we were surrounded by fresh veggies, amazing farmer’s markets and I think that helped me appreciate how good veggies can be.

And yes, big crier here. All the feels.


Growing up I wouldn’t say I loved vegetables, but we always had at least one veggie with our dinner. My mom tended to make the same things growing up, so we didn’t branch out a lot with other vegetables. In college, I started to enjoy more veggies and now I love most veggies and we’ll cook veggie only meals every once in a while and i’ll sometimes order veggie dishes. It was more when I started to cook for myself that I started to branch out. Especially after I started reading blogs and with the intro of pinterest my recipe repertoire grew 100 fold!
I’m a crier as well… it doesn’t take much for me to start tearing up.
I LOVE samples!! Although I only buy it if I really love it. I was at a Farmers Market many years ago and tried a honeycrisp apple for the first time. I bought several right after I had my first bite and now I only buy honeycrisp apples. So sometimes samples can change your world!


I’m with you on that… samples can change our lives:) . So happy that you found honeycrisp… they are the best. How did people cook before blogs/pinterest?! I hope your day has been great so far Kathy!


My Mom has always been super healthy conscience, so we grew up eating a lot of veggies. I never liked them! I’m not sure when the shift happened, but now I LOVE vegetables. My mom often steamed veggies, but I almost always roast them and LOVE it!
I am a big sampler on the store but rarely buy it … I try so hard to stick to my list/meal plan!


I definitely learned to love vegetables as an adult. Ha as a child I was nourished by grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese, and waffles. But I love veggies now!

I am obsessed with Costco and they ALWAYS get me to buy the sample item! But that only happens to me at Costco, everywhere else my willpower is better. Costco just has a tight grip on me :)

Have a good day!


Bahaha I feel your pain… Costco controls me! But I do love those days when they have so many samples that it pretty much equals lunch by the time we are done. Hahah I think my kids wish that was their current intake each day. Thanks Melissa, you too!


Great questions! My parents didn’t eat a lot of vegetables but in spite of that I really did like them growing up. In hindsight I think it was because I grew up on a farm and they were fresh and seasonal. When we moved away from the farm and to the city, I stopped liking vegetables and I think it’s because they were mostly canned. Today I love vegetables but still won’t eat any that are canned.

I’ll sample food if I see something that looks like I MIGHT want to buy it. But the kicker is that once I try it I have a hard time telling the sampler person that I want to pass on it! :) Why?!? I’m sure they don’t care.

One last thing because I saw another comment on it. I bought the Cook Once, Eat All Week cookbook because of you and I am NOT regretting it! We’ve only tried the first two weeks so far but it was so easy to cook dinner because the prep was done and the recipes had great flavor! Now I might skip to week 9, which is the one you mentioned in your reply to the other comment. :)


Oh this makes me so happy! The meals are so awesome and it makes life so easy during the week:) keep me updated with your favorites! I’m with you on the canned veggies! Have a fabulous evening!


Congrats on the PR, Janae! You are super fast and awesome and amazing. Keep doing great things!

I love veggies partly because my parents made me eat them, and partly because I worked to enjoy them. From a very young age, I have cared about my health and still do today.

Sometimes I try samples at grocery stores. Depends on how much of a hurry I’m in. But I don’t usually buy the stuff. I have my list the way it is for a reason (everything on it is a good price, healthy, or both).

I don’t really believe in luck, but sometimes it’s fun to pretend. I have a Lucky Watch I wear to races, but I know the real outcome of racing and life is how hard you work and the plan God has for you.

I sometimes cry, but not usually. I’m way more likely to cry when I’m mad than when I’m sad!


Absolutely LOVE vegetables! Pretty sure there isn’t one I do not like! We grew up always eating veggies and my grandparents had a huge garden, so that helped! But my parents enforced veggies at a very young age! I tell my hubs all the time, I truly believe I could be vegan! I literally crave healthy food, now don’t get me wrong, I do love my Italian sweets/pastries:-)
Love sampling, 99% of the time we buy something that we sampled! Costco has the best samples! They get me every time!
I do not have a good luck item!!
I am a CRIER!!!!! I can cry every day if I let myself. I think when you are truly a compassionate person and you have a heart of gold, its easier!!!


I grew up eating vegetables but they usually came out of can. I love vegetables and eat them often but now they are usually fresh or frozen.

I sample things at the grocery store/Costco – I’m very unlikely to buy them if I haven’t tried them first. But, after tasting, I probably only buy the product 10% of the time.


Totally cried today so i guess that makes me a crier. ? My dog ate a grape (they’re toxic) so the vet had to induce vomiting and we have to keep an eye on her. I think she’s fine now but I felt terrible. Hence the crying. So we’re going to be even more careful with grapes from now on. Which leads to the next answer…I learned to love vegetables as an adult. And I really do love them way more than fruit now!
I’m 50/50 on sample purchases. It has to be really, really good for me to deviate from my list.
And I’m glad you liked the recipe!


Oh my goodness I am so so sorry about what happened today! That must have been so scary! I hope everything goes well. Have a beautiful day and thanks for sharing the recipe, it was so good and I had it for lunch today too!

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