Timp 1/2 Race Recap + 26 Miles for TRAINING?!

When our coach texted us the plan for our Saturday LONG run on the Thursday before it I literally thought we were going to get a JK text right after.  There was no JK text right after;).  My coach knows his running stuff more than anyone I have ever met so he has my 100% trust.  With the plan for the day he also told us to listen closely to our bodies because if that workout wasn’t in the cards for the day then we needed to listen to our bodies and follow that instead.  Luckily we all felt really great and completed the workout.

The plan for the day= 26 miles with the race being a solid effort/workout.  Thanks Tawny for the picture.

My alarm clock went off at 3:30 a.m.  I got dressed and was in the car by 3:45.  I ate a bagel with jelly on the way to the race and sipped on a big cup of UCAN (about 250 calories) from that point until the start.  I also took a nanohyr8 and a gel about 15 minutes before the start.  I’m thinking I had about 600 calories before the race started.   I have not always had that much before a race but I’ve found I am a much better runner when I eat more (before/during/after).

I noticed an immediate difference with how my stomach felt this time because I used UCAN on Saturday.  My stomach was happy the entire race and I felt much more of a sustained energy vs my recent races.  I also ate a bagel to give my stomach some real food 2 hours before the race because just drinking things and a gel is not enough for me.  I need some real food but I feel best when I eat it 2ish hours before the race.  UCAN I can take in right before the race and feel great.

The race started at 6 and it was so nice to feel a little cold for the first few miles.  My goal was for a 6:15 average during the first 6.5 miles down the canyon.  They are FAST downhill miles.  Our coach loves for us to get in fast downhill miles because they teach the legs to turn over fast and then with all of the trail miles we do we gain the strength from climbing and get the cardio training we need too.   Out of the canyon my goal was to stick at 6:30 or below.  I ended up going more off of feel (which ended up a little faster) than paces because I knew we still had 13 miles to run after the race so I wanted to stay in the ‘hard but still kind of comfortable stage’ the entire race.

It was raining for the first few miles but it was much cooler than the previous days.  It was very humid (for Utah) but the cooler temps made it so much more bearable.  At one point Emilee and I both slipped on cherries that got really wet/mushy and had fallen from the trees above the sidewalk and covered the entire sidewalk.  I’m very glad we didn’t fall but those cherries created an obstacle course feel for a second haha.

IMG 5900

Picture from this race in 2018 when I saw the family at about this same place on the course.  I was so happy that they were all there on Saturday because Andrew was supposed to work but he was put on call and that meant he could be there.  Seeing them pumps me up every single time.

IMG 0516

I was in second place until mile 2 when I passed the first place girl and I really wanted to hold the lead.  I’ve been passed at mile 9/10ish too many times in this race and didn’t want that to happen again but also wanted to maintain a pace that wasn’t killing me off (because…13 more miles after the race, ha).  Every time I started worrying that I wasn’t going to be able to hold the pace and finish the entire workout I would remind myself to stay in the moment.  In the moment I was completing the task and that is all I could think about!  Running has taught me how much more enjoyable life is when you keep your mind right where you are rather than trying to predict the future.  Who knows what is going to happen 3 miles down the road but focusing on how you are doing THE NOW brings so much more calmness and confidence.

LOVED seeing Toby before mile 10.

IMG 1481

You weave in and out of neighborhoods for the final miles and there are quite a few turns but it keeps things interesting.  So many volunteers were there cheering for us and giving us water.  I took one gel at mile 6 and drank gatorade at each aid station and sometimes water (but mostly just poured the water cups on my head).  There were also mister showers for us to run through so by the end I was drenched ha.

IMG 5917 2

Runner’s Corner sweep!  Emilee got a brand new shiny pr too which was so exciting and Maddie killed it too.

IMG 5935

Here are the splits:

IMG 1486

There were 1089 runners.

IMG 1504

They had Costco muffins which we chowed down on (poppyseed for me) after the race along with a lot of water and another gel.

IMG 1407

We hung out for a little while with our families and friends before heading out for the second portion of the workout.

IMG 5927

Loved meeting Jennifer and her daughter.

IMG 1387

Skye took her diaper off while we were hanging out and it made me laugh pretty hard before I started the next 13.

IMG 1409

We left and headed out for another 12.7 miles (we did a .3 mile warm-up before the race even though we meant to do more before the race).  I also changed my shoes for this portion to the Ghost 11s because my hyperions were soaked from the rain and some puddles.

We stopped once for the bathrooms and felt pretty great until those last two miles.  They were a struggle and partly because it started to get really hot.  We had our handheld water bottles and took another gel.  It was so nice (needed) to have Emilee there because I probably would have called an Uber at mile 24 if I was by myself.

IMG 1417

This is what the rest of our run looked like.

IMG 1418

We stretched for a few minutes afterwards and then I drove straight to McDonalds.  There is just something about their fries and chicken tenders that I need so badly after a really hard effort.  I also ate a bunch of watermelon because that sounded really good after the race too.

IMG 1432

A few more random things:

*My grandma told me after the race that she is sure that I’m getting faster from chasing Skye around all day which I’m sure helps but training with this coach and team is sure fun and pushing me out of my comfort zones!

*My back where my shorts hit chafed me RAW.  The shower afterwards hurt so bad.  I need to put dove deodorant (my anti chafing magic) on every inch of my body where clothing touches when I run a race.

*I didn’t do my ultra marathon earlier this year to help out my marathon times (at the time I actually felt like I was done marathoning for a bit since I hit my goal) but I remember one of you telling me that my ultra was going to really help me to do a faster fall marathon if I wanted to do another one.  Do I think everyone should do a 26 mile long run leading up to a marathon (UMMM NO WAY… max it out at 20) but I think because of the base that I’ve had from the ultra and how our training is building us up to a new level, it is really going to help to get a faster time at the marathon this fall.  I remember on Saturday morning thinking about how I used to knock out 26 miles on a Wednesday morning before the kids went to school during ultra training and that helped me feel confident that I could do it on Saturday.

*This type of training is kind of fun for my normal ‘type A plan out every moment of my life months in advance’ personality.  We find out our workouts right before we do them and a lot of the races we have done we find out a few days before too.  Our coach really takes into account what we do each day to plan/adjust workouts and races and it’s nice to just let go of planning/knowing every step and just trusting the process.

*I love how much our coach is having us race.  I used to get sick to my stomach with nerves before races and now it just feels like normal to be at a race.  I also love how good he is at predicting how our races will go and how our bodies will feel for them.  He knew for our 10k we would feel terrible but he also knew what we could accomplish just a few days later.  Hawk is a running genius.  That is all I know.

*I ended up using these gels for the day (I changed my mind that morning) and I just love them.  I also love that when you rip the top off, it stays attached to the gel which makes it easier to avoid littering during a race.

IMG 1491

I hope you are excited for any races you have coming up for the rest of the year.  Keep taking it a mile at a time and smiling whenever the pain really sets in!  Oh and all of this summer training that we are doing is really going to pay off when we race in cooler temperatures this fall.


What is the meal that you think/dream about after a big effort/race?  

Does anybody else agree that McDonald’s has the best French fries on the planet?

When is your next race?  How do you deal with pre-race nerves?

Anyone using a coach right now?  How is it going for you?

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You are so inspiring Janae!!!!!!!


Thanks so much Maggie! I hope your Tuesday is a great one!


Congratulations on your race and long run! You are amazing!
McDonalds post race is the best! I did a marathon Saturday and had McDonald’s French fries and quarter pounder right after!
Two more races for me, Pocatello Marathon and St. George! I don’t race for speed, just to cross the finish line.


Congrats Diane on your marathon! I hope it was a great race and you felt super strong! I love that you have another two marathons this year and I hope I get to see you at St George ???! I hope you have a beautiful day!


Meal I think about after a race/big effort: CARBS. More specifically- Savory Carbs!

McDonalds Fries are in fact the best fries ever. I have stopped at McD’s more than once during this pregnancy for their fries and only their fries. Occasionally a McFlurry makes it way into my order too. Hubby has learned he has to get his own fries. lol.


Stephanie! I hope you get some more McDonald’s fries soon! I’m glad you know they are the best of the best too? Yep, no sharing over here too! I hope you are feeling well and keep me updated with your pregnancy!


I am not a fry person but love some chicken nuggets and those strips look amazing!!! I usually dream about double doozie cookie cake or Mexican chips and dips. I have a half in Oct and full in January! I’m really hoping all the miles in the Louisiana humidity help those races!


Okay, the picture you sent me yesterday of that cookie cake had me thinking about it all day:) . Oh the miles you are doing in that humidity is making you crazy strong and WILL pay off. Cheering you on for these races Lisa and I hope you have a great day!


Meal: usually a big cheeseburger or pizza! :)

I plan to do a half in a few weeks, just to get the race feeling before the October full. I had a good (not great, but better than I anticipated) long run Saturday so I feel pretty confident.

McD fries – yes! I also love Steak n Shake, mostly because they are so cute and skinny lol (best with the cheese sauce, though).


I must try the Steak n Shake fries next… and that cheese sauce! Good luck at your half in a few weeks and please let me know how it goes… keep that confidence up! Which full are you doing? I hope your Tuesday is a great one April!


I loved reading this!!!! It is so fun to watch you just crush this training cycle.
I agree, french fries always sound amazing after a hard effort. And McDonald’s fries are the best, for sure! But lately, the only thing I’ve wanted is lemonade. Back in high school we used to run every long run at the bay in San Diego and they had a visitor center with a machine that gave you crushed ice and lemonade. It’s seriously all I can think about on my long runs. I need that machine at my house.


Oh thanks so much Mollie. I’m sure having a lot of fun with this training cycle! I can definitely see why lemonade is your goto… and reading this made me need one of those machines over here too:) . Enjoy your Tuesday and I hope you had a great morning run today!


Congratuations, Janae! You can do hard things and win!!


Oh thanks so much Damjana! I hope you have a fabulous day!


What an awesome race for you and your team! I just love reading your recaps–you capture the energy of the race every time.
Your grandma’s hypothesis about Skye making you a faster runner made me smile, too.
I usually feel like I want something specific during the race, but it takes me a while after to really be able to eat whatever it is–sometimes cookies, sometimes pizza.
Wouldn’t it be great if McD’s made sweet potato fries???


Thanks so much Corey! I swear I remember hearing that McD’s did in some places in the world… maybe it was a dream:) . I agree, they need to make those asap! Haha my grandma is always right:) . I hope you have a wonderful day!


For some reason my body is just dreading training for my 5k. But I’m doing it.

Orange slices after a race are a must for me. I always love a good post race buffet but I don’t think much about it during the race.

Good job on your race!!


Which 5k is it Jenny!?! The 5k is SO hard for me so I get it but it makes us SO strong. Thanks so much Jenny and enjoy these last few days of summer with your cute kids!


That was an amazing race and workout!! You are so strong and speedy! Having a good coach and good friends to run with is the BEST!!
I love a big breakfast/brunch after a race. When it’s really hot my favorite thing is the fresh fruit at races. I think I could eat a whole watermelon by myself. My hands are always sticky because I eat the oranges, pineapple, etc.
My favorite fries are from Whataburger. I think they are very similar to McD’s. I also like the curly fries from Jack in the Box.
I have a 5k in a few weeks. My first race post injury. I’m always nervous. It’s just part of racing.
I started with a new coach this month. So far I love it!


Awesome about your new coach! I hope it is the perfect set up for you! I hear ya with the watermelon after a race. I must try Whataburger next (I don’t think I’ve ever been there?!). Thanks so much Elizabeth and keep me posted with how things are going with your new coach!


This is so amazing and inspiring! I’m so proud of you and so freaking impressed! I can’t wait to see how St. George goes for you!


Annie, you are the best! Thank you so so much!


Congratulations on being F1 AND top 10! So amazing! Having a strong solid base is HUGE; I feel like it’s more valuable than anything else when it comes to being stronger and faster for the long haul.
I don’t really dream about food before/after racing because I’m always dreaming about food! Lol! I usually can’t wait to eat all the street tacos or burgers and fries. Rarely I crave salad and if I do, it’s the pork salad from cafe rio which you know is loaded with meat and carbs as well.
McDonald’s has amazing fries; especially when dipped in a chocolate shake.
I have a trail half this weekend that I’m trying to think of as a long run w/ friends (strangers) while getting a tour of new (to me) trails. The elevation will be brutal (4200 ft) but I have faith that my training will serve me well. Having said that though, it’s all I can think about and I am starting to get nervous!
I’m not using a coach right now but when I had one I was a mixed bag of emotions! At first the workouts scared me but halfway in I learned to trust myself as she trusted me and then I couldn’t wait for each training run! She gave me a 30+ minute PR in the marathon and overall it was an amazing experience!
Have a great day!


I am really seeing that pay off for me too… that base is magic. HOW DID I NOT GET THE CHOCOLATE SHAKE?! And that Cafe Rio salad is really just a burrito that is prettier haha.
YOU’VE GOT THIS JENNY!! Please let me know how it goes… I am cheering you on as you climb those trails and meet awesome new friends. So exciting and I want to come join you:) . 30+ minute PR… ummm you are amazing and it sounds like you had a fabulous coach!


OK… TMI time…
How do you leave the door so fast in the morning? When do you do your business???


Never TMI with me:) . At 3:30 my body is just not ready (or awake haha) so when races start that early then I usually just wait until a porta potty at the start so I make sure to get to the start early enough in case there are lines. Have a wonderful day Liz!


That first picture of you is so cool! I cannot even put into words how proud I am of you. You did great, girl!
I remember being SO nervous before my first Boston Marathon in 2010. My mom said to me, “You’ll be fine once you start running. It’s what you do.” and those words have stuck with me ever since. I’m not an olympian, and I don’t need races to earn my income. I honestly do them just for fun. So whenever I get nervous, I just repeat to myself my mom’s wise words, and I get the job done.
I always dream of cheeseburgers when I race hard, but my husband’s… not McDonald’s. Though I have to agree that they make some fantastic fries!


“It’s what you do.” Okay, I LOVE this so so much! I’m going to have to remember that when I get nervous about a big race in the future, thank you for sharing her words with me. Thanks so much Stacey and try to ship one of your husband’s hamburgers out to me next time he grills them up:) . I hope you are having a fantastic day!


Wow wow wow what an amazing day – winning a race with a fast half marathon AND 26 miles of run training! Both are so amazing. So cool to see your training paying off!

I don’t especially love McDonald’s fries, I kind of like Arby’s curly fries better but haven’t had them in ages. Hmmm maybe i have post-long workout plans for this weekend now.


Thanks girl!! Well, now I need some of those Arby’s curly fries… after your boston recommendations (and seeing what you eat on IG) I know I can ALWAYS trust you! I hope you are having a wonderful day!


It’s so fun seeing how your hard training is paying off and inspiring that these bodies and hearts of ours have so much potential! It seems like it worked so well for you to have a one-on-one coach right after you had Skye when it was probably easier to do runs on your own with a more unpredictable schedule. But now training with a team seems to be pushing you even more. Maybe you can talk about the pros and cons of each for you?

And I did a long swim the other day and then had to run an errand after next to the McDonalds. As soon as I stepped out of my car I smelled the fries and my stomach let out the biggest growl, haha.


Hahahah next time you better get the fries! Oh I love that post idea… expect it very soon! Thank you so much and I hope you are having a wonderful day Michelle!


Congrats Janae! You must be so thrilled to get first!!! Your really knocking it out of the park with your running this year.
I have a question re: Ucan (the beverage you drink). Is it good primary for long distance running, or is it good for shorter/fast runs? My daughter is a cross country/track runner (she’s very fast!) and wondering if she would benefit. Currently she takes shot blocks etc or things that are mostly sugar.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!



Tammy!! Thank you so much and how fun that your daughter is doing cross country and track and rocking it! You will have to keep me updated. I would recommend getting some sample sizes first (most running stores offer those) so she can try it out BUT I definitely think it would be great for her. I really do feel like it energizes me for so much longer vs the quick carbs/sugars (although I need those during the race too). It is so easy on the stomach and nice to feel like you have a lot in your stomach when running but it giving you the energy you need. Let me know if she tries it (the citrus is my favorite and I have heard that if you blend it up with ice and water in the blender it tastes the best… I just never have time to try that in the morning and I don’t want to wake the kids up ha). I hope your Tuesday has been awesome!


I LOVE using races for training–helps everything from the “feel” of a good pace to my body’s ability to efficiently use oxygen, plus just the adrenaline and excitement being around other runners.


I agree with EVERYTHING that you said. So nice to have all of those helps to get in a killer workout:) . Have a fabulous rest of your day!


Nice job Janae, you are crushing it!


Thanks so much John! I hope you are having a great Tuesday!


Congrats on your win! You are amazing! It was so fun meeting you Saturday and my daughter thinks it’s so cool that our picture was in your blog ! I usually read your blog through my email but had to comment today. You are so kind in person and such an inspiration. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us. ?


I loved meeting you guys SO MUCH!!! And thanks for the gift card too:) . We can’t wait for date night! Please keep me updated with how you are all doing and thanks for taking the time to talk to me. Hope you are having a beautiful day!


You’re welcome! I love how you make it a priority to have a date night still. It is so tough when the kids are that young but you are setting a wonderful example for your kids. I enjoy reading your blog each day. Good luck with your training for St. George. You are going to do awesome!


What a great race! I have been reading your blog for a while and I’ve noticed how much your running training/approach (and your times!) have changed- I was wondering if you could do a blog post on the top “x” things that have helped you achieved your running goals?


Love this idea! I 100% will… expect it soon and have a great day!


So freakin fast!!!! Congrats on an amazing race! Podium!!!!! That is just phenomenal!
And having a positive experience is just bonus!

I loved your outlook of staying in the mile you are in…and we must be cosmically connected because I was totallly using that this past Sunday at the San Francisco Half. It was my first race after breaking my foot and having debilitating sciatica last summer (and the longest I’ve run since then, too!). The first four miles I was doubting I could do it, telling myself I couldn’t. I really believed I wasn’t strong enough. But I’ve been running for almost 30 yrs, and have run my share of marathons and halves and shorter races and countless miles, so I know my body well enough to know pain of the mind vs pain in the body. I wanted to finsih, so I switched it…I visualized myself at the finish line, getting my medal….and started saying to myself ‘just run this mile…just make it up this hill…just get to 26th st…get to the presidio’….it really helped!

Food wise..I always crave a PIPING HOT cup of coffee and then (later) a huge green salad with roasted veggies and hummus and then I always always always want sorbet.

Ps. Tried UCAN this weekend at the expo and tit was on the course and it was perfect! Have you tried the watermelon?


Congratulations on your awesome win!! You’re AMAZING!!!!!


That’s so awesome that you won!!! Congrats!

I have my 3rd attempt at the marathon on October 20, and I am hoping to break 4 hours. My PR right now is 4:04. I still have like 12 weeks, but the long run is tricky right now bc I have tried to hit 13 miles twice and have had to stop at 11. The humidity is intense in the South, but today I may get lucky and get some rain…..fingers crossed!!

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