This WILL Make You Run Faster & What is Your Score?

Speed workout #1 (of 2) for the week–> done and done!

PS see the shoe in front of Emilee and me?  That is our friend that recently qualified for the Olympic Trials at Grandma’s this year.  She is training for St. George too.  She is fun to chase after and we all have the same coach.

There are so many things that I do to try to run my fastest… I take caffeine before a workout, I wear my light shoes, I put myself to bed extra early (huge bonus of my kids being little, I can go to bed when they do some nights:), I wear my most comfortable clothing and the power bun of course:).  These things all really help but I think that my favorite thing to do to try to help me to run faster is this below (love these affirmation cards).

These speed workouts (and normal runs too!) that we all do are hard.  They hurt, they make us uncomfortable and it is so easy to get negative (quickly) about them.  I love using this idea below so that I enjoy the process even more and the joy helps me to speed up because negative thoughts slow us down big time.

Add some butter to your running, especially the parts that aren’t your favorite:)

IMG 0597

Yesterday I added joy to the workout by thinking about how gorgeous the trees were or how thankful I was for all of the sprinklers that were cooling us off when we ran by them.  I thought about how nice it feels to not be injured and to have someone right next to me working hard too.  PS if adding ‘joy’ to your running is something you really want to do, I cannot recommend enough Deena’s book to help.  Her book completely changed my perspective on a lot of things and really helped me to get faster.

IMG 0599 2

We did this same workout (6 x 1 mile) about 6 weeks ago and my miles were on average 23 seconds faster yesterday compared to 5 weeks ago and I felt a lot better.  They are downhill and he has us doing that for specific reasons but I was very excited to see that these miles are getting faster and faster (5:26 average for them yesterday).

13 miles total for the day and home before the girls woke up.

IMG 0603

Andrew was off for the day and later on we made it over to Burn (I DID IT WAHOO) for core day.

IMG 0657

Just some morning yelling to get things started.

IMG 0672 2

My friend sent this to me because of Skye and I am positive we need it:)

IMG 2363

I took the girls to the park and due to the fact it is crazy hot right now, we are pretty much living off of ice cream and popsicles over here.

IMG 0626

I also picked up more Nanohydr8 because I had used my last one yesterday before my workout and I NEED THIS STUFF (use code HRG20 to get 20% off if you want to try it).

IMG 0628

We visited Mer’s house and Brooke loves her little dogs but Skye does not so she stays attached to me the entire time.  I think she is confused because Beretta is so big and these guys are small and moving non-stop (<— and maybe they make her feel like they are her competition since she is small and moving non-stop too).

IMG 0674

Aren’t these the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen?  The Run Happy Launch 6.  If we weren’t running trails today, these would be on my feet for my run today.

IMG 0638

Kelly sent this to me… HOLY COW!  Short stroller runs pushing Skye are hard for me!

Screen Shot 2019 07 16 at 1 42 46 PM

I saw this list the other day and I wanted to ask you guys how many points you get?  

IMG 0598

*I scored 11 (avocado toast, cronut, quinoa, la croix, overnight oats, açaí bowl, rolled ice cream, almond butter, green juice, waffle sandwich and cauliflower rice:).  Anything on the list that I haven’t tried that I NEED TO?

How often do you do core work?

How have you added joy to your runs lately?

Little dog fan, big dog fan or both dog fan?

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I’m running lately only at the track because I’m 8 months pregnant and that is the only place I feel good/safe. I’m also pushing a stroller b/c my daughter is also a morning person (good morning it’s 5 am kind of person). I feel joy in it though because it’s a different kind of challenge. She’s happy as a clam in the stroller and I’m developing mental toughness running in a circle pushing a stroller in July in the south. When I’m done I feel like a rockstar. I don’t need all the props I used to need for good running (friends, perfect flat route, music, etc).


VERONICA!! Congrats… you are killing it at 8 months pregnant! I’m so excited for your new little one to join your family. Keep me updated with it all and keep enjoying that track:)


I add joy to my runs by running with friends, saving a good playlist for solo runs and really appreciating the sun/warm weather (even though it’s hot, it’s a nice change from the cold and dark winter runs!).


Just smiling during a run can really do wonders. You should find a bubble tea shop and try boba. I like the coconut milk tea with mango bursting boba and strawberry jellies. Smoothies with boba are good too. I got an 11. Some of the things I’ve never heard of, black ice cream? Nah.


APPRECIATION for being pain-free (when pain-free!), glorious weather, cool lake dip after every run… those thoughts bring SO much joy!

My dog is about 45 pounds and medium-big. I think he is the perfect size :) I used to not like little dogs and I’m still not a huge fan of the purse-size but your grandma’s sized dogs are growing on me! I saw the cutest one the other day out for a walk – all white with one black ear. Adorable and not yippy. My “problem” with the little ones is that they are usually so barky! Not a fan of barking at all. I go nuts when my own dog barks. Ha.

Happy day :)


I got 20, haha whoops. I like trying random fad things to see if they’re worth the hype though so most are one timers. I LOVE the impossible burger, you should try that. Its a vegetarian burger but so so good. A few restaurants around here even have it. They served it the other day with avocado, cheese, and lettuce and tomato and it was so good. I had it post 4th of July race, ha:)

I do core work twice a week, but then I also do lifting at CrossFit 2-3 times a week. The core work I do twice a week is at home 15 min post run with body weight like planks, scissor kicks, Russian twists, etc. The lifting at CrossFit incorporates core work/definitely strengthen my core but uses other muscles as well.

I added joy to my run yesterday by just being thankful I was out there. Gratitude is such a good way to gain joy in a situation. It was 89 degrees with 71% humidity, 75 dew point, sun on me, I was HOT. But with my shin/foot issue I’ve only been able to run on the treadmill lately not outside and so being out there with gratitude brought me joy.

I do not have a dog, but if I did it would be a big dog. However, I like all dogs. :) Small dogs can sometimes bark a lot and nip at you so that’s my only worries with those but in general most dogs are nice:). When me and my fiancee get settled down after marriage, we are hoping to get a greyhound:)


What is rolled ice cream?? I only had 5 points. Some of those things I had met even heard of!! I’m so not hip.
And tell Brooks to make more shoes in narrow. I wear adrenalines and there is only one color option I can find in narrow and some of the other shoe styles don’t have any!


Hey Mary! Here is the rolled ice cream that we tried:

I will be going to see the shoe designers in September and I absolutely will tell them that. Thanks so much Mary and I hope you are having a great day!


I scored a 4, but I’m a “Gen-X’er” so I can’t say I’m surprised ;)
Out of curiosity, what is the reasoning behind the downhill mile repeats? I do fast downhills when prepping for races like Boston, but keep those under a quarter mile because of the stress on the knees/quads. Is it to see your absolute ultimate mile pace? I’m not a coach, and I can’t figure it out! haha
Thank you for sharing that story about Cynthia Arnold. Holy smokes that’s amazing!


HEY GIRL! I’m still trying to understand myself but he has taken a ton of people to olympic qualifying times which gets me excited! He uses them to help us to learn a quick leg turnover (mine is terrible and so I’m really trying to learn to take short and quick steps here) and then the fact that you are recovering on the UPhill makes the entire workout feel tougher. I think training at altitude makes it so that our lungs are ready for the fast miles but we just have to train our legs to move faster if that makes any sense. I hope you are having a great day!


Thanks so much for responding! That does make sense. Overstriding is definitely a no-no :)


I’m the oldest age to be a millennial, and I do not like being in that generation, so I was excited to get a 1 on that quiz (avocado toast, and that was once a few years ago).

If you haven’t seen the millennial video by Micah Tyler, you have to Google it. It’s hilarious!!


Great job getting your core work in! I’ve been trying to do 10 mins of strength training after my runs 3 days a week, core, arms, legs/back. I just do the same exercises but it seems to be working for me for a few weeks (minus vacation, lol)
It is really hot here this week (heat index of 105!!!! The rest of the week!) so I have been drinking a lot of water and getting joy out of my hat that I love!! I hope it is not as hot where you are!!
I got a 7 on that quiz, but I loved it! Thanks for sharing!!


Have you ever felt anxious physically even when mentally solid? I have had a week like that. Running has brought me so.much.JOY because I find it is the only thing that gets rid of all that electricity.
Lucky it is not Pumpkin Spice Latte season. ;)


I absolutely 100% have. I know exactly what you are talking about. So grateful for running all of the time but especially for weeks like that. Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day Erica!


Ha ha ha! That doormat!
I’m cancelled as a Millennial, which is not a big surprise given my chronological age ;) I’ve had avocado toast, cauliflower rice, La Croix, rolled ice cream, and almond butter, though I don’t have any of them regularly.
I do isolated core work maybe 3-4 times a month, but a lot of my workouts have “sneaky” core work in them, like kettlebell swings and other movements that require bracing the core and moving weight.
I’ve just been enjoying warm-weather running–no gloves, ear warmers, layers, etc.
I have a soft spot for big dogs, even though I could really love most any dog. We currently have a 35-40# mixed breed (rescue) who is perfect for our house, ages, and stages of life :)


Poke! I eat it like once a week ? And the Impossible Burger is really good, too.
I do core work every other day when I do my workout at the gym. Sometimes I will do a couple planks after my runs, too!
After being released from the injured list ALL of my runs are joyful!!
I love big dogs. My favorite is the Rhodesian Ridgeback. I also love Labs ? Someday when we’re not so busy I want to get one!


I would like say I do core work 2x/week, but I am not consistent. I typically get 2 weight lifting sessions in per week and always have intentions of doing core work at the end, but I get bored and have been known to skip my core work or cut it short.
Swimming or putting my feet in the river after my run is brining joy to my run lately…that is what gets me through my run, haha.


Proud Baby Boomer here! I scored 5: avocado toast, quinoa, pumpkin spice latte, acai bowl, almond butter

I’ve been doing yoga 2-3 times a week. I really enjoy doing planks, feeling my arms start to shake and staying in position. I know, I’m strange!!

For King and Country has a great song called “Joy” that I love to listen to when I’m running. Key phrase “I choose joy.” It’s a choice and we really can find joy when we look for it. The official video is super fun –

We grew up with dogs of every size. I think little dogs have a tendency to jump on people and that can be scary for small children.


That millennial quiz is hilarious. I automatically should have flunked since I had to scroll back up to verify spelling. I got a 6 (quinoa, cauliflower rice, avo toast, oatmilk, almond butter, and a half point for overnight oats and La Croix since I tried them, but they’re not in my routine). Then again, I think my own children are Millennial’s so I really thing a 6 is scoring pretty high all things considered!!

Core work: 2-3 times a week at home. I have this neat chart that has three columns and you pick three from each column, do for 1 minute each and repeat times three. It’s my default if I don’t know what else to do or feel lazy putting something together.

Joy. Joy is moving how I like and I choose running (when I’m running, so that’s how I bring joy.) I also love swimming and cycling so I also bring joy by telling myself how wonderful it is to be able to choose what activity I do.
Have a super week!


Hahaha yes, 6 is great! I need to try out oatmilk because I’m curious about what it tastes like! WAY TO GO on getting in core 2-3 times a week. I need to steal that chart. Do you do triathlons? You are very well-rounded with your training Kelly! Thanks so much, you too!


16 points ? I guess I’m into what the kids these days are eating. Lol
Those new Brooks would be great for speed happy colors. I need to get myself a pair ASAP.
It’s brutally hot here as well like air quality issues hot so my runs have been treadmill. I’m thankful for AC at the gym and the kids club there. I don’t know what i would do without it during summer.


You are sure good at trying new foods! So so happy that you have the perfect setup during these summer months. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day:)


How in the world did I score a 13? I’m definitely a GenXer and so far from hip. If you haven’t had poke, you need to try that. I think you’d love it since you like sushi. Maybe you guys need to take a trip to Hawaii to make sure you get the authentic version ;)

That doormat is perfect for Skye, that little one loves to shed her clothes! I love that age where kids have no inhibitions. And huge props to the MT runner with 3 kids in the stroller, that’s amazing!


I think that is a wonderful idea… Hawaii trip for poke:) . Right?! I can’t even imagine running 5 miles pushing 3 kids. I hope you are having a great day Michelle!


Sushi burrito and tumeric latte! Sushi burritos are just fun, and tumeric lattes are sometimes called moon lattes or golden milk – no coffee! Super yummy and good for you (anti-inflammatory properties of tumeric).


I really want to try a sushi burrito… I love both things so the combo sounds perfect to me:) . Have a wonderful rest of your day Celeste!


OK- that mama is amazing! What an inspiration! And I thought pushing my extra 50 lbs of stroller and 9 month old was hard… LOL. The butter comparison is exactly what I needed today. Today is a very Wednesday-feeling Wednesday. I am totally adding more joy to my runs from here on out! I love big dogs, yet here I am with two little chihuahua mix rescues- one dachshund and one Jack Russell. There’s something to be said for sad puppy eyes… ;)


Ummm pushing 50lbs of stroller + baby is VERY hard. You are strong! That is amazing that you took those two pups in, they are so lucky to have you! Have a wonderful day and I hope the week gets better and better for you!


15, though I have to say not everything I tried was liked ;)


Bahaha you’ll have to let me know which things you didn’t like!


My score is ten and if I am being honest, I am scared of some of the things listed! LOL


Hahah I had to google a few of the things and I definitely do not want to have to try them! Have a great day April:)


I love the concept of adding joy like butter! When I’m needing a boost during a run I start to count in songs rather than time or kms- as in, I’ve got the chance to enjoy at least 12 more songs.


I scored 6 which proves I guess that I’m one year out of the millennial generation haha. I love that butter affirmation card (and the welcome mat ha) . I do core work a couple of times a week, I need to do it more.


When I first looked at that shoe picture I thought it said “I run for PIE”. Probably both are true!


OK, so that’s funny. I came here today to share this story, but you already had a marathon runner pushing a stroller.

But this guy ran a marathon pushing QUINTS. Yep, 5 kids. Watch the video. The amazing thing being he had to stop frequently to feed and diaper them along the way.

No word on what his pace was, but ‘anything is possible’ according to that Dad.

I tried pushing a running stroller once. Long legs, ruining my pace, wasn’t having that again.


Hello! First time commenting. Your blog has been so inspirational. I have to ask what time you are going your group morning runs? I love that you get done before your kids are up. Thanks for putting your running life out there!

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