Sentence Per Picture, Learned My Lesson and Run Proud

Ummmm yeah… yesterday included a very pretty run.

Thank you ultra training for teaching my body how to eat seconds before starting a run (but for speed stuff I have to eat earlier)… I was still chewing this as we got going:)

IMG 0677

We do a lot of climbing the day after a speed workout because the dirt isn’t as hard on the body (along with the fact we go slower on the trails vs the roads) but it works us completely to climb so much with exhausted legs from the day before.

IMG 0678

This will make me stronger.

Screen Shot 2019 07 17 at 1 30 00 PM

Screen Shot 2019 07 17 at 1 33 26 PM

As we were running I felt something sting me and I was tempted to stop and itch it every tenth of a mile.

IMG 0746

Went straight to pick up Knox and he lost one of his front teeth.

IMG 0701

I took them to a park and thought that the splash pad there wasn’t going to be on for a few hours but it turned on right as we were walking in which meant all three kids were soaking by the time we left.

IMG 0708

PS I think Skye is going to have a really hard time when the big kids start school again and they are gone all day.

IMG 0706

Next to the park is an ice cream place that I heard about and because of the name (Brookers is one of Brooke’s nicknames) I had to take the kids.

IMG 0731

I had the Oreo one (ps Andrew doesn’t like oreos in ice cream?!) and put a big bites worth of mine into Skye’s cup for her to eat on the drive home.

IMG 0732

And this is what I opened the car door to find afterwards… learned my lesson.

IMG 0743

Got in some recovery with my boots.

IMG 0763

Went to an awesome seminar at Runner’s Corner with the FOUNDER OF ALTRA (aka our coach’s son) giving the presentation.

IMG 0775

Rewind to 2011 and Golden (above) would have me take my shoes to the shoemaker to make them drop zero when he was working on creating Altra.

Time to run PROUD.

IMG 0772

PS Golden ran his first marathon at age 14 in 2:44!

IMG 0771

Gorgeous night when we left and after talking to our coach for a bit we are all feeling even more excited about our fall marathons!

IMG 0776


Give me your sentence of the day!

Last ice cream flavor that you had?  Anyone else not a fan of Oreo’s in their ice cream like Andrew?

What’s your run today?

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Altras are my fave shoe! I’ve been using them for years and have a bit of an obsession with them! ❤️❤️❤️


Oh this makes me so happy… it’s the best to have YOUR shoe! Enjoy the rest of your Thursday Donna!


That presentation looked really interesting! I read your post from yesterday too and thought it was cool to see how you are getting so much faster. I’m wondering if you can offer any advice. I’m a 3:20ish marathoner but I seem to have only one gear. I run around a 6:10 mile (not in a race but just my own speed work). I’m dying to run at least a 5:30 mile and feel like my 5k time should be much faster, etc. do you have any suggestions for starting out speed work when it feels like you can’t go fast enough to hit the splits you want? Or how much to do each week? I unfortunately train on my own without a coach or team. And thanks for all your inspiration!!!


Hey! Oh I am so excited for you! I feel like I am like you and have one gear. I definitely struggle getting faster on my own with the short stuff! Have you thought about getting a coach? That is the biggest thing that has helped me! Our coach has had us doing really short intervals (ie 50 m on and 50 m float/recovery for 1.25 miles or 100m on and 100m float/recovery for three miles). 400m repeats are really great too! 3:20 marathon is incredible without a team/coach and I think if you could get with one (check if your area has group track workouts etc through your running store) it will make the world of difference! Have a wonderful day!


Umm, Oreos in ice cream is the best kind of ice cream! :)


I hope you get some soon! Enjoy your day Linda!


I am not opposed to Oreos in my ice cream. Reeses are my favorite addition though?


And now I need an ice cream with Reeses! I hope you get some soon and have an incredible day Kimberly!


I’ve beem wearing Altra’s For years! That’s so cool!


Golden is incredible and sure knows his stuff! So happy you have found what makes your running happy! Have a fabulous day Lisa!


Unsolicited opinion/comment :) = I do ALL my walking in the Altra Escalante AND I have a pair that I use ONLY as slippers (on my third pair of “slippers”). They are fantastic and the ONLY thing I wear for walking and my everyday shoes (yes, I wear them with dresses). For running they don’t work for me but the Escalantes saved my life for walking the dog and walking around my house. NO seam – wonderful. For me the zero drop does not work for running especially going from Brooks with a much higher heel drop. I know that people say you can get used to them but I wasn’t able to and realized I like a little drop when I run :)


I’m with you! I like a little drop too for running. So happy the Escalante have been so awesome for you for the rest of the day:) it’s the best to know the perfect formulas for happy feet and bodies for ourselves! Have a wonderful day Amanda!


Can I ask what park that is? Unless you don’t want to say for privacy issues. Looks awesome and always looking for parks when we go into Provo for Costco to let the kids run around. Have a great day!


HEY!!! Yes, this park is amazing. . Let me know what you guys think of it!


Is that the splash pad in vineyard?! I have a friend who just moved down there and I go visit her all the time. I’ll have to start being on Janae watch when I go there.


It is!! Hahaha we should go together. It’s such a great park. Have a wonderful day Hailey!


I don’t like Oreos period, not on their own, in milk, or ice cream. Yuck, lol!


You and Andrew are a lot alike! I hope you have a great day Tracy:) .


My sentence for today is “Stay positive, keep going, you’ve got this”. I have a lot of work to do and an extra long day but I can totally do it! I just can’t let myself get all bogged down in it.


You can do it! Cheering for you Kristen and I hope you can get a minute at some point to relax with all of this craziness going on!


What gorgeous trails you have there! I’d be so tempted to want to only run on them!
My sentence today is “just keep moving, one foot in front of the other, forward progress, gains are happening”. Today’s 10 mile run felt really really good and I think it’s because of the continuous effort I’ve been putting in and because I’m not letting myself get too down on what may have been lost during my injury. It’s such an amazing feeling to be able to move so strong, for so long and feel very happy about it! Yes I’m doing it to train but also, because I can!
As far as ice cream … I go for pretty much anything with berries, bubble gum, mint of any kind etc. Skye looks how my 5 year looks after eating ice cream! Ha! My 9 year old just made strawberry sorbet and it tastes amazing! Since that turned out so well, he’s going to try to experiment with more fruit and I am 100% behind him!
Have a great day!


Yesssssss! Jenny! I love how you are thinking and it is paying off. Best sentence and way to go on your 10 miler today! You keep showing up and you are so strong. Ummm ask your son if he can send some sorbet over here! Come do some trails with me and have a wonderful day!


Absolutely loved my Altra’s but they discontinued my shoe, and I feel that nothing else compares. I wish my feet liked Brooks more because they have the CUTEST running shoes out of everyone!

More of a froyo type of person, but Oreos in anything is a win!


Oh I hate it when that happens with shoes! I agree, Brooks makes the most beautiful shoes and I wish they worked for you:(. I hope you get some froyo today! Have a wonderful day Tess!


I love Altras, because they don’t force my big toes to bend in towards my second toe like many shoes do! I am just sad that their really cute casual sneaker (the Cayd) is only in the men’s line and doesn’t come in a size small enough for me.

My morning run was just an easy 3 miles in the neighborhood with my dog befire wirj. The temperature here is forecast to hit 100 today so an early run was a necessity.

I like Oreos in ice cream only if I added them myself as a topping, after the ice cream was already in the bowl. I don’t like them in ice cream flavors that come pre-made with them, because the texture of the cookies seems weird and soggy to me.


I’ll tell him next time I see him to start making the Cayd for women! The wide toe box really is amazing on the Altra. After the presentation yesterday my kids will be barefoot a lot more now to allow their feet to stay as natural as possible! Oh the soggy thing is what gets Andrew too! I hope you can stay cool today! Have a wonderful day:)


Gosh, I am so jealous of the views you get!! I definitely need to get to Utah sometime!
This morning I ran along our riverfront path… at one part of the path, there’s a processing plant that has this overpass type thing that crosses over into the river. Turkey vultures congregate along there, and they look for animals in the grounds nearby… this morning there was a higher number than normal. So as I’m running I’m freaked out by the birds (I do not like birds) and what do you know… suddenly this giant blob of bird poo comes hurtling down. I managed to skid to a stop to avoid it but… ICK!!! That would not have been a pleasant way to spend the majority of my run!!
Also – I just got two more pairs of Brooks – Levitates and Ricochets! I’m so glad you have mentioned those on here because I think they might be the perfect shoes for me! :)


I will not eat an Oreo here or there or ANY WHERE! I also got sick on cookies and cream ice cream as a kid and can’t…just CAN’T! I can’t even watch someone eat it! I know everyone has that one food that has that association. My son can’t eat French toast and my husband can’t have toast with peanut butter. That means I save my toast with peanut butter love for the office! LOL!
Have a great day!


I love my Altras!! So cool that you know the founder. I have three pairs – the Escalante (my favorite), the Torin, and the Lone Peak (for trails). I’ve solely been wearing Altras for more than a year and my feet have never been happier. But you are so right that everyone is different when it comes to shoes.


I got to run with Golden a few years back, when he visited my local running store. He ran with each of us and helped give us tips for technique! It was an amazing opportunity!!


Okay, that is SO SO cool! I am so glad you had that opportunity and he is a genius on all things running!


I tried Altras on just my shortest run once a week and have been struggling with calf tightness and now Achilles tendinitis since. I know so many awesome runners that’s use them but I can’t. I also can’t walk around barefoot that seems to make the tendinitis the worst! I’m back in my Brooks and just ordered a pair of Nikes I saw they have a 10mm drop and lots of arch support, haha the opposite of Altras.?


Oooh thanks for posting the slides with running tips, they’re great and I was actually looking for advice on posture. Awesome!!

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