Deseret 10k Race Recap + Had to Happen

Another race in the books for the year!  Race #7 of 2019 and it took first place as my sweatiest race ever.

PS Skye dropped her water bottle on Andrew in just the right place;)

Always a fun time to set your alarm clock;)

I’ve kept my 50 miler race alarm caption on my phone since March because it reminds me when I’m waking up at a crazy hour that I’ve done harder things (like chase buffalo for almost 9 hours;) and I can do hard things again.  I definitely prefer sleeping in my bed the night of a race but the hotel was great too because we were about a quarter mile away from the start.  I had a jam and white bread sandwich and my nanohydr8 before we set out for a 1.5 mile warm-up.

IMG 1232

When my friends and I first walked out of the hotel yesterday morning we realized we were kind of in trouble.  Utah usually has a little crispness in the air most summer mornings before it gets hot but yesterday was different.  It was 81 degrees when the race started and really humid which we are definitely not used to.  We were sweating just standing there ha… I really respect July races now.

Utah is pretty gorgeous!

IMG 5809

The race started right at 6:05 and there was a huge group of people running the 10k.  This race also has a 5k, half-marathon and marathon option and those that ran the longer races… WOW.  Doing a marathon in those conditions would have really killed me.  This race also brings a lot of the fastest people in the state which is awesome because it can really help you to push yourself to the next level.  There is a big (for Utah) cash prize for the top 3 males and females so it brings out the competition.

I  heard before the race that the first two miles are pretty downhill (which they were) but they also included some uphills too.  During mile 3 I started feeling dizzy which isn’t a fun feeling while running and I’m guessing it was partly from going out too fast and also from the humidity.

Emilee and I stayed pretty close to each other or side by side for the first 5.5 miles and then she went up ahead and I just tried to hang on.  The last mile is uphill which I’m pretty sure I closed my eyes for most of those 6 minutes and 37 seconds and just kept counting my steps.

IMG 5842 2

How not to run a race ha… but as far as how the course is set up I’m pretty sure everyone had positive splits:

IMG 1233

Nothing left in those legs at the end, they felt like they were completely drained and on empty!

Going into this race I was greedy for a PR.  I felt like I had gained some really great fitness since my last 10k and that there was no question I could go faster on a faster course.  Our coach reminded us leading up to it that we had had a really hard previous week but my brain just thought I would for sure be recovered 4 days later.   Afterwards he told us that yesterday was really just a building block.  He wasn’t expecting killer times but to have a wake up call:). St. George is the goal and we were not recovered for this 10k… it’s all part of the chess game we are in to get to an amazing marathon time.  <— That made me feel really excited for October (and to not do another 10k for a long time ha;).  Realizing all of that made me feel very proud for the day and excited for all of the building blocks it will take to get there.

IMG 5848

Costco cookies, grapes, popsicles and bananas at the finish.

IMG 5859

I told Andrew there was no way I was going to ask him to be at the race with the girls but he said he wanted to be there no matter what so he got them up and to the race… he is the best and the girls both took great naps afterwards.

IMG 5817

None of my friends had the race they were hoping for either and I’m guessing that is a combo of the heat/humidity and not being recovered from last week’s hard workouts but we love doing these hard things together.

IMG 1162

It was so great to meet so many internet friends at the race.  Sorry I was so sweaty:).

IMG 5857

IMG 5865

IMG 5850

I ran a few miles to cool down nice and easy and then packed up and we left back home.  I hit 12 miles for the day.

IMG 1164

Random race thoughts:

*It’s kind of funny to me how I went 10 years thinking I could ONLY race one way and not even attempt to try a different option until my friends convinced me to try it.  I loved racing with music but at this stage in my life, I love racing without music more now.  I am really enjoying having nothing with me during a race (besides some gels if it’s longer) but that does = less pictures:(.   Try something new with your racing… it’s fun to experiment and see how you like it.

*Not sure I’m a fan of doing a race course along the parade route… there were a lot of people that camp out there to wait for the parade to start after the race and there was a lot of people smoking cigarettes and weed along the way which just made me feel super nauseated when trying to run that fast and breathing.

*I’m not sure how to get good at racing in humidity since we rarely have it here ha.  Put a treadmill in a sauna?  How do you guys do it?

*I love with running how we get the chance to do the same course at the same time as OLYMPIANS.  We saw Jared Ward and a few Olympian girls just a few people in front of us at the start.  It’s cool to be running behind them knowing they are doing the same thing we are… just a lot faster.

*Also, I’m even more of a fan of Jared Ward than I was before after the race.  I saw him in the beginning and he was smiling at EVERYONE, talking to people, wishing them luck and so friendly.  He brought such a positive vibe to the start.

IMG 5825

We spent the rest of the day at home getting some things done and napping and of course a donut had to happen….

IMG 1227

IMG 1236


Tried anything new with your running/racing lately?

Do you ever push snooze on your alarm clock?  Do you set multiple times to go off?  Do you get up and going right when it goes off?

Would you rather run in humidity or a crazy headwind?

How many more weeks until school starts in your area? 

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Nice race.
School does not start for a month here, but we go into June.
Speaking of school, what is your favorite backpack brand for Brooke?


HEY YOU!! Enjoy that last month! Brooke’s favorite is anything with frozen on it and my favorite is Fjallraven!


runningnwith a friend occasionally which I haven’t done in about a year, so that is fun.

Yes, Inpress snooze and set two alarms when I have to be up before 6.

Humidity over headwind.

12 days till school starts. Where has the summer gone!?!?!


12 days… ahhhh! It flew by and isn’t elections on 8/1?! I am so excited for you and please let me know how it goes. I hope you get a run in with a friend sometime soon:)


Sorry you had a tough race, but you are tougher! Next time will be better because you will learn from this one. :) I’m in VA and we always have humidity, so I guess I am use to running/racing in it. Usually you get up at 6AM and it’s almost 100% humidity by that point. Couldn’t agree more about running around smokers. It’s awful and makes me cough if I run through smoke. Just the smell of it gets my stomach queasy.

As for trying new things with running, I’m getting familiar with running at sea level again which is nice! I was running at altitude for several months and it was so hard. I’m certainly enjoying the atmosphere here more!


Almost 100% at SIX IN THE MORNING. You. Are. Tough. Oh that is awesome you are at sea level again… hopefully that helps with the humidity;) I hope you are having a wonderful day and thanks so much Mercedes!


We have both the crazy humidity and crazy headwind here! hahaha. It’s the worst. Seriously. I definitely know what that dizziness feels like–it happens every race and workout here. It’s frustrating when you’re working SO HARD to hit paces in the summer that you can easily hit in the winter. I would definitely call your 10k a success in those conditions!!

Ew, people smoking on the course?! That’s gross. I wouldn’t want that running or watching the parade.


Okay, you do BOTH! Mollie… that is one of the many reasons why you are so tough! Thanks so much Mollie and I agree… I couldn’t believe how many people were smoking. I hope you have a great day:)


It’s so cool to hear your coach’s reasons for programming your training a certain way…the method behind the madness :)
I’m convinced that Utah races are at least 100x better than Maryland races after seeing those Costco cookies at the end! What a bummer about the people camped out for the parade and polluting the air. Smoke is something I just can’t get over, and especially when I’m out running and being healthy. Ugh.
I probably hit snooze about 85% of the time, but I usually get up before the next alarm goes off. It’s sort of a safety net in case I fall back asleep hard.
I’m much more used to humidity than wind, so I’ll take that. It drains the energy for sure, but I feel like wind is actually pushing me backward.
School starts here in just under 6 weeks. The governor mandated starting after Labor Day and ending by June 15 each year. He’s big on tourism in the state, so his plan maximizes summer break for families.


Bahaha I like what you said because it did feel like madness yesterday haha. YES, come to a Utah race. I’m with you on the smoke… it would just hit us hard at random points. Your governor sounds awesome. Enjoy the next 6 weeks Corey!


Awesome job in a hot race!! This heat is killing me the last couple weeks!
New thing in running… running with a dog! We are babysitting a black lab this week and he loves going running with me! It’s been so fun to take him around the neighborhood.
School starts in about 3.5 weeks. I can’t believe it! I’ve homeschooled the last 2 years so this will be the first time sending my older 2 to school! We are excited but I’m getting a little emotional the closer it gets.
Yes, always multiple alarms. I rarely get up the very first time! So bad I know. :)


Oh that is so fun that you’ve been able to run with that pup! What a blast. Oh this will be such a big change for you all! Good luck and enjoy those next 3.5 weeks!


Oh man humidity WILL make you feel dizzy. Especially if you aren’t used to it. You can try loading up on salt (I use osmo preload) if you know you’ll be racing in serious humidity. Otherwise you can adapt by going and sitting in a sauna for 10-30 minutes immediately after a workout, without drinking anything before getting in the sauna or while in there (it’s about stressing your kidneys, apparently).

Great job holding on and doing your best for the day, luckily St George should be a LOT drier!


Oh that’s a really good idea about the salt and sitting in the sauna! So so true… the odds of humidity at St. George are -20% haha. I hope you are having a beautiful day Victoria!


Good job on your race! I can’t imagine even running a 5k at that pace! I also hate running past people smoking- it would be really annoying to experience that at a race.

I think I’d chose humidity over headwind. I fortunately do not have to run in the humidity often, but when I visit my mom in Florida it always amazes me how wet all my clothes is just minutes into a run ?.

Recently I ran a 100km race without my watch (I forgot it at home), and I have to say I really enjoyed it. Not knowing how much further I had to go, or stressing about time, really made the race more enjoyable. I think when I do Boston in April I’m going to go watch-less!

Aaaand I’m one of those people that sets my alarm for the last possible second. So no pressing snooze. My husband is the opposite and sets his alarm way to early so he can press snooze for an hour.


100KM…. AHHHHH that is incredible. CONGRATS MANDI. That is awesome that you didn’t wear a watch and I can see how nice that would be.
That’s how I felt yesterday… drenched ha. I bet doing it in Florida is nuts!
An hour of snooze haha! I definitely couldn’t do that! Hope you have a great day:)


Good job!! ? Best thing I’ve found for humidity is to load up on an electrolyte-heavy drink the night before, have a little before running and keep it coming during (normally leave a bottle somewhere along my route). On top of that on days the humidity is 70% or more, I’ll take Clif bloks energy chews margarita flavor every 2-3 miles. It is the extra sodium one and helps replenish what you need. More often than not, it helps with the dizzy. Still is horrible though!


Congratulations! I sense maybe you are being hard on yourself so please just be so proud and happy to be running pain free and with friends :) Amazing time and awesome, hard effort!

I would run in 200% humidity over a headwind. Ha! I don’t even like walking in a slight wind.


200% humidity… wowzers hahah!! Those headwinds are the worst. It’s so so true and I realized that after but during I was just like what the heck haha?! I hope you have a fabulous day sweet friend!


Great job, Janae. Not everyday are PR days and you still gave it your all!! It’s going to pay off in your marathon, I believe it!

I’ve been going watchless since my injury, and by that I mean I wear my watch to record but never look at it. Not once! It’s been super freeing, I’m actually faster than post injury I think because I’ve been doing so much cross training and I put limits on myself before. but being “watchless” forces me to run on effort which is in my opinion the best way to go!

I am such a morning person, but I definitely sometimes hit snooze. This week I switched my schedule so I would have more recovery time and do run + CrossFit before work rather than one of them after work. So that means 4:30 wake up every day before work haha. After the first day, its been easier reminding myself how much I love the schedule. & I’ve tried to implement the 3, 2, 1 go thing, where as soon as you wake up you say 3, 2, 1 and jump out of bed before you can think:)

I live in Florida so I think I would honestly rather run in humidity just bc that’s what I’m used to 90% of the year.


I love that you are doing that post-injuyry. SO SMART and it makes the comeback process even more exciting. 4:30= hard core. I am totally going to try out the 3,2,1 idea. I love it. I hope your day is a beautiful one Eleanor and I’m just amazed by you running in humidity so often.


Congratulations on your race, even though it didn’t turn out as you hoped it would. Humidity is awful, but give me that any day over wind. I hate running in the wind!
I used to race without music when I was a kid, but haven’t done so in a long time. I think I should try it again, even just to build mental toughness. I did stop racing with a watch recently, which is an interesting experience. I wouldn’t recommend it if gunning for a PR, but I do find it really helps on “off” days like in the case of humidity/wind when you know the conditions simply won’t let you be your best. I have learned that in longer races, I have a built-in metronome and run really even splits. Not so much in 5ks/10ks though.
That donut looks wonderful. Have a great day, Janae, and recover well!


Okay, that is really true… I think I would have had a more positive mindset during the race without my watch because I would have seen the effort but not been frustrated feeling like the effort should have produced faster paces than I was seeing. I am totally going to do that next time. Thanks so much Stacey and I hope you get a donut soon:)


The humidity def adds another element! I may be an anomaly…but once I get used to it, it actually feels good to get all sweaty! And then it feels weird to be running and NOT soaked!
Its essential to get out early in the AM when it’s SUPER humid but overcast (and not so hot) to get acclimated to it. And then just embrace that soakiness!

Have a great day!!!


I should have embraced the soakiness yesterday:) . I love that! Thanks so much Caroline and I hope your Thursday is a fabulous one:)


You are flat amazing! Running in the humidity NEVER gets easier! But it does make for some great running if you train in it and then get to go somewhere low humidity to race :)


SO SO TRUE… my next race I’ll feel like I’m on top of the world because odds are it will be very dry! Thanks Donna and I hope you have a great Thursday!


Janae!!! That’s a pretty awesome race considering the conditions and fatigue! I just love how once the race is over you can look at it from a different perspective and find something positive. EVERY miles counts toward your big goal!
THAT DONUT!!! Thank you for taking such a good pic…I need one!
I’ve got a new coach and I’m running fewer miles and I’m doing track workouts again. It’s hard not running as much but I know the good recovery will help me in the long run :)
Yes I’m guilty of hitting the snooze button. It’s a bad habit and I need to stop.
We get plenty of humidity in here and I’m still not used to it. I feel like a winner if I’m not wheezing at the end of my run. Sometimes I think a headwind makes me run stronger. The last few times I’ve raced with wind I’ve had a good race.
Andrew is awesome for bringing the girls to the race! Brooke’s hair gives me hair envy…so perfect and wavy!


Congrats on completing the race, even if it was a tough one–I’m sure it helped you build mental stamina which will be SO helpful for that marathon. : )

I did a set of hill repeats on the treadmill yesterday! I haven’t done that on the treadmill before, so that was a good challenge. Legs were TIRED today, but I ran anyway–thought a lot about how you always say running on tired legs builds endurance. And . . . I ran my fastest-ever mile time during my run today!!! So lots of new things!


Heat is really tough and humidity makes it worse. We live in NC and honestly there are not races through the summer… My times drop from ahhh 8 minutes miles are fun to goodness I can’t do a 9 minute mile to save my life. AND it lasts FOREVER… last year races in October were still unbearable. Clearly I did not grow up in NC because I have a lot of thoughts about the heat :) Every summer my partner and I consider moving to Maine… BUT I have the best job so you know we stay


I’ve always done my speed workouts on a treadmill because I was afraid to do them outside (I thought I wouldn’t be able to hit the paces I wanted). We recently moved and no longer have a gym in our building I can hit up for speed workouts, so I did my first speed workout outside last Saturday, and it was successful! The headwind the first half of the workout added another dimension lol but I was really proud of myself at the end! I’m looking forward to doing another one this weekend.


KELLI!! Way to go on getting out for your speed workout and trying something new. So glad that it went well! Hope you have a fabulous day Kelli:) . Oh and I hope you are loving where you recently moved to!


I also love racing and running without music these days! The few times that I’ve tried listening to music now I almost feel distracted or annoyed by it? It’s very weird.

I am the absolute worst when it comes to snoozing my alarm. Except I snooze like 30 minutes at a time. I KNOW it doesn’t make getting out of bed any easier (it might even make it worse??) but I really need to work on it.

That humidity headwind question is so hard. I hate them both, but I think I choose humidity. Running in the wind just makes me irrationally angry, whereas in humidity I’m too exhausted and drained to feel anything ;)

Also are you guys having a humid summer in Utah? We are in Denver, I mean it’s NOTHING compared to other parts of the country, but it’s much more than I’m used to these days. I’m a total sweat monster when I’m done running these days and I feel like it takes me so much longer to recover. I’m so exhausted from the heat!

I have to admit, reading this made me so antsy to race! And I’m also so jealous of your little running squad. I’m desperate for some Colorado running pals :)


I’m curious to know more about your Runner’s Corner team! Do the different color singlets signify anything?


Hey Casey! I do need to write a lot more about it all. The different singlets do signify different things and I’m still learning. The white ones are the basic for the elite team, the grey are for faster and the red are for fastest! I have all three and I’ve worn the grey before but I’ll probably wait until st. george to wear the red when I’m at my fastest. I knew I wouldn’t be in the top 10 so I went with the white. Hope you are having a great day!


Congrats on surviving a race in heat, humidity, smoke etc! That sounds exhausting! Smoke and bacon are two smells I cannot stand while I’m running. Smoke for obvious reasons and the smell of bacon makes me so hangry! Ha!
This summer I’ve been running more trails, doing hill repeats on trails, venturing into the mountains more and more and soon I’ll do a trail half solely because of the challenge of the hill elevation gain – 4200 ft in 14 miles! I’ll start taking prayers now thanks! Ha!
I’m such a paranoid sleeper that I don’t dare press snooze! I get paranoid that I’ll sleep through the alarm and then if I hit snooze I only lay there and wonder if I hit snooze or off to the point it stresses me out!
Oh man … humidity and wind are two of my least favorite types of weather to run in! Maybe I’d chose humidity though?!
The kiddos have 5 weeks until school starts; I feel like they just started summer break since they had snow makeup days and then our summer weather literally just started this week.
Have a great day!


Great job at your race =) they can’t all the PRs right? The next one will be even sweeter. It was cute that Andrew brought the girls to watch you, what a good role model they are seeing in their mama!

I used to always hit the snooze until I read some research that said that doing so actually makes you so much more tired and messes with your sleep cycles. So now I try really hard to get up with my first alarm (sometimes I cave still ;)

I can’t believe school starts here in 3 weeks!!! It still feels like the middle of summer. I drew up on the west coast and we used to start school in September and finish in June. I am still not used to Colorado’s schedule.


I am definitely used to humidity in the Memphis area. I’m fully convinced that the hard summer months of running make us all much faster for fall and winter races. So I honestly think I can handle humidity better than wind.

My cross country team is headed to North Carolina for camp this next week which will give us a wonderful break from the humidity. But when we get back, it’s back to the grind for school. Teachers go back for inservice August 5th and the kids start August 12th. I am soaking up every last bit of summer that I can!


Hey Janae: Would you ever consider shifting to altras? just wondering .. i found the stuff you shared about golden’s advice to be super useful and i personally love altras.. wondering what your thoughts are ,,


Hey! Great question! I actually have tried altras in the past and Brooks will just always by my #1. My body feels best when running in brooks but I know altras are incredible too! I think we all have different needs so it makes me happy when people find the perfect shoe for them! Have a great day!


I have been trying some new things with running and having a much better attitude about it! I tried doing interval sprints and i also tried a streak (running at least 1 mile every single day). I got a new garmin ( i think the one Andrew wears!) and its also getting me very into monitoring where my heart rate is and trying to get to red once a day and getting a bunch of time in green

If i’m trying to run, i will usually get up at the first alarm- otherwise, i tend to snooze a lot. kinda weird how that works in my mind.

You get surprisingly used to humidity actually! I am in texas for the first summer and i was surprised how quickly i adjusted to high 90 temps and humidity!


Well done on your race!!! How does it work with Andrew and your girls when you do your cool down? Do they wait for you? I love how supportive your family is of one another!


Hey thanks Shelby! They actually just played at the park where the finish line was! I hope you are having a beautiful day!


I live in Florida (in the swamp!) and one thing I learned the other day from a MCM forum, was that we all look at temperature and humidity – when we should be looking at DEW POINT. If the dew point is 75 or higher, be extremely careful. I have put that to the test the last few weeks and it does make a difference! Temp was 78 but dew point was 73 and it was a contrast from the day before when temp was a few degrees lower, but the dew point was 75. Google dew point and running – there are some helpful charts out there with good information.


Great recap! I agree with so much of what you said. It seemed like all I could smell was smoke the last mile. I wonder if that contributed to me throwing up! Great job still. Yeah- that morning heat was weird. My car said 83 degrees at 4:45.


1 million times a headwind! The last two weeks our dew point has been in the 70s and running has been torture. A huge energy suck! At least with a headwind you can do an out and back and have a sweet tailwind for the run home ;)

PS: my husband and I were in SLC this morning (flew in and now hitting up some national parks) and I definitely keep my eyes open hoping I’d spot you. He thought I was crazy haha


I wish I would have seen you! Have the best time at the national parks and I cannot even imagine running running with that dew point!!!


I only set one alarm time, but definitely ALWAYS hit snooze at least once! I don’t think I have ever gotten up as soon as it went off. Ever.

I would rather run in humidity. A head wind makes me feel like I’m dying. But I live in south FL where we have pretty much year-round humidity and that’s just normal life for us? I continue to run outdoors even in the summer. It just keeps me heat trained that way. I had a head wind the other day and I thought my heart was going to come out of my chest!

We have 2.5 weeks until school resumes. I always feel torn about this topic. On one hand, I love sleeping in and getting up when I want, instead of packing lunch boxes and getting kids to the bus (we have a hub and can’t walk there). I’m also a night shift nurse so I like going to bed as soon as I get home instead of prepping kids for school when I’m tired. But then there’s the other side where it’s nice to have some mid-day peace and quiet. And I won’t even pretend going to the store alone isn’t the most amazing thing in the world!


Awesome job! I love following your training. You are going to kill it at St. George. Your inspiring me a lot for my fall marathons. Let me tell you about humidity. I live in PA and there’s 99% humidity here this morning and I’m running a full on Sunday in PA. What in the world was I thinking! A full in a PA JULY?! Wish me luck! ?

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