A Race, That’s a Lot and All of the Traditions.

I hope your 4th was awesome!  I’m writing this pretty late at night so I hope it makes sense because I’m usually in my 4th REM cycle by this time of night;)

I wasn’t sure if I was going to run the Freedom Run or not but finally decided to sign up and run for fun with Tam!   St. George training starts next week and our coach told us to take this week off from speed (besides a few of the girls that have different races lined up etc) so we just did it for fun and I’m glad we did.

I ran around for a few miles before the race started and then grabbed a hug from Charlie!   She lives in London and is in town visiting.  She is so incredibly kind and it was so exciting to see her in Utah after I have followed her blog for so long.

My first pair of awesome socks from a race swag bag.  I love them.

IMG 9830

The race started at 7.  It really felt weird to not go into it like a normal race for me!  Tam and I talked the whole time and she is going for a sub 3 at St. George this fall so we talked about our big plans for race day.  We averaged a 7:23 pace for the race and with the miles before and after I finished with 10.8 miles @ 7:28 average.

It was so fun to see everyone in their patriotic gear!

IMG 9833

My Runner’s Corner team rocked it big time!  Course records were set, prs were made and some great workouts were done.  Picture from Tawny.

I was just trying to make my own separate row in between the people standing and kneeling I guess ha.

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And it was so great to see a lot of friends that I haven’t seen in a while (thanks for the picture Jess)!

IMG 5835

Alicia was in town from Arizona and did the race!

IMG 9832

And the last time I saw Marin was before the St. George Marathon last year. She helped me to feel even more excited for that marathon to start.

IMG 9839

I ran from the finish line to the parade to get a place for my family to watch.  Skye was way more into the parade than I expected she would be.

IMG 9843

Our next 4th of July tradition = J-Dawgs (there is a hot dog hidden behind all of that sauerkraut)!

IMG 9879

These two cousins are getting to the age where they are starting to get into trouble together.

IMG 9877

We all got some much needed naps.

IMG 9897

After dinner at the park we went to Stadium of Fire.  Keith Urban was there performing and it was incredible.

IMG 9919

IMG 9928

Turns out Skye is quite the late night party animal.

IMG 9934


Looking forward to anything this weekend?  Who raced yesterday and how did it go?

Are you a fan of country music?

What is the best part of your Friday?

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LOVE country music! I saw on PBS last night (I clearly partied hard) that Ken Burns is releasing a documentary series about country music—I watched the sneak peak and it was really interesting.

Glad you had such a good 4th and a fun race! Those are the best. Not sure what we’re up to today, but we’ve talked about going out to eat, so I’m excited for that. :-) I’ve been busy lately so it’s nice to just relax. And get back to reading your blog—I really enjoy having your positivity and perspective in my life!


Oh I cannot wait to see that documentary, let me know when it airs! I am glad you were able to get in some relaxing last night:) Thank you so much for what you said, it means a lot to me. Keep in touch and good luck with all of the things going on in your world! Thanks Kristin!


I like country music, but more individual songs than as a whole.
Need a tear jerker for Andrew and Skye: “The girl you think I am.”


Okay, just listened to it for my first time ever… wow. Yep. I love it. Thanks Erica. I bet Hope loved her holiday donut yesterday. Have a wonderful day dear friend!


Happy Friday, Janae! I love that we get a second Saturday this week. We totally relaxed yesterday afternoon and I look forward to doing it again tomorrow. No race for me yesterday, but I got a new PR on my bike. It was on the final hill before my street – I’ve been trying to PR it for weeks now and yesterday I took 6 seconds off! According to Strava I have ridden that segment 347 times since 2012.


KATHY–> way to go on your bike pr!! That is so great and 347 times?! You are so strong Kathy! Enjoy some more relaxation today and I hope your day is a great one!


I am THE biggest country music fan. My dad was a disc jockey at mostly country radio stations, so I grew up around music. Living in Tennessee and having family in Nashville is pretty sweet. I have bumped into country stars at the movies (Tim McGraw) and downtown Franklin (Naomi Judd) and my sister and brother in law have seen them come to Michaels and Hallmark all the time. I get so jealous, ha! I always am on the lookout when I am in town visiting for celebs out running the paths in the mornings. Maybe I’ll bump into someone this week when I visit. Keith Urban is one of my favorites. So lucky! He puts on a great show :)


I love country music, which isn’t that big in NYC. I l have varied tastes in music, my playlists include classical, heavy metal, 70’s disco, pop, rock, alternative, country, and old school rap. (When most of them had something interesting to say).

I have been so busy working that I am actually looking forward to doing not much of anything.


I love that they put socks in the race bag!!! What a great thing to put in there! I feel like I always get coupons or water bottles… and runners don’t need any more water bottles!!

LOVE country music but only recently… not sure why all of a sudden it’s my jam, but love it now :)

Enjoy the weekend!


Finally starting to move stuff over to our rental this weekend so I’m looking forward to being done with that LOL. Country music is my very favorite. I love it and was so happy I could hear some of Stadium of Fire from my house. The best part of Friday is bedtime Hahahaha. Have a good weekend.

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