Friday Favorites, Torture and NOT OKAY WITH THIS!

I started a new name for the trails when we do them the day after a speed workout—> Torture Trails;).  My legs were sore and then the ups and downs just took them to the next level but that’s what I need for a fast marathon!

There is nothing better than seeing this rock during the run because it means you are done with the really hard work and you get to cruise back down to your car for 2 miles.

I love this rock very much.

IMG 0314

10 miles @ 9:41 average with 1322 ft of up!

IMG 0335

Brooke told me she needed her blanket to be in between the two of us when she hugged me to avoid my sweat.

IMG 0339

When you have delicious cookies on your counter from your friend the night before, they become the absolute best post-run fuel.

Carbs and protein (the eggs in the cookies):

IMG 0341

An update on her black eye, it actually looked a lot better yesterday!  Skye also wanted to give you an update on her tongue.

IMG 0347 2

I got to spend some time with a friend of mine that is moving away.  I’m not okay with her leaving!  We met through this blog 7 years ago.  I’ve always really loved every minute we get together.

IMG 0356

Arizona is very lucky to get them!

IMG 0357


It’s been a few weeks since I last posted some of my favorite things so let’s get going with that again (affiliate links included)!

*Roolee has some really awesome stuff right now that I’m loving this topthis top, this top and this top.

IMG 9411

*All of the dresses I’ve been wearing lately are from there too—>  here, here and here!

IMG 0095

*Another high-neck running tank that I love so so much.  It’s light and cool for these summer months and I love the high-neck and looseness on my stomach!

*This wins as our absolute favorite thing this month.  We’ve always wanted to do movie nights in our backyard with our friends and family and found the perfect combo to do it.   We didn’t want to spend a lot on the items but we wanted the picture to be very clear and we found the winners for a total of $116 for both the projector and the screen.   Oh and we also bought a 4k firestick so that we can stream Netflix/hulu/amazon prime etc straight to the projector.

IMG 9415

Andrew bought PVC pipe to build a frame around the screen and placed it on our gutters.  The picture from the projector is AWESOME especially when it is pitch black outside (below it is still kind of light out but still works great).  We have our s’mores station setup on the terrace behind.  The combination makes for the perfect summer night.

IMG 0045

*Please purchase this brand of popsicle asap if you can (Costco has them for a great deal too).  The mango flavor is my favorite but really they are all the absolute best and so creamy.  I’m currently eating on average 2 a day.

IMG 9437

*An incredibly vulnerable post from Amelia Boone HERE about her struggle with an eating disorder and what she is doing about it now.  “So this is me: flawed, disordered, and dealing with a mental illness for the past 20 years.  I’m not ashamed anymore.  I’m not afraid anymore.  And, most importantly, I’m not starving anymore.  Instead, I’m full of hope”

Screen Shot 2019 07 09 at 9 45 42 AM


What are your plans this weekend?

Have any favorite things lately?

When was the last time that you moved?  From where to where?

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Hey Janae!

Recent moves: Alabama to Michigan then Michigan to Washington DC then finally South Carolina. Now I’ve earned a full scholarship to become a teacher of the visually impaired so we’re off to Illinois! Soooo not ready for cold weather :)

I wish we could set up a movie night in the backyard it looks awesome!!! Too many bugs in SC ;)

Have a great weekend!


Elizabeth! CONGRATULATIONS on your full scholarship and good luck with the move and your classes. You are absolutely amazing and I hope your first winter there will be a mild one. Thanks so much and please keep me updated on how you guys are doing. Have a beautiful day.


LOL, love the rock! Maybe you should paint a heart on it? Do you happen to have a “Rocks” community near you, where you paint rocks and hide them in local parks for other people to find, then you post on a FB group with a picture of the rock so the painter can see it’s been found. My kids were interested for a little while, but they sort of outgrew the excitement.
I’m scrambling this weekend to get ready for my son’s 11th birthday (on Monday)! He keeps changing his mind about what he wants to do to celebrate ~ack~
Impulse buy on a Target run last night: these super soft sleep shorts I wish they were slightly longer, but they do the job and I don’t even notice them while sleeping —>key!
My last move (15 years ago) was very local, less than 2 miles, so the kids would have a better school assignment.
Happy Friday!


I love that idea. I am absolutely going to pain t a heart on it. We don’t have that but that group sounds amazing… Brooke and Knox would love that. Good luck with the celebrating and tell him happy birthday for us! PS Those pajama shorts look amazing and I bet it is hard to wear anything else now that you have them! Have a wonderful weekend Corey.


Thanks for sharing the link from Amelia Boone’s blog! Perfect example of keeping your ugly comments to yourself…you never know what someone is going through.

We’ve lived in a camper traveling with my husband’s job for 3 years, and we are finally moving home to Tennessee soon! We might have to steal your outdoor movie idea…so fun!! Have a great weekend!!


My heart sunk when I read that part of the post too… words can do so much good and bad for people. THREE YEAR ADVENTURE!?! Claire, that is amazing. I bet you are ready to be home but what an incredible experience. You need to write a blog about that! Have a great day.


Hi Janae!

I have a race coming up this weekend, and I’ve been drawing inspiration from the extreme taper you did for your ultra when you had the flu. I wasn’t planning on tapering much for this race, but I’ve been out sick all week. It makes me feel a lot better knowing how well you did in your ultra coming off of being sick! I’m hoping that I’ll be able to manage short runs today and tomorrow, and then super well rested for Sunday :-)


ISLA!! GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND! I am so so sorry that you have been so sick. Honestly, I look back and I’m grateful for that because it forced me to rest (which is so hard for me to do!) and really helped me race day. You’ve got this and please keep me updated. Thinking about you and can’t wait to hear about how amazing you do on Sunday!


After you posted a pic in that Lulu tank the other day I put it on my list of things I need!


Hahaha now I need to know the things on your needs list. I hope you like the tank and have a wonderful day Jennifer!


Just sobbed reading Amelia’s blog. Thank you for sharing that.


Oh I am so glad her post meant something to you! Have a wonderful Friday Eleanor!


I’ve got my triathlon on Sunday…my first one…I’ve been following your blog for a few years now and I love it!! I’ve been “tapering” this week the best I can…my coach said I’ll be grateful. Sometimes harder to do nothing though! Thanks for your blogs and posts, I look forward to them everyday!


GO MEGHAN GO! Oh this is so exciting and PLEASE let me know how it goes on Sunday. I am cheering for you and I want to hear all about it. So smart to taper even though it is hard. Thank you so much and I hope you have a beautiful day and that your legs feel super fresh!


That article is really great!
The desire to not feel too full resonated with me.

Tonight we are trying a new restaurant with friends with outdoor lake-side dining.


I want to join you guys at that restaurant, that sounds like a blast. Enjoy Erica!


Hey Janae, I read but don’t comment often but I wanted to tell you that you look so fresh faced and younger and beautiful with your real lashes! I’m sorry for the bad days’ worth of tears that made your fake lashes come off and I hope things are better. But I just had to let you know how pretty you look in the pictures today.


Hey Shelley!! Thanks for reading and for your comment:) . I’ve actually been thinking more lately of taking a break from them:) . I hope you are having a beautiful day and thanks so much!


Amelia Boone is amazing. I love that more and more strong athletic women are speaking out about their struggles and triumphs. There just isn’t enough support for our young kiddos, both female and make, who are struggling with such hard stuff and this a great start.
I love that feeling of knowing you’re almost done! That’s how I felt this morning after 7 miles + 2,000 ft but unfortunately a BEAR was blocking the trail to our cars so we had to tack on extra mileage to avoid it. So scary! So fun! My first bear sighting! I think I’ll be using the weekend to get over the shock!
A new favorite is Trader Joe’s “Gone Berry Crazy” dark chocolate covered strawberry pieces that you eat frozen. I’m usually not a fan of dark chocolate but these are AMAZING! Another fav is my new Sky Mountain trucker hat because it will always remind me of my first bear sighting; it’s also super comfy and cute :)
My last move was about 13 years ago when we moved into our first home. I’m not a big mover and have only moved 5 times!
Have a great day!


This is one of our last free weekends for a while, so we’re going to do as little as possible! We’ve been home since the end of April, but all of that is going to change with trips to Atlanta, Hawaii and the Philippines in the next couple of months.

Have any favorite things lately – homemade coffee ice cream! ( I made it on the 4th of July and it was SO incredible! I always forget how good homemade ice cream is.

We bought our current house in 2001 – we moved from a townhouse less than a mile away. I’m sure our next move will be to downsize somewhere down the road.


Hey, did you end up liking the at-home gel nail setup or are you back to getting them done!? Your nails look great here and i’m guessing its the latter or else i’m very very impressed at your skills and need a lesson ;) trying to switch to painting my own to save money


Hey Krista! I do like it (and my nieces use it more than me:). I use it every other time now because I can’t manicure my cuticles like the salon does so now I go half as often as I used to:) . I hope this helps!


Your outdoor movie set up is so awesome!! I bet so many great family memories will be made during your movie nights :)


WOW. I just read that post on the Amelia Boone blog. I am blown away by her. I could write a novel about that blog post! Thank you so much for sharing.
Also this is rando but I heard a song a few days ago and somehow it popped in my head that you would love it! It is called “My Way Up” by Molly Kate Kestner. Let me know if you like it. I’ve had it on repeat so much that my 5 and 3 year old can now sing along!
Have a great weekend! ?


Can’t run (ankle injury) but I’m hiking Y mountain tomorrow! :S

Kiava clothing has been my favorite go to workout clothing right now! :)


Amelia’s story ???? oh, my heart. So much love for this running community and how supportive we all are for one another. And her finding her voice will touch so many lives.

Movie nights!!!! When I was a kid we had a projector and screen in our living room and would have movie nights! We would actually watch HOME movies and slides (yes, I am THAT old….do you even know what a slide is!?!?! Hahahaha). I guess the equivalent today would be showing pics from our phones…but it was so much fun sharing and laughing at our family antics.

I have to check out those ice pops! I am all about the pops during these hot humid days!

Have a great weekend!


That projector set up looks so fun Janae!!! Your kids definitely have all the ingredients for fun summer evenings… s’mores, fire, movies :). Do you need the fire stick to play movies or is there a way to connect your phone and play them from there? Tempted to buy for my daughters!!


Hey Sarah!! Yes, you can just connect it to your phone! You will just need an iphone to HDMI cord to connect them. It really is such an amazing projector. I hope it all works out for you guys!

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