Utah Valley 10k Recap.. A New PR!

It might seem like I’m racing a lot this year and that’s because I am:).  I’m enjoying running more than ever before and have some big goals for the fall.  Building up our speed in the shorter distances is going to really help us to turn over into a fast marathon later on this year.  Added bonus: the more races I do, the less nervous I feel about them which I love.  Going into the 10k I felt nervous about 15 minute before the race started but that’s it.  Andrew and the kids won’t be able to be at every race this summer but I loved having them there so much on Saturday.

PS I get blue lips after every race lately.

I woke up at 5:30 (slept for 8 hours), ate a bagel with jam and got ready for the race.  I listened to ROAR by Katy Perry in the car to get pumped up.  I met my friends at the starting line at about 6:15.  We went out for a 2.5 mile warm-up (8:47 average).  When we did our warm-up it was really windy, raining a bit and cold.

We went back to our cars, changed our shoes (warmed up in the Ricochet and raced in the Hyperion), took a gel and my nanohydr8, took off some layers and headed over to the porta potties.

IMG 7265

It was the craziest thing but right as the race was about to start, the wind/rain/everything stopped completely.  The air was calm (but pretty humid for us Utah runners:) and the sun stayed behind the clouds for almost the entire race.  It was so nice to get perfect weather for the race.

IMG 7268

The race started right at 7 and Andrew and the girls were right there.   We started off all together and then Amber took off!  Emilee and I ran together for the first 1.5 miles and then she went ahead too.

IMG 5007

I don’t remember a ton from the 6.2 miles but here is what I do remember in bullet points:

*I didn’t run with my music OR my phone (which is another first for me) and it was magical.  I won’t be taking my phone with me anymore for races because I really enjoyed not carrying anything (for longer distances I will just take my gels with me… and maybe my lipgloss;).

*I had the songs from the new Aladdin stuck in my head throughout the race because that is all we’ve been listening to over here after seeing the movie ha.

*You start with a slight uphill and then go downhill and at about .75 miles into the race you make a 175 degree turn to merge in with the half-marathoners for the rest of the race.  At this point we hit the 1:45 half-marathon group so there was a bit of weaving for about a mile but after that we weren’t weaving.  The turn was a bit tricky (lots of gravel there) but other than that the course is a straight shot on the road I’ve been running on for years and years.

*I’m pretty sure I counted every single step of mile 5 to get me through that mile when I was feeling really tired but I wasn’t close enough to see the finish to have that be my motivation.

*My breathing was way more labored than my legs during this race.  I think the ultra gave me some strength in the legs but I need to build up my cardio to get faster!

*When I was getting tired and wanting to slow down I would repeat over and over to myself, ‘I feel good, I feel great.’   Our bodies believe whatever we tell them.

*I felt A LOT better during this race than I did during my 5k three weeks ago which proves to me that some days are just really off because I don’t think I have built a ton of fitness in just three weeks.   Those off races are very normal… it’s all part of the process.

*I saw Andrew and the girls right at about mile 6.1 which was the best…

IMG 5016

The final stretch.  I remember thinking during this final stretch how thankful I am to be injury free… I think taking my easy days truly easy, taking random days off when I feel tired and eating quickly after finishing each run are what are helping me to get there (along with some more strength training at Burn too).

IMG 5025

My average pace was 6:10 and all of my miles were about the same pace as each other give or take a few seconds… it was a pretty even split race.  I planned on starting slower and working towards getting faster with each mile but that didn’t end up happening… I wanted to not look at my watch and race off of effort and that’s what it ended up looking like which I’m happy about.  Just trying to be like Tina:).

Another race finishing with 14 seconds (so far my marathon PR ends with 14 seconds and Boston this last year was 3:28:14).  It’s my lucky number.  My training partners Amber and Emily took 1st and 2nd!  Amber finished in 35:00 and Emilee finished in 37:58.  I feel very lucky to be able to run with them and learn from them!

Edited to add… I thought there were only 94 runners (bc that is what my paper said) but there were actually 500+ runners.

Runner’s Corner team… everyone did incredible and we have many more races together up ahead.

IMG 5053

Race spectating and donut hole eating can be quite exhausting.

How gorgeous is the temple in the background?  You can see the temple from about a mile away so having that sight to run towards is very motivating.

IMG 7283

A few fun facts about the race course….  I have now officially done their marathon (twice), 1/2 marathon (4 times) and 10k (once) and I absolutely love it for many reasons but especially because of the scenery.  For the marathon and 1/2 you are running through the canyon for the majority of the race which is gorgeous.

*They have little shower stations along the course that have been extremely helpful to me in previous years when it was warmer.  Even running on the side of one during the 10k felt really refreshing at mile 5.

IMG 7287

*I think this was the first year that they offered nuun rather than Gatorade or Powerade.  It surprised me when I took one before the 10k because I thought it was water but it tasted really good.

IMG 7289

*They hook the kids up with fun things for them to do at the finish line.

IMG 5083

*They hook everyone up with delicious food at the end… they had Cinnabon, Creamies, Jamba Juice, chocolate milk and more.

IMG 5047

*I shared this on Saturday but they give you shorts (with a nice thick waistband + pockets) and a shirt.  I love their medals each year too.

IMG 7280

*Ummmm a rapid reboot booth ready for runners to come and recover!  I love that they do this.  Every year that I do this race it is so incredibly organized, starts on time and they make it very easy for runners to just go out and do their thing without having to worry about anything else.

IMG 7285

After the race we cooled down and finished up with 15.5 miles for the day.  We are doing the American Fork 1/2 marathon in 19 days so we need to get recovered now.

I’m glad we were able to turn the race into a long run so we can be ready for the 1/2!

IMG 7286

As far as Sunday goes, it was just a normal Sunday for us.

IMG 7420

The highlight of the day was that my mom brought over her lasagna and it has never tasted as good as it tasted last night.

IMG 7456


Question from a reader= Allison broke her big toe and cannot put any pressure on it for at least 4-6 weeks.  “I’m wondering if anyone has suggestions for workouts I can do while recovering.  I don’t currently have access to a pool, but I will in 3 weeks.  Any other suggestions would be SO appreciated!”

What was the last distance that you PRed in?

Ever had years that you’ve raced way more than others?

Who has a June birthday or anniversary or anything really exciting this month?

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Ahhhh!! That’s such an awesome new PR! Congratulations!! I’m so glad you had a great day! It sounds like so much fun to have a team that you run so many workouts/races with. Super motivating! :)
Every time you post about Utah races I’m in awe. They hook you guys up!! And make them so kid friendly! I’ve been trying to convince my husband we need to move to Utah to raise our kids (and so I can run all of these awesome races) haha. Hope you have a great week!


Mollie, COME MOVE TO UTAH!! I would love that so much and we could train together. Thanks so much and I hope you guys have a really great week.


Congrats on the PR!!!! For Allison- Caroline Jordan fitness on youtube has an entire series of exercises you can do with a hurt foot! Last time I had a running injury I found her along with a lot of awesome kettlebell work outs by BodyFit by Amy, also on youtube. I wasn’t able to run for 2 months before my marathon, but that pilates and strength training with youtubers (and some PT) got me to the finish line, I swear!


That is incredible that you were able to do that marathon… you worked hard with your pilates and strength training. Thanks for sharing this and it will help big time for Allison. Thanks so much and I hope you have a great day Megan!


Congrats on a great race! My boyfriend and I are celebrating our 2 year anniversary later this month. I feel so lucky and grateful to have him and I can’t wait to celebrate!


HAPPY TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY this month Kelli. He is so lucky to have you too… sounds like a great match. Have the best time celebrating.


Amazing job on a new PR!!!! I’ve always wondered what that 10k is like – I’ve done the half twice and had major FOMO this year about not doing it. It’s interesting reading your recap of the 10k though because for me when I’ve done the half it was SO annoying when you have to merge in with all the 10k runners – I felt like by then I was in such a good groove and all of a sudden it’s as crowded as it was at the beginning of the race again and you have to weave through. Probably just my opinion but I didn’t like how everyone merges right there. I think I came through right when the biggest crowd of 10k runners did too though so that might have made it worse. It sounds like a really fun 10k to do though! They have an awesome finish line party and so much good food. :)


I totally agree with you… 100% because I have felt like that during the half too. I think they need to start the 10k at 6 or 6:30 so that there is no merging happening… win win right?! See you there next year? Have a great day Laura!


Oh my goodness yes – an earlier start time for the 10k would solve that!! That’s such a good idea. :)


I broke a toe last summer and was so frustrated by how much it sidelined my running. I had a lot of luck biking to maintain my cardio and leg strength. The stiff soles of the bike shoe protected the toe. I also swam, so in a few weeks when she has access to a pool, that will be an asset. ? Good luck!


I am so so glad that you were still able to bike during this injury. Thanks for helping out Allison. I hope you have a great day!


Congratulations on the 5k! That’s great!

Question for you: I ran this morning, got up early, felt great, and felt like I was running really hard. Based on effort, I couldn’t have been going faster, the weather was perfect, etc . . . and then when I looked at my splits after, only the last one was actually at I would consider to be a fast pace for me. How do you handle feeling like you had a great run and then feeling let down by your splits/discouraged because it seemed like you were going so fast when you weren’t??

For Allison–maybe work on some strength training? Focusing on core and arms could be great right now. I don’t know if she can use the bike, but that might be another option!


Hey Kristin! You are not alone in what you experienced this morning. This has happened so many times for me. I think what helps me to avoid getting down is remembering this happens to everybody. It’s very normal to run and finish thinking you were going way faster based on effort and normal to run and finish thinking you were going way slower based on your effort. We just have to learn how to cope and manage those days when the effort feels much harder and hopefully we get a day every now and then when we feel amazing on race day. I hope that helps Kristin:) Let me know if you have any other questions!


19 days!!! I think i felt more prepared for my half than this 10k haha. But that’s just silly because I know 100% that I can run that far. It’s just working on the speed with it.

My sons turning 3 tomorrow! I’ll be working on making a cake today.


YOU ARE READY FOR IT!! Happy third birthday to him, how exciting. Enjoy the cake making!


YAY! I love this race recap!!!! I’m so happy you had a great 10K…and how awesome that it was as much about the actual experience of it as it was a training run for another event that’s just around the corner!

I wish I had a definitive answer for the broken toe, but wouldn’t a spin class be good, especially if Allison just sat down and manipulated resistance on the bike instead of standing during hills and jumps and whatnot?

As for June–MY BIRTHDAY IS JUNE 12 which is next week. Should I start celebrating now? Do I have permission to go get donuts from the GOOD donut place because it’s really just a handful of days away and why not start the celebrations early?!? ;) This coming Friday *is* National Donut Day–so maybe I should hold out?–but this morning, despite having a sore throat and a hacking cough of death, I gave my 5:30 AM spin class EVERYTHING I had (which is likely not as much as most days I teach, but IDK, maybe it’s proportional?!?!?)…so…?!?!?!?


That’s very exciting, Janae! I am so happy for you. What a gift for you to be on the Runners Connect team! You can share with them your experiences and training AND you get to run with some people faster than you too! I always think running with faster people is a great way to get faster!

The last distance I PR’ed in was the 5k, because I did it after a season of focusing on half marathon speed and then my half marathon pace was faster than my 5k, ha! So it was time to dust off that PR. I raced a TON in 2017. I started running in 2016 so when the 2017 racing season came around I wanted to run every race. But there’s literally a 5k or 10k in my city every weekend during the spring for about 2 months. Soooo I ran a lot of races but didn’t “race” any of them, they were just all for fun. Last year I was much more selective and got to start actually “racing” races instead of just for fun. This year I was pretty much injured for our racing season (it’s basically over here now in FL) but I look forward to racing in the Fall :) I love seeing you do so many races this season because its something new and exciting for you and I can tell you’re enjoying it.

For Allison->my fiancé broke a bone in his foot and after surgery had a boot for 6 months. I asked him and he said you can do leg extensions and curls, hip abdductors/adductors. Anything core and upper body you can do seated. He also said if the pedal doesn’t put any pressure on the toe and you don’t have a cast/boot, you could do the exercise bike. And from me->I would say, try to give yourself grace that you can’t do as much while it’s healing. Aside from the fact that there’s less exercises you can do, your body also needs more of its energy to focus on healing your toe. Hope you get better soon!

PS. Janae I need to make your moms lasagne asap.


Congratulations on your 10k! Your times always amaze me and a 6:10 pace seems so fast – that’s awesome!

This June is big for us as we have our 10 year wedding anniversary and are taking a 10 day trip to the Pacific Northwest to celebrate. Seattle, the San Juan Islands, and Portland for hiking and eating and sightseeing – it’s going to be so nice! We leave Saturday, which feels like a million years away :)


Way to go on your 10k PR! My 11th wedding anniversary is on June 7. We got married on 6-7-08 before it was cool to do that ? Also, easy to remember! Ps love Brooke’s summer hair!


Congratulations on the PR!

I raced a new distance yesterday, Olympic tri. It was mentally a rough race for me, but you just reminded me I did get a PR. (Thank you)

I got in my head in the swim (but ended up swimming my fastest mile ever, thank you current)
Both my Gus fell off my fuel belt during the bike and I stressed the the bike and suffered the run. But I learned a lot. A woman showed me a better way to keep gu on the bike and I learned always to keep a back up in transition.

My birthday is next week and school gets out too so it’s finally summer!

Good luck Allison! My best friend, with the help of her coach, has been able to modified weight train with broken foot. She does a lot sitting on the ball. Good luck!

Have a great week


Any race that gives chocolate milk at the end is a winning race! HUGE CONGRATS on that PR, Janae!!! Such awesome stuff!!!! I think a lot of it comes from physical health, but I bet a lot has to do with having such a healthy mental outlook on running, too—running is meant to be challenging but fun, not LIFE OR DEATH STUFF!!!!!

June birthdays! My youngest daughter’s was on Saturday! We had a doughnut cake, pizza, and went to Goin’ Bananas (an arcade/game center) yesterday! And, then my birthday is June 19th! Whoop whoop! I have always loved having a summer birthday!!!!

For Allison, when I had a stress fracture, I still did weight lifting/arm strength work, just seated!!!! And, there’s always core work and pilates for the core :) I hope she mentally hangs in there–things will get better!!!!


Thank you so much Jen! I totally agree… running mentally has changed so much for me too. Night and day. You get it! Oh happy birthday to your youngest… doughnut cake and pizza… I should have come. Happy almost birthday to you! And how many more days of school do you have? I hope this month is the best for you guys. Thanks for helping Allison too. Have a fabulous day!


Congratulations on the PR!! Woohoo!!! Sounds like a great race and a really positive experience. Super happy for you! ???

For your reader, Allison, I agree with others. I’d focus on strength right now—particularly core/upper body. I know I mention this in my comments a lot, but I really like Spotebi.com for quick work out resources. I’ve adapted a ton of her stuff for different injuries/illnesses, and you can find a great workout for just about any part of your body. Her yoga flows are great too, and several can even get a slight cardio going for you as well.

Have a great week, Janae!


Thank you so much Michelle! And thank you for helping out Allison and sharing that website. Looks awesome! I hope you have a great week too:)


congrats on your new PR!!!


Thanks so much Nicole! I hope you are having a beautiful Monday so far!


Congrats on running so strong! And fast! Sounds like you’ve found the perfect team for you!
Broken toe; oh no! I sure hope she has a speedy recovery! I might suggest cycling/like a spin class, casual bike ride around the neighborhood or using YouTube to find a RPM or spin class and create her own on a bike at the gym. The rowing machine is also a great workout but I’m not sure if that would be too much pressure on her toe. There is a lot of strength work she can do while sitting/laying down with weight and/or a resistance band. Pinterest has been my BFF for strength training ideas.
Last distance I PR’d in was the 30k… but don’t ask me what my time was, that was a whole 8 months ago! ha! That is such a fun distance for me because I feel like I don’t hit a wall like in the marathon.
I’m not racing much anymore but a couple years ago I raced every month. It was so fun! I ran mostly shorter races, never felt burnt out and built up an amazing base! When I started racing longer distances, I unintentionally slowed the racing down. Now I’m building a strong base and focusing on having fun with running and it’s so fun!
My friend has a birthday this month and she’s decided to play in the mountains and I’m so excited to be able to share her day with her!
Have a great day!!


I have a June birthday AND a one year wedding anniversary! :)


AHHH huge month to you! Enjoy all of the celebrating and happy birthday!!!


Congrats on the PR!!! That is a crazy fast time!!! Curious what your previous 10k time was??


Hey Gigi! It was 42:xx! It was also on a trail so there was a lot of climbing but yeah, a great new PR. I hope you have a beautiful week!


Congratulations, Janae! I am so proud of you! Seriously, it has been so enjoyable to watch you improve so much. And, you were already fast!
My “best” running year so far was in 2013, when I raced a couple times a month. I was doing a “Runner of the Year” series, and did every race in the series. It paid off because I took first in my age group for the series, and most of my PRs are from that year (time to upgrade haha). I loved racing so frequently.
I recommend Allison talk to her doctor about workouts. Sometimes upper body stuff is fine with a lower body fracture, but other times, it’s best just to rest the body completely to heal.


Great race Janae! And thank you everyone for all the suggestions, so so helpful, a lot of great ideas and resources out there. A couple weeks ago I was thinking about how I really needed to spend some time focusing on my core strength, then I broke my toe, so here I am, ready to get in some really good strength training. I hadn’t thought of biking, but I love that suggestion, obviously listening to my body.

Thank you again Janae for asking and for all the answers! My morning run has definitely been a mental game changer for me, those endorphins are SO amazing, but I know there are other ways to take care of my body too!


I PR’ed this weekend on the 5K – hoped to break 24 minutes, but it ended up being a super hilly course and I was just thrilled to PR by a whopping 14 seconds with a 24:20. Need to find a flat 5K and then I’ll finally get into the 23’s! Great job on your 10K!


WAY TO GO Jamie on a PR on a tough course. You rocked it and yes, find that flat 5k next. I hope you are still on cloud 9!


Yay on PRs. I ran my first marathon yesterday and did no music or pace checking. I ran with feel, it worked until the mile 23-24 uphill on the freeway :(. I caught back up with the 4 hour pacer for miles 25-26 and had crazy negative splits.

How do you deal with the mental fatigue with uphills on the last quarter of a marathon? I signed up for number 2 already.


AHHH huge congrats Jenny!!! Way to go on the negative splits too… you rocked. I think the biggest thing to do is to practice that in your training. Plan your courses to end with hills so that you can train your body to handle them well and on race day you can remind yourself that you’ve finished with hills in all of your long runs so you can for sure do it on the course too! I hope you are recovering well and which marathon did you sign up for??


The Kansas City Marathon in October. Local race after traveling for this one. I’ve done the half marathon on the course twice so I know the start and finish. We’re flying home so I can’t wait to be home and do some yoga.


Utah races give the best food at the end – that gives me even more reason to come and run one soon!!


My husband Gary and I are celebrating our one year wedding anniversary on June 9th.


June anniversary!! We always almost forget it since we have so many family birthdays and also Mother’s and Father’s day during this time. But we have been doing the traditional gifts and this year is leather… ugh suggestions other than a wallet or belt?? Ha that is all I can think of!


AHHH CONGRATS!! So inspiring! For Allison- I sprained my ankle badly a couple years ago and was told no weight bearing for a month (lol it was a month away from my wedding and the doc said I had to follow her instructions if I wanted to walk down the aisle). My husband rigged my bike on his trainer to make it a hand bike (which you can also buy online). It helped me keep my cardio up! Good luck!


I’m so happy for you Janae and it’s awesome to see you do a 50k and then come back and PR in the shorter stuff too.


Congratulations for you run, Janae! You are super speedy!! And I looobe the new (second hand) clothes you received, so airy and great for summer! :)


HOLY SMOKES!!!! You are amazing. You’re part of a very special and small group of people that run really, really fast! So excited to see what other great things come your way :)


Congrats, Janae! Love reading your race recaps!

For Allison….look up Caroline Jordan fitness!!!!! She is so amazing! She has a YouTube channel for ‘hurt foot’ fitness. I did so many of her workouts while I was in the boot with broken metatarsals.


This is Amazing! Thank you for sharing!


You are so welcome! Hope she checks her out. It’s an incredibly empowering and uplifting feeling to know that you absolutely can be physically active (and can do so safely) with a foot injury! And Caroline is so adorably inspiring. ❤️❤️

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