The Beach & Training Summary this Week!

This will be my last post from my phone wahoo! I hope your weekend has been a great one.  We are traveling home today (which includes a 4:30 alarm clock) and it has been amazing to have a few days all together.

Here is how our last day looked:

I hit the treadmill for some tempo miles. 1 mile w/u, 8.58 @ 6:48 average, c/d to 9.  Treadmills kicking us off at 60 minutes…

It’s been a while since my last treadmill run.  It was sure nice to not have to stop at lights or worry about all of the cars here!

Rose Bakery for bfast because we always go here when in town. We love it.

Their donuts are the absolute best.

Afterwards we went to the beach and the big kids had fun! Skye was fine as long as she was sitting on the towel but the second sand touched her, she was angry! Brooke was the same way about sand as a baby.

From the beach we went straight to a whale watching tour!  We saw a blue whale while we were out and it was incredible.

We also got some time with Andrew’s grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles too!

Time to get back to sleep routines, Beretta and work for Andrew!


Here is how my training looked last week!

Monday: 10 miles on the trails @ 9:24 average with 1300 ft up.

Tuesday: 7.5 miles pushing Skye @ 8:26 average.

Wednesday: 50m sprint, 50m float (slower but not a jog) x 20!  Accelerating into sprint mode 20 times was a challenge for sure.  1.25 miles @ 5:55 average and with the w/u and c/d I did 8.5 miles total.

Thursday:  9 miles @ 8:08 average

Friday:  8 miles @ 8:35

Saturday:  9 miles total with 7.6 miles @ 6:48 average.

Sunday:  Off!

52 miles total for the week + a half marathon in 13 days!

What is your Sunday filled with?

What was your best run this week?

Beach or mountains… you have to choose one!

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I would personally pick the mountains if it was just me. but while my kids are little like they are right now I’d say the beach because we go for vacation every year and they love it so much! And seeing my kids love something so much bring me such joy!!
Is Legoland great or just ok? My LEGO obsessed boys want to go to the Florida one, as we live in TN, but I wonder if it’s great or not?


How old are your boys? It was pure heaven for Knox and Brooke but I’m guessing in 2-3 years they would not love it like they did a few days ago. Disney does a great job making it great for the parents and each age category of kids but Legoland really is amazing for that 4-9ish age group and probably boring for everyone else. They had 2 new rides that seemed much more like a Disney type ride which were real cool. Brooke likes legoland more than Disney and Knox likes Disney more than legoland. It was probably a one time thing for our family but we are so glad we did do it. I hope that helps!


I am such a beach girl! My plan once I’m older and my kiddo is grown up is to move into a little place right by the beach. I tried to have some solo beach time yesterday but the weatherman was wrong…the rain didn’t stop midmorning so I gave up sitting in my car and went home. At least I got to see the beach ;-)


I hope your next solo beach time makes up for yesterday! Love your plan to get a place right by the beach! Enjoy the rest day Kristen!


I’ve lived in SLC as well as Santa Monica and it’s hard to choose! Although I don’t like the snow-so based on that I would choose the ocean lol. Your trip makes me miss LA! Sooo many great restaurants there ( I’ve never been to Rose Bakery though! Next time we’re there I’ll have to check it out!


After reading your post and seeing those pictures.. I’m already planning our next trip back! That steak? and sidecar is so so good! You’ll have to send me your favorite SLC eats! Hope you are having a wonderful day Laura!


I’ve always been a beach person, but after living in Florida for twenty years I’ve started to long for mountains. Every time I see mountains in your pictures I want to plan a vacation to Utah!!! I don’t think I could ever move away from Florida though- I need lots of warmth and sunshine.


We are definitely missing the warmth and sun for a big chunk of time each year! Come visit this summer and I’ll take you for some awesome hikes. Hope you are having a beautiful Sunday Jenny!


Our Sunday is always filled with church. I upped my game and made pancakes this morning. I tossed in some shredded coconut, then warmed some Karo syrup and added more coconut to that. So easy and SO good!

It’s not so much the beach for me, but the ocean. I can sit and stare at the ocean for hours. I love the sounds and smells. Good thing California and Hawaii are home for me!


Can we come over for your next round of pancakes? Those sound so good! Valid point about the ocean, it is magic. Enjoy your day Kathy!


Those donuts look delicious! The last time I was in California with my family we went whale watching too. It was such a cool experience and I would definitely go again.


Oh I’m so glad you guys did that too. It’s the best. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend Fiona!


Sunday filled with church and getting teenager to meetings (2) and work.
Visit beaches, live by mountains.
Yesterday’s long run felt like 10 miles at 4 miles and 20 miles at 10 miles…so it ended there. And that was probably my best result of the week (not best feeling…had some short, easy miles that felt okay.)


Beach view without actually going on the beach … I hate sand… I love pools though!! So laying by the pool with a view of the beach is perfect for me :)
Janae, for some reason bloglovin isn’t loading your posts for me! I even tried following and unfollowing you. I was actually really concerned that something was wrong with you guys, as I hadn’t gotten my usual posts from you … so I crept you on instagram and was relieved that you guys were okay (I don’t even have instagram, so it was a feat), lol. Then I noticed you were actually posting on your blog it just wasn’t coming through on bloglovin!! Not sure what’s going on … anyways, I’ll just check in here for the next few days until bloglovin sorts itself out :) Looks like an AMAZING trip!!


Ahhhh you are seriously the best! Thank you so much for caring! We cannot figure out what is going on with bloglovin! My tech guy can’t either and the email support people haven’t gotten back to me! Hopefully it is back up soon and thank you so much for caring! Xoxoxo


Mountains 100% for me. I’m with Skye- I don’t care for the sand too much. Glad you guys had do much fun!

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