That was Fun + 11 Facts + Training Last Week!

I have 11 facts to share with you today.  I hope you are having a really great weekend!

*The race went really well and I hit a new 10k PR of 38:14!  I’ll have my usual overly-detailed race report up tomorrow morning.

IMG 5063

*The weather was absolutely perfect.  I could not believe it because right before the race and right after the race it was windy/raining.

IMG 7271

*Skye is becoming the expert race supporter!

IMG 7274

*Right after the race/cool-down it was straight to Knox’s baseball game!

IMG 7290

*Andrew picked up donuts in the morning and an old-fashioned donut has never tasted better in my entire life (followed by a glazed donut).

IMG 7293

*Andrew went mountain biking and the girls and I got in some quality time on the rug… I attempted to stretch for about 15 minutes and then lying down for a while with Skye giving me a sports massage by crawling on my legs felt needed too;)

IMG 7387

*We went to the Riverwoods.

IMG 7391

*And these two made best friend bracelets for each other.

IMG 7393

*We ate the best burger in the whole world (from 7 Brother’s).

IMG 7395

*And then decided that swimsuits are overrated and just played in the splash pad in their normal clothes.

IMG 7404

*And the rest of the day was spent at home!


Here’s how this last week looked:

IMG 7276

Monday:  8.6 miles @ 8:03… some on the dirt trails.

Tuesday: 7.3 miles @ 8:06 average.

Wednesday:  9.15 miles @ 7:31 average.  Three miles in the middle w/ 100m FAST followed by 100m recovery jog on repeat without stopping.  Those miles were 6:31, 6:27 and 6:24 and they hurt so bad but they are so so good for us.

Thursday:  6.5 miles @ 8:36.

Friday:  2.5 miles 9:03 average

Saturday: 15.5 miles total with the 10k starting after a 2.5 mile warm-up

Sunday: Off!

49.5 miles for the week!


What is your Sunday filled with?

What was your best run last week?  Or hardest run?

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Girl! 2019..the year of Janae! Congratulations on yet another race smash!


Thank you so so much Bridgette! I hope you are having a really great morning so far!


Yay, congrats on that awesome run! ? You inspire so many with your work ethic and determination of working towards your goals. ? I ran a half marathon on Memorial Day in 96% humidity, and you can bet I was digging deep for many of the phrases and positive thinking examples you have shown! So thank you! I am going to be investing in a much better running watch so I can better monitor splits, times, etc. What watch do you currently own (know it is a Garmin but not sure which one) and if you went to upgrade yours today, which one would you choose?


13.1 miles in 96% humidity… April, you are strong! I can’t imagine. Huge congrats and yay for a watch upgrade! I bought the Garmin 935 just a few months ago and love everything about it! It isn’t as pretty as the fenix but I love it and it has everything I need. Have a great day and let me know what you end up getting.


Thanks so much! Okay, great to know. I definitely will! ?


I’m getting a little nervous about the af 10k. I know I can finish it though. So it will be fun!

I was telling Trevon yesterday that everything just taste a million times better after a run.


You are going to do amazing at the AF 10k.. they put on the best race! I better get to see you there:) Yep, food just tastes even better after a great run! Enjoy your Sunday!


Are you going to run af? If so we definitely need to see each other.




Woohoo! Great job on the 10k!!!

I’m having a relaxing weekend with my best friend since kindergarten..25 years!
I didn’t run last week.. I needed some time to recover. But yesterday I did a hike with 1300 feet of elevation gain!


Emma, what a special friendship. I love that so much. Way to go on that hike… that’s a ton of climbing. Enjoy your week!


Great job, Janae!
My run yesterday (13 miles) was my longest since my last half in July of 2017 and my longest since breaking my foot in March of 2018. It was one of those runs us runner’s strive for! I felt so strong and it was effortless and smooth. But boy am I feeling it today! Ha! I’m not sore….but my body is tired!
I ran a few shakeout miles this morning and took hot yoga.
Have a great Sunday!


Caroline… huge huge huge congrats. You are back and stronger than ever. I can’t wait to hear about all of your amazing prs up ahead! You are amazing Caroline and so strong… the punching WORKS!! Miss you!


Great job on the PR amazing!

I got my daughter some Nikes since I saw Brooke wears them and they hold up. Every time I buy kids sketchers they fall apart in like 1 month!

My 4 mile run yesterday was tough only because I’ve been so busy to run consistently I’m ready to sign up for a race to keep motivated.


Oh I am so glad that the Nikes are working for you guys… they last forever for us too (and we wash theirs a ton too). Let me know what race you sign up for next and keep me updated. Have a wonderful week!


Wow Janae!! Congrats!! That’s an awesome time. So happy for you! I made it through my test yesterday so just relaxing today! I hope you had a wonderful Sunday :)


WAY TO GO KARA!! I am so happy for you. I hope you have a great week!


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