Skye is 1.5 years old now?!

Skye thinks she is 6 years old like Brooke and Knox (she sure thinks she should be doing whatever they are doing) but in reality she is officially 18 months old today!

A lot changes in 18 months.  I cannot even really remember the time when she would just lie there and cuddle haha.

IMG 9156 JPGLRG DSC01169

A few things about what is going on in Skye’s world right about now:

*Skye wants Andrew’s complete and undivided attention.  If he is holding her and I come on the other side and put my head on his shoulder then she pushes my head off in about 3 seconds flat.  She does not want to share his attention.  Our kids are obsessed with Andrew because he plays, loves and teaches them so well.  It’s incredible to watch so I see why Skye loves getting her one-on-one time with him.

*She is now outside more of her waking hours than she is in inside.  How did we survive winter?

IMG 5272

*This girl has so much confidence in her abilities.  She tries to move my hand away when I am placing it there to stop her from jumping off the big toy like Brooke and Knox do.

IMG 6325

*Skye is an expert at folding her arms when we say prayer.

IMG 5268

*Blankets and binky are still her two favorite items.

IMG 4931


IMG 4544

*It’s really fun to see her start to understand what we are saying.  When you tell her to go get her shoes or a toy or a book, she will walk over and get them and bring them back.

IMG 4547

*She is getting more into books lately and will officially sit through an entire book.  There’s a Wocket in My Pocket by Dr. Seuss has officially been read 2000 times over here because that one is her favorite.

IMG 3899

*Whenever I am going to jump in the shower Skye starts taking off her clothes to jump on in herself too ha.

IMG 5407

*We have this chair in our room and we find her here on it quite often.  We call it her thinking chair.  It is where she goes in between missions to recharge.

IMG 5409

*I think she thinks that she is too grown up to hold my hand anymore… she has places to go and things to see in her opinion.

IMG 5903

*This was right after Andrew finished cleaning Skye up after she got into a stamp set and got ink all over her arms and the carpet.  She just couldn’t understand what the problem with her playing with that was!

IMG 5793

*If there is something for Skye to crawl up on, she is all over it.

IMG 6129

*Skye used to really struggle going to anyone other than Andrew and me but now she is all about going to our friends.  Her shyness disappeared quickly over the last month or two.

IMG 5623

*When we give something to Skye and tell her to say thank you she replies, “wel-come.”

*She loves to drive Knox’s little cars around while saying vroom vroom and she insists on taking them on errands with me some days.

IMG 6205

*Sometimes she will just bring her shoes over to us to let us know she is ready to go out and explore and that she is bored at home;)

IMG 4850

*She has mastered complicated yoga moves like the downward dog with one arm:)

IMG 6587

*Her current favorite foods are whatever we are eating (which she doesn’t love as much if we simply put the same food on her plate, she wants what’s on our plate), anything with dairy, oatmeal, whatever she can sneak out of the pantry and get into, PEANUT BUTTER, superhero muffins and spaghetti.

*We sure love this little girl.  She keeps our days interesting and so full of life and smiles.

IMG 6485


Any fun/cute/awesome stories about the kids in your life (your own children, nieces/nephews, students etc)?!

Those of you with pets and kids, how do your pets do with your kids?

-I am positive that Beretta has more patience than I do.

Were you a picky eater when you were growing up?

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Wow has time flown!! It has been so fun watching Skye over these last 18months. You can tell she has quite the personality ?
My boys are teens, but when they were little, we had a lab, Duke, and he was the BEST with them!! So patient!! And always watching out for them. Dogs with their kids… Pure love ❤️
Have a great rest of your day!


Thank you so much Wendy! So glad that your boys had Duke and now you have a son that has graduated… how does that feel?! Thanks so much!


Oh boy… it is so exciting, emotional, a little sad since he’s going all the way to Chicago! But he’s ready! We are so happy for him. But, it will be strange to just have my younger son at home. And, since he will be a sophomore with his own life, he won’t always be home either. A very strange transition in our family right now…. but all so good :)
Thank you Janae :)


Chicago… oh that is far but hopefully you are able to visit him often. Change is hard but you are all going to rock it! Thinking about you!


I love her thinking chair!!! Do you remember where you got it?


Yes! We love everything at this store too:

I hope you are having a great night!


I liked really plain food growing up! I still do, but am much better. I used to eat plain pasta, plain salad (no dressing), plain burgers and hot dogs, etc. I still eat a few things plain, eg I like my sandwiches just meat and cheese, no sauce or veggies (I can’t stand pre made sandwiches as they almost always have butter or mayo on them) but everything else I’ve transitioned to being fairly “normal” with! My dog dexter was extremely patient with my little one, sadly he passed away a few weeks ago (cancer) but he was a saint with her!! I miss him.


I am so so sorry you lost Dexter. That breaks my heart. I’m a big believer that we will be with us again after this life! I bet your little one had such a special relationship with Dexter too!

PS Andrew and I use all of the sauces possible so send yours over here! I hope you are having a great night!


It is amazing to see how much she is grow. She is so inquisitive which is wonderful to see. You will have many wonderful memories. From other blog posts. It is great how all three kids get along.
We have a labradoodle and she is the best with little kids. My kids are teens now but she loves all of the little neighborhood kids. She is so good with them.


Her one arm yoga pose is the cutest AND impressive. Thanks for sharing!


The funny little things that kids do or say are my favorite, and I need to get back in the habit of writing them down for mine! My son Cameron (almost 3) told me the other day that he was going to pretend to be mommy and I had be Cammy, and then goes “hey Cammy, want to go to the toy store?” I laugh every time I think of it. He also warned me that I “need to work on my listening,” so.


As I was typing this comment, I saw your spirit animal – a racoon just wander past our backyard!

If you don’t have it, get “The Napping House” by Audrey Wood. It is one of the best read out loud books. One of our nieces could “read” it when she was about 2.

I could write pages of all the cute things our nieces and nephews have done through the years. The years before they head off to school are filled with so many changes and good times (and challenges and tantrums!)

My brother and I were both extremely picky eaters as kids.


What a little cutie! My little boy just turned three and I swear he thinks he’s 15. We have a basset hound named Lola who is endlessly patient with him. When he was a baby, he’d occasionally get a grip on one of her long, draggy ears and she would hold perfectly still and whine until we could pry his little fingers off. Now they follow each other around and have great adventures.


My 3 year old Lily does the same thing when I shower! It’s so rare I can shower alone anymore ha ha


She is so precious and spunky. Your family is beautiful!


My 2 year old does the same yoga move and calls it her trick. “Momma! Watch my trick!” *dives into a one handed downward dog. ?❤️ Skye is so adorable. I can’t believe she is 18 months! ?


I keep saying that we managed to adopt the most tolerant dog EVER, and I’m not sure how we got so lucky! I’ve been wanting a puppy for forever, and convinced my husband at an adoption event to take home this adorable black and white puppy. Our daughter was 15 months at the time and the puppy was 3 months. They quickly became best friends and I love it!

I love reading your updates because Skye is fairly close in age to our daughter. The “she wants your food, not hers” totally hit home! Lol


She is so cute! I have said this before, but I really think Skye and my son would have so much fun together. It is comforting to see that lots of your pictures of her are blurry— same here! They are just too fast!


Love your Skye updates!!!

My little sister is 16 years younger than me (we are also a blended family) and I love her to bits. She’s now all grown up and I try not no baby her too much ;)
Recently I visited her in England where she is studying, and while sleeping in the same bed she snuggled up to me just like she used to do as a baby! That was quite magical :)


Sarah, thank you so much for taking the time to tell me about this… it was just what I needed. I want Brooke/Skye and Knox/Skye to have that same close relationship that you have with your half-sister… beautiful!

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