Silentish Saturday–> Time to 10k!

Time to run a 10K!

When I got home from my run (2 miles + .5 miles of strides), Andrew left for work.

IMG 7121

Skye helped me to get my legs ready.

IMG 7134

After the snarls from the pool, Brooke asked to get her hair chopped off.

IMG 7160

We love it!

IMG 7161

IMG 7169

Brooke loves expos as much as I do because of all of the free samples.

IMG 7174

I love that they give you a shirt and shorts!

IMG 7213

So many free things.

IMG 7222

Cousins came to play.

IMG 7254

In bed by 8:30…

IMG 7258 2

LOVE the top of the bibs… it’s our mountain!

IMG 7257


Tell me three things that you are up to today!

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Good luck! ?? you’re going to do so great :)

Free stuff at expos is so fun. Definitely love Brooke’s new hair look. And how considerate of Skye to help your legs rehab for race day ;)


Oh 3 things! Flying back to see my awesome fam back at home (have been visiting other fam for a few days), hope to run a bit, probably pick up the kiddo from a drop off birthday party, and getting ready to race tmrw! Not quite a 10K, but 5M and I’m told we get Nutella at the end. I hope they are right about that!


I have literally done nothing all day. Bring on the taper crazy.

Love Kodiak cakes. FYI they make oatmeal, muffins, mixes that are all super amazing flavors. Currently, I have the blueberry flapjack cups :)


I literally just but the blueberry muffin cup and I cannot wait to try it. I need to get the flapjack cups. Thanks so much Laura and oh that taper… good luck!


Good are going to do so great!! On a different note, is your denim top a recent purchase? I’ve been looking for something similar! Thanks:)


Hey Ashley! Thank you so much! I bought that one at Old Navy probably 4 years ago but I always see they have really cute ones each year. Good luck and I hope you are having a beautiful day!


Wow, lots of swag, especially for a 10k.

I am puppy sitting and walking another dog. I am hitting the farmers market and having a picnic with my husband and the puppy we are watching.


Best of luck, Janae! Run with your heart!


First of all GOOD LUCK on your 10k today! The 10k is my favorite distance and I can’t wait to read your recap. Also, I can’t believe how long Brooke’s hair got in a year.

Usually I wait until midmorning to run on Saturdays but today I woke up early so I got it done. 8 miles in my favorite park in the world and now back in bed to recover.


Good luck today, Janae!


Run like the wind! :)


Jumped into a 5k this morning on a trip to Georgia, suprised myself with a 19 flat (3 hour time difference is no joke) and won a penguin encounter at the Georgia Aquarium. It’s a good day!


ANGIE… huge huge huge congrats! You rocked it with traveling and probably a ton of humidity. Soak in that accomplishment!


Today I asked (for the 1000th time) my oldest if he wanted to go for a run with me and he said yes for the first time!!!We ran/walked a mile and then I headed out for my own run. I could not stop smiling the whole time. Also, Costco happened and planting veggies happened. Can’t wait to hear about your race and that is awesome that you get shorts in addition to the race shirt!


THIS. MAKES. ME. SO. HAPPY. I love this so much Ali, so glad he said yes and that you got to do this together… hopefully it happens often!


Brooke looks so happy with her haircut.

The three things I have planned/did today are to go shopping, go to yoga, and read. I just started a really good book.


I love these green pants, where are they from?
Congrats on the PR!


Thank you so much Laura!
I got them here a few years ago. They have awesome stuff. Enjoy your week!

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