Silentish Saturday! Feels good.

I’m back and the house was clean (to answer Andrew’s question the other day haha).  He rocked it with the kids and house projects while I was gone and I had a great time with the young women from my church.

We went to Heber Valley Camp.  I took three photos total:)

No cell phone reception + gorgeous scenery + the perfect temperatures.

IMG 9432

We went on a zip line, did a challenge course, we had a yoga class, a lot of spiritual talks, ate a lot of junk food and didn’t sleep.  <— I need a recovery week after this ha.

IMG 9434

A little bit after I got home the girls joined me for a run.  5 miles @ 8:40 average.

IMG 9443

We put the kiddos to work with us and cleaned our garage and did some other projects and then rewarded them with Toy Story 4.

IMG 9460

Movie theater popcorn is one of my all time favorites.

IMG 9463

We loved it.

IMG 9465

Skye did really well (they also have a side hall where the parents can still see the movie and your little one can run around that area without anyone else hearing them) and snuggled with Knox.

IMG 9469


IMG 9476

It’s always a good thing when your burrito is too full to close.   Also, try adding fresh corn and bacon to your guacamole because it is heavenly.

IMG 9475

Peaches on the front porch and my bed felt so so good.

IMG 9478


Tell me three things you are up to today!?

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You were in my neck of the woods! It is gorgeous out here, but all of Utah really is. I’m loving the weather so far this summer. Last year at this time there were fires all around us and it was hot and horrible air quality. Sounds like you had a good time and Andrew did great with the kids! Have a good weekend.


Angie, you live in the absolute most gorgeous area. I want to take my kids back, it was amazing. Keep enjoying this beautiful time of year and I am so happy there aren’t fires again this summer too. Thanks!


Utah is gorgeous! What a smart idea for a place for little kids to run in the movie theater!
Run, swimming at the river, pack for vacation!


Come visit!! Have the best time on your vacation Becky! Where are you guys going? Enjoy the river today!


I was up and out early got my 3 miles in brutal humidity so those 3 felt like 6. ? lots of water today!
Laundry because we constantly have pool towels that need to be washed.
Big kids are going to the pool (more towels)with my husband and I’m taking my youngest to see Toy Story 4!!


Running in crazy humidity actually TRIPLES your mileage in my opinion. You. Are. Strong. I had to laugh about your pool towels haha… we are right there with you! Have the best time at Toy Story, it is so so good.


Sounds like you had a great getaway!

I had my second 6 mile run this week. I had planned to ride my bike (I got a flat tire on Monday and Les was out of town all week. He fixed it last night but it was flat again when I got up this morning.) Happily, my run went really well, so well that my planned 5 miles turned into 6!

Hoping for some pool time this afternoon.


Boo to your tire being flat again but so happy you were able to get out for more than you had planned. Enjoy the pool and thanks so much Kathy!


Utah is so good to families. It’s wonderful. Your area encourages people to have families. Other parts of the country do not do this unfortunately. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I did a strength class and a very sweaty 3 mile run this morning. My plan was to run 10 miles but my right foot is giving me trouble. 3 miles didn’t seem to aggravate it and it’s starting to feel better. Strength and stretching helped a lot. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


I wish that everywhere did that.. we really are so lucky to live here. Great job on the strength and the run! I hope your foot is feeling 100% asap, keep me updated and have a great weekend! Thanks Christine!


Three things today: I did my grocery shopping this morning and made a big batch of breakfast potatoes for next week. Getting ready to go to a bbq at my cousin’s new house ? Should be fun!


Buying a new-to-us Honda CRV, menu prepping for the work week ahead AND getting ready to have guest over for dinner this evening. A very hectic, but very good day! That burrito looked absolutely yummy!!!
I’m glad you enjoyed your time with the youth girls from church. :)


I have never seen a movie theater with a side hall/baby zone. So cool!!

We are on vacation, so beach + relaxing + more relaxing :)

Hope you get some rest!!


Was wondering where you go for Girls Camp. ;)I just came back from Camp Ritchie, CA (Tahoe area) with my girls last weekend!!

These young women are so so lucky to have you!!! You have been and continue to be an inspiration to me as a convert runner – lol! Much Love from Folsom, CA.

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