Look No Further & Memories with My Dad.

I hope your day is a great one.  Today I’m sharing some things about my Dad and Andrew along with an awesome gift idea for Father’s Day!  

I have a discount for you at the end of the post.  Today is sponsored by Dollar Shave Club!

Father’s Day is almost here (6/16!).  I can’t wait to celebrate the awesome men that I have in my life.  I felt pretty lucky back in my dating Andrew days to be able to see what kind of dad he was from the very beginning.  The first time I saw Andrew with Knox my heart melted and between that and how kind he was to Brooke starting from the very beginning, I was sold.  Skye walks around saying, “dada dada dada” whenever Andrew is at work so it’s safe to say, she can’t get enough of him either.  

Andrew plays with them, prays for them, teaches them, makes them hyper right before bed, tickles them, works with them, cuddles them and spoils them;).  These three (and Beretta) are incredibly lucky to have him as their dad/dada (<— Brooke chose to call Andrew dada).   

IMG 7065

My dad is something else.  His smile lights up the room, he is a genius, he cares for each one of us so deeply and is the most selfless person out there.  I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite memories with my dad.  

*During my training for the 2015 St. George Marathon I didn’t have anyone to do my long runs with.  I had to start most Saturday’s at 4:30 a.m.  My dad asked me if he could join me for my long runs.  Ummm yes.  He would drive in his jeep around town following me for 20 miles.  He would hand me my gatorade and cheer me on.  Those runs were so special to me and it meant the world to have his support there.  He has always been so supportive of my running!

DSC 4253

*My Dad and I used to walk to the movie theater to go see a movie when I was a teenager.  We would walk to the theater a few miles away, watch the movie and then my mom would pick us up after.   

*3 afternoons a week you would find me and my dad at the kitchen counter doing calculus together… he is the best math teacher ever and got me through that year.

*My Dad drove 100 hours with me and 10 of those hours were in reverse.  My dad really wanted his five kids to be safe drivers so he dedicated 100 hours of his time (each minute was filled out on our charts;) to teaching us how to drive.  We had so many great conversations during those hours.  I might be the world’s best driver in reverse thanks to him.

*Living at home again when Brooke was just a baby.  My parents were my rock.   I have so many memories from that time living with them and learning from them.

PS these are pictures of us from daddy-daughter dates!

IMG 7158

These men that support and love us and all of the people around them are really special.   I can’t wait to celebrate them next Sunday.

I have an awesome gift idea for you (that I gave to my dad and to Andrew a bit ago so they could test it out and ps they loved it!) that is perfect for the men in your life.  

IMG 7151

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IMG 7236

With this kit you start with the Prep Scrub which is awesome at exfoliating dead skin cells and helps release/prevent ingrown hairs.  The next product they used is the transparent Shave Butter which will soften hairs to fight razor bumps.  The last product is their Post Shave Dew which is all about providing hydration and relieves on contact.  They absolutely loved the shaving products, the smells and the super high-quality razor.  

IMG 7114

Don’t forget that Dollar Shave Club has everything you need for your morning routine!  

I hope you get to spend time with the ones you love this weekend!


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I would love to hear any of your favorite memories with your dad or the father figures that you have had in your life!

Are you a last second gift buyer or are you prepared weeks in advance for birthdays/holidays?

Anyone have a dad that runs?  Did your dad get you into running?

-My dad walks at least 6 miles a day and he used to run before he started having knee problems!

Making any delicious treats or meals for the men in your life next weekend?  Share your ideas with me!

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Some of my best memories with my dad are running with him. Growing up, we would always run together on Sunday mornings then go get hot chocolate. We still run together whenever I’m home, except now the hot chocolate is replaced with coffee :-p He’s almost 70, but asked for new running gear for Father’s Day and is still logging miles! I feel very grateful that he’s stayed so fit and healthy.


My dad runs! We started running young, doing 5ks on weekends. We’d always get first in our age groups because we were so little and we’d be so excited! But thinking back he probably got last in his because he walked/ran with us haha :p

And we still run together! I don’t live near my parents, but every time my dad visits we run a race together.


I appreciate this post Janae. The love you have for your Dad and Andrew comes shining through! Daddies and daughters are a special thing. My Dad passed away in 2006. I miss him every single day. I know I will get to see him again in Heaven. You are so blessed to have your awesome Dad.


Oh Kimberly, I cannot imagine how much you miss him. I agree, I believe 100% that we will be with our loved ones again. I’m thinking about you! Please keep me updated on how you are doing!


I did not have a car in college till my senior year and my college was 2.5 hours away from my house. My dad always did the Sunday night return drive after a break/holiday. Would not trade those car rides for the world. So many good conversations, laughs, etc. So, I guess this is how I got my 100 hours in the car with my Dad. ;)


I love how supportive your dad and mom are with running being a top priority for you!

I have so many great memories with my dad and I love watching him and Trevon make memories with my kids.


I MISS MY DAY so so much. He went to Heaven 28 years ago Tragic work accident. He was the best dad ever. Since than I fell in love with someone who reminds me so much of my dad. We are celebrating 10 years this year in Scotland and I am running the Inverness Marathon. #27. Looking forward to the scenery along the LochLess:-)


I have a terribly broken relationship with my dad for reasons out of my control. I love seeing the relationship you have with your dad – it seems so special. On the brightside, my daughter has a wonderful relationship with her dad so I feel like we’ve broken the cycle.


Krista, I am so so sorry about the relationship that you have with your dad… but like you said, what a beautiful thing that your little family has done to break the cycle. Your little girl is so lucky to have you and her dad!


Love this!! You are so lucky to have such an awesome Dad. I remember when you posted about him following you around during your long runs. The pics of your Daddy/Daughter dates are adorable!!

My Dad had a song that he sang to me when I was little. I was asking my brother about it recently and he didn’t know what I was talking about. So I guess it was just our special song :) I also have good memories of visiting his family’s farm when when me and my brothers were little. Lots of good food and lots of family that I have no idea how we were even related!


I love your stories about your dad!

My dad taught me how to drive in reverse first. I had to get that down before I could move on to driving forward. When I met my husband, he told me he also had to learn how to drive in reverse first. Meant to be!


You have some seriously amazing men in your life!!

My dad was my all star and my best friend! He was a 3:17 marathoner, an accomplished triathlete and was always just so active. When I got into running he wasn’t able to because of knee issues but when I trained for my marathon he rode his bike next to me for every single long run. That time with him was amazing and I am so grateful for it, it’s memories I will never forget. My dad died unexpectedly in October of 2017. I was crushed and stopped running because the only reason I ran was for my dad. This year on his birthday I ran a mile in honor of him. It was so hard and so painful and I couldn’t believe I had let so much time go by without running at all. I am slowly getting back into it and staying dedicated to a running routine again! I know my dad is loving watching my comeback from heaven! Sorry for my rant there – spend as much time as you can with your dad and cherish it. What I wouldn’t give for just 5 more minutes or one more hug <3

I hope you're having a spectacular vacation, Janae!! Enjoy!!


I love this post, Janae!

My dad was a runner, but had a massive stroke while on a run and is now no longer able to run. The most important thing is that he is still with us and he and I have always been close and he’s really close to my daughter, too. I am so thankful!
He has asked to go to the Outer Banks, NC with my family and my sister’s next year, so we are going to figure out how to make this work (he is not able to walk down the steps and will have an extremely difficult time walking on the sand.) I look forward to making new memories with him at the beach surrounded by family next summer.


My dad was the best! I have so many memories. He was extremely loving and giving. One of my favorite examples is when my brother broke his femur when he was about 11. Because my brother had hemophilia, the doctors could not operate to put a pin in the bone (they may have not even done that back then), so he spent about 6 weeks in the hospital with his leg in traction until the bone could begin mending (then another 6-8 weeks in a body cast at home.) My Dad would come home from work every night, hurriedly shower and eat dinner, then we’d be off to the hospital. EVERY.NIGHT. No matter how hard he worked that day, how tired he was, he wasn’t going to let his little boy spend the evening in the hospital by himself. My dad died in 2013, while I really miss him, I am so thankful for so many great memories.

Another favorite memory is of my dad’s dad. He was a farmer and his main crop was olives! (Sorry, I know you hate them.) He had a contract with a canning company, they were that good. He always gave us huge jars of green olives that he had cured himself and they were amazing. I loved spending time on their farm, riding motorcycles in the orchards, and catching lizards!

I try to get gifts in advance, or at least have an idea of what I want to buy.

My dad didn’t care for chocolate (weird, I know!) I think he would have loved the Orange Creamsicle cookies I made this week (https://mcmomentsandmemories.blogspot.com/2019/06/friday-foodie.html)


You’re dad sounds pretty awesome. :) I love when you share stories about your family!


Your* not you’re. Oops!


Oops! I meant your* not you’re.


I’ve been thinking about my dad more than usual lately, missing him. I used to follow him around the yard like a puppy, and he was sad when I got to be about twelve, I wanted to be around my mom more. My dad was good at teaching me to drive, too. With us, we lived on top of a mountain, and part of my driving training was what to do if you lose your brakes / power. It was good training, because it did happen to me years later, I lost my brakes going down the mountain ,and was able to safely navigate. I used to park my car in a commuter lot, and went to work that day, coming home there was a snowstorm. I didn’t know it until later, my dad had brought my winter tires to the parking lot and put them on there for me, so I could get home.


popping in to say that the shave club makes a GREAT graduation gift if anyone is stumped on what to get a grad!

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