A Sneak Peak and 8 Things That Might Happen or How Things Work When Janae Isn’t Here

Hey everyone!! For those of you that don’t know, Janae is out in the mountains with the young women in our church.  She doesn’t have cell service or won’t be back until tomorrow morning, so you are stuck with me :)  I didn’t want her to worry about doing a post so I volunteered myself to write a little it.  She told me that I could send it to her mom, “to look over my grammar,” to help me out, or in other words it has to go to HRG mom for edits to ensure that my loose cannon of a brain doesn’t let loose haha!

My first idea was to go through the recent months and write a post about outtakes and share only the most hilarious pictures I can find, I loved this idea and I already have FANTASTIC photos to do so, but that will require a good amount of time and I have to do it justice and properly… stay tuned for it someday.  I love being married, I don’t want to go to crazy on this post while Janae is out!! 

Alright, back to our day.  I just wanted to give you a sneak peak of our life without Janae.  So I’m compiling another list, of things that “might” have happened or how things work while Janae was gone and give you a peek on how life was for us today.  By the way, some of the comments on yesterday’s post were amazing…. I literally laughed out loud by some of the comments about husbands.

1- Girl’s hair is a struggle for me… I mean seriously I grew up with mostly brothers.  This is post hair “try” by dada.  I was pretty proud of Skye’s hair, it only took me FOREVER (just tell me it looks good, make me feel better). AND the look on Skye’s face tells it all, after I just tried to salvage Brooke’s braid and hair from yesterday.  Lets just say I need some help…. Someone out there point me in the right direction or youtube video to get this down.

IMG 5373

By the way we were on our way to the Salt Lake Airport to go see Janae’s nephew return from his 2 year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He served in Texas for the last two years and today was the first time we have all seen him since he left.  Its a big sacrifice, but one of the best things I have ever done.  Below is a picture of him and his dad, it was a tender moment.


Here is another one of the whole clan waiting for him to get off the airplane!!

IMG 5424

I served for two years in Ohio, speaking Spanish.  Here is a blast from the past of more than 10+ years ago.  This photo was taken an hour before I got to see my family for the first time in over 2 years.

IMG 5461

Anyways…. Back to my list.  

#2 – I may NEVER get the kids to bed on time…. I never learn.  The next day is much much harder because of the party the night before.  I know 7:45 isn’t late, but it is for our tornado Skye.  I didn’t get her in bed until well after 8pm.

IMG 5452

#3 – This one doesn’t have a picture, but I am a night owl.  I love staying up and for some reason when Janae is gone I stay up and don’t even recognize the time.  I was doing some things last night and looked at my watch and realized that it was 3 am… WHOOPS.  We were up and at it at 7:45 am getting ready to go to the airport.

#4 – Beretta stays a lot closer to me when Janae is gone.  She knows how to position herself in the kitchen if I’m eating and knows what she needs to do to get a treat or sneak into my bedroom and sleep next to me, because usually she sleeps in the kids room.  Beretta gets away with a lot more when its just me :)

IMG 5447

IMG 5445

Beretta’s placement is perfect and to be honest I think her and Skye plan it often so Skye can get away with not eating the food she doesn’t like.  I died laughing when I came into the kitchen and saw yogurt on Beretta’s head.  I also want to point out that she is trying to hide.

#5 – I like to make elaborate plans for things I need to get done when Janae is gone.  I tend to go overboard and OVERPLAN.  So let the home projects begin, this is what I decided to do and hopefully finish late tonight: Change all locks on our home, change the old brass doorknobs and hinges for a more modern look, install a new ceiling fan in our master bedroom, paint the front door, take some railings down, change out some light switches and touch up paint.  It was busy!  We went from these knobs in the box:

IMG 5450

To this look with a matte black handle and hinges on the doors.

IMG 5451

#6 – What kind of person do you think I am… someone who is tidy ALL of the time… haha NOPE.  With all these projects, kids and a few neighborhood kids popping in at all times of the day this what the house “might” have looked like…. Sorry Janae

IMG 5459

IMG 5446

Don’t worry, I’ll stay up and make it perfect for tomorrow morning :)

#7 – No pants no problem.  Skye didn’t mind it…. When dad is in charge things might not fit, match or even be on at all.  She kept them on for most of the day!!

IMG 5440

#8 – The look when you are getting a second bath of the day…. Ketchup in the hair doesn’t mix well.  Skye isn’t happy…

IMG 5448

#9 – It was a success… No one went to the hospital, crying was minimum, Skye actually went to bed at a decent time tonight and my kids don’t hate me.   I’ll take it as a win!!!!

IMG 5456

I hope everyone is having an amazing Friday today!!   Have a fantastic day!!

I forgot to put questions!!

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Does anyone have any adventures coming up during the summer or the next few months?

Are you a night or morning person?

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You are killing it! That is quite the ambitious list, Janae is a lucky woman.


Nice job Andrew. I can’t believe you got all that done around the house! 3am is the time i get up for work (3:20am), lol.


“Change all the locks on our home.” Just what every spouse wants to read about when they are gone ;) “Honey, let me in!!!”

Looks like you did a great job! I lose track of time when Les is out of town, too. But I don’t have little ones to wake me up or feed in the mornings so it’s a little less painful.


Hilarious! I am also a night owl. My husband (grew up on a dairy farm) still wakes up at 4:00 am and at work by 5:00. He’s asleep on the couch by 8:30. That’s about when I get started. Ha! I have often found myself working on house projects late at night and then realize it’s midnight or 1:00 am. That’s the way I am wired. Unfortunately, I still have to get up at 5:45 for work. I think this is why I take very long naps on weekends.
I love the way all dogs know where to sit/lay when the family is eating. LOL.
You’re doing great on the girl’s hair. Maybe, when the girls gets older, they will have to learn how to do it themselves. They may not want dada’s “style” anymore. My daughter was only 8, when she first said, “I’ll do it myself”. That was a rude awakening for me.


You are rocking this!!
When I was in elementary school my mom started working full time early hours and my dad would get me ready for school. In the afternoon when I’d get home my sister would be home from high school and my mom would be home and sometimes they’d look at my outfit and hair and be like….”why…how…???” And it was the 80s so you know an outfit had to be bad!


Quite he ambitious list of to-do’s! Almost sounds like a Love it List it list! You’re doing great and I’m sure Janae will be thrilled with all you accomplished! Have a fantastic weekend!


You accomplished a lot in one day! Way to go!!
And Skye’s expressions ?. They certainly let you know what she’s thinking!
Enjoy one last crazy day without Janae.


Fantastic….way to go!


Love reading your posts!! And thanks for keeping it real with being messy sometimes! Wilmington, DE


Umm, not to be weird but seriously how have you not aged since your mission? You look the same!


Great job Andrew!! I heard something about a Dad’s braiding club where you learn how to do awesome braids for your daughters! I thought that was a cool idea :)
Love the family pic at the airport! I’m sure he felt very loved with everyone there to welcome him home.
The black hardware on the door looks so nice! That’s on my to-do list also!


Great job, Andrew – both with the post and fathering :) I am a morning person! Not a fan of late night at all! 5:30 a.m. is my happy time. Ha!


My weekend adventure includes attending “How to Soar in College” with my Fiancé and stepson. I am definitely a morning person. As for the girls hair my Dad always brushed and did a pony they were always the easiest.


Courtney-my daughter is on the SOAR team at her University. She’s involved with orientations and such. It’s definitely a buzz word!


I’m impressed with your ambition and hard work! I’m more of a morning person, meaning I feel better if I am up and doing something by 6 or 7am. But if I didn’t have a job and didn’t need to get up by that time, I would keep staying up later and later every night!


Top rating on the girls’ hair because it’s brushed and out of their faces!
You do have quite the ambitious list of home projects, and it looks like you’re getting it done!
Healthy, fed, clean, and rested are the goals for the kids, right?
What a cool photo of so many family members greeting your nephew! No doubt he was happy to see everyone welcoming him home, and bet he has lots to share about his growth and connections made during his mission.
I used to be a night person and still try to get some alone time when I really should be going to sleep to recharge for the next day, but kids have made me into an early riser.


When I go to St George on my yearly girl’s trip, I text Ross the moment we leave. Which basically stands for a warning that he has about 3.5hrs to get his crap together and make the house look good by the time I get home. I am just glad he doesn’t send me pictures of what the house looks like while I am gone so that I can still fully enjoy my trip ;) Just come go on a mountain bike ride with Ross. I will watch the kids and maybe do their hair. In exchange, all I ask is that you show Ross how to finish projects. Like he how stained out kitchen table, bench and 2 chairs about 8 months ago….and has had 2 chairs left to finish since then….


Love the house projects! Janae will be so excited to see them. The door handle upgrade is cool-good choice!

I’m a total night owl and tend to get more productive as the sun sets. I’ll piddle around feeling really lost and unproductive then WHAM! night hits and suddenly I can get things done. My son and I just got back from Scotland and it doesn’t get dark until after 10:30PM due to their location. it was so nice!

It’s going to be super hot this weekend (Germany is expecting a continued heat wave. Fun Fact, in 2003 it was so hot that it was considered a natural disaster here!) so I did my longer run today to avoid the pending heat. I do not do heat.

Enjoy the rest of your time with the kiddos-I think dads come up with some super fun ideas to keep kids entertained. You and Janae have such a symbiotic relationship!


Great work, Andrew!


Love the post and the new hardware on the doors. My husband and bought a house in March and we want to change out all of the hardware (knobs & hinges) on the interior doors. Love the new look!


The girls hair looks amazing! At least it’s straight, my 3 year olds hair is a wild curly mess!! I don’t even know how to do it and I’m a female …she usually looks like she got electrocuted *cry laugh emoji face* LOL


Your door hardware looks awesome!!

My family and I are leaving super early to head to Waco, TX tomorrow to visit my BFF and her family! 10 of us in house is always a good time!

I am 100% a morning person. I check out at about 8pm. Ha. I’ve always been like that too.


My husband travels for work often and I find myself staying up later when he’s gone and I’m not really a night owl. Maybe it’s because I can binge watch my bad shows when the kids are in bed?


You’re doing amazing job!!

I’m definitely a morning person and just decided this week with the kids home for summer the only way I’m going to get my runs done during the week is to get up at 4:30 and run before my husband leaves for work!


Skyes hair is top notch! Haha
I’m taking my youngest (he’s 24) to San Francisco to see Slash. Woot! Woot!


You are an amazing dad and husband, Andrew! One thing I learned through the 28 years together with my husband (13 years married, but we dated forever before we tied the knot) is that we have different styles of living, different definitions of cleanliness, do not agree on what is early or late, even operate on different time scales (‘do it’ vs. ‘do it NOW’)…but it’s OK! We balance each other out.
And so funny about cleaning before Janae gets home….when I go away…I, not quite sure what goes on around here….but I DO know that my hubby will take a day off from work to clean the entire house! Hahaha.

And ps….LOVE the new hardware!


We are in Washington another week before we drive back to Alaska. We bought a scamp trailer which is a super cute little fiberglass lightweight trailer and are headed back home. Our two year old is having a blast on our month long trip. I have moments like when I see the FB memories that I miss the pre kids trips. Our last trip overseas was to Egypt, Jordan and Israel but I love our new normal of road tripping with the family! Thankfully we have long summers off so we get to spend a lot of time on the road exploring!


Oh my gosh, I had to laugh at the yogurt on Beretta’s head. The other day my 3 year-old was dunking his wheat thins in strawberry yogurt (kids are weird) and he threw one and it ended up plastered to our dachshund’s head and stayed there for a good 5 minutes. She was completely oblivious.


Loved your post! And I’m amazed at the amount of fixit stuff you got done–we understand that the hair thing might need a crash course! Congratulations!! Janae will be SO proud of you ?


I’m late to comment, but just wanted to share that Andrew, you did a great job with the blog while Janae was away! Your post was pretty funny!! I’m glad you survived, and impressed with all the little home Reno’s you set out to accomplish.

I am a morning person through and through. I’m usually in bed by 9 pm so the idea of staying up until 3 am (and not even realizing it!) blows my mind a little bit. I’m tired for you!

Hope you guys have a great weekend! It’s a long one here. July 1 is Canada Day!


OMGsh!!! You and my husband are like the same person.

And bold move – Paint canister on the kitchen counter!!!


You’re a legend! We bought our current house ten months ago and it has brass door knobs and hinges too. I think so far we’ve changed 7/25… Getting there slowly, but also trying to just do each door as we paint and finish each room and it is sloooow going. If only we could operate on as little sleep as you!


Loved your post

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