Want a workout that will really test you? Frontloading.

I was too cocky yesterday.  I heard what the workout was for our Wednesday and thought that it wouldn’t be that bad.

I was very very wrong and it felt like one of the hardest workouts I’ve done in a long time.  The workout is deceiving because it sounds short but the super short recoveries make it feel never-ending.

We used the markings again in the canyon.  Every 100m there are triangles to follow along (starting with one and up to four and then they repeat).  I really am loving using these to tell me when to go and slow down rather than staring at my watch.

IMG 6860

3.84 mile w/u, 3 miles of on/off 100m, 2.31 mile c/d.  For the on/off portion you would do 100m FAST and then 100m recovery.

It would have felt easier for me to do a 3 mile tempo run but the start and go of the fast intervals made those paces feel so much harder.  Just as you were starting to recover from the previous interval, you hit the triangles to start up again.

If we ever have this workout again, I will not go into it thinking it is easy.  You can try this at the track too and go fast for the straight portions of the track and then jog on the curves.

Try it, it was rough but it is a great way to teach your body to go FAST when you are tired.  I’ll remember this workout in two days.  Time to get in some great recovery and I’ll take tomorrow completely off.

IMG 6867

I love seeing the little peaks in my pace chart… 24 100m pickups!

Screen Shot 2019 05 29 at 12 06 26 PM

A very great reward at the end of our run, this water tastes like it is straight from the top of the mountains.

IMG 6858

I found Brooke sleeping on the floor when I came home.  When she woke up I asked her why she was sleeping there and she told me it was because Beretta was sleeping on the ground and she didn’t want her to be lonely.

IMG 6868

Skye came up with another fashion statement when I went to get her out of her crib in the morning.

IMG 6873

We picked up Knox from his mom’s house and then we got in a few errands together.

IMG 6878

Along with a stop for some slides.

IMG 6892

I had Brooke pick out the watermelon from Costco and I think she picked out the best one there.  She needs to write a blog post about her watermelon finding methods.

IMG 6910

We also picked up some ring pop popsicle molds while we were out.  Brooke made popsicles with her dad last weekend and wanted to teach us how to do it.  The kids put watermelon juice and blueberries in them.  They worked out great and come out of the mold very easily!

IMG 6908

And then many hours were spent here.

IMG 6913

My sister and her kids stopped by to play in the mini pool too.

IMG 6925

Yep, I definitely had marathon lasagna for lunch and dinner yesterday.  The kids may look upset but they actually really like it too.

IMG 6927

I finished the night by going with the church youth in our area to do some nice things for one of the girls that is moving and then out for ice cream!

BYU Creamery for the win.

IMG 6930


Anyone else front load their day?  

-I try to get in as much as possible before 3-4 because any later than that and my brain is gone.  Andrew is the opposite and his best studying hours were always late at night!

Have any fun popsicle recipes?  I would love to hear them!

What’s a workout that you did recently that you went into thinking it wasn’t going to be very hard but then it was?  Or what about one you thought was going to be hard but then it wasn’t too bad?

Question from Andrew—> What is your favorite day of the week?

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I love all the days of the week for different reasons EXCEPT for Thursday! So I don’t really have a favorite, but rather a least favorite. Thursdays are hard days for me with nothing really special going on. Sigh… that’s today! But tomorrow is Friday, so I can’t really complain about that. Happy Thursday (?) everyone!


Oh BOOO to it being Thursday today and hopefully today will fly by quickly and then you will have 6 days of your favorite day:) .


Ha, not quite the same as your workout experience, but it was so hot here yesterday that I decided to go to the gym instead of running outside . . . um, clearly the AC was broken because the gym was SO hot and stuffy! It felt disgusting. I ended up going hard and fast on the elliptical so I could do a shorter workout and get out of there . . . I mean, at least the sun wasn’t beating down??

SATURDAY! I love Saturday because I can sleep in and know that there are two days ahead of me to go to yoga, see my friends, and get stuff done. I’m extra excited now that I can really spend time outdoors on the weekends.


Ummm that sounds terrible and suffocating! I remember days when my gym felt like that and I thought I was going to pass out. Come to Utah for a few weeks where it still kind of feels like winter;) . It’s almost Saturday and I hope this one is your best one. I agree= weekends =outdoors. Thanks Kristin!


10×1 minute intervals with 1 minute recovery. Those intervals feel so long and the recovery goes by way too fast.

My favorite day is Saturday- Play day. It starts at 5pm on Friday so it can technically be the longest day of the week for me. Somehow it still goes faster than any other day.


YES YES YES… you look at that workout and you think, oh I’ve got that. And then you do the workout and you think, I NEED MORE RECOVERY TIME:) . It’s almost 5 pm on Friday and I agree, the weekends zoom by too quickly. Thanks Angie.


Ooooo that workout sounds similar Billats. Very hard but SUPER effective. I do these on the bike sometimes.


Perfect pickup workout for race week :)


I just read over that workout (never seen it before!) and 30:30… that sounds SO so painful. I would probably pass out but now I want to try it. I loved reading that it is easier on the body (you are so right.. perfect for race week). Oh and on the bike, wowzers Victoria! I hope your day is a great one.


I am the front loading queen! I’m up at 4:30 am and by the time I start my full time job at 8:30 am I have worked out, showered, done some food prep, cleaned up a bit and commuted 45 minutes to work. By the time I leave work at 4:30 I’m done. My poor kiddos always want to run around like maniacs after dinner and the best I can do it sit and watch!

I make a popsicle by throwing some vanilla yogurt, frozen blueberries and a little honey into the blender and then pouring that into the molds. I like that it’s low sugar and has a little staying power from the yogurt.

Favorite day of the week is definitely Friday!
Have a good day!


Up at 4:30… you get so so much done by 8:30! Way to go Sara and I’m sure your kids love having you watch them running around like crazy! Making those popsicles this morning! Thanks for the idea!


I absolutely front load my day! As long as I have half an hour to wake up, my mornings are always productive no matter how early they begin but after lunch I decline very quickly. I try to structure my work day around this and not save any heavy thinking for the afternoon because it’s just not gonna happen!

Saturday for the favorite day win! We don’t usually schedule too many things on Saturdays so the day just kind of unfolds however we want it to. Sometimes it begins with a 6:00am run and sometimes it begins with 6:00am pancakes – either way it’s what WE decide!


I used to do most of my work at night and now I try to get us much done as possible before noon like you! The brain decline is real! I hope this Saturday it is a 6:00 pancake kind of a morning:) Have a great Saturday!


I’m all about front loading my day as well. Come 3 pm and I’m toast. Having two little ones is exhausting, especially with early risers and just not good sleepers in general ?I’m curious, what time did you get up to do your work out and still get home to kids sleeping?! I need to do that!!


I hit the jackpot because our kids usually wake up at 8 (Brooke woke up today at 8:45) which makes it easier for me to fit in my workout and be home before they wake up! Usually I wake up between 5-6 depending on the run! Have a great day Jessica and I hope your little ones start to let you get some more sleep soon!


Those ring pop popsicles are a great idea. I always try to do a lot in the morning so I can relax in the afternoon. I have even been trying to get up earlier to do some of my homework before work. I feel much more productive when I do.


We are a lot alike! Love getting as much in as possible in the mornings! I hope you have a wonderful day Alicia!


Great job on completing your workout! I bet you feel great now that it’s done.

I’m such a morning person so I tend to do better getting things done in the morning. I don’t have a ton of time before work but I try to get up and get my workout in and then when I get to work I try to knock out as many tasks as I can in the morning. While everyones in the break room having their coffee chatting I’m knocking out tasks so when i’m braindead in the afternoon I can relax a bit;)

I had an elliptical workout Tuesday–>10 min warmup, 6x 3 min hard/1 min easy, 10 min cool down. Since coming back from injury I’m just doing elliptical speed for now while building my base back up. I thought it was going to be awful because 3 min of pushing hard on the elliptical seemed terrible, but I got it done and it wasn’t so bad! I like when that happens rather than thinking it’ll be easy and getting my butt kicked;)

Hi Andrew! My favorite day of the WORKweek is…..Monday! I am rested and ready to go from the weekend and motivated to knock out tasks. My favorite overall day would be Saturday because that’s the day I dedicate to family + relax time and I do not touch any homework even if I have tons to do :)

Question for Janae–>what’s your mantra for your race this wknd? Question for Andrew-> do you have any upcoming races?

Hope you all have a fabulous Thursday!


That is such a good idea to come back with speed on the elliptical first! Killer workout! Reading about your work schedule sounds like how I would love to do that too! It’s almost Saturday wahoo! Great questions… I haven’t come up with an exact one yet?!? I need to get working on that! Andrew hasn’t signed up yet but he is thinking of a fall marathon wahooo! Thanks so much Eleanor and I hope you enjoy your day too!


Favourite day of the week?! Ive never actually thought about that … maybe Thursday?! Cause you’ve almost made it through the week and you have the endless possibilities of the whole weekend ahead of you!! That doesn’t even make sense really since I don’t work a traditional M-F schedule … but let’s just go with it!


Hahah let’s definitely go with it… I love your reasoning! Enjoy your favorite day today!


I front load basically because I cannot really relax until I get some stuff done.

As crazy as it sounds Monday’s are one of my favorite days. So rested and productive coming off of Sunday…….I have this energizing groove that I never find any other day.


Hahah that is true for me too.. relaxation only comes once the checklist is done! It’s almost Monday (kind of) wahoo!


I thought Pilates would be so easy! I felt amazing when the class ended! I thanked the teacher for the class and she warned me I would be sore in 24 hours. I thought nah..not me. HA! Could I BE any more wrong? I was hurting in places I didn’t even know existed! What a fun question!

The earlier I can get my stuff done the better. Otherwise I keep thinking about what needs to be done ✅ my husband is the opposite. He’d stay up until 2am every night if I didn’t remind him he works at 6am!

My favorite day of the of the week is Thursday! I love weekends so I consider Thursday and to be Friday eve. ? What is your favorite day of the week? And Andrew’s fav day?

Last but not least are you watching Bachelorette? Thoughts? Your F•R•I•E•N•D•S wannna know!! ?


PILATES is so so hard for me too! You are not alone on that one:) <-- probably means I should do it more often! Oh how I wish that we could all watch Bachelorette together! We are actually a week behind so I'm not all caught up but so far I adore Hannah. I didn't think I would love her as much as I do and I just can't get enough of her! What are your thoughts? Some of the guys seem a little over the top (like normal) but I'm excited for this season. I think Saturday and Sunday are our favorite days because it means less structure and more family time:) . I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day Sydney!


Hi Janae!

I’m a morning girl. Always front load.

Could you PLEASE share your tips and tricks for cutting up a watermelon? I am too lazy and always buy the too expensive pre-cut kind. Really, how do you cut that up all the time? Please share.

Have a happy day! Happy summer!


HEY BARB! Yes… and the next one that we get I will make a little video because I’m not great at explaining it! I cut the watermelon into fourths and then I slice it out of there! The video will make more sense. Thanks so much Barb, you too!


I’m definitely a front loader. Gotta get things done early or they probably won’t get done.

Les and I rode our bikes last Saturday. He had mapped out 28 miles (1 for each year of marriage) and told me that the hard part would be over by about mile 18. His definition of hard is much different than mine! We had rollers all the way in to Solvang and one large (to me) hill at the end to get back to our hotel! It was tough, but I did it. My average heart rate was 136 while his was 95. So a hard workout is definitely a relative thing.

My favorite day of the week is probably Friday. That is our date night, which means I don’t have to cook! I love cooking, but it’s nice to have a night off, too.


That workout sounds like a beast! That kind of speed work always exhausts me in the best way and leaves me with the best endorphin high ever! I’m going to have to look for those ring molds; my boys are obsessed with the candy ring pops so I know they’ll love a Popsicle version.
I always front load my day and I love it. I love waking up and literally running. It always gives me so much more energy and drive than if I slept in or lounged around. Similarly to you, my brain goes to mush as the day goes on! By 6:30-7:00 I’m done.
I’ve had 2 unintentional workouts this week that I was not expecting! I chased a speedy group on trails on Tuesday and because I don’t know the trails too well, I had to try by best to keep up! My hr started high and definitely reached new levels! It felt really good to work so hard though! And then again today, I ran trails with a speedy friend and I felt like I had all this amazing energy … until we started running up all the hills we had just run down! Ha! Tomorrow will be a slow go for sure!
Favorite day of the week …… Saturday! No school, no work, no running, nothing but fun! I also clean house that day and there is no better feeling than a clean house! Well, that’s not entirely true, but i sure do love a clean house!
Have a great day!


omg that Brooke slept on the ground so Beretta wasn’t alone is so so so so sweet i can’t even handle it. She is such an animal lover i love itttttttt.
is it just me or did Skye grow up by 2 months in her sleep last night?
Your kids are living the life they have such fun toys!!
I also like to front load my day, it feels a lot better to get a lot done early and then in the evening i just want to lay down and not move.. lol


I always try and get the most out of my day in the morning because by 3-4, I’m basically done ;) I actually took a quick nap yesterday at 4:15, who even am I? But it felt so good!

I have been cycling recently due to injury and for the most part, it all feels so hard! I think it’s because it’s something new for my body. I just keep reminding myself that I will get stronger! And it is pretty fun to see a new PR almost every workout since it’s something new to me.

My fav day of the week is Friday. It’s our family night, so we cook pizza together and play board games.


Anyone else front load their day?
-My day is odd because I work on east coast time but live in Hawaii. So I am up at 2 am and in bed by 7:30-8pm. Definitely front load the day because I am done working by 6am and like to get a jump start on everyone else here who hasn’t woken up yet ;-)

What’s a workout that you did recently that you went into thinking it wasn’t going to be very hard but then it was? Or what about one you thought was going to be hard but then it wasn’t too bad?
Training for Waikiki Roughwater swim and decided to do a longer swim in the swell last weekend, which I was slightly worried about. It turned out to be amazing but I may or may not have body boarded down a few waves, haha! Hope we get a few of them on race day!

Question from Andrew—> What is your favorite day of the week?
-I love Mondays. I love what I do in life and have met some tremendous friends and mentors along the way. One of the best parts of the week is getting to say hello to them and work on planning out the week each Monday.

have you compared baby photos of you and Andrew with Skye? Curious as to who you two think she looks more like these days.

Have a great day Janae!


I definitely front-load my day. I’m a morning person and run out of energy as the day goes on, so that works best for me.
My favorite day of the week is probably Saturday, simply because I have it off from work, and don’t have to work the next day either :)
Where did you get that kiddie pool? That sucker is awesome!!


Hey you!! Here is the link: https://www.target.com/p/2-pack-intex-inflatable-kids-pool-water-play-center-with-slide-2-x-57453ep/-/A-76100846
For some reason it says it is $94 but in the store we got it for $50! I hope you are having a great afternoon.


I do everything important in the morning in case I lose steam at night! But sometimes I am also quite productive after baby bedtime :)

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