11 Things + Talk about a Pain Cave & Training Summary!

Happy Mother’s Day to my incredible mom, grandma, mother-in-law and all of the amazing women in the world.  I hope today that every woman feels celebrated for the love and help they give to everyone in their lives.  Whether that be their nieces/nephews, their children, their students, their neighbors or their community… we are so lucky to have them all!

I’ll have my race recap up tomorrow but I ran a 19:31 for my 5k and was deep into the pain cave for about 19:20 of the race.  I’m super excited about where I am right now with my speed and it’s time to get to work on a few goals that I have now (I’ll share more of those this week in a much longer post).

*After the race Brooke asked if it was finally her turn to run.  She ran around for a little while and then asked me to race her… She won.  My legs were fried after the race.

IMG 5037

*Skye wanted in on the racing too.

IMG 5069

*She is getting used to the race scene life.

IMG 5123

*During the race I thought about how I am definitely not missing this kind of running…

IMG 4141

*Right after my cool-down we went to watch Knox’s baseball game and the girls had fun running around the fields afterwards.

IMG 5133

*We ran into a friend there.  She owns CRUMBL in Saratoga Springs and had a box of cookies from her store with her and gave us all cookies.  I will never say no to a free 3 inch thick cookie.

IMG 5136

*I spent a lot of time in my recovery boots on the couch yesterday.

IMG 5162

*Brooke was invited for a swim date with a friend.  I think it might have been one of her favorite days ever.

IMG 5156

*Skye tried her first ever Otter Pop and managed to eat 4% of it before dumping it all over the ground.

IMG 5157

*Burgers (TJ’s sweet potato fries also once they finished cooking) and Richie Rich for a crazy Saturday night.

IMG 5163

*That 5k wiped me out!

IMG 5166


I’m going to start logging my weekly training here each Sunday again.  Here’s how training last week went:

IMG 4713

Monday: 6 miles @ 7:48 average

Tuesday:  7 miles @ 9:14 average (felt like garbage but it happens)

Wednesday:  8.7 miles total w/a track workout:

W/U, 1 mile (5:51), 400m recovery, 800m (2:51, 5:40 pace), 400m recovery, 400m (1:22, 5:23 pace), 400m recovery, 200m (40 seconds, 5:26 pace) and C/D.

IMG 4710

Thursday:  7 miles @ 8:13 average.

Friday:  Off.  I felt tired and just needed to sleep in:)

Saturday:  5K!!!  19:31 and I’ll have a recap of the race up tomorrow.  8.55 miles for the day.

Sunday:  Off!

37.25 miles for the week!


What is your Sunday filled with?

What was your best run last week?  Hardest run?

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You look like you’re having a great weekend! Pool season is the BEST season. And way to crush your 5k—that is awesome!

I think my best run was a 4 miler after which I had a (very brief) conversation with a good-lookin’ runner man. Athletic? Check. Good conversational skills? Check. Do I actually know who he is? Ha ha NO. :-)

My mom and I got pedicures for today and our feet are so happy—I think runners deserve regular pedicures. Happy Mother’s Day to you!


Congrats on an awesome 5k!!! I can’t wait to read your recap. Two weeks ago I ran a 10 mile race and last weekend I ran a 5k, and although I spent more time sleeping after the 10 miler, the 5k made me hungrier.

This week I had three runs that were awesome and every step had me feeling so grateful that I GET TO run, and I had two runs on the struggle bus…no reason that I can figure out why the good runs were good or the bad runs were bad. It’s all part of the package.


Congratulations on your race! I look forward to reading about your goals. My best workout was a run this morning with my friend . Just as the rain started we were ending our run. Then I took my dog for a rainy hike and later I’m off to the movies with a friend .

Happy Mother’s Day to you Janae! You deserve a great one.


Happy Mother’s Day, Janae!

I love Skye’s white and black striped sunglasses – they’re so cute!

I’m working from a Starbucks this morning, but tonight my brother, dad, and I are getting together for dinner. The plan is to get fried chicken because that was one of my mom’s favorites.


That picture with Brooke & the pool is awesome! Question Janae: do you use WordPress?


Hey Jenni! Thanks so much! I do use WordPress but I use MarsEdit to create my blog posts! Have a fabulous day:)


Outdoor pool season? Wow, I’m jealous. We still have a WAYS to go before that (I’ve been known to jump in the ocean at some crazy times of year, but we’re a long way from comfortable ocean weather, ha).
Also, when you mentioned that you and Brooke got to run after your race, it remained me of her cross country practices and the feet charms…do you all have a Girls on the Run program near you? It starts in 3rd grade but that might be something to look forward too. I may be a bit biased as I’ve coached for a few years, but the balance between running and life skills I think is well navigated.


Hey Caroline! I was wearing gloves a few days ago and now we are swimming ha! We do not have one in our area… maybe that is something I need to start up. You are amazing for coaching… such an incredible program. Have a beautiful rest of your day!


Well, that’s spring for you. One thing one day, and completely opposite the next. And thank you. I have learned so much myself, and absolutely love being able to be that role model for girls. I would encourage you to check it out! I hope that you had a wonderful day as well :)


Wow, that’s a super speedy 5K time – congrats!!


happy Mother’s Day to you, your momma, sissy…all the mommies in your life!
And congrats on the blazing 5k! The best thing about the pain train…you LEFT IT ALL OUT THERE!

Hope you had an amazing day!


My best run was taking myself to the lake for a trail run =) on Saturday – it was beautiful!

Sunday was church, family dinner at my parents, then driving my daughter almost 3 hours (one way) to drop her off for a two week urban teaching course and classroom observation (she is finishing her 2nd year off college). I’m thankful my youngest daughter (she’s 12) came with to keep me company on the way home- had a sing a long on the drive back! :D


So funny that a 5k wiped you out after all of your crazy long distances lately!! Congrats on a great time and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone!


Fun story: I did a photo shoot with the girl who was the stunt double for the girl in Richie Rich. Mainly, she got to ride the roller coaster (and got paid for it!), not the main actress!

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