Silentish Saturday–> Time for a 5k!

I decided to take a rest day and I think my body was very happy about that!


Screen Shot 2019 05 10 at 12 58 06 PM

We needed to go to the nursery but after dropping off the kids at school we decided to go get my lucky pancakes instead (I’ve eaten these the week of the last few races and have had great races so they are magic).

IMG 4945

Andrew’s burrito was delicious too (these are from Magelby’s… another restaurant that I used to work at:)

IMG 4938

Skye spit her binky out so that she could smell all of the flowers.

IMG 4957

She only tried to rip out a few of them but luckily Andrew and I were quicker than she was to stop her.

IMG 4960

Skye took a ride on Beretta.

IMG 4918

My aunt and uncle that I used to live by in California came over to visit and it took Skye a few minutes to wake up to party.

IMG 4969


IMG 4976

Picked up our bag for the race.

IMG 4984

The usual pre-race meal.

IMG 4983

Low-key night of baseball, couch and the roller.

IMG 4988


IMG 4987

Love a race that gives out chapstick.

IMG 4985


Tell me three things that you are up to today!

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Good luck today! I am running with my pup, seeing Captain Marvel, and baking dessert for Mother’s Day!


Sounds like the perfect day! Enjoy every second and bring some dessert over;) . Thanks Kelli!


The nursery is one of my favorite places this time of year. I’ll be doing some planting today.

Part of me wishes I was running with you today! Good luck!


SEND ME PICTURES!! Next time come do it! Have a beautiful day Jenny!


Good luck today!! And, have fun racing hard and fast ?
Yard work is definitely on the agenda for the day! My in-laws spent the night, so I’m not sure if I will get a run in this morning or not, but that’s ok. I often refer to yard work days as cross training days…lots of squats and core work!
Have a great Saturday!


Good luck today!!!
Today is grocery shopping, the gym, and seeing my daughter’s school play! Last night was opening night so I get to watch it again :-)


Run is done, some much needed cleaning, and taking my kids and their friends to see Detective Pikachu.


Have a fun run today!!! Needed new running shoes. Have run in ASICS my whole life. I haven’t been happy with the last pair. Went to Jack Rabbit, had my run analyzed and they picked BROOKS adrenaline gts for me! Felt comfy on the treadmill there, let’s see how it goes!!!


OH THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY!! Keep me updated with how you like the adrenaline. Enjoy the rest of your day Emily!


Hope your 5k went well! Today is a busy day for us! First up my son had a baseball game. Then I took my girls to a Mommy & Me class at Burn Boot Camp. It was such a blast! Later today we are headed to downtown Indy for the Rookie Run for kids. Have a great Mother’s Day tomorrow!


mmmmm……those pancakes!!

3 things: penguins, running in the rain, and tacos!!

hope your race was fun!


Good luck today Janae? Today I am going to the jewelry store , making a tex mex coleslaw and going to our nieces surprise medical school graduation party. A very good day!


I hope your race was fantastic! We have baseball, a wedding shower, soccer, & prom for my oldest. Have a great Saturday!


Thank you so much Sarah! YOU TOO! Prom for your oldest—> SO FUN!


1. Ran a beautiful 10 mile trail race. A gopher snake came out of the grass into the trail and narrowly missed my feet, great adrenaline rush for the last mile! I love the trails but I gotta say that single track can be brutal when narrow and dished. My feet and ankles don’t like it. 2. Saturday chores of course 3. Dinner anniversary date. A 5k sounds fun, maybe I’ll do that next.


Happy anniversary and CONGRATS LIZA!! I am so glad that you dodged the snake and I bet you felt adrenaline with that! Way to go girl and let me know if you do a 5k next!


Soccer, baseball and relaxing!
Well not really kind of freaking out doing a Mother’s Day race tomorrow with friends and it’s going to be insane rain all during the race. Any tips? I have a hat and dry clothes/socks packed for afterwards….

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