Silentish Saturday IN INDY!

First time running in Indy!

Kim, Lindsey and Charlie!

Met up for a group shakeout run!

IMG 9253

Finally got to meet Katrina!

IMG 4190

3.2 miles at a 9:30ish pace and we got to see a few portions of the course for today.

IMG 4181

Shower and then my brother and his kids picked me up (my sis-in-law was with a friend celebrating a kid-free weekend:).

IMG 4282

The Indianapolis Children’s Museum is unreal…

IMG 4291

I had pizza for lunch and dinner yesterday…

IMG 4277

IMG 4308

Practiced kissing the bricks for today.

IMG 4320

Off to the expo to get our bibs and meet so so so many amazing people.

IMG 4332

Summer and Brandy once sent me the sweetest package on my 30th birthday which turned the day around for me.

IMG 4342

They brought Longs donuts that were too good.

IMG 4346

Anne brought me cookies that she made that literally made me tear up and I’m not joking.

IMG 4344

IMG 4345

13.1 here I come!  Super excited for a fun morning!

IMG 4361


Tell me three things you are doing today!!!

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1. No taxes
2. No taxes
3. No taxes

I’ll fit 5 miles in between all the taxes I’m not doing.

Have a great race! I love the yellow tank! It’s a nice sunny color.


Those cookies are amazing! What a talented baker!


Celebrating my son’s 12th birthday today, eating pancakes and doing prom hair for a sweet young lady. Still so giddy I got to meet you Janae (my Utah cousin ;) ) Hope the mini was a great race for you, wish it would have been drier, but I know you brought the sunshine! Safe travels back home and we WILL be out there someday ♥♥♥


Those cookies are beautiful!! How sweet was that!? Good luck today!!


Your weekend looks soooooo fun! Enjoy your time with all those amazing women!!!!

Rainy cold run
Rainy cold soccer game
All the warm things


Wow, Anne, I have to comment on those cookies!!! AMAZING! Janae, you need to frame that photo!


Working 8 hours.
Running with my son.

Your bro has one awesome looking family!

Have fun!


Long’s Donuts are the best. You need to eat at Shapiro’s. It’s an old fashioned Jewish deli. Maxing mac n cheese, green beans, vegetable soup, rye bread, and desserts!


Good luck !!!!!
Coolest cookies ever ! Good job Anne, love them !
1. Daughters horse riding lessons, 2. Giving dogs a bath and 3. Getting our bikes out for a family ride. Excited for #3 !


I am cleaning and packing then we are off to Cincinnati for the Flying Pig tomorrow! We took my son to the Indy Children’s Museum for his birthday in March. There was a cool looking slide inside that wasn’t open yet and the outside area was still closed- it looks super fun! Hope it’s a fun race! And those cookies are amazing- that’s so much talent!! I can’t even make a smiley face without it looking more scary than happy haha!


Wow those cookies look delicious!!
1)Run 5 miles ✔️
2) Watch my kids play Soccer, baseball, and basketball
3) End game tonight


Janae, just popped in to say you are looking so strong. I’m really amazed at how fit you are, what a role model, you’re crushing it!! :)
Some tasks for today:
1. yoga (fun!)
2. cleaning (also sort of fun)
3. packing for a work trip (not so much fun)
Have a great day/race!!


Have a great race, Janae!

1. Run 40 minutes for the first time since January knee surgery! (Check – felt great.)
2. Take my son for a haircut
3. Relax with my family


Your brothers a Dodger’s fan?!? Yay that’s my team lol!
Wow those cookies! How special!! People are truly amazing!
Yay I hope Lindsey Hein has this trip on her podcast!

Going on a 3 miler today and watching my daughters dance performance tonight.


Those cookies!! ❤️
I hope your race is awesome. I can’t wait to read about it.


Wish I would have been able to see you at the expo! Hope you enjoyed the race! I ended up with a PR- 1:48 ? have a safe trip home


good luck!

where are your grey pants from? love them!


Your brother is amazing. I’m struggling alone with two kids this weekend ha

Those cookies are so amazing! Gives me an idea to order (not make obviously) cookies with a time sign like that for a friends bday or something!


-Ran to work to pick up my car, getting in my 9 miler for the weekend
-Watched my boys play soccer
-Helping my 11 year old make chocolate chip cookies ;-)


I <3 your airpod case and just learned that was a thing!


Can’t wait to read the race recap! Way to go with the speed!!
3 things: penguins, cold brew coffee, and a short run (pollen is ridiculous here this spring!)
I think it’s because we had such a wet winter. Our river was pretty much at flood level for 2 months! Keeping today’s run and tomorrow’s short, so I don’t aggravate the sinus headache. I want all my strength for my 10 miler Tuesday:)


Looks like so much fun! I’d love to know what your cute grey joggers are? what brand? where from? Need them lol!


HEY!!! Seriously they are the best! Here is the link:


Where is your black jacket from? Ive been looking for one just like it…


HEY!! I can’t find it online anymore but it is from Lululemon about a month ago. Have a great day!

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