Runner PSA and Am I the Failure?

I hope you were able to check out Brooke and Knox’s race recap yesterday, they were so proud!  I didn’t update you on my Saturday running (and there was randomly a lot of it…) yesterday so let’s talk about it today.

Saturday morning we met up with the Runner’s Corner group to do a trail run.

IMG 5863

The first two miles were on the paved river trail and then we climbed up and ran on the trails.  It was so muddy (sometimes the puddles were up to our ankles) but the views were awesome.

Saturday was my first time back on the trails since my ultra.  Not going to lie, I was TRAILED OUT after my ultra so I needed some time before I did them again and now I’m ready to love them again.  We are going to be using the trails each week to help with our marathon training and I know that they make you stronger so I’m excited to see what that does for our marathon times.

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PS this trail is the trail that Andrew and I took on our second date for a 12 mile trail run.  Utah people—> It is about .3 miles west of Bridal Veil Falls and just goes right off of the Provo River Trail.

Good memories:)

IMG 5866

We had burgers for lunch from our grill and got in a bunch of errands with the kids.

IMG 5909

Saturday night we decided at around 6:30 to grab a babysitter and go on a short run with Emilee and her husband for a date night.  4 miles in my favorite canyon with the perfect weather.

IMG 5926

After our run we went to Guru’s for dinner.  The Salmon couscous fries and sweet potato fries (Andrew and I finished those fries in about two minutes), both were amazing.

IMG 5933

Just a normal Sunday over here and I only have two pictures from the day to share…

LRG DSC00720

After church we do a little lesson at our house (we get our weekly lessons from this manual) along with a family meeting (goals for the week/activities etc).  Skye was bored stiff.

IMG 6055

I have a runner’s PSA for you (and myself because every year I seem to forget about this).

WEAR supportive shoes this summer!  Every spring/summer I wonder why in the world my feet are hurting so bad.  I initially blame the feet problems on my running and then I remember that the pain is coming from wearing flip flops and shoes with zero support everywhere.

You are welcome for cropping out my runner’s toes.

Birkenstocks make my feet/body the happiest during the summer and this pair is my current favorite.

IMG 5410


Sam recommended this podcast episode to me last week and I absolutely loved it!  I 100% recommend listening to it unless you have already mastered the growth mindset (then teach us all please;).

IMG 5406

The next few paragraphs include quotes from the podcast mixed around with my own random thoughts on it all:

How many times have I not hit my goals in a race (or in life) and felt like a complete failure?  Many times.  I’ve heard friends say the same things about their experiences and I have seen many people call themselves failures or say they feel like a failure online for not hitting their goals.

IT ISN’T TRUE THOUGH.  We are not failures for missing our goals.

This podcast said that the outcomes (our race times, whether we get the job, losing/winning etc) are actually just reflections of the process, not of you.  If we fail to hit our goal then we are not failures, the process to get there was a failure..  It took me many many attempts to get my sub 3 marathon and those failures did not = I was a failure but that something in the process to get to that goal failed.  We just have to view these failures as something wrong happening on the path to get there.  We must figure out how to fix and better the process for the next time and try again.  We are not the experiment (our worth does not change based on the outcome of a situation), the process is the experiment.

It’s totally okay to take outcomes (a pr, new distance record etc) SERIOUSLY but not personally.  We can dream big and put in the work for a goal and be upset if we do not hit our goals BUT we cannot take the failure as a way to define ourselves.

When I look at a goal with the fear of me feeling like a failure I don’t want to try it, I avoid it completely.  BUT when I look at a goal as testing out if the process is successful or not then it makes me want to jump into the goal head first.  Making the process of training an experiment makes me excited to learn and grow.

As you are reaching for these running goals of yours over the next few months please remember that your worth does not change based on the failures along the way to reach your goals.

The episode reminded me of one of my favorite quotes from Des Linden (here), “We fail all the time, and we learn from it and we get better.  I think that’s amazing.  You fail your way to success.  That’s how it happens, and I’m super comfortable with that.  I have no problem pointing out a bunch of failures in my career.  But I don’t define myself or my career as a failure.”

I’m setting some huge goals for myself over the next five months of training/racing and I’m sure there will be some failures along the way but that’s okay because that does not define us!

IMG 0162


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What are you looking forward to this week?

Do you have to wear supportive sandals in the summer or is this not a problem for you?  Favorite summer sandals?

Salmon… delicious or no thank you?

What are you eating for lunch today?  Do you eat the same lunch on repeat or switch things up often?

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Last year I discovered that I kinda hate flip flops. Sure they are quick to put on and keep your feet cool, but the sound they make when I walk gets annoying haha. And my feet/legs do tend to get more tired or achey if I wear them all day. So I only wear them when I’m going swimming now.

I’m looking forward to this being the last week of school. And I’m hoping that the weather forecast was messed up and it’ll actually be warm and dry this week.


I definitely need to wear something more supportive than flip flops. At home I wear old school Crocs – my feet love them! I sometimes where them out of the house, even if they embarrass my kids (though they both still wear them at age almost 13 and 10)

I just want this week to be over and have a 3 or 4 day weekend (I am trying to get Friday off because it is my 20 year, yes 20! year anniversary at work). Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary (14!) but we already celebrated. The kids still have 17 days of school left so I just want Memorial Day weekend to be over so we can have the last push until the end of school.


Jessey, HAPPY 20 year anniversary at work and 14 year wedding anniversary! Ahhhhh… so many exciting things coming up for you! When it comes to happy feet, we need to wear whatever feels best (even if they are embarrassed haha). Have a wonderful day and congrats. Enjoy that four day weekend!


I am new to Utah from Alaska (Lehi area) would love love love to learn about trail running if you have any tips!


AHHHHH YOU MOVED TO UTAH!! This is so exciting. Can you email back to this comment and I’ll give you some of my favorites?! I hope you are loving Lehi!


I just recently got another pair of Chacos……haven’t had them in years…………and I love them. My husband doesn’t like the look of them, but I wear them still, they have good support.


This post reminded me of a TED Radio Hour podcast I listened to recently–>Failure Is An Option. One of the speakers talked about how at his company they actually give bonuses to the team when their project fails, because it means they tried something new. If we are afraid to fail, we will never grow!

This week I’m looking forward to a three-day weekend, ha, is it too soon to be excited for that??? But my birthday is Memorial Day so I’m thankful for a 3-day wknd of celebration upcoming!

Salmon is delicious but I’m so confused by the salmon couscous fries…how is that a thing??? Or was that a typo and you were describing your salad?? Lol.

Lunch today-> bowls from Run Fast, Cook Fast, Eat Slow of quinoa, roasted Brussels and sweet potatoes, tempeh, and curry sauce!

Happy Monday Janae!


I need to listen to that TED Talk!! Sounds awesome. Happy three day weekend coming up:) . Definitely a typo… Salmon and couscous salad with fries haha. I need to make that bowl asap. Thanks so much, you too Eleanor.


I’ve also recently discovered my feet hurt with unsupportive shoes. I was wearing my Toms a lot this spring and I’ve had terrible foot pain for weeks. I’ve switched to my birkenstocks and the pain is better for sure, I’m not on the hunt for a dressier supportive sandal to wear to work!S


Oh I am so glad the Birks help. Let me know if you find a great supportive sandal. Good luck and have a wonderful day Sara!


LOVED reading the kids’ race recaps! They should be very proud of running with heart!
Your Saturday run-ventures looked so fun, too!
This week, I’m looking forward to summer temps & wearing comfy clothes that have been waiting for months to be worn again :)
I don’t really do sandals; my go-to shoes are canvas slip-ons (like Toms, but from 5 Below). If my feet get cranky, I slip in some Dr Scholls cushions.
Salmon is OK, but I like it when someone else makes it.
I’m eating the same salad as I do every work day…mixed greens, grilled chicken, egg, sunflower seeds, red wine vinegar, and something you very much dislike :)
Happy Monday!


I love my flip flops! But, I do try to find some that have a little bit of arch support.
This is the last “real” week of school for my boys, so I am looking forward to the weekend already. I am also looking forward to running when I want for as far and as long as I want. I have a couple of busy days, so if I get my run in early, or if it doesn’t happen until later, that is ok! I know I’ve said this before, but I am remembering how much I love to run, finding that joy that I think I lost this last year.
I really like salmon! I especially love it on salads. The boys don’t really care for it much, so I don’t eat it as often as I would like.
Here’s to a great week, a great week of running and life! Happy Monday ?


Glad you shared this post–my legs have been hurting again so I think I may have to take a week off running and stick to the elliptical, which is so frustrating–but like you said, sometimes things just don’t happen the way we plan! So I guess my goal is to be gracious and to be happy my body can move in other ways. Also it’s crazy hot so maybe staying inside will be good. :-)

Love love love salmon and I want that lunch! I make a big meal on Sunday and then bring it for lunch every day. One of my favorites is this one: . I use goat cheese instead of feta and it’s amazing. This week is this savory baked oatmeal with zucchini and red peppers that, I kid you not, tastes like pizza. Except my zucchini were massive this weekend so it might just taste like zucchinis this time. Have a great week!


That quinoa salad is making me drool and we will 100% be making that. Thank you so much for sharing it with me, that looks just like something I’ve been wanting to make!

I think you are so smart to take the week off (my hamstrings were angry last week and just 5 days off made them happy again)! I love that goal Kristin, you can do this!


I’m looking forward to short week! I’m going to a day baseball game Wednesday with my co-workers and I’m off Friday for a 4 day weekend!! YAYYYY!! The only bummer is that I hurt my hamstring (again!) during my run yesterday so I won’t be running this week :(
I’m all about comfortable, supportive shoes. I have Oofos and Birks and I’d wear them every day if I could. I also like my Uggs Dakota slippers. They are so comfy!!
My foot doctor said now that most people have wood or tile in their homes, he’s seeing a lot more foot and ankle injuries. I believe it! We moved to a new office with hard floors and I’ve had problems every since!! My boss puts on his running shoes when we have to work late.
Love salmon! I try to eat it at least once a week. I’m going to start getting your salad/fries combo when I go out. It sounds like the perfect meal haha


That is so interesting about what your doctor said and I fully believe that too! Do it–> it is the best combo out there. I am so thrilled you get a 4 day weekend and I really hope that your hamstring is feeling much better next week so you can run happy again. So smart to take the time off… it will pay off in the end. Have a wonderful day Elizabeth and good luck.


Salmon, yes! Last week I grilled it and made a greek yogurt dill sauce to go on top of it (mix plain greek yogurt with some mayo, salt, lemon juice and dill).

Lunch today is a mason jar cobb salad from Skinnytaste. :) I do meal prep on Sundays and sometimes I make enough of the same thing to eat all week so sometimes I have the same thing every day.

We are going to visit my mom for the long weekend and make ice cream with their new ice cream maker! Very excited for that.
After last summer when my feet were a mess yes, always supportive shoes for the summer! I had to toss my really flat flip flops and wear flat sandals if I’m not going to be walking a lot. Memory foam flip flops are awesome, lol.

Congrats to the kids on their races!!! :D Have a great day!


LOVE the stuff about the process/how to view “failure”/Des’s quote!!!! The way we think can make SUCH a difference!!!!!!

That salmon salad looks incredible from your date night. I just started enjoying salmon in the past 2-3 years, and I really like it now!!!

I like to wear my Oofos for CASUAL outings (VERY casual!) and Birks. I do love my Jack Rogers, too, which are not so great for the feet…….I’m anxious to be done with school and heels. I do wear heeled sandals to school. I just can’t do flats and pretty spring dresses!!

Lunch today–spinach salad with chicken/strawberries/grapes/almonds/pumpkin seeds/hemp seeds and a piece of seeded bread toasted with peanut butter. My lunch on a heavier run/workout day is a sweet potato with chicken/avocado/whatever else I can throw in on top. ha ha

You had posted that chocolate salted caramel popcorn from TJ’s last week, and we had picked some up the other week. I’d forgotten about it and went to eat some over the weekend, and someone had eaten 99% of it and left ONE STINKING KERNEL in the bag! That’s almost worse than eating it ALL! ha ha We narrowed it down to my youngest daughter as the culprit!


This week I’m looking forward to the kids getting out for summer break! The older I get, the more I need better shoes for summer. No thanks on the salmon & I have no idea what’s for lunch today. That pic of Skye being bored is adorable. Have a great week.


Brooke and Knox’s race recaps were GREAT! Brooke seems to have the whole race thing down already! When she writes her first running book, I would love to buy an autographed copy! :)
This week I have 3 trail runs planned! Territory Run Co puts on sunrise runs once a month and because of work, I’m only able to catch a few of them so I get super excited when I can make it! The views are unreal. On a clear day, from Puget Sound in Seattle, we can see Mount Rainier, the Olympics and the sunrise from the beach. The second run is another monthly sunrise trail run with friends that will hopefully turn weekly and the 3rd is what I’m most excited for … Mailbox Peak! There is literally a mail box at the summit! People can leave trinkits, stickers etc on and in the mailbox; I still have no idea how/when it got up there! I have a feeling I’m going to be very tired by Sunday afternoon!
Recovery sandals – YES PLEASE! I love Burks, Oofos and Chaco’s. If it’s not raining, any one of them are my go to!
Salmon — it’s a prerequisite for living in the PNW! My favorite is mixed with fettuccine alfredo or baked with garlic and olive oil. YUMMMM!
Lunch today is (plant based) TACO’s! Pinto beans cooked w/ homemade BBQ sauce, pineapple/cilantro/red onion salsa on whole wheat tortillas. Seeing those sweet potato fries makes me think they would go perfect with my tacos!
Have a great day!


I started out the spring wearing my Nike flip flops but I kept bruising the bottom of my foot when I wore them. So I took your advice from last year and invested in my first pair of Birkenstock’s and few weeks ago. I love them! I got the pair with three straps. So far my feet are much happier.

I love love love seafood….except salmon! My husband is the same way. We have tried it so many ways. I can usually eat it in sushi but once you cook it I cannot stand it. Maybe the salmon patties from the elementary school cafeteria ruined me at a young age.

Today’s lunch is left over baked ziti. I usually eat whatever leftovers we have or grab a salad from the company cafeteria.

And Skye’s pigtails are the cutest!


Our 28th anniversary is this Saturday! We are heading to Solvang for the weekend. We are taking our bikes and plan to ride a mile for each year on Saturday. I’m sure there will be plenty of Danish pastries and ice cream on the agenda as well.

I wear sandals year round (hello, Hawaii and California!) My favorites are anything by Clarks. I also have a couple pairs by Ecco.

I usually don’t like salmon. Les’ boss had us over for dinner and she made it – it was amazing! I can’t remember what seasonings she used, but I ate every bite.

We usually have sandwiches for lunch when we’re at home. Not very exciting.


Kathy, HAPPY 28th anniversary coming up. I love Solvang. You guys are going to have the best time… can we join you? I need to try out Clarks and Ecco. A good sandwich is just the best. Have a great rest of your day and enjoy that sunshine (you guys are so smart to live in Hawaii and Ca).


I love that Des quote! Skye looks so adorable in her “bored” picture.
I always need a break from the trails after an ultra. It’s like I get sick of nature for a bit! haha
Have a great Monday, Janae and family!


Oh my goodness, that is exactly how I have felt haha ‘sick of nature!’ Thanks so much Stacey and I hope your day has been fabulous so far!


I really needed to read this today. I recently learned I failed a big exam that I told everyone I was taking and really wanted (or thought I did). It doesn’t affect my job position but it affects my confidence big-time: to the point I’ve planned to change career direction. Part of me wonders if I’m doing this out of disappointment and embarrassment and regret and if I should hold on or not give up so easily. Part of me wonders if it’s huge sign I’m on the wrong path.

The interesting part is what you said about the Process. That’s it, so so true. I know my process wasn’t good, I was stressed/not engaged in the study and practice/moving/contemplating change etc. I knew I was in no position to be taking a huge, expensive exam…but I did because I already paid/signed up for it and it was too late.

So, my question to you and readers, how do I get past the embarrassment and shame of telling others (who I know will judge me) and being seen as not good enough to keep doing what I’m doing/have others doubt me. And how do I know if I carry on or I give up.


Jenna, I am so so sorry about what you are going through right now… it really was the process, not you. I think it all boils down to not worrying about what other people think of you. Focussing on how you feel about you and how God feels about you. The rest doesn’t matter. To be honest, I feel like people like people more when we are vulnerable are real about what we are going through and our failures along the way. Now is the time to really spent time thinking about what direction is best for you without even worrying about anything that anyone else will say. They have all failed too (part of being human whether we like it or not) and now is the time for you to show your strength that you can move onward and upward. I’m cheering for you Jenna!


I love your advice about running setbacks! I experienced that this weekend – I ran my 10th half marathon, and the weather was tough – pouring rain, cold, some wind, plus add in travel anxiety since it was a destination race. While I didn’t have any specific time goals, I just wanted it to be a kick butt race since it was kind of a milestone, but instead it was a slog and I finished about 10 minutes slower than my usual time. I had lingering feelings of disappointment following the race this weekend, but I’m trying really hard to dwell on the positives – I fought through and *finished* a race some people wouldn’t have even wanted to start, I recognized during the race that it wasn’t going to be anywhere close to a PR day so I just ignored my watch and tried to really focus on enjoying the scenery – listening to the birds singing throughout the woods, and enjoying some of the special parts of the course that run right along the coast of Lake Superior. Now I just regret not stopping to take some pictures along the way :)


Hey Noelle! HUGE CONGRATS on your 10th half marathon, that is awesome. BOOO to the weather and way to go finishing with all of those things going against you. I love what you did to focus on the positives. #11 is all yours! Have a fabulous day Noelle and I hope you are recovering (and celebrating) well!


I am home all the time with my kids so I wear my oofos all the time. I don’t love wearing them out in public but if we go out it’s the park or somewhere, nothing fancy. If i wear dressier shoes that are a bit uncomfortable but it’s usually for a short time so I can handle it.


What jeans are you wearing in the photo with the Birkenstocks?

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