3 Firsts & What Are They Really Meant For?

A few firsts occurred so let’s talk about them:

*First speed work session with the official Runners Corner group done and DONE!  Many many more to come.  I can officially say that doing a speed workout with a group pushes me 40% more than what I would do on my own.  I do need to be careful to make sure I am not overdoing it in my speed workouts trying to keep up but running with them definitely helped me to get out of my comfort zone more than normal!

*I did my first ever speed workout without music on PURPOSE.  I put one AirPod in my ear during the first one and took it out 8 seconds later because I just don’t like music right now while running (like during the 5k… the music drove me crazy).  I’ve ALWAYS used music during speed and I’ve decided with this training cycle, I’m going to go without it.  It’s really nice to be super focused on my breathing or my form and make up my own beat with my feet.

*We used the markings on the trail to mark the distance.  I have run on this trail for 21ish years and seen the little triangles on the trail and just learned yesterday what they all mean. It took me a little while to figure them out and what they mean (and I asked a million questions) but it was really fun and made me look at my watch even less than normal.  I even did a few intervals without looking at my watch once the entire time.  I went off of effort and stopped at the markers.   Not looking at my watch meant that I didn’t get freaked out by the faster numbers and I just went a pace that I knew I could hold onto during the rest of the interval.

We met at six and it was raining so I went through a very big dilemma over whether I should wear a hat or stick with the power bun.  I stuck with the power bun and it stopped raining after the warm-up which was really nice.

IMG 6255

I was cold in the beginning but by the 5th interval I was so grateful I didn’t wear more layers because I was burning up and it was 40 degrees ha.  I get very hot during speed.

IMG 6257

The workout called for 8-10 1000s (.62 miles) and when I got to the 8th I felt like I had one more in me but decided that is when I needed to stop.  We don’t want to dig ourselves into a hole on our workouts and we want to feel like we have another interval or two left in us when we finish.

My legs were definitely shaking by the end.

During the last two intervals I repeated to myself a few times, “I am comfortable” and I felt the biggest difference.  It is my favorite way to trick myself into not slowing down and holding the pace.

I also took one interval at a time, there is no need to think about any of your future intervals… just think about where you are right now!

IMG 6269

4 mile w/u, 8 x 1000 (1 slightly down, 1 slightly up, 1 slightly down, 1 slightly up, 3 slightly down, 1 flat), c/d.  I think my average for the intervals was around 5:53 pace and I am very thrilled about that.  Our coach told us to go faster than 5k pace (my last 5k was 6:18 pace).  PS after each interval we stopped to catch our breathe and then took a jog (some longer than others).

IMG 6326

Thirteen miles total for the day!

IMG 6265

Andrew, the girls and I slept at my parents’ house the night before so that I could join the group!  He had to go to work and I got home from the workout 20 minutes after the girls woke up so it worked out nicely.

IMG 6292

Then I picked up Knox from his mom and we took a few of his friends to the park (and I got in a lot of stretching there).

IMG 6314

Just thinking she is a big kid.

IMG 6323

A lot of time was spent in my recovery boots.  Skye made me some cookies.

IMG 6340

Speaking of cookies… I buy chocolate chips for cookies but then I always seem to eat more of them straight out of the canister than use them for cookies.

IMG 0002

Rice, chicken, peppers, corn, beans, lettuce, avocado, cilantro bowls… aka just using whatever ingredients we have ready for a bowl of goodness.  Speed work makes me hungry and this was very satisfying!

This meal was eaten during Skye’s complete 90 minute meltdown so while she was on my hip, I scarfed this down:). Just keeping it real… last night was rough but the highs don’t feel as good without the lows:)

IMG 6346

Mary and Lauren have put together an INCREDIBLE program for all of you looking to get a sub 3!  The plan includes everything… training/strength plan, group support, bi-weekly coaching calls, all of the emails, nutrition consultations, race kits and more.  Check it out here!

IMG 6327


Any firsts with your running lately?

How often do you listen to music while you race/do a speed workout?  

Any other chocolate chip snackers?  

A reader asked for some help… “Any recommendations on brands that have supportive/cute shoes to wear to work?  I’ve got several pairs of nice shoes and none of them make my knees/ankles feel great by the end of the day.”

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13 miles in a day?? So basically a half marathon with intervals . . . wow! I’m proud of myself for running 3 miles yesterday. :-) I sometimes have a hard time staying motivated during longer interval workouts–I think I get into the space of ” I have to keep looking at my watch all the time to keep track of intervals” and that drives me crazy! I need to find a well-marked trail but not sure there is one around.

Curious–what kind of warmup do you do? I find I feel best during a run if I do a lot of activation/active stretching and was wondering what works for you!

I love the shoe brand Vionic–I stand/walk a lot at work, and their shoes are stylish and really good for your feet. I especially love their sandals, and they have tons of different styles.


YOU SHOULD BE PROUD OF YOURSELF!! Different times and seasons for all of us. Oh I hope you can find a good trail for your next speed workout. For our warm-up we just ran easy for 4 miles and then one stride (a short sprint)… Keep doing what feels best on your body.Your activation/active stretching process sounds awesome. Sometimes I do squats, lunges and bridges to get my glutes ready to work. Thanks for the help on the shoes. Have a wonderful day Kristin!


Did my *first* speed workout since the Boston Marathon yesterday! It surprisingly went WAY better than expected. During the whole workout, I felt way more tired and weaker than I had felt all throughout training but then when I looked at my splits at the end, I was running sub 7 minute miles consistently which I NEVER was able to do! Somehow I think I got a little faster after giving my body an extended break post marathon :)

Shoe recommendation – Rothys are GREAT for wearing to work and very comfortable. They definitely run on the pricey side but if you wear flats a lot, they’re worth it. They last a long time, they look nice, they’re comfy, and you can throw them in the wash!


You are back Arthi! I am so happy your post-boston speed went so well. I absolutely think your body is happy (and rewarding you) with the recovery you gave yourself. Thanks for the recommendation Arthi and I hope you are having a really great day!


I keep my chocolate chips in the freezer! They are extra delicious to snack on! I never listen to music, just podcasts on easy runs and nothing during speed/races. It makes me feel a little nauseous to listen to music during speed. Not sure why. I had a running first on Tuesday! I finished my speed workout having done the intervals at my fastest pace ever…and felt great. I felt like I could keep going. What is that?? Definitely NOT normal! haha.


HUGE congrats on your fastest interval paces ever, you should feel on top of the world. That is so exciting Mollie! You are rocking it.

Well, now I am going to copy you on the CC in the freezer. That sounds delicious.


No music during speed workouts or when running with other people, but when I’m alone doing easy or long runs, I definitely use music!

Skye’s outfit is so cute! I love her little converse :)


Thanks so much Mariah! I think that is going to be the case for me too… music on the easy alone days! Have a great day.


I am always simultaneously annoyed with my music, and grateful for it during speedwork or fast races. And, I’m definitely a chocolate chip snacker!
I’m so comforted to hear that Skye has 90 minute meltdowns, too! Being a year-and-a-half old is tough, and my guy reminds me of that frequently. You’re right, though, the good times wouldn’t feel as good if it weren’t for some rough patches… for both of us, I’m sure.
I hope Andrew is doing well with his new job! It seems you are both adjusting nicely. Have a great day, Janae!


Good to know we aren’t alone over here either! I ended up in tears myself too ha. Cheering you guys on and thanks so much Stacey and he will be starting NP school in about 2 years we think and we will need all of your tips. Thanks so much Stacey and have some delicious chocolate chips today.


This week was my first run back after dealing with some health stuff. Nothing too scary, just some inflammation issues that didn’t allow me to run for several months. It has also been my first time running in the early morning. I’ve gotten up at 5:00 am to get in a outdoor run. I’m hoping if I keep it up for a few weeks the 5:00 am part will get easier!


Jennifer, I am SO thrilled that you are back and I am guessing that the inflammation problems are better too since you are running again.. hallelujah! I hope that 5 am things feels better and better. Have a fabulous day Jennifer!


I’m so jealous of Skye’s outfit! If I could find that perfect sweatshirt, denim shorts, and tennies, I’d be so happy!!! :)
Looking at your speed workout, I think I’d probably go about half the distance in double the time, but I would LOVE that marked path instead of the traditional track. Super great idea, whoever came up with it.
And the sub-3 promotion is amazing–look at your joy and success!! I predict the coaches will have more interested runners than they can handle all at once. Just awesome!


Hahaha right!? I dress them the way I want to dress;) Seriously, now I’m not sure if I’ll be using the track as much. Thank you so much and I agree… everyone is going to want to do it. I hope your Thursday is a really great one Corey!


Can’t wait to hear more about your running group!! I bet you’re going to see some performance growth with them!
I’ve been doing some different workouts before I start my training for the Bix (just one more week before I start that) – one of the cross training things I’ve been doing on my treadmill combines strength training (with weights and bodyweight) with running and sometimes sprinting intervals. The one I did yesterday had a 4 minute run at a speed that is usually something I can only sustain for a minute or so as a sprint or speed work… did the full 4 minutes all 4 rounds! I guess it’s working! So that’s kinda my first for running :)
I have some super cute boots and wedges from Toms shoe brand. They all keep my feet/legs happy! I’ve worn them all day at work and then out after work for a few hours without issue. I did find that I had to give up wearing cheap flats from Target or something. Gotta just look for ones that have more structure to them!


I think so too Rhiannon! So you did SIXTEEN MINUTES in the four rounds at that speed that you normally do for a minute at a time. You rocked it! Huge congrats. That class sounds awesome and I’m so excited for your Bix training!


I always listen to music for speed work and it depends on what race it is. Some races I can go without and some I need it for part.

I snack on basically anything chocolate. None of it’s safe in our house haha


Hahaha valid point… any chocolate is snacked on here too!


Yay for your first speed workout done!!

I am focusing on cycling right now since I am injured and looking at possible surgery. But the cool thing about the Peloton is I can not only feel that I am getting stronger, I can see it in the numbers. The hard thing is trying not to compare myself to others because hello, I am cycling in a boot or a brace.

I listen to music maybe 5-10% of the time. I am usually with a group and I like to be able to talk and to seem approachable, which sometimes having an earbud in, people don’t think I can hear them ;)

I really like Earth brand shoes. Some of them are granny-ish, but a few are really cute. You just have to dig a bit :)


Thanks so much Marissa. I am so happy that you got the Peloton and that you are getting so strong from it. Way to go girl. Thanks for the recommendation. Enjoy your day!


13 miles of speed intervals??? Wow! I am bowing down to you! That’s amazing! you’re amazing! And those paces!! You get ALL the chocolate chips!
I think I may have just experience my first running related ankle sprain (they’ve all been soccer related in the past)! Jury’s still out if I feel like it’s sprained or rolled … is there a difference? ha! The trails had it out for us today; one woman supermanned but saved herself, 3 of us got bugs in our mouths and eyes, another woman had her first fall and me with my ankle. Still worth it! #crazy! Lol!
Music – yes and only during solo speed work. I like listening to Scooter which is techno/house music because the super fast beat amps me up! I don’t care for it any other time. On easy runs I like podcasts. I like the idea of not listening to it all to build that mental toughness and pay attention to all the things.
I’m not sure how I’ve done it, but I only buy choc (& white choc) chips if and only if I’m going to bake with them. I think it’s because I know myself all too well to think I could refrain from eating them all before I get around to baking with them! Ha!
The only supportive shoes I can think of are Dansko’s and Burk’s. Both very supportive but work cute …. eh, it’s subjective.
Congrat’s on being a part of an amazing training program!
Have a great day!


ANKLE SPRAIN… Oh I hope that it gets better asap Jenny. You and your group had quite the day out there. RICE that ankle of yours! Podcasts are the best for easy runs! Have a wonderful day and rest up Jenny!


Awesome workout Janae!!! Speedwork is so much better when you have company.

I tried a little bun the other day for one of my runs. It felt pretty good – nice and light. I usually wear two pony tails, but I’m thinking a hat/bun combo might be my thing for summer.

The only time I listen to music is on the treadmill, which is about 2x a week – one easy run and one pace type workout. I’m afraid to use it during a race because I’d probably end up hating all my favorite songs haha

I love snacking on chocolate chips. The Ghiradelli ones are the BEST!

Love Syke’s little outfit! That yellow sweatshirt is TOO CUTE!!


Thank you so much! Oh I am with you on the hat/bun combo this summer too.. the best way to go. Hahaha maybe that is what is happening with me not liking running with music anymore. I end up hating my favorite songs haha. Have a beautiful day!


First sub 10 minute mile since getting back into running! I was so pumped about it, especially because I just ran by feel rather than obsessing over my watch.

Back when I used to do speed workouts I never listened to music, partially because I run early in the morning but also because I like to hear my breathing and my feet hitting the pavement. I really only use music for longer runs.

Big chocolate chip snacker over here. My 3 year old is too!

I’m also searching for cute but supportive work shoes, so I hope people have some good ones here. I just got a pair of boc sandals, they are fairly supportive so I’ll have to see how they go before I can recommend or not.

Have a great day!


Sara. HUGEEEEE CONGRATS!! I am so so so happy for you and way to go doing it on feel too. It’s nice to run without looking at your watch right?! I’m feeling how you felt with your speed… it’s fun to hear those things. I hope the comments can help and that you end up loving the boc sandals! Have a wonderful day Sara and enjoy some chocolate chips.


I have such a hard time running without music or podcasts! I wish I could be one of those runners, but I HATE hearing myself breathing heavy. I like to crank up my music or podcasts to drown it out, haha. However, I am going to start to try and like it because I feel like there is definitely something meditative about running without music. Wilmington, DE


You are not alone in feeling that way… I felt that way for years too! I couldn’t run without something. Time and a season for everything so do what feels good to you now. I hope you have a fabulous day megan!


Definitely a choco chip snacker and I love that pic of you on the Sub3 promo, it says so much! Also, how is Skye a full on toddler already???

I wear Born flats to work most days with a basic arch support insert (Dr. Scholls or something like that) and find those super comfortable. I used to wear really cute heels from Clarks, but gave up heels years ago and my achilles have been much happier. Also love my Dansko clogs and booties and those last for years.


Thank you so much! I seriously do not know how the time has gone by so quickly. Thank you so much for the help on shoes! You are the best. Have a wonderful day!


Congratulations on your workout! I’m in awe of all your accomplishments! Your running group sounds like an amazing new experience.

Lots of firsts for me in running right now – I ran off and on in college but stopped during my second year of law school. Then my husband and I started our own law practice and had three kids. I kinda stopped taking care of myself in my quest to make sure everyone else was taken care of. So now I am enjoying all the firsts that come with starting over!


Denise, I am amazed by all of your accomplishments and SO happy you are using running now to take care of yourself. It’s amazing how much better we feel throughout the day when we get out there and get in a few miles. Keep me updated and keep enjoying those firsts!


Reader looking for shoe ideas: I am a corporate lawyer and in heels most of every day. I ADORE Cole Haan. Especially the Cole Haan wedges. Enough of a heel to be professional, but comfortable enough to not kill your feet and ankles. They are expensive, but I typically only buy 1 or 2 pairs a year. When you look at it that way, $100 for a pair of wedges/heels that you wear almost every day for 6+ months isn’t bad. Also, Vionic has good support, but there work shoes are bit heavy. Vionic slippers are great for at home. Outside of my Oofos recovery slides, I am in my Vionic slippers at home. I really hope this helps!!


Thanks for the ideas!!


speed work with a group makes SUCH a difference! it’s so hard but with a group you can try to zone out and just follow directions. you’re going to get so fast!


Can you just wear a visor in the rain? It would keep the rain out of your face and allow for the power bun!



You could get this to keep track of the different baseball fields you visit


I saw that Run Wild sweatshirt in my twitter feed and really liked it. How do you like it and what size did you get?

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