1st Sub-6 in YEARS + My Sister’s Plot Against Me.

First, thank you SO much for the amazing ideas of things I can do to help Mer out yesterday.   I really appreciate them!

Second, I have a new SKYE UPDATE HERE today!


I just cannot get enough of running in the rain in lately;).

Back to the track to get in a little something before our 5k on Saturday (the two girls I’m running with lately are also doing the 5k).

Don’t the Hyperion just look even more beautiful with the track below them?!  These are my goto speed shoe for everything from the 400 m to the marathon.   They are so light but they give me enough support/structure that my feet still feel taken care of.

IMG 4711

We went for a ladder workout and I was very surprised by our mile being as fast as it was (I think it was closer to 5:56 because it beeped a few seconds before I got to the line).  I was expecting a 6:10 for that mile because I haven’t gone under a 6 minute mile (besides a downhill one) for years (that I can remember).  Running with other people really pushes me big time because I don’t know if I would have gone as fast on my own.  Knowing we are all hurting makes it somehow feel easier?!

Ladder workouts are my favorite because you get to check off one distance and move on to the next so you can’t predict how you are going to feel on the next one.  I feel like when we do intervals that are the same distance over and over it is harder mentally for me because I know exactly how the next one is going to feel and that scares me a bit ha.  So maybe I need to do more of those to build up my mental game.

1 mile, 800 m, 400 m and 200 m with 400 m recovery running.   The 200 m killed my legs!

It was a harder workout than last week and we went faster too…  building up the speed again!  I love seeing our progressions in running, it makes all of the work worth it.

After the track we ran the first mile of our 5k on Saturday (lap 11 below) and it is ALL uphill.  150 feet of climbing in that first mile so I’m going to need to be very smart with my pacing on Saturday so my legs don’t blow up but I’m excited for the challenge.

IMG 4766

I came home, got the girls up and going and had some toast and a smoothie (with my BCAA’s mixed in for recovery) and then it was off to take Brooke to school.

Brooke was telling me about her CODING class that they do once a week at her school… so maybe I’ll have her put together a new website for me sometime soon;)

IMG 4747

A bit later I met my sis for ‘Core, Core and More Core’ day at Burn Bootcamp.  I’m really hoping that some consistency with Burn is going to pay off with racing times!

IMG 4759 2

Skye loves a good routine and the second we walk out of the daycare she reaches for that sanitizer.

IMG 4757

While I was at bootcamp I showed my sister this picture below of Skye dumping a bag of Cheerios into my drawer (she did this when I went to use the restroom).  My sister’s youngest two are constantly doing these types of things so when my sis was saying goodbye to Skye she told her, “keep up the good work.”   My sis and Skye are plotting against me;)

IMG 4749

Strutting her stuff.

IMG 4763

Homework time went really well…

IMG 4780

And then the kids played outside…

IMG 4781

While I got in some major weeding.  Does anybody else find weeding kind of fun?

IMG 4788

Andrew had another day in the classroom going over things.  Everyone is happier when he comes home!

IMG 4786

Dinner was another extra fancy meal of grilled cheese sandwiches with our favorite bread.

IMG 4789

And if you still haven’t added jam to your grilled cheese sandwich then I need you to try that and report back to me by the end of the week.  Also, Tilamook cheese is our favorite too.

IMG 4790

Finished off the night with a donut from Krispy Kreme at my activity with the youth in my area (in my church I work with the 11-13 year old girls)!


A new Skye update is HERE!!!


Are you a folder or a stuffer when it comes to putting your clothes away in drawers?

-Stuffer as you can see from above Cheerio/stuffed drawer.

What’s your favorite type/brand of bread?  Anyone else love Dave’s Killer Bread?

Where have you recently seen progress in your running?

What’s your run today?

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Dave’s bread is soooo good!

I (hopefully) have a 5k fun run tonight, provided it’s just rain and not thunderstorms. It was a free race sponsored by Lululemon with FREE LULULEMON SHORTS for each registrant!!! You run to 5 stops and get a playing card and then there is a round of poker and the best hands when prizes! It’s a fundraiser for a girl’s club, I hope it doesn’t get rescheduled……


That sounds so fun!!!!


Oh my goodness Loribeth! Can I join?!! Best SWAG ever. I really hope that it doesn’t get cancelled! Have the best time.


Hey Janae~
Oh my! A hill straight up on mile one of your 5K! The thing is, you know it will be there, and you can mentally prepare for it. My March 5K was like that, and the great thing was that, near the end, we went DOWN that same big hill. Maybe you’ll have the same luck!? Any way, you will ROCK this 5K! Sub 6:00 miles?! You’re on the track to a speedy and FUN 5K! I love it!!!

I think I try to be a folder when putting things in drawers, but it ends up looking like a stuffer’s drawer. ha ha

I like Ebenezer’s Seedlander bread—a similar kind of bread/brand to Dave’s :)

Have the best day ever!!!!!!!!


YES so so true… I’m mentally ready for it and for the down! Thank you so much Jen:) . Oh I need to try that bread. Thanks so much Jen, YOU TOO! School’s almost out right?!


Definite folder.
And Dave’s Killer Bread – soooo good! I like to stock up when it goes on sale.
Oh running progress – I am actually going through more of a regression, which makes me sad and frustrated. To be honest, I really think the mucho amounts of stress in all the other facets of my life are really taking a toll. Even though I run because I just love running, I also don’t like seeing my times getting so much slower and perceived effort increasing for slower paces. It is really hard sometimes to tell/convince yourself that times do not matter – that competitive nature gets me. And it is not even the comparison trap with other runners – it is just with me. And the most frustrating – mentally, I want to work hard and get some good workouts in, but physically, my body just isn’t on the same page. Ok, enough pity party – I am at least thankful I can run and still enjoy it. :) Have a great Thursday!


Do you freeze it when you buy a bunch of it on sale?!
Jannelle. I am so so sorry that you are going through this right now. Emotional/mental stress plays the biggest toll on our running. 5/6 years ago I dropped out of doing CIM because I was so stressed about life and just couldn’t do it anymore. It effected my times so much that I just pulled out because it was taking the fun out of running for me. Right now, you don’t need speed workouts or even to wear your watch. GO RUN when running sounds fun for you. When running adds to your joy rather than taking it away… that’s when you need to get in a run. If it is frustrating right now, maybe take a break until life simmers down a bit? I’m cheering for you and if that was your pity party… I don’t want you to see my pity parties haha (I’m ridiculous some days). You are doing awesome! Take care of yourself.


Oof, I try to be a folder but far too often I’m a stuffer!

I have not put jam on my grilled cheese, but my college cafeteria would make grilled cheese with really thin apple slices in them . . . they were SO good. And Tillamook is the best!!

I’ve been doing a good job with my goal of running 4 times a week! And my speed has been improving this week–I’m happy if I can consistently do between 9:30 and 9:35 miles and I’ve been doing that, which makes me very pleased. I’ve also negative split my last two runs! And one was EXACTLY 6 seconds faster for each mile. That kind of evenness is the best feeling sometimes.

I love that Brooke is learning coding! Such a great and useful skill. I’ve taught coding to elementary but my own knowledge of it was very quickly eclipsed by the students’. :-) I love that so many of them pick up on it so quickly and can teach each other. Have a great Thursday!


Oh I LOVE putting thin apple slices in mine, thank you for the reminder… I’m doing that next (along with the jam). NEGATIVE SPLITS are so so tough to do and you are rocking it girl! Huge congrats on the consistency you are having, that is huge! I might have to email you if we have any questions with Brooke’s coding:) . Thanks, you too!


Oh my gosh Skye is so funny. I saw the cheerios on your insta yesterday and I remembered how your sister was waiting for you to have a “busy” kid;) Here she is!! haha.

Great job on the speed, I hope that was a huge confidence boost. It’s awesome how our body remembers. I thought for sure I had lost all my speed after a couple months of injury and my body mostly remembered:)

That grilled cheese looks amazing I’m going to have to try that….

Today I have a 3 mile aerobic run. It’s been really nice because the past week since coming back from injury I have not looked at my watch at all on runs, I just go for it on effort. I love how much Tina talks about effort-based running and I’m trying to do that more because I think it requires us to tune into our bodies. My coach didn’t want to put pressure on me for certain paces coming back whereas normally she would say the effort level and a pace range that is for me. But just putting the effort level, my paces have still been the same because my body knows where it needs to be :) I hope this will help me learn to pace myself better in races too and not be afraid to go for it.

One random question-> is your sister naturally that tan or does she use a tanner? She has a beautiful golden skin tone:)


She uses a tanner! I know, she really does have such pretty skin! Yes for the effort based training runs… I love that you are doing this as you come back from your injury. You have a great coach Eleanor! So happy you are back and running. Hahaha ‘here she is’ <-- so so true!


Ok, yum. Soup and sandwiches will have to go in dinner rotation next week. Sounds good. And I’ll be trying the jam thing. I have actually declined in running this week, lack of a lot of sleep has had me feeling draggy and like a dead weight trying to run. So got a few long bike rides in instead.
I am definitely a folder. Not sure if this pinterest link will work, but here is one of my tshirt draws: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/343047696601929921/ I also separate closet hanging clothes with those round separators like stores use that go on the pole, to separate long sleeve, short sleeve, dress clothes and tanks. Fully aware this is a problem. My daughter is not though, she’s doing good if the clothes actually make it IN the draw, haha.


Can you come organize my drawers?! You are so so good at that! Hahah we have the ‘in the drawer’ problem here sometimes too.
I really hope that you get some more sleep soon Michele! I hope next week goes much better!


I’m so into trying this grilled cheese with jam!!! I LOVE Dave’s Killer bread. For grilled cheese the regular slices work super awesome; however, for toast I love the thin-sliced. Something about the thin-sliced. So good!
I admire how you are fitting in strength classes along with a running workout. I haven’t quite figured out how to get two workouts in a day…might help if I could get myself to wake early, consistently. :/


Let me know what you think Andria! It really is so good. It really is so tricky to fit in strength with running… this week I’ll probably only get that one class in but hopefully next I will get in two?! Oh getting up early consistently is so so hard. Keep doing what you are doing:) . Have a beautiful day Andria!


Weeding is like tweezing eyebrows. If you like to do one you like to do the other. ;)


There is just so much truth in this statement!


I have an easy 3 miles today on the treadmill followed by upper body strength work–my least favorite of all the things. But I have a great podcast to listen to! (She Explores–I think you’d like this episode because it’s about mothers and daughters getting outside together. I’m actually on it, but I’ll have to skip my part because I can’t stand the sound of my own voice.)


Way to go getting in the strength (my least favorite too… but it helps us so much)! I can’t wait to listen to it and to hear you! Oh i bet your voice sounds amazing. SO cool Lynn! THANKS!


Ha ha ha! Mischief loves company, eh?
My drawers start off folded when I change over from one season to another, but over time, the stuffing happens all by itself. I figure it’s more important to get things out of the laundry basket, right?
I really need to try Dave’s Killer bread. It looks so good! But lately I’ve been a fan of Nature’s Own thick soft white bread for my pre-workout peanut butter snack :)
I’ve been focusing on my cadence & trying to speed up with foot turnover. It’s helping little by little, I think.
If I can get a window between work and dinner without storms (fingers crossed), I’ll do my 3-mile neighborhood loop as a progression run.
I’m very sorry, but not sure I can get on board with the jam on the grilled cheese. But I’m now craving a grilled cheese *followed by* a slice of toast with jam. Close enough? :)


The internet is so spooky–now I’m seeing ads for Nature’s Own bread everywhere.


Hahaha totally agree with you on at least just getting out of the laundry basket! Fixing your cadence is hard… way to go on doing this Corey! Don’t knock it until you try it haha. Oh that is creepy… they know everything we are thinking/talking about. Have a great day Corey!


I am absolutely a folder when it comes to putting away laundry in my drawers.

I have been using Dave’s blueberry bagels as my pre-long run breakfast….add some peanut butter and I feel good to go.

My run today….is a pretty standard tempo. W/u, 35 minutes at tempo, then c/d. I have a tendency to get kind of freaked out going into a run like this (“how I am going to hold X pace for 35 minutes??”), but lately I have been able to calm myself by focusing on getting into a rhythm and staying in control. Today is supposed to be about 80 degrees (in Seattle), so that could make things “fun” today, as well. :)


How have I never tried the Dave’s blueberry bagels?!?! KILLER workout today! I totally have had those thoughts too but somehow it DOES translate over! Huge congrats on keeping calm and enjoy those warmer temps! Have a beautiful day Aimee!


I have my first 10K race in 8 YEARS this Sunday!! I have been training for the last 7 weeks and have seen major improvements!! I am hoping to finish in under 1:10 (I am slowwwww and sometimes feel really embarrassed by that but I try to remind myself THATS OKAY, I am out there trying *my* best, and just to focus on myself). We recently got that killer bread in Canada! I will have to try it!! Skye is so mischievous, I love it!! Keeps you on your toes! My little girl who is now 3 really never did things like that so it’s funny to see that stuff actually happens IRL to parents!!


AHHH ANDREA!!! I am so so excited for you and I’m cheering for you big time. You are NOT slow! You are strong and going to rock that 10K and I better get to hear all about it. Let me know if you like the bread! Hahaha Brooke never did either so this is a whole new world. Have a beautiful day and smile each and every time you think about your 10k! Go Andrea go!!


Are you a folder or a stuffer when it comes to putting your clothes away in drawers? I’m a stuffer for running/biking clothes because they don’t wrinkle and they don’t stay folded. For the rest of my clothes I’m a folder.

What’s your favorite type/brand of bread? Anyone else love Dave’s Killer Bread? LOVE Dave’s Killer Bread. I buy the red bag – Powerseed I think?

What’s your run today? I’ll run after work with my dog around the neighborhood. Trails are closed since it’s been raining the past couple of days and today it is snowing!


SNOW?!? NOOOOO!!! I hope your run after work is a great one. I need to try the red bag! Thanks Jennifer.


I used to hate weeding and yard work but now that I have a tiny one of my own I like it.

I hit 11s on the treadmill for all of my sprints today. That’s major progress and now my legs are dead haha


GIRL!! WAY TO GO!!! Enjoy the dead leg feeling because it means you worked hard.


I’m definitely a folder, I fold everyone’s clothes, even though my hard work goes to waste because everyone else in my family is a stuffer.

I love Dave’s Killer Bread. I prefer the thin slices, but I haven’t been able to find them the last few times I’ve gone grocery shopping. I’m hoping it’s just because they are super popular and not because they aren’t being stocked anymore! I also am a fan of grilled cheese with jam. I usually do ham and provolone with raspberry jam. Mmmmmmm…

My runs have been so hard lately, I’m not sure why. I’m probably not getting enough sleep, but it’s been hard to change that.


SLEEP MAKES THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE EVER. I hope that you are able to get some sleep soon. I need to try your ham and provolone with raspberry jam combo. That sounds so good right now. Have a beautiful day and someday your family will switch over to folding ha:)


Oh my gosh, if you find weeding fun PLEASE come to our house and weed our yard :) It’s my least favorite chore.

Also I laughed out loud at the Skye picture of her dumping the Cheerios into your drawer. What a little trickster. Also I want to believe I’m a folder, but the evidence suggests otherwise.

For my progress in my running I’ve really been focused on consistency and honestly just enjoying it right now. But I signed up for CIM so a training schedule is coming….!

Today was a double workout for me of 45 minutes of barre and then a 4 mile run! It doesn’t sound like much, but after a strenuous leg workout in barre, 4 miles buuuuurns.


Hahaha If I ever finish our yard, I’ll be right over (our backyard is unreal right now). “Evidence suggests otherwise” <-- that made me laugh so hard. AHHH CIM! I am so thrilled about that. Way to go getting in the strength and then running (that is HARD). Have a beautiful day Annie!


Haha! Tillamook Cheese, I live in TN and work at a natural food store called Earth Fare and one of the departments I work in, when I’m not a cashier, is the Specialty Department(selling wine, beer, cheese, crackers, spreads, and chocolates). And, the Tillamook Cheddar is one of our most popular cheeses. I found it cool that you mentioned it on this post. ;-)


No way!!! I always wondered how many others have a deep love for Tillamook too?! I would have a hard time working in that department and not eating everything! Have a fabulous day Kayla.


Goodness gracious you’re fast! Have the kids started talking about their paces yet? Or wanting to race you or each other for time? I hear Gamin makes kids watches … :)
I try to be a folder, especially after watching Marie kondo’s show but I just don’t have time for it! Here’s the funny thing though …. I know that if I fold and use bins I will save time but not having to rummage through the drawer but at the time I always find something else to do!
We’re not brand bread people but as long as it’s nine grain or whole wheat, we’re happy. I do love Dave’s though!
My recent progress has been that I can run up to three consecutive days, run 6 + miles and run on trails all with no pain! One of these days I’ll ramp up the mileage but I’m in no rush!
Today’s run was a wonderful sunrise run along the waterfront with friends! It really could not have been more beautiful with the Puget Sound, Olympic Mountains, the islands and Mount Rainier as the backdrop!!!!
Have a great day!


Garmin makes kids watches… I did not know this?! I have to find them. Teach me to fold like you and Marie! WAY TO GO GIRL on the runs and on the trails pain free… you are rocking it! Sunrise runs + friends= heaven on earth. I want to join your group next time!


My husband and I bought our first loaf of Dave’s this week and it’s been hard rationing it out to last all week! We will for sure be adding that to the weekly grocery list!


Isn’t it the best?! So glad you are both loving it. Have a fabulous day Sara!


-I was a stuffer but recently decided to Marie Kondo my closet and dresser and started using her folding technique for drawers. It’s amazing. And organized.

-Boudin sourdough is my favorite bread, followed by my husband’s homemade bread.

-I am just this week starting to feel like running again after Boston. I guess it takes me three full weeks to recover from a marathon and I’m looking forward to a summer of speed work for a fall half.

-No run for me today. I went to a boxing class this morning and I’m participating in a Ragnar Relay this weekend so will be running then


I really need to start doing that… Marie Kondo needs to come help me! I need your husband’s homemade bread recipe. That is exactly how long it takes me after racing a full marathon. Glad you are starting to enjoy running again! GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND and I really want to try a boxing class!


Are you a folder or a stuffer when it comes to putting your clothes away in drawers? Folder but by the end of the week everything is always a mess. My husband just started requesting his clothes rolled, haha.

What’s your favorite type/brand of bread? Anyone else love Dave’s Killer Bread? We buy Dave’s Killer Bread from Costco, pretty sure I got the recommendation to buy from your blog. We love it!

Where have you recently seen progress in your running? Getting back into speed work post Boston and feeling FAST

What’s your run today? 8 miles easy


You are so fast! Way to go on that sub 6 miler! Yesterday I did 5 easy miles, plus core day at Burn Bootcamp. I started going in February when a new location opened right down the street from my house. Like you, I’m hoping that consistency there will pay off with my running!


that video of Skye with the cheerios on your IG was cracking me up, she was pushing the drawer shut like yup so helpful just folding and putting away these cheerios, mk.


Love Dave’s Killer bread! Toasted with peanut butter and banana sprinkled with cinnamon. Yummy!!

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