12 Scenes & Race Week!

I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day.  I am so incredibly grateful to those who sacrificed their lives serving our country.

I know that many of you are off from work and spending time with your loved ones so I’ll keep things short today and share some scenes lately:

We made Kodiak Cake waffles for breakfast…

IMG 6641

Skye let us know she wanted Cheerios instead (we really need to move our cereal up higher in our pantry).

IMG 6638

We went out for a little walk.  I wore my Boston long sleeve for the first time and loved how bright it was.

IMG 6645

Tried to get a few items prepped and ready to eat this week now that Brooke and Knox are out of school… I need to be prepared!  The superhero muffins are so so good from Run Fast Eat Slow.

IMG 6646

Skye will eat an entire muffin all on her own.

IMG 6651

We went to church and then during Skye’s nap we watched Kim Swims on Netflix.  It’s about Kim Chambers and her attempt to swim THIRTY MILES through cold/shark/rough waters!  I cannot even imagine… swimming across the pool is hard for me.

IMG 6668

Later on we drove up to Squaw Peak!

IMG 6671

Skye attempted eating the flowers.

IMG 6703

We had cheeseburgers and sweet potato fries for dinner.  It hit the spot.

IMG 6664

We finished off the night by playing some basketball and I beat Andrew at PIG for the first time in my entire life.

IMG 6710

Brookie comes home today!  She made some pretty sweet unicorn popsicles while she was gone!

IMG 6662

I’ve got a race this weekend so I’ll cut back a little with my mileage/speed.  I haven’t raced a 10k since Brooke was 10 months old so this will be interesting to see how it goes!


Going to a barbecue today?  Anything special for Memorial Day?

When was the last time you raced a 10k?

What was the last baked good that you made?

Swimming… do you enjoy it or not so much?

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Happy Memorial Day to you and your family! Funny the last baked good I made was also the superhero muffins! I modify them depending on what I have on hand. Love that cookbook. Just relaxing today. Went for a 11 mile run and will doing some grilling later. Hope you have a lovely day.


Thank you Adrienne and to you too! You are going to have to let me know what things you modify yours with… I would love to try different variations of them. Way to go on your 11 miler and enjoy all of the grilling… that sounds so good right now!


I raced a 10k on Saturday! My first 5k was right on pace (goal sub 40) and then the heat, humidity and wind hit me like nothing I’ve ever experienced! I missed my goal by a minute. ?? Still 3rd OA and a PR, but wow. It wasn’t pretty. I hope you get some cool weather for yours!!!! We’re headed to the beach with friends for Memorial Day. I hope you have a wonderful day and so glad Brooke is coming back to you! :)


CONGRATS MOLLIE on your 10k (send me your tips)… I cannot imagine running that fast in the heat/humidity/wind! THIRD OVERALL + PR… you better still be celebrating! Enjoy your time at the beach:) .


I am going for a run with my brother in a little bit and then spending some good pool time with my family. Here in Memphis we are already in the 90s for our highs during the day so we will go to the pool as much as possible. We have to get up early to get our runs in or wait u til later at night! We’ll be finding a shady place to stay cool :) Have a great Memorial Day!!!


I love that you get to run with your brother so much! Enjoy the pool and the sunshine for me! One good thing about that is that it helps you to avoid procrastinating getting out to run! Thanks so much and you too.


Banana muffins! I make them a ton because I love that I need to barely add any sugar into it. I often make them with oat flour too for that add nutrition ( and for some reason I have two econo tubs of old fashioned oats…). My oldest has this huge project to finish and present on Thurs. She is in 5th grade and I love her teacher but I really am struggling with why on earth we have a huge project 3 weeks before school ends??? Plus 5th graders are basically done with all the parties and field trips. Trying to motivate her to get it done today!!!


If you ever get a chance will you send me your recipe? That sounds perfect for us. Okay, that is so strange… and she is in FIFTH GRADE. I hope you are able to get it all done today and enjoy the rest of the school year. Have a beautiful day Carrie!


Oh…. The 10K! I haven’t done one in about 3 + years! I like the distance, but it’s hard! I’m sure you will do amazing!
Heading out for a short run, but then it’s off to the pool for the annual Memorial Day BBQ and pool party.
It’s graduation week!!! I can’t believe it. There are some really fun things planned for the seniors . Senior breakfast and Disneyland, senior reflections… I just can’t believe my son is here! I swear, he was just Brooke’s age!
Enjoy your day, and happy tappering ?


GRADUATION WEEK… oh this is so exciting Wendy. It must have zoomed by. This week is going to be the best for you guys and enjoy that BBQ today! Thanks so much and now to figure out how much to taper haha?!


Those waffles look amazing! I didn’t join team waffle until just recently and now I wonder what I was thinking! Skye seems to eat like my youngest… want to try eh devour anything and everything someone else is eating!
I’m hoping to get out on the trails today to run and test out my ankle. It’s going to be warm so the main priority will be going to the beach so if the run doesn’t happen I won’t be sad!
I don’t remember when/what my last 10k was. The last one I remember was not pretty and my 10k PR was during a half …. darn mom brain! ?
The last baked good was cookie bars… we’re/I’m pretty much obsessed with them! I’m going to make no bake energy bites shortly though. Yum!
Swimming… eh…. not so much! I pretended to swim laps years and years ago and got a cramp in my leg before deciding swimming isn’t/wasn’t for me. I love going to the lake/pool with the kids because I can swim like 4 strokes and they think I’m the best swimmer! Ha!
Have a great day!


I am so glad you joined the waffle team! Hahah that is exactly how Skye eats, they would be good friends (or just try to eat everything the other person is eating;). HOW WAS YOUR ANKLE?!
10k PR during a half, that is awesome Jenny! You might have to send me the recipe for those:). Hahah at what age will Brooke stopped being impressed by my 2 strokes? Thanks and you too!


Your 10K will be so much fun! I know you’ll totally kill it.
YAY for wearing your Boston long-sleeved shirt.
Baked goods–I *hardly* ever bake (as in, literally, once every few years…), but at the start of May, for a cookout Tom and I went to on Kentucky Derby day, I made a derby pie which is basically a pecan pie with chocolate and a little bit of bourbon (the alcohol bakes right out, but the flavor that stays behind and mixes with the pecans is amazing). I learned that I can’t OFFICIALLY call it a derby pie–neither can the recipe I used–since it isn’t the officially trademarked pie that Kern’s Kitchen in Louisville makes. That restaurant and bakery has made a KILLING suing people who labeled and published their recipe as “Derby Pie” all over the internet and in cookbooks. Imagine that! I think before making the pie, somewhere in the last few years I baked something (I don’t remember what). I know that you don’t drink and that part of this comes from religion, but does your faith have anything to say about using alcohol in cooking (when the alcohol gets cooked away and the flavor stays behind)? I’m so curious!
The last thing I *distinctly* remember baking is a paleo chocolate cupcake recipe with a paleo take on a spiced pecan buttercream frosting back in the fall of 2013. I made it for a potluck dinner party I went to when I was living in Kansas and the only rule was that you had to make a recipe you’d never made before.
The last time I *ate* baked goods, however–well, I had a cupcake on Saturday AND IT WAS GLORIOUS.

Oh–on Thursday night, after working at the store all day, I am flying to Kansas City FOR A JOB INTERVIEW! It’s not that job in Louisville that I really wanted, but it is something else that’s been on my horizon for the last few years and that I spent a lot of this past year talking about with my therapist and envisioning as a way to broaden my job search for my unique skills set and experience. I have a gauntlet day of interviews on Friday, and then I take the last plane home. I will be so exhausted! It’s a good thing I do not have ANY work scheduled until I teach my Body Flow class late Sunday morning because I will need so much sleep. And probably to not have to do any “people”ing after a day of interviews, meet & greets, and teaching demonstrations. But–FRIDAY IS A BIG DAY. And it’s brought a little bit of hope into my life over quite literally the last week and a half (this job opportunity sort of came up out of pretty much nowhere at the start of May, and I didn’t think anything of it when I applied for the job, and then about 10 days ago very literally out of nowhere I got ambushed into a preliminary interview phone call which turned into a video conference interview this past Tuesday and then an invitation on Wednesday to come to campus for an interview this coming Friday). It’s a whirlwind for sure.


STEPHANIE!! It is so good to hear from you! Ummm I need to try a Derby pie asap (except I’ll call it something different;)! Oh we can definitely use alcohol in our cooking! Ask any question you would like, I’m an open book!
I AM SO excited about this job interview! I will be thinking about you big time on Friday and you will be in my prayers. You have so much going on and I’m so glad that you are feeling hopeful again. PLEASE let me know how it goes!


I used this recipe, and EVERYONE at the cookout really fell in love with it: https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/221977/heides-kentucky-derby-dessert/
You need to get yourself one of those airplane-sized little things of bourbon (regular old Makers Mark will work well) just so you have enough to make this pie. It is beyond divine. Serve it with big happy mounds of whipped cream (or a big ol’ scoop of vanilla ice cream) and you and your steed will be in pie heaven. (and I ‘took i easy’ by using a pre-made Pillsbury pie crust and no one even knew…ha!!!)

It has been a very long and tough year. In many ways beyond what I have mentioned in comments (or texted you about on the ‘gram), one of the most difficult of my life–but it went so much better, in the grand scheme of things, because I have the best husband in the world. Sometimes it has blown me away how much I can be loved even when I feel like I am at my worst. And it is so dang good to have HOPE, even the smallest shred. Being full of that stuff has always been a part of my identity, and this past year–well, it’s felt snatched away from me. But let this one thread of hope be the beginning of a much bigger, fuller braid of threads, yeah? :)

<3 <3 <3


I have NEVER raced a 10k, but I’m doing my first in the fall! I’ve run longer races but have no idea what to expect out of myself for this one . . . I don’t really know what speeds I’m capable of!

Last thing I baked was the superhero muffins, too! I keep them in the freezer for an easy snack/breakfast, and they are just the best.

I love swimming–I used to be a swimmer, but when I started not enjoying it as much, I started running. Thinking about starting up swimming again, too–we’ll see!


Oh I am SO excited for you to race your 10k later on this year and see how strong you are. I need to freeze them… great idea Kristin! They really are the best and Skye has no idea she is packing in her zucchini for the day ha:) . Let me know if you start up with swimming again. Have a wonderful day Kristin!


We are just hanging out at home and BBQing here. I’m trying to get rid of this summer cold I have.
I did a mud run/10k years ago. It barely felt like a run because of all of the obstacles.
I baked a brown butter frosting banana sheet cake yesterday.
Swimming is one of my very favorite things to do. I feel so happy/relaxed and content underwater. Have a great and relaxing day with your family.


Enjoy the bbq and I hope you are feeling 100% asap! Oh I bet those mud runs are SO hard! Can I come over for some of that sheet cake and then you can teach me how to swim. I love how you feel while swimming. Have a wonderful day Sarah!


My last 10K was the KU Relays 10K road race in 1985, my sophomore year of college. The road race was fun because it was open to the public and all the track athletes that did not qualify for the track 10K final ran in it as well (in their uniforms).
No baking or swimming for me. I barbecued cedar planked salmon yesterday. We will be having the leftovers tonight. I’ll be running this morning at Greenlake with my son.


I think it’s time for another 10K John:) . That road race sounds like a blast.. super cool. And now I’m drooling over that salmon. Enjoy your run together!


I LOVE your dress!!! Where did you get it?


Thank you so much Allison! I got it at Roolee a few years ago… they have the best dresses! Have a fabulous day!



Skye looks so cute in the first pic!

I’m so jealous your kids are out of school we have THREE weeks left!! It’s hard now that the weather is so nice to not have it be summer yet

I run a 10k once a year it’s Christmas themed! It’s called the Christmas story 10k. Excited to see how you do!


THREE WEEKS?! That’s like half-way through summer! WOW. Oh that 10k sounds like a blast and I bet a ton of people dress up as santa:) . Have a beautiful day Sara and I hope that the next three weeks zoom by so you can get into summer mode asap. Have a beautiful day!


-We will grill burgers tonight but not technically going to a BBQ. We kind of went somewhere: hubby and two of the boys went to ward Memorial Day breakfast and I ran the Bolder Boulder 10k. Cool note: Kara and Adam Goucher were in my wave (I did not get to meet them, just breathed the same air)(they were running with their 8 yr old and stayed all together at his pace – good parent plan).
-I made oatmeal/chocolate chip/coconut bar cookies two weeks ago – Kid#2 made triple chocolate cookies last week.
-I swim plenty well enough to not drown but doing it for exercise…meh. Not good enough to reap any benefits so I’ll leave it for playing at the lake.


The first picture of the three of you is the cutest picture I’ve ever seen of Skye. Adorable!


I agree! Thanks so much Melanie! I hope you have a wonderful day!


I used to absolutely love swimming as a kid! My parents put me in a ton of swim lessons because I liked it so much. I think the last time I swam was in high school on a field trip – probably 20 years ago now. That makes me feel old.


We just had a little family gathering, brats & burgers on the grill ! For some reason, I have never raced a 10K before. Last thing I baked….peanut butter cookies. And swimming has my whole heart ! Not for mileage or competition but for exercise and pure enjoyment of the water. We just got our own pool at the end of last summer, so should be way more convenient this summer. My daughter and I love being in it so much ! Sometimes 6-8 a day with very few food breaks. She gets so disappointed when friends are done after an hour, haha. So it’s her and I. Love, love, love it.

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