Ten Things I Do Every Morning!!

Good morning!  I hope your day is off to a great start.  I’m excited to get in a run with my neighbor this morning in some perfect temperatures!  

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I love routines.  Love them.  

I think that one of the hardest things for me when I am injured is that not running messes up my morning routine.  Six days a week (when I am healthy and training) I wake up, run and then continue on with my morning things.  Without running it feels a little weird.  I also love having a Sunday morning routine each week (which involves being as lazy as humanly possible) to prepare myself for the upcoming week.  

I definitely don’t feel the same way as this person below but it made me laugh so hard!  

Screen Shot 2019 04 17 at 12 22 13 PM

I think that I love a good routine and sticking to it because of the statement below.  Getting out and running each morning shows me that I can set a goal and choose to stick to it and each time that I do, it makes me feel happy.  It’s not just with running that I love to have a clear routine, it’s other things too!  The early morning is my favorite because it is quiet and still.  I can get in some clear thinking and spend some time on myself.

Screen Shot 2018 07 19 at 5 15 06 PM

I thought it would be fun to share ten things that I do each and every morning.  I would love to hear about your morning routine in the comments.  Some of these things happen before the run, after the run or after I take the kids to school.  With kids I sometimes have to juggle the timing of some of these things but they always happen.  

*Within a minute of getting out of bed, I brush my teeth.  Brushing my teeth first thing in the morning is so ingrained in me and is always a part of my morning.  I AM OBSESSED with the SmartClean Toothbrush.  This thing gets my teeth cleaner than ever.  

The SmartClean Toothbrush has 3 different brush heads so you can find your best fit.  My favorite toothbrush head is the XClean (it also comes with the SmartClean and ProClean heads) because the crisscross pattern of the bristles really leaves my teeth cleaner than ever when I finish.  It also has 5 different brushing modes so you can figure out the best intensity for you. <— The brushing modes are CLEAN, WHITE, POLISH, MASSAGE & SENSITIVE.  Before this toothbrush I had a random manual one from the grocery store and the SmartClean Toothbrush makes my teeth feel so much cleaner and brighter afterwards.  I’m one of those ‘aggressive brushers’ when I use a manual toothbrush (my poor gums) and this toothbrush has been so soft on my gums while cleaning my teeth so clean and reaching all of the hard to get spots.  I’m hooked.  A single charge on this beauty lasts up to 6 weeks which makes traveling with it super easy too.  The bristles are also DuPont anti-bacterial—> YES PLEASE.  They ship your brush heads to you right when you want them.   It also has a 2 minute timer on it (I’m like the kids and love a timer ha) and a four zone reminder.  


I look forward to using the SmartClean Toothbrush a few times a day. It is definitely a part of my morning routine.


*I put sunscreen on my face every morning before I run even if I’m running in the dark.  I’m a huge fan of playing it safe and using sunscreen anytime I’m outside (even in the dark) is part of my morning routine.  RUNNERS NEED SUNSCREEN!  I wish that I had been more diligent about sunscreen when I was a teenager and in my early 20s but it’s never too late to start!

IMG 0197

*After I brush my teeth and put on sunscreen, I put on my running clothes and head out the door.  If I am doing a longer run then I’ll eat some breakfast but anything an hour or less I just drink some water and head out the door.  I am a HUGE fan of having my running clothes laid out the night before and ready to grab so in the morning I don’t have to think about what to wear.  If my gear isn’t out and ready for me then it becomes 50 times harder for me to get out of bed to go run.  Andrew has started doing this too.  It makes me happy because he used to tease me for doing this, haha.


*I say a prayer.  Sometimes it’s during my run or at my front doorstep.  It’s the best way for me to remember whose I am and what type of perspective I want to start for the day.

*I run.  The training may change from month to month but the right foot, left foot on repeat thing is always a constant and I love that so much.

*I eat something within 30 minutes of finishing a workout.  Rain or shine, I make sure to refuel.  Usually it is a smoothie or a protein bar but wouldn’t it be nice if it was this goodness every morning (aka what I dream about during my run):

IMG 2622

*Just recently I have really started to take better care of my skin and it is paying off!  My acne is slowly but surely disappearing and it feels healthier and more hydrated already.  After EACH workout I use a face wipe to get any sweat off and then I use a cleanser, a face serum, face lotion finished off with more sunscreen for the rest of the day.  I am really growing to love this part of my morning routine because it feels like I am taking time each morning to take care of myself.


*After my shower I love to use the Brio Ivy Trimmer especially as we are approaching summer.  I’ve had a low-quality trimmer before and it broke after a few weeks, I’m so happy to have a really reliable one now. Andrew is happy that I’m not stealing his anymore.  It cuts hair perfectly and the narrow head makes it easy to use anywhere especially on delicate areas.  I find trimming to be so much more convenient than getting waxed and the trimmer doesn’t irritate my skin the way that shaving does in some areas.


*I usually try to get in some time with emails or responding to comments on that morning’s post!  <— Chatting with you guys is my favorite part of blogging.

*And then it is kid time!  Sometimes when I drop them off to school it feels like I should be eating lunch because I like to fit in as much as possible into the morning.

IMG 2884


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Are you a fan of routines or do you enjoy mixing things up?

-It’s so fun on trips to mix things up for me but then I also love coming back home and getting in a good routine again!

Share your morning routine with me!  I’d love to hear about your MUST DO things each morning.

Favorite type of toothpaste?

-100% Colgate

Morning person, night person or neither person?

-Usually I am a morning person but sometimes I just want to go to bed early and sleep in late which would make me a neither person.

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I’ve never heard of that brand.. thank you for sharing!!! ☀️
HUGE fan of routine.. in fact I get kinda cranky when I can’t follow my usual routine lol. Wait… are you talking about THE ROUTINE again? ? ?
I’m gonna to make the strawberry shortcake you posted about today!! Is it okay to eat strawberry shortcake for breakfast? I mean.. it does have fruit!!!

Have a wonderful day!!! ???


It’s recommended to eat it for breakfast:) . I hope you love it! I’m right there with you and I get cranky without a routine too.
The One With The Routine. YOU ARE THE BEST HAHAH!
Have a wonderful day Sydney!


So funny that you mention particularly on trips that you like to switch things up. I am EXACTLY that way. I am SO routine at home and when I go on a trip I like to do whatever everyone else wants to do and not have anything set or make ANY decisions :) I still get up early and go to bed early but during the day – meals, activities, etc, I like to just go with the flow.

Tom’s of Maine kid flavor toothpaste :)

I am ALWAYS a morning person.


I think this means we all just need to go on a trip together:) . It really is so nice to get away and go with the flow for a few days because I’m not great at going with the flow at home ha. My sister loves Tom’s of Maine too. I wonder if we are born morning people… I’ve been a morning person since the beginning! Have a fabulous day Amanda!


I am totally a routine person. After I take my shower in the morning I make a hot breakfast for hubby and I. After that I read my daily devotionals while sipping some green tea. I find that starting the day reading God’s word sets the tone for the rest of the day. As I am an inhome daycare provider I must mentally prepare lol. Those kiddos deserve the very best version of me!


Oh you really do need to mentally prepare and they are so lucky to have you. It’s amazing how much better the day goes when we start off thinking about God. Have a beautiful day Kimberly!


That is a lot of stuff to do before the kids even get off to school! What time do you wake up? Any tips on motivation for getting up so early? I can barely get out the door for daycare and I don’t do half of the things you do LOL


It depends on the day but usually between 5-6. I seriously think some people are just born morning people because Andrew hates it and my body just naturally does it. I bet you are way more fun at night… I’m the biggest grump and I don’t do anything so I’m sure you get way more done then! For me when I don’t want to get out of bed early then I just remind myself that it is now or never… because once those kids are awake, they take over! Have a beautiful day Jessica!


What kind of sunscreen do you use? I have tried using sunscreen when I run, but when I sweat it runs into my eyes and stings.


I’d love to find this out too! ??


HEY LAUREL and SINCLAIRE!! I am never had that sweat/sunscreen in the eye thing… that sounds terrible. I use this one and I absolutely LOVE IT:
I hope you love it too!

Have a great day!


“To remember whose I am”….that is such a beautiful way to think of that. Sometimes it’s easy to get so busy we forget where our hearts live. I love how you so subtly and beautifully share your faith in your posts. You are an uplifting writer. Thank you!


Oh thank you so much Wendy! It’s amazing to me how much better life goes each day if I start it remembering that and not getting lost in feeling like my worth is tied to silly things. I hope you have a wonderful day!


I’m a lover of routine! I had to change it last Saturday and felt off for the rest of the weekend after!
I love what you said about it reaffirming decisions – I’d never thought about routine like that and I like it :)

Rachel | The Modern Bohemian


YES… we just get to prove to ourselves over and over again that we stick to our decisions. It’s the best. I totally get what you said about your last weekend:) .

PS YOUR BLOG IS STUNNING. All of the pictures are gorgeous, teach me your ways! Loved your tips today and your packed lunches made me drool:) . Have a wonderful day Rachel!


I love my morning routine. I usually go to the gym 4 mornings a week, so the other mornings are nice to “sleep in” aka wake up at 6am if a workday or 7am if a weekend because I am used to getting up so early. I get up at 4:40am if going to the gym and like you I feel like I had a whole day almost before work starts at 8. I love the gym early in the morning though because it’s quiet and a great way to wake up and feel productive first thing. If I don’t go to the gym, I spend a little time making a nice hot breakfast of eggs or pancakes before work. Then I watch a bit of a TV show or I work on some homework (doing my MBA online) before work. I am really bad at having a night time routine though.

Also I’m a crest toothpaste person. Fun fact, I just took a marketing class for the first time and I realized the reason I use my current crest toothpaste is because they used to send samples of new products with the sunday paper while I was growing up and I got a sample and stuck with it since. Same goes for my razor, I still have the same one I got as a free sample and it made me continue to buy the blades. Apparently I am easily swayed with free samples when it comes to marketing.


4:40… Alicia, you are awesome! I love hearing about your mornings… they sound so productive and huge congrats on working towards your MBA. You are sure juggling a lot. They need to send out those free samples again:) . Or maybe they do and we just don’t get the newspaper ha. Have a wonderful day girl!


I get up at 3:30am each morning. I am a VERY routine person. My usual day would be up – stretch – shower – breakfast – brush teeth – pray – pack backpack with lunch and coffee – work – run/workout/core – snack – journal – call my dad – eat – watch tv or surf the net – bed. I “sleep in” until 7:30am on the weekends and usually run with my son on Saturdays. I guess all that makes me a morning person.

Anybody else been watching James on Jeopardy?


3:30–> GO JOHN! You are rocking that routine. I love that you get to run with your son on the weekends… that is the best. YES, my mom told me about him. He is on fire!


I’ve always worked a 6am-2:30pm or 5am-1:30pm shift. It was a great shift for coaching youth sports after work when my kids were younger. And now it’s a great shift to have time to exercise after work. I’ve never been an exercise in the morning person.


I really enjoy routines as well. It just makes me much more productive to stay in my routine. When my routine gets off, I end up eating bad, sleeping bad, etc. I guesss I’m an all or nothing kind of girl. Getting out of my routine seems to mess all the other things up, haha.

I am definiiiitely more of a morning person. I love Saturday long runs for that reason, I don’t mind at all getting up at 430 to go for my long run.

Injury definitely does mess routine up so I’m trying to work on figuring out a new normal in this season:) I did find out at my doctors appointment yesterday I have no stress fractures which is a huge blessing. She thinks its tarsal tunnel syndrome which is basically a compressed nerve in my foot…not fun. It is kind of one of those things where you just have to keep resting, icing, and getting chiropractic treatment. After I heard I didn’t have a stress fracture yesterday I went for a run. My body just needed it. I only did 2 miles and ran them without looking at my watch for pace and just went! And it was SO SO joyful. I didn’t have any pain after but have slight pain this morning. So I’ve just gotta keep icing it and taking it easy. But I’m glad I have a treatment plan now and know what to work on!

Have a great day, Janae. and thanks for seriously being so encouraging to me lately with this injury:)


Hey Eleanor!! Thank you for keeping me updated with how things are going. I am SO happy it is not a stress fracture but a compressed nerve.. that does not sound fun! 2 miles of joy= so glad you were able to get that in. Aren’t finally having answers to a problem so reassuring. I do not like the unknown so I’m glad you were able to get answers.
I’m also in that all or nothing club:) . I hope you have a great day Eleanor and that those endorphins are still hanging out in your body from yesterday.


Brio is a new-to-me name, but I’ll check out what they have.
I’m very much a creature of habit, so I do have routines.
On weekdays–
5:53: roll out of bed and stumble right to my desk (in my kitchen) to start working by 6:00; I brush my teeth, put in my contacts, etc., while the laptop is starting up.
~ 7:15: drop off my middle kid at HS and return to keep working.
~ 8: take the dog out, feed her breakfast, give the cat her medicine, and make my decaf coffee blend to take a thermos to the office. Then I get myself showered and dressed, keep my youngest kid on track for eating breakfast/getting dressed/packing lunch, then drop him off at school on my way to the office around 9-ish. And after all that–I eat lunch at 11 a.m. :)
7:33: get up, have a cup of coffee & PB sandwich, walk/feed the dog, put on workout clothes (usually laid out at night)
8:40: leave for the 9:00 class at the gym & pick up donuts on the way home :)
I’m a fan of Arm & Hammer baking soda toothpaste.
I’ve turned in to a morning person. Before kids, I always used to be a night owl, but since I’ve been lucky enough to have a flexible work schedule that lets me drop off and pick up the kids, I’m pretty productive in the morning and tired at night.


I love that you have a random time (5:53) where you roll out of bed… I do that too and Andrew is so confused why I set my alarm clock the way that I do. I love your routine, you have so much going on! Kid’s change us ha!
I love that baking soda taste in my toothepaste too.

Have a beautiful day Corey!!


I love a good routine but I’m always up for some spontaneity too.

I was just looking for a new trimmer. I had one of those razors with it but after a few years it finally broke. I’ll have to check that out.

I grew up on mostly crest toothpaste but I think I like Colgate more. I can do either one though.


I hope you love it as much as I do! I just love that baking soda taste with Colgate (pregnancy ruined me with mint ha). Have a wonderful day Jenny, this weather is unreal!


I am a morning person and also LOVE routine. My 3 fav things to start the day are 1) make my bed 2) go for a run or workout (lately it’s been Orangetheory) 3) shower. After those things I am ready to conquer the world.

I have never heard of that brand but might buy the trimmer as I used to have a good one and it died and the replacement trimmer wasn’t nearly as good.


Seriously, try this trimmer. I really do love it a lot! YES… that morning routine gives us so much power. I really want to try Orangetheory! Have a wonderful day Kelly!


I am so on the same page as you in regards to routine! I get up, brush teeth, get my running clothes on (that I set out the night before), drink some nuun energy (for the caffeine) and start my day on a high note. Like you, I also have something within 30 or so minutes. Usually I drink a protein drink and then have overnight protein oatmeal about an hour or so later. After my run I get the kids ready for school, I go to work, then after school activities. I crave routine so much and feel so off when it varies. I didn’t work out this morning because my legs have been sore for days and I can’t seem to shake it + I just felt like my body would benefit more from sleep. My legs feel great but I feel off …. not awake. I need my morning endorphins!!!
As for toothpaste – we’re a crest family. I think I got into it because of my parents. All other toothpaste tastes so strange to me! I’m getting invisalign next week and have to look into some sort of travel system to brush my teeth after eating. I eat a lot throughout the day so if you have suggestions, please let me know! I was thinking of maybe checking out the disposable toothbrushes but I feel like that’s just too much of a waste. Help please! Lol!
Have a great day!!!


I need to try the nuun energy! I forgot about overnight oatmeal… if you have a good recipe for your protein one send it over please! You definitely made the right choice as far as your workout goes but I know how hard that is! Oh that is a great question… since I work at home I haven’t ever had to think about that! CAN ANYONE HELP JENNY? Have a great day!


Your bathroom is gorgeous!

I am definitely more of a morning person and I thrive on routine!

Some morning must do’s are: 1. Think about what I’m grateful for 2. stretch 3. brush my teeth/wash my face 4. workout 5. shower and then I’m totally ready to conquer the day!

I almost always wear my clean workout clothes to bed and I always have my socks and shoes right by the door so I am ready to go. I typically try and fill up my water the night before too. The less thinking I have to do that early, the better!


Oh thank you Marissa! I LOVE that you start your day with gratitude, that is powerful Marissa and a total game changer. Hahah yes, sometimes I wake up fully at mile 4 on the run:) I hope you have a wonderful day!


I love routines, but I’ve gotten much better at being laid-back sometimes! I do 10-15 minutes of yoga almost every morning, and I’ve found it helps my body and mind feel SO much better–and it helps me run and recover better. I also read a chapter or so most mornings! It helps me feel calm and centered for the day, and reading is one of my favorite things.


I really need to join you in some morning yoga, I love that you do that along with reading a chapter. Such great ways to start your days Kristin. I hope your Wednesday has been a great one so far!


I love to say that I am a morning person that likes to sleep in. I also don’t say that I like routines but when mine gets messed up, I realize that I am very into routines.


Hahah I can totally relate with being a morning person that likes to sleep in! Seriously, once those routines get messed up… that’s when we realize how great they are. Have a wonderful day megan!


What do you use on your face for acne? The more I swear the worse it gets!


For some reason it was gratifying to see that so many other people love routine like me. My morning routine is: wake up at 5:15, walk my two dogs for 30 minutes and pray during the walk, make my bed, gym (usually Orange Theory), breakfast and then get ready for work. As an aside, have you heard the commencement speech given by admiral McCraven at the university of Texas? One of his key points is the importance of making your bed in the morning—so good! Love your blog Janae and your family!


I am a routine girl! I think it helps my son too when he kind of knows what to expect each day. I agree that vacation is a fun time to mix it up!
COFFEE… just coffee.
I don’t have a favorite toothpaste, ha we mix it up and just buy what is on sale ?
I have to wake up early when I work and my child likes to wake up at the crack of dawn so it has made me a morning person. And I like to go to bed early ever since I hit the old 3-0.

I hope your week has been great!


I’m totally a morning person – but I CANNOT workout or run in the morning! LOL I don’t know why.

tonyalee @ vivaciousbibliophile.com/


Breakfast is the best time to eat it :). My wish is that it fulfills all your desire. Without a regular schedule, I too get irritable, so I well understand.

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