Silentish Saturday!

Took them to school early so we could play a few games of tag… Turns out I have zero fast twitch muscles and these kids did not have a hard time catching me.


IMG 2888

Andrew had a great time mountain biking.

IMG 2883

Just hanging out and waiting to pick up Knox from school.

IMG 2889

Andrew and Brooke had a little date while Knox was at a birthday party.

IMG 2912

Neighborhood Easter egg hunt.

IMG 2918

Skye had zero interest in picking up any of the eggs.

IMG 2921

IMG 2925

Knox had a soccer game!

IMG 2929

The grill provided lunch and dinner last night.

IMG 2943

IMG 2944

Dessert was brought over by my neighbor… THESE ARE TOO GOOD.

IMG 2917

We spent more time outside (she has sunscreen on but her little cheeks get red very fast when we are outside:) and stayed hydrated.

IMG 2930

It’s always weird not running on a Saturday but I’m still riding that Boston high!  (Tina is below)

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Tell me three things that you are doing today!!

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I am running Race to Robie Creek half Marathon in Boise. Climbing over 2000 feet! Race starts at high noon. After that, I’ll be attempting to walk on jello legs.


2000 feet of climbing in 13.1 miles–> Diane you are hardcore! SO SO excited for you! Have a blast and let me know how it goes.


My daughters were on spring break this week and we just got back from the beach. So today is laundry, grocery shopping, and more laundry. My Saturday is lit, y’all.


I am SO glad that you guys were able to go on a trip together to the beach. That sounds like heaven! Good luck on the laundry… that is the hardest part about coming home from a trip!


The weather looks beautiful for being outdoors too.

I’m not doing a lot today, just working. Not that that’s a bad thing. Have a great weekend Janae.


Thanks Hollie! I hope your work day goes great and that you get some time outside too!


1. I am running the Tenacious 10K in Seattle! I got to go to the Oiselle Store for the first time yesterday and it was so cool!

2. My son is running the 1K, so I’ll be doing that with him too.

3. My brother in law and family are coming down from Bellingham to spend the day with us!

My son’s face gets red in the heat – he looks like a tomato. We try to douse him in a cool pool (if we are at the Y) or give him a popsicle to help him cool down . Like me he is a pale face, so we get flushed easily!


WAHOOOOOO! Have a fabulous time at the 10k and let me know how it goes. Oh I would love to go into the Oiselle store… so happy you were able to do that. Tell your son good luck for us! You guys have an awesome day! Yes… Knox and Skye are both that way, I need to pick up some popsicles!


1. Quick 5 miler on the treadmill (soooo humid out I think I almost had ptsd from training for my marathon last summer when the humidity was insane in NH:)).
2. Dropped our little pup off to be boarded until Monday
3. Weekend trip with the husband to Newport, RI for Easter :)

Enjoy the weekend, Janae!!!!


HUMID ALREADY!? Oh Emily… I don’t know how you survived marathon training last summer. Humidity kills me! Have the best time on the trip with your husband, I love that you are doing that. Have a beautiful day!


So much fun to see you at the egg hunt! Today we have vball for my 14 year old, soccer for the 10 year old, and last minute Easter errands because I’m never prepared ahead of time. ?


SARAH!! I am so so glad I finally got to meet you! Wanna go on a walk together soon… WE ARE NEIGHBORS!


Heading to Burn Bootcamp in a few, grocery shopping and having our grandson over today. Should be a fantastic day! Have a great day, Janae!


Have the best time at Burn (that place is so so hard)! Enjoy time with your grandson! Thanks so much Martha!


Did my first run since last weeks race, today! 2 Miles at a faster than normal pace and it felt great!
We’re having Easter dinner today with our family and having an Easter egg hunt!


Cookie butter sandwiches look way too good and I could not keep those in my house!

Today: hiit workout, helped friends unpack boxes (I walked up and down the stairs with boxes/stuff from boxes probably 20-30 times…so sweaty!), and playing with my dog! Thinking about my next race…some of my friends are doing a 10k in September and I’m debating between that and the half on the same day. I really want to do another half but I’m thinking it’d be fun to race with friends!


3 things: Work, running, and trying to stay warm! It’s cold and rainy here…..46 right now, yet by tomorrow and Monday the high is 80 again…………..what??!!


I plan on taking a long walk to soak up the beautiful weather we’re having in the midwest today. I will then catch up on laundry and go out for a nice dinner.


Softball spectating (ok, technically that’s over)
Grocery shopping
Gym going
I feel like my Saturday list is exactly the same for about half the year.


You know, I never got to comment about your Boston experience because of computer issues so I just want to say this year was the first time I actually followed runners on the race. My coworker ran, a friend of a coworker and then …YOU on our screens at work. Every one referred to you as my friend so I just went with it!! She’s a women I have a lot of respect for and admire and enjoy reading about her family and running but even though we’ve never met, Sure! she ‘s my friend!!!! Thanks for giving me someone to cheer for!!!!


NO WAY!!!! This made me so so happy! WE ARE FRIENDS! Thank you for being my friend and please keep in touch Melvie!


Janae! I just found this from showing some of the signs from the marathon!



Oh my goodness, thank you so much for sending this!!! I’m loving these!


Hi Janae! I ran the Bend Half Marathon today!! I finished in 2:02:22 which is a big PR for me wahoo!! Buuut my Garmin watch said I only ran 12.75 miles…so I don’t know what to trust! Usually I feel like it is pretty spot on?? Did I run the tangents tooo well or what? Idk it makes me feel like this PR isn’t very legitimate! (Bend Marathon is NOT a Boston qualifier…possibly for reasons like this?) What are your thoughts when things like this happen?!
I will say even if I ran the extra .35 mi it would have been a PR, but I’m just torn. Would love any thoughts or opinions!

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