Last Double Digit + Our Day + Ultra Training Weekly Summary!!

Yesterday was the final double digit run of this training cycle.  There were probably close to 30ish double digit runs completed in preparation for this race and the final one is done and now I just need to put my feet up.

Turkey crossing.  There were about 50 turkeys crossing the road randomly as I was running by.

I got in some good hills and time on trails but overall I felt pretty terrible ha.  This cold hasn’t turned full-blown but I’m not feeling my greatest.  Colds rarely last over a week, right?!  It will actually be the perfect timing because after feeling bad for a few runs with a cold, the ultra will be my first run back feeling normal.  I’ll feel like a million bucks compared to running with a cold/cough so it will help me to just cruise!

IMG 8969

Always fun to be greeted by the cheering squad when I get home.

IMG 8979

They are quite supportive of this training.

IMG 8981

Next week I have about ten miles total before the race… I can’t believe it is almost here!

IMG 8987 2

Beretta got in some good running too.  Her fast twitch muscles are about 1 million times more developed than mine.  I don’t know if I know how to sprint anymore;)

IMG 8990

My sister brought over leftover french toast from an event along with the syrup (from Magleby’s which ties with Kneaders for their french toast).

IMG 8993

We had them for breakfast, lunch and snacks:)

IMG 9012

We have a busy couple of Saturday’s coming our way so we were very laid back yesterday.

IMG 9025

Andrew did put together the trampoline which was exciting (aka we don’t think it will snow anymore wahoo).

IMG 9009

IMG 9003

And for dinner we had a chicken fajita salad.  Chicken cooked in the crockpot with salsa and peppers/onion cooked in a pan with olive oil and fajita seasoning.  It was wonderful.

IMG 9031


Here’s how running went this last week!

IMG 8701

Monday:  5 miles @ 8:19 average.

Tuesday:  3.2 miles @ 8:50 average.

Wednesday:  5 miles @ 8:20 average.

Thursday:  0 miles

Friday:  4 miles @ 8:14 average

Saturday:   10 miles @ 8:38 average with some good hills and some time on trails.

Sunday:  Off!

27.2 miles total.  Tapering is going well and starting tonight… I’m in bed by 8:30 every night until the race.


What was your best run last week?

How long does a cold usually last for you?

Was your Saturday pretty laid back or busy?

Can you do any tricks on a trampoline?

-Front flip for life… but the idea of trying a back flip terrifies me.

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I thought of a new place for you to eat in Davis County. Hug hes! They have one restaurant by the Centerville running store. And one in Syracuse on the way to Antelope Island. Literally on Antelope Drive. I think it’s a sign. I highly discourage the sugar cookies but everything else I’ve had is delicious. Super impressed with the burgers and deep fried cheesecake. My sister and many others love the pasta salad. They make the dressing in house.
I’d write a whole food blog post for you but I’m currently applying to go back to college. I’ve been teaching preschool for 12.5 years and last week I decided it’s time to get my Elementary Education degree. So life is going to get crazy again. But I’m finally motivated to be at college. 3rd time is the charm hahah. Have a fabulous Sunday! I hope it includes yummy treats and some spiritual enlightment. I’m off to make gooey Krispie treats…..the only way to eat them.


You are the best Michelle… I need to get there. Looks like we need to take a day just to try all of these amazing places. Andrew would LOVE the deep fried cheesecake. I am SO SO THRILLED FOR YOU! This is so exciting Michelle. Keep me updated with all of your schooling. You are going to be an amazing elementary school teacher. Oh those Krispie treats sound amazing.


Wow! Your low distance week still exceeds my Hugh distance! My long run yesterday, also my best run because the 3, 3.5, and 4 mile runs seem too short, was 6 miles because my next race is a 10K April 20. I cannot wait because my son is also running the 1K that week, and then the next week he has a 1 mile race with his school. I hope he loves them!

Your cold will be totally gone – you are right – and it is going to make you embrace the taper so perfect timing really. My colds usually last 2 days.

Our Saturday was not too packed, like you we are embracing the last of the downtime, but we did wear ourselves out with 2 hours of swimming.

Tricks on a trampoline? Are you kidding?!!! None! I can do flips in a pool and even off a diving board, but I guess my best move on a trampoline is one bounce in my feet next in my bottom then next on my feet. Tell me how to talk your husband into a trampoline?!?! My son would LOVE one but my hubby thinks they are just an eyesore they end up not getting used. We live out in the country so have plenty of room, and no snow so I don’t think we would ever have to take it down and put it back up!


Cold = 6days.
I agree whole heartedly it will make you feel better running. After being sick I always commit that normal feels amazing.
Pretty sure I am having something with syrup this morning after church after seeing that FT.


I am headed to a workshop in Lehi today! Can’t wait to see the beautiful mountains you always show and I wish I had more free time to try all the great restaurants you talk about.
I am having to take a hiatus from running from a bum knee but doing my HIIT workouts which are kicking my booty.
Spent Saturday outside since it was sunny and 60 in Seattle. Off to get ready to leave for the airport.


AHHHH YOU ARE HERE!! Wish we could meet up for some sugar cookies! Enjoy and next time you are here for longer let me know. Sounds like the perfect day in Seattle yesterday!


You chicken fajita salad looks delicious. Bonus points cause it sounds like it’s easy to make too.
My Saturday was pretty laid back too. I went over to my boyfriend’s place where we walked his bulldog puppy and made a St Patrick’s Day meal (corned beef, cabbage, carrots, and potatoes). We spent the rest of the time watching Netflix and playing with the puppy.


You are so right about feeling great after a cold–I think you never feel quite as healthy as you do the first couple days after an illness is gone. So excited for your race! You are so right about SLEEP. That’s what gets you healthy.

Saturday I did lots of things, but all laid-back things . . . including seeing Captain Marvel. I’m not a huge superhero movie person, but it was amazing. I loved it.

My best run: I think almost 6 months ago, when I started reading your blog, I mentioned there was a route I was bursting to run but just hadn’t because of injury. I ran it today! 4 miles (I didn’t run the whole thing . . . it’s SUPER long, like maybe something I would bike the entirety of), absolutely gorgeous morning, good pace. Still have some leg pain but it’s days like this that make me feel optimistic. :-) I just needed to share that because I’ve been wanting to run there for so long!!!


I also have my last “real” run today… 8 miles on my favorite trail, then a total of 8 for the rest of the week and the marathon on Sunday. My cold is feeling better, but this dang cough!
Chicken fajita salad sounds so good! Maybe I’ll do that for dinner tonight ?
We have a trampoline too, super fun, but I don’t do very many tricks anymore. 2summers ago, I did 2 front flips, and my neck was messed up for days! I decided that maybe doing tricks at age 45 isn’t the easiest…ha ha
Enjoy your Sunday, and keep tappering well!


Do y’all have to take your trampoline down each winter? I got sucked into the rabbit hole that is your blog, and I can’t get out! ? I’m reading 2011, and I’m cracking up at things like watching a new episode of The Office and liking What I Like About You (I loved that show and wish reruns came on). Was 2011 really that long ago?!


Hahah yes we do… all of the snow that we get would break it. It’s always a wonderful day when we get to put it back up. AHHHH I am so glad you are reading through and 2011 feels like a different life for me ha. Let’s make a petition for them to bring that show back on to reruns. Enjoy the rest of your day Claire.


Saturday was my best run. It was my new longest distance and my overall pace was better.
Colds usually last a week or so, but I had one last year that lasted for almost three.
Our Saturday was pretty laid back, just did my run and that was about it. So today is do all the chores :)
I cannot not do any tricks on the trampoline, maybe some day though.


WAY TO GO YESTERDAY LISA! That is so exciting! Almost three weeks ahhhh… I hope that isn’t the case this time for me. I hope the chores went well. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


You don’t think you will have any more snow? My sister will be excited to hear that (she lives near you) but I’m not holding my breath over here. We hope last week was our last big snow but no more snow at all would be a big surprise.

Saturday was my best run – almost 10 miles with minimal aggravation from my hip that has been fussy the last few weeks.


I sure hope we don’t… ahh. I hope it was the last one for you too. If your sister runs tell her to come run with me:) . I am SO glad that your hip was nice to you yesterday! Have a great week.


I hope each day you feel better and better and that cold is gone-zo soon! I am a firm believer that chocolate chip cookies and tea are medicine. Seriously.

My best run was actually yesterday! It was just warm enough for shorts (mind you, I had on long socks, long sleeeve shirt, and light mittens….)

No trampoline tricks anymore. Ever since I bungee jumped forever ago I can not go upside down very well. It’s put a damper on flip turns in the pool. fooey.

French toast is an amazing snack. I may make some this week!


Thank you so much Kelly and I’m going to take your baked goods advice and hopefully that helps. I am SO glad you had a great run yesterday and that running uniform is my favorite uniform. YOU WENT BUNGEE JUMPING… I would have died. Have a great week and make some french toast!


I’m sorry you’re sick! I’m very empathetic here. My cold is just wearing off at day 5. I hope yours does, too.

As far as my runs go, I’m just proud I’ve made it out each day with the cold. Victory to me!

Our Saturday- run, cleaning, napping, out for dinner with some friends. I’ll call it a rip roaring day.


Oh thank you Kathy and I am so sorry you have been sick. I can’t believe how tired this cold has made me, I don’t want to get out of bed. I hope you wake up feeling 100% tomorrow. Sounds like a fun day to me (minus the cleaning). Enjoy your Sunday night!


Omg that turkey picture! We were just talking the other day about times we had seen turkeys, the most I have seen is probably 6.

I can land a front flip on the trampoline. I go to a mom and me gymnastics class with my toddler and I am dying to do a round off on the floor or tumble track! But no other moms are going crazy so I control myself hehe

Oh maybe I should write in for your Friday feature…my friends and I set a world record today! For the most people wearing kilts during a run! We needed over 1700 or something and we did it. Cleveland Ohio for the win ?


UMMMMM YES YES YES you need to send that in. That is awesome Sara!! So cool… I bet that looked amazing. Haha stop controlling yourself at that class… come to one with me and Skye and I’ll join you on that. Have a fabulous rest of your day Sara.


Wow, I would love a batch of french toast like that!!! Can I ask, how do you warm them up??? I’m doing Easter brunch and this might be doable for me.


I want to come to your Easter brunch:) . We just used the microwave (not fancy) but I’m sure in the oven would be good too! Have a fabulous day:)


Saturday has been pretty relaxing. I woke up early because I wanted to start my run before sunrise and I got a sweet sunrise to boot – just under 13 miles.

We had a date day, went to the beach and then for ice cream – I had London Fog Flavour and he had irish creme – so good. There is a local ice cream shop in town which is packed and for good reason!

Whenever I feel a cold coming on, I try to stop it in its tracks – lots of water, tea, rest, and then lemon ginger and honey. Lozenges as needed. Sometimes i have been able to keep it from turning into a bad cold otherwise my cold usually lasts a week. Sometimes a few days if I am successful in stopping it from turning into a full blow cold. Hope you feel better soon!


Ugh I am battling like a month long cold… it has been THE WORST. It was bad for 2 weeks and then got better for a week and now I have been sick again. I need warm weather!! Saturday was pretty chill for us, we hung close to home and only left the house for a run and a quick trip to the store. I did gymnastics for years so I could probably still do a front flip on the trampoline. Ha not sure how pretty it would be though… have a good week!

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