THE NOW + SHE SIGNED UP + The Best Eats/Things in Salt Lake City!!!

I’ve had a lot of time to think over the last few days about this race (I’ve been living on my couch:) and I came up with my biggest goal for Saturday.

My goal= to stay in the now.  I don’t want to waste time/energy thinking about how I have 25 miles left to go or wondering if I am going to crash at mile 40 because it’s uncharted territory for me… I want to stay in the now the entire time.  I want to focus on how I am taking each step and doing what I need to do in the moment (fluid/nutrition/staying positive/right foot left foot) and that is my only job for the 9ish hours on Saturday.  That’s all I have to do… I just need to be present.  I rocked this during my marathon last year and I really think that is one of the biggest thing that got me my sub 3.  I just need to control what I can in the moment and let the rest go.  I’m going to smile often and breathe in what I have worked towards for months now.

I can’t wait.  Time to celebrate the early morning miles, the 3 inches of snow on my hat from running through snowstorms, the times I wanted to quit but didn’t and  the hundreds of miles of training.  Saturday will be a much longer celebration of my training than I have ever experienced before but that’s great because there is a lot to celebrate.

Getting close to the time for an automatic PR… that is the best part of running a new race distance, right?!

IMG 9141

Above picture from another day again:). I woke up feeling better for a bit and walking around the house and then boom… back to the couch.  I can handle the cold/sore throat/cough stuff but the last few days I just feel like I’m going to blackout every time I stand up.  Super weird.  BUT I still have a few more days to get better and overall I did feel better yesterday than on Monday.   I’m not even tempted to run because of how I feel but I have requested for Andrew to move the couch outside because the weather is gorgeous right now.

A very exciting part of the day… Brooke came home with cross-country sign ups.  The teacher asked if anyone in the class was interested and Brooke told me she was so excited and that she is the only one that grabbed one ha:).  I can’t wait!

IMG 9189

Andrew took them to the book fair so that was also exciting.

IMG 9175

Beretta was the only one to get in some running yesterday.

IMG 9196

My sweetest running friend insisted on bringing us the most incredible dinner.  I was speechless when I saw everything… it is all made from scratch and tasted like heaven.  As you know, lasagna is my absolute favorite food.

IMG 9199

Yes, that is Nutella in there….

IMG 9202

The crew visited my mom too.  We are going to reenact her birthday together next week when I’m better:)

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One question that I get often in my emails is where to eat in Salt Lake City!!  I am not very fancy (as you know) but I’ll share our top spots that make us very happy!

1.  Valter’s Osteria is our #1 favorite restaurant in Salt Lake City.  If you order the lasagna and email me after about it, it will make my month.  I want you to experience the joy it brings.  Get reservations beforehand!

2.  Alamexo.  They make the guacamole at your table and I’m obsessed with their queso and the chicken tacos.

IMG 9156 JPGLRG DSC03133

3.  Red Iguana for amazing Mexican food (Taqueria 27 is another favorite of ours for Mexican Food in SLC).

4.  Spitz (they have one in Lehi too) for the best Mediterranean street food.

5.  Ruth’s Diner up Emigration Canyon… the biscuits and location make this one a must.

6.  Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana.. the best pizza.

7.  Andrew swears that Lucky 13 has the best hamburgers on the planet.

Also, there are Cafe Rios and Kneaders up there (along with everywhere else in Utah) and you know how I feel about those spots.  I will warn you that it seems like Kneader’s recently started making their salads much smaller than they used to so definitely go for the sandwiches or their French toast in the mornings.

Our top favorite Dessert spots in SLC would have to be:

1.  The Normal Club for the best soft serve dipped cones you will ever have in your life.

2.  The gelato right next to Settebello Pizzeria (it is connected).

IMG 5525

3.  The Hatch Family Chocolates.  Everything is hand dipped there and every time we go, we are the happiest.  Oh and if you really want some happiness… grab the brownie sundae.

IMG 3561

4.  The Dodo.  The food there is amazing but their pies are the main reason we go there.  Get one of their cream pies if you ever go.

5.  Banbury Cross Donuts are actually the best donuts in Utah.

IMG 9156 JPGIMG 9698

Our favorite things to do in Salt Lake City:

*City Creek outdoor shopping mall… it’s huge and has all of the best stores!

*Temple Square (especially during the holidays… the lights are unreal or during the spring with all of the insane flowers).  It is gorgeous and they have visitor centers and plenty of places to sit and take in the scenery.

*Ensign Peak is a really fun and short hike that gives you views of the entire Salt Lake valley.

*Tracy Aviary… one of Brooke’s all-time favorite places.  The bird shows are amazing.

*The Hogle Zoo is our kid’s favorites.  It’s beautiful.

*Make sure to drive to Park City if you can to see the Olympic Park and go on the Alpine Slide (or go bobsledding too).

*If you really want to see one of my favorite places in Utah then make the drive to Sundance (about 40 minutes away from SLC) and eat at the Foundry Grill and get the hot chocolate and 7 layer bar at the cafe afterwards.  It is so gorgeous there you won’t want to ever leave.  My dream is to have a cabin up there someday but I think visiting an Airbnb each year is probably a more realistic option for us;)


What are the best spots in your area?  Best things to do?  If you live in Utah, what are your recommendations for Salt Lake spots?

Ever visited Utah?  What parts?

If you could share your #1 biggest race tip.. I would absolutely love that!

What is your #1 absolute favorite meal to eat?


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Hoping that you start feeling much better today, Janae! And don’t worry about Saturday. YOU’VE GOT THIS. Worrying will only make the now less fun and not allow you to be fully present, anyway.

I LOVE Kneader’s! I thought it was amazing when I went there with you, and then I went there again when I was on a work trip in SLC, and I’m wishing that it were more popular and in other states, too, because that place is SO good. But I can’t wait to be reunited with Zoe’s and Potbelly’s and Yogurt Zone. I miss those places like crazy!!


Thank you so much Natalie! Potbelly’s is so so so good. I agree, Kneader’s needs to move to other states too! Have a great day Natalie.


I visited SLC last year and loved it! It’s such an underrated city. Some of my favorite meals were at Zest (vegetarian), Laziz (Lebanese) and White Horse Kitchen (everything). After SLC we went to Zion, which was of course incredible. Utah is a beautiful place.

Hope you start to feel better soon!


Thank you so much for sharing your favorite places… we are going to try those out next! I am so glad you made it to Zion too. Next you need to go to Bryce Canyon. I think I might even like Bryce more than Zion!! Thanks and have a great day.


We get to Utah often, from South Dakota. We have a home in Park City. Our son attends U of Utah and our daughter is attending Westminster next year. I second the Dodo for lunch and pie. I also like the Porcupine. Now in Park City, we like Bodega, Butchers and Mustang.


NO WAY… oh this is awesome! I must go to the Porcupine and your favorite spots in Park City. Thanks Heidi and if you are ever down in Utah Country let’s go for a run! Have a wonderful day.


You HAVE to order the chicken noodle soup at Porcupine!


Janae, I’m so sorry you still don’t feel well! Rest up and drink plenty of fluids. It sounds like your blood pressure might be dropping when you stand up (blood pressure dips a bit and heart rate speeds up to compensate). Be very careful, and put your head down between your knees if you feel like you may pass out. If it continues, you may want to head to your doctor to get it checked out, and get an official clearance for doing the race on Saturday. I know you’ve trained long and hard, but taxing your body to the extreme isn’t worth it if you are still having a hard time even walking around the house. I hope you feel better soon!


I just read that you DID see the doctor. Sorry! I’m glad he/she gave you the big OK to run Saturday. Take care!


Oh no worries Stacey! This morning I am feeling a bit better so I think I might be good to go but if I go downhill again there is a 50 miler close to me in June that I’ll switch too. I am hoping I will be good to go!! Have a great day!


We are going out to Jackson agile to visit my SIL and her family in July but instead of flying straight there we are flying into Vegas and taking a road trip through Utah to Jackson. Suggestions on must sees? Our son just turned 2 in Jan and our daughter will be 1 next week.


I am thrilled about this… you are going to love Utah! I would definitely stop at Bryce Canyon, Zions, Sundance and Park City on your way. The views are unreal at those places… you can get in some good hikes (plenty of kid friendly ones) and amazing food. Have the best time and let me know what you think!


Thank you for this list! I want to visit Utah one day so this is so helpful!


YES YES YES… come to Utah:) . I hope your have a great Wednesday Tracy!


Something is going around here. Now I have a sore throat again. Luckily not too bad though.

If people are going to the red iguana they need to make sure to go to the actual red iguana and not “the taste of the red iguana” because they are the same thing but the taste of the red iguana isn’t nearly as good haha ;)


Oh I didn’t even know about that place… thanks for the heads up! I hope your sore throat doesn’t get any worse! Enjoy the sunshine today!


I caught your virus. It is no joke.
I was strictly told not to run by the nurse. I can’t even imagine trying to run with this.
Hope you have a few good days before the race!


NO NO NO NO NO MOLLY!!! I am so so sorry… get better asap! Today I am feeling a bit better so I am having hope. The last few days you couldn’t have paid me to run. Get better soon!


Growing up if I was sick during nice weather my dad would make a bed for me outside on the deck so that the fresh air and sunshine could speed my healing. He’s a big fan of the outdoors! It always seemed to help so you may have an idea there…just maybe not moving the whole couch;-)


Your dad is onto something. I think I’m going to go lay down on the trampoline today. Thanks Kristen and I hope your Wednesday is a great one.


Random question but awhile ago you mentioned your sister made her açaí Bowles with Naked Juice. I would love her recipe if she doesn’t mind sharing. Picking up some açaí mix today.

Hope you feel better! Can’t wait to hear about your race.


YES… I will get that from her!!! Thanks Amy!!!


Hope you feel better!! Being sick when the weather is finally nice is the worst.

After reading about your trips to Kneaders so much, I saw one in my area and went for the first time. OMG I will be back!!

I love Utah and am going to Moab next week! I want to visit SLC, though. I keep hearing such fun things about it!!


What did you get at Kneaders?!? I’m so so glad you went. Enjoy Moab and yes, you have to go to SLC! Thanks so much and have a great day!


Hey Janae, I would look at it this way: you aren’t obligated to run 7 minute miles the whole time. You have probably walked around on your feet for 9 hrs at a time before…. as long as you just keep moving and climbing and walking if needed, you can do this!


Oh I love this Melly… thank you so so much! Just the encouragement that I needed. I hope you have a beautiful day!


I visited slc and American Fork when I was going to school in Rexburg, but didn’t really eat out….just my roommates house. I drool every time you talk about Kneaders French toast though!
In our area we have 2 amazing tex mex places….Mojo Burrito and Taco Nooga. And the local pizza places Community Pie, Pizza Bros, and Lupis are out of this world. We also have a chocolate place called the Hot Chocolatier….over a dozen kinds of hot chocolate including smores and salted caramel. And a frozen hot chocolate and they make gelato and chocolates in milk dark and white. The chocolate covered gummy bears are my favorite. And we have like a million more amazing food places. Plus we have the aquarium where i work, the incline railway car that is super steep and takes you to the top of Lookout Mountain, Rock City, Ruby Falls, and the world’s longest pedestrian only bridge over water….almost 1/2 mile! You should definitely visit Chattanooga!

And i think your idea of being in the moment for your race is super smart! Feel better!!


They have cross country in first grade? I’ve never heard of that or st least our elem schools don’t have it. I’m slightly jealous though – I’d love for my kids to do something like that. How far do they have to run?


I’m not sure yet… I’ll let you know as soon as practice starts. I hope you have a great day Mary!


So sorry that you’re not feeling well!! I just have to ask – have you made sure that you’re not pregnant?!!
I’ll be rooting for you this weekend! Can’t wait for the recap.


Hey Keri! I was thinking the same thing but nope, not pregnant! My sister and her family all had very similar symptoms and luckily this morning I am feeling a bit better wahoo. Thank you so much and I hope you have a great day!


Janae, I’m glad you’re resting up and I’m sure you’ll feel awesome by Saturday! Go get that PR!

I live in SoCal so there is so much near us like beaches, mountains, and lakes. In my specific city, there’s a great hiking spot and I love most of our local restaurants and coffee shops. We have a place called Locale and it’s all farm to table. They have an amazing sweet potato bowl that feels like home every time I eat it :) And a local coffee place called Rig City (oil town!) and they make all of their syrups and sauces homemade and they only serve locally made bakery goods.

I’ve been to St. George twice and Zion, both are awesome!! Funny story, I drove straight from SoCal with my sis overnight to pick up a puppy in Pleasant Valley, UT last April. Thank goodness I threw on a sweater before I left because there was still SNOW on the ground. Ha. It was the craziest, most fun, memory making trip ever and UT is gorgeous!

#1 race tip: Be grateful! Every time it starts to hurt, find something new to be grateful for. There are people who would be so thankful to be able to be out racing, running, or even walking.

#1 favorite meal would be back at Locale. Roasted sweet potatoes, lightly fried brussels, smoked bacon, gruyere and gouda, topped with an over easy egg, sriarch aioli, and avocado. Seriously, it makes me happy!


Thank you so much Marissa! I need that sweet potato bowl from Locale right this second. You live in an awesome area (and I want your temperatures too:). Hahah snow in april sadly happens many years ha. I bet that trip was amazing! I love that tip… thank you. And I’m drooling over your favorite meal.


My most favorite spots are Cafe Rio, Dick’s Burgers (the best burgers in the Seattle area) and Senior Taco. I go through ginormous cravings and some days its Chic Fil A or Red Robin. Favorite meal:: changes all the time!
I’ve never been to Utah but I want to. I want to play in all the mountains on all the trails and eat all the food. :)
My #1 race tip for an ultra is to expect a mental bonk and just roll with it. You are stronger than your mind will tell you. Crying is ok too. Eat often and consistently. Stop at the aid stations. And most importantly HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can’t wait to cheer you on from afar!
Hope you feel better soon!


I need to try out Dick’s Burgers asap… and Senior Taco. Chic Fil A is heavenly too. Come to Utah please! Thank you so much for those tips… just what I needed. Thanks so much for cheering me on Jenny… I’m cheering for you too. Have a fabulous day!


We are just outside the LA county line so there is a TON of stuff to do here in So Cal. Our town of Simi Valley has one special spot – the Ronald Reagan Library. We had friends visiting from Tennessee last week and took them. It is a great spot. Air Force One is there, along with a piece of the Berlin Wall. President and Mrs. Reagan are now buried there. There are so many hand written notes – especially ones from Ronald to Nancy.

I’ve never been to Utah, but Les has taken 2 cycling trips there. He keeps promising to take me there, so some day…

I think you’ve got all my favorite race tips down. You’re gonna do great, Janae! Just keep smiling.

I really don’t have a favorite meal, I even have a hard time choosing between Italian and Mexican! I’m really glad there are so many wonderful food options available ;)


WOW… we need to visit all of those spots next time we are out! He needs to bring you out and Les and Andrew can go bike and we can go run:) . I hope you have a fabulous day Kathy!


Yay for Brooke signing up for Cross Country! I was so happy when my niece started cross country. I ran with her when she did her first 5k last year.
This post makes me want to visit Utah even more now! My first stop with be for a Swig Pink Cookie!! I want to try all the Mexican food too :)
My favorite meal is steak salad with cucumbers, red onions and feta cheese.
I hope you can get outside today and get some sunshine!!


You did… Oh I bet that was the coolest experience to be there with her. Yep, you need to come asap! I’m waiting for you. Send me that salad please. Have a great day and thanks so much Elizabeth.


This information is great. Visiting Salt Lake City this summer for a week and your tips will be so helpful. My husband is attending the Ford Driving School and I will do a little running while there. We live in Pennsylvania. Thanks, Patty


Oh I am so excited that you are going to be here! That sounds awesome. Let me know what you think and I hope you have the best time. Have a great day Patty!


Glad to hear your starting to feel a bit better–hoping that continues and grows into feeling great on race morning :)
I’ll confess that I skipped reading about all of the amazing eats in SLC (though i hope to get out there visiting friends someday) because I forgot my purse today and it is lunchtime!! I’m starving!! Fortunately, my daughter will be bringing me my purse soon so I can buy lunch :)
My family took a 30-day motorhome trip across the country and back when I was 10. We visited SLC, and I remember touring the Tabernacle and wading in the lake. My “oldest” friend (since kindergarten, not that she’s old) lives in Highland, and I’d love to get out for a visit.
Rest, rest, rest, and keep prepping that mental game!
Oh, and happy birthday to hungry runner mom!


Bahahah I am glad you skipped it because I don’t want to make you more hungry. I hope your daughter gets there asap:) . Come out and visit again and I think that is SO cool that your family did that trip together. I love it and I want to do something similar with our kids. Have a wonderful day Corey.


So excited for your race. Glad you are getting an extended taper! No. 1 race tip. Go out SLOW. You will be grateful you did. Also, eat early and eat often!

My favourite meal has to be lasagna too. Pad thai is a close second.

Never been to Utah but would love to visit! We live in Vancouver, BC, so best sports to visit in the City – Stanley Park and seawall – best running/walking biking etc and it is beautiful. Also, Whistler is amazing.

Have a great day Janae!


I’m glad you’re improving and I’m sure you’re going to kill it. Great plan to just take it one step at a time.
I’ve run 3 races (only one half) and had a great training cycle but ran injures & the weather (Ogden Half 2015) was a nightmare so I don’t have tips haha.
We love cross country club at the school.
We LOVE Les Madeleines in Salt Lake. It’s listed as a bakery but they have a phenomenal breakfast. Spaghetti is my favorite!!


My husband and I are visiting his family in Orem this week (we are from Oklahoma) and ate at Kneaders yesterday!! The French toast is life-changing. Also we got kolaches this morning at Hruska’s Kolaches in Provo and I’d give those a 10/10 as well! There’s so much good food around here! ?


I hope you continue to feel better! After reading your blog for years, I finally convinced my husband and daughter we need to visit Utah (we live in Nashville)- so we’ll be spending one night in SLC in June and 3 nights in Moab (rafting, hiking Canyonlands & Arches, 4×4 hummer tour, etc.). I know your Dad is allergic to eggs and my daughter is as well, among other foods. If you know of any “allergy friendly” restaurants, I’d love the recommendations. Thanks so much and have a great day!!


You’re going to do GREAT!


I *love* that–focusing on THE NOW. That’s perfect! And I love that Brooke signed up for Cross Country. She’s going to start building quite the resume of hobbies and passions with horses and running and needle-crafts! I love it!!!

So I wish I had seen this earlier, but do you know the brand Momentum Jewelry? They make these great ‘wrap’ bracelets–positive sayings on a small metal bit threaded onto jersey-knit wrapping fabric to wear like a bracelet–and they just released three more sayings for their spring/summer line. One of them is I CAN DO HARD THINGS. I wish I had seen it long enough before the ultra for you to get this version of your BIGGEST mantra! But anyway, you can find the wraps here:

In Atlanta, let’s see–some of the best things to do:
1. Go to the aquarium–it’s so well organized and so impressively laid out.
2. Go run and walk on the Chattahoochee River trails. It’s really pretty and peaceful.
3. Spend a sunny Sunday afternoon strolling up and down the Beltline, which is this huge thoroughfare that seems to link many parts of the city together and threads many of the biggest parks together. There are numerous cafes, lounges, and restaurants all along some of the more centrally located parts of the trail, so it’s as fun to go for social time with friends as it is to use it for part of a run/bike ride/etc.
4. Hang out in Ponce City Market. There are lots of eateries, food stalls, and stores, and in Ponce there is the ESPECIALLY noteworthy Candlefish, where I went last month for a candle making workshop and had the best time. In the food stalls you need to visit Honeysuckle Gelato, HF burger, and King of Pops *especially* for a yummy yummy food-splosion of an afternoon.
5. Festivals all over Piedmont Park–they’re not EVERY weekend, but it seems like in the nicer months (aka not too hot and humid/not the middle of Atlanta’s “cold” winter) there is at least one big festival per month, and they are always so much fun. I stay away from most of them because parking/traffic/too much commotion that exhausts me but they ARE a good time indeed!
6. Grant Park Zoo
7. Springs Yoga, Yoga Collective, or Forme Yoga for yoga classes; Turn Studios in Sandy Springs for a great locally owned indoor cycling studio, or Cyclebar’s Dunwoody location for spin classes; any of the Pink Barre locations or any of the barre3 locations for a totally great barre class.
8. Braves Stadium for an Atlanta Braves baseball game!!
9. Buckhead Theatre or The Roxy for concerts.

Places to eat:
1. Revolution Donuts near Grant Park is excellent.
2. For “very fancy and pricey but worth every bite and penny so you better make it a special occasion” Sunday brunch, go to King & Duke in the heart of Buckhead Village. Their dinner menu is amazing. Their brunch menu is amazing. The place is cozy and lovely and even though its food quality and price point is DEFINITELY in the “fancy date night” range, the ambiance is very much low-key neighborhood place that is relaxing and lovely. There are certainly MUCH fancier restaurants in Atlanta (it’s a bit of a foodie city over here…), but this is my absolute favorite.
3. ANY location of Pure Taqueria for tacos, queso, chips & salsa, and Tex Mex inspired sandwiches made on BOMB-tastic bread.
4. Yeah burger, Grub, and Farm Burger for burger restaurants even though they’re chains. They’re just ridiculously good.
5. Nick’s Lunch, which is a literal hole in the wall kind of a luncheonette for the absolute best gyro and inexpensive, non-pretentious Greek food in the whole city.
6. The Frosty Caboose in Chamblee for ice cream.
7. Antico’s location inside the Battery (an entertainment zone where Braves stadium is) for the most amazing pizza.
8. Alon’s Bakery location in Dunwoody (because it’s bigger than the original location in Virginia Highlands and it has a sit-down area for eating the things you buy) for the best roasted lamb sandwich and the most beautiful looking desserts, breads, and pastries.

…there’s got to be more. I’m sure if I think about it there is more. But this is already a LOT!!!

I hope you all have a great day out there. In Atlanta it’s sunny and it’s a really nice, mild temperature. I’m so smiley today, even through my bleary-eyed exhaustion (too much work and I slept so horribly last night…meh…)!!


Sending you get better vibes so you can rock your race!
I am dying for a trip to Salt Lake and this made me want to even more-thanks for all the great spots!
And Brooke running cross country will be the coolest thing ever. I CAN’T wait for my boys to be big enough to start doing sports!


Janae, I’ve never commented before but I am so excited to tell about Ruby Snap! Ruby Snap has probably the best cookies in the world (in a pretty rundown part of SLC, ha!) AND they give you unlimited free samples when you go in (I’ve tested it, they’re for real). I was actually diagnosed with Celiac Disease almost two years ago and they are the thing I miss the very most. Next time you are in Salt Lake PLEASE GO – I’m specifically requesting you try Mia, Margo, Suzie, and Zoey for me. Also, they’re just a few blocks from Frida Bistro, which is our favorite Mexican place in SLC. If you go there try their albondigas (meatballs) in mole.

GOOD LUCK on Saturday! I have also been counting down to this week: I have a C-section tomorrow at 7:30 AM to meet baby #2 (gender will be a surprise for us!) I hope your race goes awesome. Rest up (that’s what I’m doing too ;) and enjoy!


Hi Janae!
Keep resting. You are so well trained….you are going to have an amazing race!

I’ve been to St. George, Kanab, and visited Byrce and Zion. We drove (once from Colorado and once from Las Vegas) so I’ve seen a lot of your state and I just love it! You are blessed! Can’t wait to visit again!



Any favorite restaurants and/or must do’s in the St. George area? We’re visiting for the first time this summer!


Hi Janae!! Hope you are feeling better. Lots of rest :)

My family and I visited Utah this past summer. Best.Trip.Ever. We spent the first part of our trip in Colorado (also an amazing state) and then headed to Moab and spent the day at Arches. Then headed to Bryce – breathtaking. We had to miss Zions as there was flooding at the time. We headed up to SLC and stopped at the Young Living Lavender Farm and and the free tour was pretty cool. Loved SLC and Park City. My family ziplined and we watched the skiers do their jumps into the pool. We are already planning to return to that part of our beautiful country!


Best thing to do where I live: Run and hike the mountains and foothills.

I grew up skiing at Alta and we had a condo in Sandy, right at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon (by the gate with the flashing sign where they close the road after it snows a ton).

My biggest race tip for trail ultras is to go out at what feels like a slow pace and then slow down even more. You’ll be happy you did it in the back half of the race!

My absolute favorite meal to eat is a huge tostada with chicken or steak.

Hope you feel better!


Hi Janae!
I really hope you feel better if not tomorrow by the weekend for sure. I think I’ve had the very same cold.
Your list really made me miss SLC. One of the things I liked most was the off leash dog park in the canyon next to Tanner Park.


Yasss! I just went to Utah for the first time on a solo trip… I went to Zion National Park. So gorgeous, so many memorable hikes, I wanna go back ASAP. And explore more of Utah because I’ve heard the whole state is (insert heart eyes emoji)


My husband and I recently talked about taking a trip to Utah. The views are so amazing!!


Run the the NOW – yes!! That was huge for me in my 50K a few months ago. I did not let myself think about how many miles I had left until I was really close. It made such a difference!
I skied in Utah my senior year of high school – my dad took me on a daddy-daughter trip. It was the BEST!
Favorite meal – tacos (or anything Mexican) – with lots of guac!


I really need you to try Tasty’s ? before you commit to the best donuts in Utah ?
Dodo is amazing! Lucky 13 has fabulous burgers and I was super impressed with their fries!
I tried R&R because of your fries picture.
Kneaders has changed their salad sizes. One of the employees was talking about it the other day. It sounded like less bang for my buck and that makes me sad. I love their salads but I hate paying an arm and a leg for them.

Any chance you are up for a meet up after the race?? Cause you are my favorite blogger….I actually only read your blog now. After Pres. Nelson’s social media fast request…….I’ve only read your blog and cut back a ton on the time sucker and self esteem booster/wrecker called social media!!
Sorry for the novel but I have a lot to say haha

PS Are you going back to S. Utah soon?? I have a list of places for you to go!

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