I’m Scared. Friday Favorites!!!

I’m continuing to feel better!  I woke up Thursday morning feeling a little more like myself but continued to rest a ton on the couch for 95% of the day!  As of right now… I’m definitely going to go for it tomorrow.

I am very thankful that this sickness has not stopped my eating… that would be harder to bounce back from and run 50 miles tomorrow.

IMG 9314

Thank you so much for your help on a few things to add to my bag yesterday.  Pedialyte for the win to help get hydrated and Mint Tums to help if my stomach goes bad during the race.

IMG 9313

It rained for the first half of the day and then the second half they spent outside.

IMG 9324

We went on a ten minute walk even… My step count must have been higher yesterday than the entire rest of the week combined.

IMG 9321

We had some dinner and then when the kids went to bed we had a planning meeting.  I was so exhausted that I went to bed at 8:30:)

IMG 9329 2

It just hit me last night that I’m actually kind of freaked out about running 50 miles tomorrow.  Don’t worry, it is the perfect amount of ‘freaked out.’  It’s just enough to get me excited, curious and pumped up but not enough to make me think of spending my Saturday anywhere else tomorrow.

Getting outside of our comfort zone makes life really fun and we learn so much more about ourselves when we do!


I have a few (things have been pretty boring over here this week) Friday Favorites to share today!

*Two quotes that were shared yesterday by Cathy and Rebecca:

-“Pain is inevitable.  Suffering is optional.” -Haruki Murakami

-“Make friends with pain, and you’ll never be alone.” -Ken Chlouber

*Free Solo.  We watched this documentary on Hulu and it was unreal.  My heart was pounding and my hands sweating for pretty much the entire movie.

IMG 8857

*We put the slide back in our main area.  This is definitely a favorite for Skye.  She climbs up and down that slide a hundred times in a row.

IMG 9255

She cannot get enough of it.

IMG 9309

*This book has been the perfect thing to read leading up to my race (and I wore jeans yesterday for a total of 2 hours so that was hopeful).

IMG 9154

*I love the beauty_redefined account so so much.

IMG 9217

*The current weather prediction for Saturday.  It’s going to be muddy from the rain today and yesterday but can we talk about how this weather was MADE FOR ME TOMORROW.  Seriously, I might cry I am so happy about this weather.

Screen Shot 2019 03 21 at 9 50 31 AM

*Andrew’s favorite—> Mike Trout signed a 12 year contract with the Angels for $430 MILLION.  His favorite player is sticking around for a while.

*As soon as someone tries this mini treadmill please let me know (you can run on it too!).

IMG 9315


IMG 9317


If you want to be featured for the amazing things you are doing, send it in to [email protected]

Eva!!!  “This Saturday I ran a really windy race near my hometown. I´ve been running this winter but with no real plan or goal (or speedwork). One of my running partners is injured, the other one is coming back after having a TIA last September. I run with him once a week, but I let him set the pace and distance, because I don’t want to push him. So I was really happy when a mom from my sons field hockey team mentioned she would like to do a race near our town. We went for a run together twice before the race, and our paces match really good. The weather has been really bad this past week, rain and wind, I got soaked twice during runs. On Saturday it didn’t rain, but it was very windy. I biked the 7 kilometers to the start, my friend was late, so after she picked up her bib it was almost time to go. The course is around a lake. The first quarter was with tailwind so it felt quite easy. The second part along the lake we had the wind from the side over the lake and after we turned a corner we had the wind head on. I just tried to keep my rhythm. At 7 km I felt tired and uncomfortable and I questioned why I like to run races. I tried to motivate myself with a song in my head (too much wind to hear real music) and with mantra’s like “you can do this”. I also had to think about Brooke and her “think about something that doesn’t hurt, like the tip of your nose or earlobe”. Funny how that popped into my head. At 9 km I had to let her go ahead, but I finished strong in 1.01.02. I’m really proud of my time, considering it was so windy. My bike ride home was really slow, haha, headwind again. I have another 10 k on my calendar for September, and maybe one in June, but my friend might like to run a half marathon, so we’ll look around for something fun.”



Any favorite things from this week?!

What was the last thing that you did that scared you? To run or not to run two miles today… that is the question?

-I’m feeling well enough to run this morning but not sure if it will help or I should just keep resting until I hear GO tomorrow morning?!  Or will a few miles this morning help shake out some nerves?

What is your favorite meal to carb load with?

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Good luck tomorrow! We’re all rooting for you!


I think this taper was perfect for you to fully recover from training and have fresh legs for race day! Please only eat during the race what you did during training – just in case. You will rock this!

Favorite thing is remembering to get out the door FIRST (well after kiddo is off to school). If I wait and do anything more than check your blog, something comes up and run gets derailed. That’s right, up, breakfast with kiddo, brush teeth with kiddo, kiddo off to school, coffee with blog, run. Priorities.

The last thing I did that scared me is pick up my petition to run for city council Monday! I have lots of signatures and things are going well, but it is a little scary.

If you feel like running go for it. But I would suggest covering the treadmill screen if indoor, or removing or covering your watch if outdoor, because the pace does not matter today and might freak you out bc you have been off your feet for a week. It would be a shakeout Run and no need to ever know it’s pace.

Favorite carb loading meal is angelhair oastanwith lots of marinara and crusty fresh bread to dip in the extra sauce.


I looked into that tiny treadmill out of curiosity and you can only go up to 5 mph on it, so it looks like it’s great for fitness but probably not run training. Too bad because it’s a cool idea.

Have a GREAT time tomorrow! You’ve got this!


That pancake looks SO delicious!! I think that would probably be my favorite way to carb load. And I always run a couple of miles the day before a race to get a little shakeout for my legs in, but I think it’s important that you do whatever is best for YOU. If you feel like you should give your legs a little wiggle, maybe run a couple of miles. But if you think you need another day of complete rest, then don’t run. You do you, girl.

And YOU’VE GOT THIS, JANAE!!! I am SO FREAKING EXCITED for you! I can’t wait to hear about how much you OWN that race tomorrow!


I forgot to mention Pedialyte! I am so glad someone told you about it! It is my pre race/post race go to!! Yay for perfect running weather. Now go crush that race course! Oh, go for a nice walk today, maybe a super short run to just remember how to move those rested legs :)
I think I had pancakes and eggs the entire week before my first 100k!


Good luck to you tomorrow! You will be awesome. So fun following your journey!! Cant wait to see how it goes!!


Best of luck for the race. You’ve got this. I’m sure you’ll remember to enjoy it when you can too.


I think 2 easy miles would be good for you. Wishing you the best race ever tomorrow! Can’t wait to read your recap on this new PR. Trust your training and have a blast!


I saw Free Solo twice, once on IMAX. I recommend everyone see it! Such an incredible achievement and the cinematography is incredible.
Good luck Saturday! You got this.


Have fun tomorrow! Even if you’re not feeling 100%, you can just enjoy the scenery and a new experience.
If you liked Free Solo, you might also like The Dawn Wall on Netflix. An awesome example of persistence to think about during rough patches.


I say walk instead of run. You already put in the miles for the race and the week off did nothing but rest you. You’ll for sure have fresh legs and if you feel the need to get something, I’d say walk. But you already know those things ;).
You’re gonna do awesome! I’m glad you’re feeling better. And since this is your first 50 miler, there’s nothing to lose. You could walk half of it and still end up with a PR and able to say you finished. You’ve got this!


I say, if you feel like a run, do it! Maybe slower than normal, but it might be the perfect thing to really get you mentally ready! Your body, your legs, they’re ready, they know what to do ?
But, if you don’t feel like a run, then don’t! Maybe a walk later with your kiddos ?
Go Janae go! You’ll do awesome!


I think you are right where you need to be for tomorrow. I pray that you will feel so strong tomorrow morning and go out there and have an amazing experience. All my positive thoughts your way Janae! ??? You can do hard things.


Happy race-eve! Hope you enjoy an amazing new adventure!!! We’ll all be sending good mojo your way and thinking about you, mucho! Can’t wait to hear all about it!:)


Ahhhh!!! It’s almost go time!
I would run just to shake it out, but only a mile or two. But I know my own body and how creaky it feels after not running a few days. No matter what, you have plenty of time to warm up during the race. ;-)
Good luck!!!!! Can not WAIT to hear how it goes!!!!!!


ahhhhh!!! have so much fun tomorrow. Seriously, how many times have we said “I just want to run all day and not do X-Y-Z?” Now’s your chance!!! Savor ALL the moments whether they’re fantastic or not so fantastic feeling. These are your moments.

If you feel you need a shake out, go for it, but in all honestly, it’s may not make or break it so do what physically feels right. I mean, you’re going to have plenty of time tomorrow to warm up and shake out those legs.

It’s good to be scared/nervous because that means your body is on alert to tackle *whatever* comes your way! Remember to breath and visualize your feet scampering across the trail, your legs powering up, your body holding your pack on, your arms balancing you, your face absorbing the air, and your hair turning into one big nest of 50miles!

Is it weird that I’m feeling pre-race jitters for you?

Favorite pre-race dinner meal is rice and sweet potatoes with some toast and PB. When I was a meat eater I’d add a pile of chicken.


I will be thinking good thoughts for you tomorrow. I hope you have a wonderful experience. You’ve earned it this winter. Then think spring. So glad for you that the weather is cooperating! Can’t wait to hear all about it!


2 miles super easy, maybe a 2 mile(ish) route you have memorized like the back of your hand and just running to feel good–AKA without your garmin–and just seeing how your body feels and honoring the cues it’s giving you could be really good for you!!! Put on your favorite squishy comfy shoes that feel like marshmallows (your new glycerins? your ghosts?) and a favorite outfit and load your iPod with your favorite feel-good songs and just run for the glee and joy and ease of it and seeing how your legs can loosen a little bit. :) And I am SO HAPPY you’re feeling better–and scared for your race! That’s as important as anything else!!!

Oh I need to mark my calendar and give that Brene Brown Netflix special a whirl. I love her so much!!!

Last time I did something that scares me–all the time! I’d say the last REALLY BIG things that were *physical* that scared me that I did were (1) my RPM instructor training and certificatoin process and (2) running Peachtree last summer. The last big “life” things that I did that scared me were (1) every time this past year that I went to a university/writing group/literary organization to give a reading and teach a workshop (because how quickly would these people realize that I’m just a babbling fool?!?!?) and (2) just a couple of weeks ago submitting my application for the job in Louisville that I really wanted and focusing my energy not on “my application will not get looked at seriously” (which is my default–because me?!? in an ocean of overqualified applications in the middle of a very tough and bloated academic jbo market?!?!?!?) but INSTEAD focusing my energy on something more positive, something more definite than “well why not me?!?!? I’m human and crazy and imperfect, and I am also REALLY GREAT at what I do.” My inner perfectionist constantly wants to cut me down into all of the ways I am coming up short, and that’s a mode I have operated in pretty much all my life. It’s scary to disarm myself of that and focus on all that could be possible–on really truly allowing myself to acknowledge how much I want this job AND ON HOW WORTHY I AM OF THIS JOB.

OK I have to do work. My boss is gonna go crazy if I just chill out instead of do all the things she wants me to do. Have a GREAT DAY OUT THERE! ANd I am so excited for your big weekend. Drive safely up to the general area of your race, and good luck with your pre-race jitters and restlessness and all of that pent up energy in your heart between now and go time! xoxo


I say just rest today!! I’m so happy you’re feeling better and I can’t wait to here how the race goes!!!


Janae–>YOU GOT THIS. I am so stoked to see how you do!!! I will be checking insta stories all day tomorrow to seeee how you did;). Will Andrew be taking over your insta stories again???

I’m glad to see you got the pedialyte, hope it helps. If you are feeling weak still, I would just rest. But honestly after sickness I like to have a little shakeout run before a regular run the next day, so it may help you feel back to yourself and get some endorphins going for extra healing.

Could you tell me what e-reader you have?

The last thing I did that scared me->the elliptical yesterday. I have taken almost 2 full wks off with plantar, I did bike Tuesday and elliptical yesterday. I was terrified the elliptical would cause pain and that I wouldn’t be able to cross train either and I was also scared elliptical would be hard (haha, it was). I felt great during, such a workout, felt great to get my body moving!! I was scared to get off and walk because that’s when the pain sometimes comes, but I stayed pain freee!!! I wonder when did you get back to running after plantar? Did you run through or just start running again after you were pain free for x number of days? Any tips for easing back in with plantar? Thanks!!

My favorite carb load meal is Moes Burrito Bowls;)



Good luck in your race!!!! You are going to kill it!!? Quick question: which flavor of nanohydr8 do you prefer?


Go Janae!! The weather looks so PERFECT!!!
Try a little run/walk/run if you feel like it. You can do a little foam rolling or light stretching after your legs are warmed up a bit.

My favorite thing this week is the cookies, brownies and cinnamon rolls one my sweet clients made for everyone at my office!! The day they were delivered, I told my boss I had to leave before I ate anymore cookies! I also had and awesome easy run & weight workout at the gym Wednesday. I just felt so good when I was done!

I keep things simple for pre race meals – plain turkey sandwich, chicken and rice, soup, baked sweet potato, bagel, etc.

Sending you all the good race prayers and happy running vibes! I hope you have the most awesome adventure! Cheering you on from Texas!!


I’m rooting for you!!!!!! I know you can do this!!

Tomorrow in honor of you I am having a pancake breakfast and will watch the episode of friends where Phoebe runs sooo silly!



I’d say to err on the side of caution and just rest today. The miles are in the bank already and running today won’t do anything but pull strength and energy from tomorrow. But that’s just me. You know your body best.

Good luck tomorrow!! Positive vibes and healthy energy is being sent your way! ❤️


I haven’t had a chance to see what you’re up to lately, so I am sad to see that you have been sick but YAY for being well enough to get after you race still! And seriously that weather looks amazing. I hope it is not *too* muddy – a little muddy might be fun. If you need any last minute motivation, have you heard of David Goggins? Rich Roll has a couple of podcasts with him & I just re-listened to one the other day, and was left feeling like I could/should be accomplishing ALL of the things! Maybe do a little run-walk combo today to loosen up? I will be thinking of you and your long run tomorrow as I go on my short little run, & will say a little prayer for you too.


Good luck tomorrow!!!

I say try a quick little run today, just to get your muscles awake again. But listen to your boys, that’s most important.


Great takeaways from your post–both statements about suffering, and “…how you feel, not how you photograph” are spot on!
Looks like you’ve been getting such nice weather, and Skye’s happy face with the slide is priceless!
My favorite thing this week might be that I accidentally meal-prepped, LOL. I seasoned and browned ground turkey, roasted veggies, made salsa chicken in the crockpot, made a bunch of rice, and bought a big bowl of mixed fruit. Heat-and-eat was the way to go for dinners this week.
Last weekend, I tried a skill at the gym that I haven’t mastered, and I got closer than in the past. So I set a goal with a friend that we’ll both get it by her birthday in June :)
A little run would probably feel pretty good, unless you feel like it will trigger any coughing. But you’ve probably already done it by now.
Lately, I’ve been liking Subway turkey subs the night before races or longer runs.
Can’t wait to hear how it goes tomorrow! Have fun when you can, and remember how great it will feel when you look back on getting through the toughest parts.


Good luck tomorrow!! You got this!! No matter what you do today or this week, you’ve put in the hard work and can now celebrate and enjoy the race!


I’m so excited for you! You will have an amazing race. I really had to think hard when it came to doing something that scared me. Of course my job comes with a lot of small scary moments but I think learning to dive and going in the ocean was my last scary thing. I’ve been thinking about my next adventure and it just may be sky diving. BTW, I’m scared of heights. Haha. Good luck!


You got this!! Tomorrow will be awesome!


I love a good home made carbonara the night before a long run. My husband has perfected his technique and it may be my favorite dish in general!

YOU GOT THIS! You put in all the training and you deserve to be there. This taper only helped to save up ALL the energy for tomorrow. I know you will do great! I listened to a podcast with Katie Arnold, winner of Leadville 100 last year (her first time running a 100!) and she said her mantra was ‘Smile and Flow.’ Smile because you get to do it and let it all Flow. So remember to Smile and Flow!


Hopefully this taper is exactly what your body needed!

I met with my physical therapist for the 1st time this week and he thinks I will probably be able to do my 10 mile trail race at the end of April! I have not run since 2/15 so I’m hoping I’ll be able to this week. Eek!

My fav meal to carb load with is stuffed sweet potatoes!


I can’t believe it’s almost go time!! You are going to be amazing!!
Favorite thing this week … watching my 5 year old start T-ball practice and helping co-coach his team! Another favorite …. getting an amazing report from my 8 year old’s teacher at conference!
The last thing I did that scared me …. ooof. Getting my first mammogram then an ultrasound after that mammogram due to questions probably tops the list for the last 5 years! (Everything is A-ok). Or getting an MRI on my ankle and getting conflicting opinions. Or running for the first time post diagnosis. Or running a 50k. Or racing a 5k …. Or bleaching my hair on my own and then going in chlorine (weeks later). Or buying a bikini and wearing it in public! Ha!
As for carb loading – I like it all! I haven’t found one specific meal so I just make sure to eat anything and all things not colorful!!


Good luck tomorrow, you need to just believe in yourself. That you got this!

I have a question for you and Andrew…can you guys list some of your favorite documentaries? You always seem to be watching them and I love them too!


I just had to take a minute to wish you good luck tomorrow!!! I can’t wait to read all about the good the bad and even the ugly. You got this!


We watched that documentary on Hulu the other night and at one point my hubby looked over at me and said “my hands are sweating so bad” and I looked down and realized that so were mine. It was intense!
Good luck tomorrow! You will do amazing!


Good luck tomorrow!! It’ll be an epic experience. I can’t wait to read about it.

My favorite meal to carb load is French toast and/or waffles.


Ahhh Janae!! I’m so pumped for you!! You’re gonna kill it tomorrow! Good luck!

I love carb loading with a huge bowl of oatmeal or cereal. Breakfast for the win


My coworker has that treadmill in his office! His office is right by my desk and it isn’t TOO loud :) He likes it . He said at first it was hard to actually work until he got used to it. But now he’s got it down. He is a runner too…

Good luck tomorrow!!! Happy thoughts are with you. You WILL do great.


What got me through the roughs times of my marathons or even tough times I tried to remember that this might be my last time at doing this sooo it so I must enjoy it now , every mile, every moment enjoy it like it might never happen again !
You got this


Best of luck tomorrow ! I hope you feel fantastic all the way through !!


So excited for you Janae!!! You are going to rock this and as crazy as it makes us to take a week off when we are sick, I fully believe our bodies actually love it and it helps us feel even better when we finally do run again. Just stick with what you’ve been doing on training runs and trust the work you’ve done up to this point. Prayers going up that all goes well and can’t wait to hear what you though!

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