Never Thought I Would Say This + Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday!!!

I switched from my running shoes to boots yesterday morning to go pick up Andrew’s request for donuts (I have helped him to see the light with the love for donuts).

31 years old!

IMG 8864

The kids were not thrilled that they had to go to school on Andrew’s birthday…. They were confused why school wasn’t cancelled for this holiday.

IMG 8885

Andrew’s request for his birthday = to do nothing besides hang out at home and just relax all day.  After a few months of pure craziness for him, having nothing on his schedule was his biggest dream.  We got him a Nintendo Switch for his birthday so he was hanging out with Zelda.  Skye and I went to Burn.  Okay, this is officially my last time before the race (words you never thought you would hear me say—> I’m hooked on strength training).

IMG 8897

Jicama, cucumbers, peppers, avocado, chicken, carrots and lettuce to make a ginormous salad.  We sometimes buy extra dressing at restaurants to use later on our salads at home.

IMG 8900

Mario Cart for the win!

IMG 8901

I started to feel a cold coming on in the afternoon which means I am loading up on Sambucol.  I swear it works for me (or maybe it’s just the placebo effect).

IMG 8898

And for dinner Andrew chose pizza at home so that Skye could just crawl around free while we ate.

IMG 8903


Let’s get talking about some of my favorite things this week (affiliate links included)!

*This book.  I was on the library’s waiting list for quite a while to read it and when I finally got it, I read it very fast. I cried so many times throughout the book and look up to Anthony Hinton in so many ways.  Anthony was put on death row for a crime that he did not commit for 30 years before he was finally released.

IMG 8428

From the book:

IMG 0215

*The Bentgo box for Brooke’s lunches.  Tamara told me about these and we are obsessed.  It keeps everything right where it should be and super fresh.  It’s helping me get a little more creative with Brooke’s lunches too. PS it’s an Amazon deal today too!

IMG 8614

*Summer is getting closer which means I’m switching in my beanies for hats when I don’t want to do my hair… and for my runs.  I bought this one at a running store (and now I want all of the colors they offer).

IMG 8592

*And this one to wear on RACE DAY!

IMG 8593

*A snack that we found at Costco that is so easy to just throw in my diaper bag.  Every single one of us love them.  Costco always has our backs;)

IMG 8689

*These stance running socks that say ‘You Got This’ on the top… just the reminder I need!

IMG 8594

*Both the flour and corn tortillas from Tortilla Land are my favorites because you cook them yourself at home.  They taste so fresh and delicious.

IMG 8813

*This flyer about Des Linden… ‘To win Boston I stayed in the moment for 9,594 moments.’  Goosebumps.  That’s what it is all about… just stay in the moment and I’ll be doing that next weekend.


*I saw these at the running store, didn’t buy them and now I wish I did. I wanted to hear if any of you have tried them?  What were your thoughts?

IMG 8444


Has anyone tried anything besides safety pins to put on your race bib?

Do you like to wear hats or visors when you run?  What brands do you love?

What do you have going on this weekend?  Anything races or anything fun for St. Patrick’s Day?

What’s a favorite from your week?

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I’m a huge fan of hats, and I love those ones you posted. I have one for running that I really love that’s similar to those by Oiselle. I guess I do wear hats quite a bit when I run, but I’m also always looking for good ones because I wear them constantly during the summer when I’m at the beach or hanging at the pool.

This is my second-to-last weekend out here, so I’m going to soak up every last beach second that I can. We’re supposed to have wonderful weather, and I’m SO excited to spend most of my time outside! :) Hope that y’all have a wonderful weekend, Janae!


Those fig bars are amazing. I also like the Trader Joe’s kind, too!
No race for me, just some fun miles in my Shamrock Launches…………every time I wear them at least 2 or 3 people eye my shoes as I run by. I know I lucked out getting them!
I have been curious about the magnetic bib holders, too……just not brave enough to try them.
I love wearing hats and visors…..any brand is fine with me!

Have a great weekend!!


Love running dots!!! I first used them at the Sioux Falls half last September. It stayed on and never moved. For a bonus it doesn’t hurt your shirt, jacket or shorts where bib goes.


I need some new ideas for sack lunches for my J girl. She can be so picky!

I really wish hats fit me. I did find a hat that fit me last year. We got our girls hats for hiking and it fit me, but it has a kid design haha. So maybe I’ll be able to find a solid color one day that will work.


I’ve tried the race dots. One of my friends was an early investor. They work, but I found the magnets a bit hard to manage–they’re small but strong. Good if you’re worried about pinpricks on your clothes, thought. I stick with safety pins myself.


So many good Friday favorites! And, I love that giant doughnut cake! For Father’s Day, a local bakery makes “long john cakes” that are AWESOME!
I love that Des LInden quote about staying in the minute (and your “NOW!” mantra). I have a 5k on Sunday, and my head has been filled with so many negative thoughts. This hurts. That hurts. I want to quit running and just do yoga/strength train. Etc. I need to get my head with the program and be ready to have FUN and be in the moment on Sunday! Thank you for that reminder!
Oh, and I ordered a pair of Glycerins yesterday to wear mostly on recovery runs; they’re due to arrive on Monday, and I can’t wait to try them!!!!! I think I just want to be Des LInden, huh? Well, what runner doesn’t, right?! ha ha

A favorite from my week–it hit 64 degrees here in PA yesterday, and I ran in shorts and a tank top! Woot woot!!!!! We’re also starting to plan our June vacation to Key West. I”m so excited; I need my KW fix! ha ha

Oh, and I didn’t make that cookie butter pie that I shared with you on Insta yet, but I am totally going to! I’ll report back with a review when I do :)

Thanks for always inspiring, Janae!!!!!! :)


GOOD LUCK ON SUNDAY JEN!! Yes, take it a moment at a time and pay attention how you are completing the task at hand NOW and forget about how much farther you have etc. You are doing the now so just keep doing the now! You are going to have a great race. Enjoy those Glycerins, they are amazing. 64 degrees… send that here. Yes, leet me know how it tastes. Thank you Jen and I’m cheering for you!


We use the easy lunch boxes sold on amazon, same concept except easier to clean and an 1/8th of the price of bentago boxes. They also hold a little more which helps as they get older. They even have super cheap dip containers you can buy to go in them. They fit in our pack-it lunch boxes. I prepack lunch sometimes for the whole week and i color code my girls since they don’t always like exactly the same things.
3 out of the 4 of us love those fig bars!!


Oh wow, those are awesome! I’ll grab those for when the big kids start needing more food and pass on this box to the younger ones. You are so organized… I love that. Enjoy your weekend Carrie and thanks for sharing.


I just ate breakfast, but now I’m starving and craving a giant donut and pizza–that looked sooo good!! Hope Andrew got plenty of relaxing in for his birthday.
I had a fuel belt with spring-loaded grips, but it didn’t hold up well. My first thought with the magnets is that I’d be afraid of my dog swallowing them, but I haven’t tried them.
I have a favorite Under Armor visor, but for some reason I don’t like caps on me most of the time.
I really liked the Domino’s spinach feta cheesy bread leftover from my daughter’s birthday party. mmm!
This weekend, I might hit up the bookstore (or Target) to find that book. I’m ready for a new one after finishing Bird Box (which was tense at times while in the middle of the story, but didn’t have an especially impactful ending). Oh, and my daughter told me the Netflix ending was a little different from the book, but not dramatically so.
Have a fabulous Friday!


Let me know what you think about this book! I loved it. I hope you have a great day and that you get some pizza and donuts soon. I’m going to read Bird Box too, but now I’ll go into it knowing the ending isn’t crazy impactful which will help me:) . I didn’t think about that either… Beretta or Skye swallowing them. Those will have to wait for me now:)


I heard the author of that book interviewed on Oprah’s super soul conversations podcast. You should look it up and listen. He is a remarkable human being. I’m glad you liked the book, I’ve really been wanting to read it. Add it to my list! Praying for you that you kick that cold before it starts. Do you hav doterra onguard beads? I’m not a huge essential oils groupie, but those really do work. Right as you feel a cold coming on pop two or three beads open with your teeth and let the oil sit in the back of glue throat for a bit before swallowing. Tastes completely awful but really helps nip it in the bud. Also, if you run Vick’s on your neck and chest before you go to bed and then wrap a warm rice pack around it and sleep that way you “cook the sucker” as my darling older fellow book club member swears by. Good luck!! (Sorry for all the unsolicited advice!).


YES… that’s where I first heard about him, on her podcast. Incredible. Read it and let me know what you think. I do not have that oil (I’ll text my friends that do have a lot of doterra prodcuts to see if I can borrow some) but I do have Vick’s. THANK YOU for the advice, Natalie I really appreciate it. I need to get rid of this! Have a wonderful weekend!


I have those race dots and I love them! It’s nice not to have to put holes in your (possibly expensive) running shirts. My only problem is that I sometimes forget them. But they definitely work well – I’ve used them for two marathons and my bibs stayed in place perfectly :)


I love elderberry syrup-it tastes like, well, elderberry jam! so good. I have the dissolve-able tabs, too.

I used race dots at the Berlin marathon and like them, but one of the dots kept getting scootched by my fuel vest and my knocking it with my crazy hands. I had folded my number so there was double up of the paper so that may have been a reason one fell off/scooted to a whole different area!

Visors are great when it’s super hot out and I have a comfy one from asics. I wear hats more (probably because I own more!) and in the winter if it’s rainy/snowy I wear a headband over the hat. I’ve noticed that most of my hats have a really neat fabric that is water wicking so in a summer race if I dump water on my head it doesn’t soak through to keep me cool-hence the switch to a visor!

Have a super weekend Janae!!!!


Hello! I’m a long time reader, but have never commented. Just wanted to say thank you for the race dots recommendation! I clicked over to the site and saw that they have a Texas flag version- My fiance is from Texas, hates using safety pins in his clothing, and has a birthday coming up next week! It was meant to be : )

PS Your blog has helped me get so much stronger mentally while racing and I’ve gotten so much faster in my trail races over the past few years! I also have a 50 coming up on 3/23- good luck and have fun!


SARAH!!! Oh I am so glad you are going to get the Texas flag ones. How fun! I am so going to be cheering for you next Saturday (wish we could run ours together). Please let me know how it goes, I’m so excited for you… YOU’VE GOT THIS!!


Yes to the Race Dots! Have had a couple of mishaps though, like the bottom dots sticking to the top ones when I make a pit stop and my shirt being folded up, and sticking to a car because of the magnets! But I’ve learned how to manage them now. I like them a lot better than safety pins, especially for the lighter weight summer shirts that I hate poking holes in. You can’t store them all stacked up on each other, you’ll never get them apart. They are strong! I store them on something like an index card, so they’re separate. I’ve had good luck putting them on my shorts instead of my top, but never tried with pants.

I am running 17 miles tomorrow, for the longest run ever in my life! Then I am going to our local St Paddy’s day/Pickle Palooza parade that my boys are marching in. So the 17 may end up a lot farther by the end of the day! :)

Good luck fighting back the cold and have a good weekend!


JAMIE… 17 MILES!! I am so excited for you, you are so strong and setting a new personal distance record feels so good. Yep, you will definitely be getting in even more distance throughout the day. Sounds like a blast. Booo to the mishaps! Thank you for telling me about that! Others are saying BibBoards are a good option too. I hope you have a great weekend and let me know how the 17 go tomorrow!


That book sounds so good!
We, all 4 of us, have been loving those Costco fig bars since last summer! They are so good and easy to grab and go!
I love running hats and visors! My favorites are Nike, and one of them has 26.2 with the heart beat line embroidered on the front… Love it!
Looks like Andrew’s birthday was just perfect ?
Happy Friday!


I have the race dots! And I’m not someone who buys all the running extras. They are awesome – they stay in place for marathons and ultras and really don’t weigh much at all and they prevent you from having holes in your running clothes. Or getting stabbed by a safety pin. Or a safety pin rusting during a rainy ultra and rust transferring to your clothes…


I prefer no hat when it’s 50+ degrees.

I have seen those dots but have not tried anything but safety pins.

Working Saturday and then trail running with my son Sunday.

Andrew likes baseball, hanging out at home, video games and pizza? I think we’d get along very well, lol… I played a lot of Crash Team Racing and Mario Kart back in the day with my kids. When they got older though, they got much much better on the console games so I stopped trying to compete with them. I could keep up with them on the PC first person games though.


When you bring home extra salad dressing, what is your time limit to use it? I always want to and then freak out it is going to go bad faster because it tis not as sealed asa regular bottle. Is that just my paranoia?


Good question… usually a week or two:) . Maybe I should be more cautious… oops! Have a wonderful day with Hope!


I never heard of race dots, that is really cool!

I did a race last summer that was in a rural area. When you crossed the finish line they needed to take a certain part of your bib to keep up with the times. I had used safety pins (didn’t know there were other options!) and she was pulling on that bib so hard! I thought she was going to rip my favorite lululemon tank. And I was NOT going to be happy! Magnets might be the way to go!


HEY!!! People are saying that BibBoards are also a really great option!! I hope you have a great day Jennifer and no more holes in our favorite tanks:)


That book is going on my summer reading list. That sounds like something I would enjoy reading. Right now I am reading Kristin Hannah’s THE GREAT ALONE–I had wanted to read it for a long while, and I needed some element of ‘fun’ in my life so I found a book group that’s reading the novel for the end of March. Bam. Done. Joined the book group, bought the book, and I have a REQUIREMENT now for fun reading (instead of only reading student assignments).

As far as technical hats–I tend to run in sherpa hats from Books (duh), but lately I have started buying some of the technical trucker hats that Boco Wear makes. I like them a lot! The ones you got are SO CUTE–I really like that first pistil one, and now I want it but in a different color pattern. (Twinning is best saved from Brooks items IMO).

I love Andrew’s ideas for how to spend his birthday. AND I love that you buy extra salad dressings from restaurants when you find ones that are especially yummy. I’m gonna steal that trick next time!!! And I love his ginormous donut ‘birthday cake.’ I wonder if Bon Glaze, the place by me that I really love, would make me a birthday donut that big and if I can get Tom to do that for my birthday all the way in June…with one ginormous campfire donut (chocolate cake donut with sugar glaze, marshmallow fluff frosting, and a smattering of graham cracker crumbs).

Your recent posts make me want jicama on every single salad I make.


Happy belated birthday to Andrew! It looks like he had a really great and well-earned, relaxing day!

I’ve never tried the elderberry syrup before. I’ll have to remember that! We usually swear by Airborne. Also, did you know strawberries actually have more Vitamin C than oranges? Crazy, right? So when I feel that feeling, it’s fresh strawberries galore over here. ? Have you ever done a detox bath? There are lots of different recipes online for them. I’ve never gotten the “you will feel like a freight train hit you once you get out, go right to bed” feeling after taking one, but I usually do dress in very cozy pj’s and climb in bed and at least take a nap and can usually push off the worst of whatever is brewing.

My favorite this week would be two people. Trent and Emma at the LUSH store at Fashion Place mall. Went in yesterday because it has been a pretty hard week and I thought I’d treat myself to something. I told Trent that and asked what he suggested and since I was the only customer, he said they’d take care of me. Emma gave me a facial and hand scrub and then she helped me pick out the perfect bath cocktail and an uplifting soap for today (she also helped me a few weeks ago to *quite literally* save my hair). I was pretty much crying by the end and Trent just said, “Aw, it’s okay honey. You come back any time you have another week like this. We’ve got your back, Mama.” So, yeah. Trent and Emma are my favorite! If your readers are local, PLEASE, go to LUSH at Fashion Place mall and ask for them and TRUST them and their recommendations. I know it’s so tempting to pick what smells the best, but for real, let them work their magic! Because they truly are my fairy godparents this week! ❤️ (Side note, the other employees are great and just as knowledgeable! But, my heart totally belongs to Trent and Emma if I can ever get either of them.)

Have a FANTASTIC weekend, Janae! Stay healthy and wear some green. Wouldn’t want any leprechaun pinches happening! ?


I use a belt for my running bibs – it has little elastics that stick out the front that you place your bib on and toggles to hold the bib in place – there are spots for my Gu in it as well. I like to keep my bibs after my races so this is nice because I don’ t have to put pin holes in them. I have heard good things about the race dots though!
I prefer a hat – Under Armour is my current brand of choice and I got 2 new ones for Christmas that are waiting for warmer weather to be tested out!
For St. Paddy’s Day weekend, my runner friends and I organize a 2km and 5km family fun run to benefit our local homeless shelter. Last year, our Shamrock Shuffle raised $18,000!
It’s been a busy week, but my favourite is spending a little quality time shopping with my 15-year old son who would typically rather be with his buddies than with his Mama :)


I had me eye on those race does for years before I tried them. I found that the magnets were so strong that they were hard to manage. I put my bib on my shirt ahead of time, and when I put my shirt over my head the magnetic attraction was so strong that they all stuck together and crumpled my bib. The same thing happened when I used the bathroom. I love that they don’t make holes in shirts though. I’m sure there’s a learning curve, but I didn’t want to take time to master something new:)
I found another product called BibBoards that I think are much easier to use-they snap on and they don’t damage clothing either. They’re available on Amazon, at some running stores and they have a website Lots of fun designs too. Sorry I don’t know how to attach a link when I’m using my iPad.


You are not tech challenged… sometimes my blog works in slow motion with comments! I fixed it! Oh that is too bad about the magnets… lame! Just looked up BibBoards on Amazon and those look perfect for me. THANKS for sharing! Have a great day!


Janae, I don’t know if you have listened to the Podcast “In the Dark”, but if you haven’t, you will love it! After seeing your comment about Anthony Ray Hinton’s book The Sun Does Shine, I knew I needed to share this podcast and story with you. My dear friend, Curtis Flowers, is on death row in Mississippi. His story is documented in the second season of “In the Dark”. His story is eerily similar to Hinton’s, and some exciting things are happening NEXT WEEK for Curtis! His team of lawyers is presenting in front of the United States Supreme Court, which happens for about 1% of the cases that appeal to them. He has been tried 6 times for the murders of 4 people, and he has always maintained his innocence for the 22 years he has been on death row. He is the most joyful human I have ever had the pleasure to meet and call my friend. My husband and I live about 3 hours away from where he is in prison, and we have been able to visit him and talk with him almost daily. His story is beautiful, and it’s his faith and wonderful family that has helped him endure this misery he has lived for the last 22 years. We are all so hopeful that soon he will walk away a free man, just as Hinton did. Please keep him and his team in your prayers on March 20! And listen to the podcast! You won’t be disappointed!


Oh My goodness Ashlee. I absolutely cannot believe what you are all going through… and Curtis, my prayers are with him. I will 100% be keeping them all in my prayers and listen to that podcast. Thank you Ashlee. Please keep me updated on what you hear. Thinking about you guys.


Thank you so much for your kind words Janae. I have almost told you a million times about the podcast because I know how much you enjoy listening to them. I actually listened to Cold because you mentioned it. For years I have enjoyed listening to true crime podcasts or investigative reporting. As I listened to Curtis’s story this past year it was a little different – I truly felt the Holy Spirit directing me to contact him because I could not stop thinking about him and his family. My husband agreed that I couldn’t ignore that tug, so we wrote him a letter. From that first letter to now, we have developed the most beautiful friendship with Curtis (and his family). We will be visiting him Tuesday before the trial! I wish I could verbalize just how much joy radiates from this man, but I truly believe that one day soon God will get all the glory and many will be able to see just what I am talking about! Let me know what you think about the podcast!


No, I have never tried anything besides safety pins. I have kids your kiddos ages and a baby and am a nurse. I’m terrified of little magnets that could be swallowed and life threatening so I would not buy them myself.


I DID NOT EVEN THINK OF THAT. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU AMANDA. I will definitely not be getting them. I hope you have a beautiful day!


I’ve tried the race dots and really wanted them to work – but they just didn’t! The girl at the expo made them look easy but in reality they are super strong, stick to each other and bunch up your race number! They’re hard to place perfectly or evenly and don’t adjust once on (and you see that your number is crooked!)


I bought those race dots at an expo and was super disappointed with them! The magnets are incredibly strong, and I found it hard to get the number on without the magnets all sticking together. Once I got it on, I was waiting for the race to start and bent over to tie my shoe…all the magnets stuck together!!! My number was all smashed and it was super hard to get them separated and fix it.
I will have to try them again sometime because I love the idea and maybe I was somehow doing it wrong?? I hate putting holes in my shirt and always having to find pins.


I only have a minute but I’ve used BibBoards for a couple races, they work great and don’t mess up my shirts (I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t work with a jacket unless it was a really thin one).

Also, I was thinking about you on my run yesterday and there are so many incredible ultra podcasts out there you probably haven’t heard. My favs are Ten Junk Miles (absolute favorite, I save up episodes of TJM), Mostly Harmless Running (it’s a new one), East Coast Trail & Ultra, Trail Running Women, Trail Runner Nation and The Ultrarunner Podcast. I have even more, lol. Those should keep you busy :-) Happy Running Janae!


Amy, you win. I was just thinking that I wanted some new trail podcasts and then I look at the comments and boom… THANK YOU! I can’t wait to dive into these. The bibboards look awesome, I didn’t think about the magnet danger with small kids so bibboards will definitely be the thing for me! Have a wonderful day!


I’ve never really seen safety pins as an inconvenience haha. I’d be more worried about those magnetic things falling off.

Just like you, a year ago I thought I hated strength training but now I really enjoy it! I lift weights 3 times a week now and it’s a nice supplement to running.

I ran today!! I did about 9 miles and took short walk breaks every mile or so to make sure my head felt okay but it never got worse than a slight feeling of pressure in my forehead. I’m excited to build up a little more next week!

I am very jealous of all the donuts and pizza and video games, looks like a really nice birthday to me.


Happy birthday to Andrew sounds like a nice reward after a ton of work! Glad it worked out –

I wear hats, all of my running and skiing caps/hats have been from NYRR race events…! Price of entry to a race + swag and gear = win all around!

Will be running the nyc half! Not necessarily racing as i haven’t put in a good training block, just regular runs (mainly due to ski season…!)

A favorite from the week? I started this book “atomic habits” by james clear and I feel like my eyes have been opened somewhat. Some of it I knew – but I suppose didn’t know the impact of so many life choices. One thing talked about was positivity – in running and other facets of life and I see that change in how I approach matters – leaving the stress and embracing the positive – in small things daily, which compound over time. I’m enjoying the read!


I started taking Sambucol gummies and I swear they have kept me healthy while surrounded by sick coworkers.


I need to get the gummies!!!


Question re: burn bootcamp. Do you think it’s enough strength training (to see muscle and stay injury free for running?) I’ve been contemplating joining for awile but I need big time strength! Thank you! Also I have a half this weekend (my first in 4 years!) and have been training in 20 degree weather and race day will be 45 degrees! I don’t know what to wear?


Good luck this weekend ahhh! So excited for you! I would wear shorts and a long sleeve top! You might feel cold in the beginning but you’ve been training for 20 degree weather! I honesty am already noticing more muscle on myself and feel muscles firing that I haven’t felt in a long time. My core is so much stronger already which I am sure will prevent running injuries. Good luck tomorrow and let me know how it goes!


I’ve used the race dots and don’t like them. They are super strong. I’ve had problems using porta potties before a race and they will draw to each other and then difficult to get back in place. Also I’ve noticed they interfere with photos taken by the race, not many pictures will show up with me in it?‍♀️?


Happy Birthday Andrew! Doing nothing sounds like a perfect day!

I gotta know…

Is that a really big donut? ?

Or a regular sized ? on a smaller plate?

Love those socks!

Keep being awesome! ?


I ride horses competitively and we have made the switch to magnets, too, for pinning our numbers to our show coats.

Happy belated birthday to Andrew – what a whirlwind week he has had!! So happy to hear about his exam – great news!!!

Rooting for you next weekend – will definitely be cheering for a wonderful race and praying for an uneventful trip!


Oh that book! By far my favorite book that I’ve read in years. I was in tears by page 20! His story & strength is so amazing! Definitely into hats for running, usually something from Headsweats or Boco


What is the shoe that is in the background of the picture with the flyer about Des Linden??


Hey!! They are the Glycerin 17s and they are amazing. Have a great day Melissa!


Love the race dots. Warning—-the designs are so cute you might find yourself collecting them. The vendors at the MCM expo gave a great tip. Put one at each top corner of the bib and one in the middle of the bottom of the bib. Picture a triangle. If you put one on all four corners, the magnets are so strong the top and bottom magnets stick to each other when you sit down. 30 seconds saved mid-race—priceless!


I use a triathlon belt for my number! I can’t stand safety pins.


My running buddy has the race dots – or a variation thereof. Be ware: they will make your pacemaker do weird things, so he learned the hard way! Oops.


Oh my goodness–The Sun Does Shine–SOO good and I recommend it to so many people! It changed my views on many things! I’m from Mississippi so Alabama is so close to home. Love your blog!

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