Definitely Did that Wrong, Worth It & Friday Favorites!!

On Wednesday night I was in bed thinking about my back-to-back long run for this week.  I then thought how I am supposed to do 18-22 miles next week followed by 8-10 the week after that and then it was going to be race week.  My brain then realized that the race is in 2 weeks and 1 day which means there was no way I would be fitting in that many more long runs… Turns out I have been one week off on my training this entire time.  Long story short, I recovered last week when I should have been doing a 25 miler and 12 miler (and should have recovered the week before that)… I missed one back-to-back long run this cycle but that’s okay, right?!?!

This is one of the many reasons I love having a coach… so I don’t make mistakes like this!

I was happy to be back in time to see the kids off to school.  I did not put my arms around them because I needed my hands on the ground to prevent falling over.  My legs were pretty dead which isn’t an exciting feeling when your race is going to be more than double the distance of what I did yesterday but it happens.

I started out nice and early with one of my really good friends.  It was raining hard on my drive over to meet her but once I got to our meeting spot it was only drizzling outside (which is great because I forgot to braid my hair ha).  The weather felt perfect—>  45 degrees and no wind.

Hopefully March 23rd will follow March 7th’s example.

IMG 8300

I didn’t end up eating the jelly beans (fruity stuff didn’t sound good anymore) but I had some Clif bars throughout the run and a Snickers.

I was eating this while running on a busy street so I’m sure the people driving by that saw me were wondering why one would be eating a candy bar while running… It tasted delicious.

IMG 8305

I did stop one time for some more water and lip gloss application.

IMG 8304

My friend and I made it up on the trails for a bit too.  It felt so good to be running on dirt again… The views make all of the climbing completely worth it.

IMG 8360

1860 ft of climbing, 22 miles @ 8:47 average and a baby leg:

IMG 8371

The Caldera 3’s are gold to me.  I never want to part with these.

I wore the outfit I’m planning to wear on race day (along with a tank underneath to take off my long sleeve if it gets hot) and everything felt good and blister/chafe free.

IMG 8372

It’s crazy to me that the last long run is done.  As my friend Toby says, ‘The hay is in the barn.’  My job now is to rest, recover and think all of the positive thoughts!

Skye was very happy to have Andrew around again.

IMG 8375

Work, kids, laundry, lunch… just the normal afternoon.

IMG 8387

Burgers for dinner because that is a must after my long runs.  We also had an official taste testing to figure out which is better… Costco or Trader Joe’s sweet potato fries.

Trader Joe’s won.

IMG 8388 2

We finished off with a dance party:

IMG 8394


I have some Friday Favorites to share today (affiliate links included).

*Andrew’s race is tomorrow.  I’m so excited to get to see him do this!

*Stacia told me to try the Brown Sugar & Cinnamon Butter Spread from TJs and she wins.  It tastes too good on toast.

IMG 8148

*I’m going to try this on my spin bike today:). This girl is strong and has awesome balance.

*Megan told me about this essie goodness… LOVE LOVE LOVE.  You don’t need the light or anything either and it looks/feels just like gel nails.  She says it comes off a lot easier too.

IMG 7973

*I’ve become a big fan of Simple Modern after Andrew bought me something from them for my birthday.  Their water bottles are awesome (and so much cheaper than hydroflasks).  My ice lasts forever in this!  Love this color and all of the colors that they have.

IMG 8147

*AK told me about the Trader Joe’s meal ideas for busy moms Facebook group… YESSSSSS!  They post a bunch of recipes to make with items from TJ’s and I’m super excited about this.

Screen Shot 2019 03 05 at 3 48 51 PM

*Girl, Stop Apologizing.  Girl, Wash Your Face was one of my favorite books and so far this one is so good too.  I apologize about 392 times a day so this is very good for me.

IMG 8216

*Now this is cool.  Andrew (different Andrew) sent me an email with this video and it is crazy!  Rickey Gates ran every single street in San Francisco = 1100 miles in 46 days.  Super cool story.


Don’t forget to send in your amazing running accomplishments if you would like to be featured—> [email protected]


Loribeth!!! “I ran my 13th half marathon on March 3! I signed up for the 5k the day before and did that as a shake out run. I ended up running faster than planned but it felt easy the whole time! 26:49 for the 5k.

Sunday morning my husband and I were up bright and early. They moved the start line to the same spot as the finish which meant it was the first year we had a mile walk to the start instead of 2 blocks. The forecast called for 100% rain, but it really only drizzled the whole time…..the full marathoners got it much worse. I felt like the pace was a little hard at first, but miles 4-8 were fantastic! I forgot how many hills were on the course though! At mile 8 my left quad started  to get tight….that’s never happened before but I kept going. It ended up costing me my sub 2 goal, but I finished strong at 2:02:04, and that was my 4th fastest half marathon ever, so while I was a bit upset about missing that goal, I am INCREDIBLY proud of how I pulled that race! And I am already looking for more races to sign up for!


Send Andrew some good luck for tomorrow if you have a chance!

Favorite thing to put on toast?

Have anything fun going on this weekend?

What are you currently reading? 

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Good luck to Andrew tomorrow!
Question… does your water pack make a “sloshy” noise? I know that sounds weird, but I am also one of those people that can’t stand hearing other people chew.. last time I trained for a marathon I was driven insane by the sloshy of my water belt and instead had to hid waters along my training course. I also don’t train with music, which I know would help :) Wondering if the backpack style you use is different. Thanks!


Hey!!! Great question and I totally know what you mean about the sloshing with a handheld or waterbattle in your fuel belt. I do not hear any sloshing with my pack! I am very happy with it. My only complaint would be I just have to be very careful what top I wear with it so I don’t chafe! Let me know if you try one and I hope you have a wonderful weekend Liela!


Mine sloshed too but then one of the running coaches taught me to squeeze the bladder and suck the extra air out before starting my run. It’s worked for me!


Andrew is going to rock his race. And he’ll have the best support crew out there so I know he will love it. It’s funny how there’s so much build up to a race, and as soon as you start it you realize that with every step it’s almost over. I guess what I would say to Andrew is enjoy it! It is going to be over so fast!


Love this… so so true! And congrats to you girl on #13! So excited for you. Have a beautiful day!


GO KICK SOME TAIL TOMORROW, ANDREW!!! YOU’VE GOT THIS! Also, Janae, you’ve trained so hard and have the mental and physical strength you need for your race, so I don’t think you being one week off of your training schedule and missing those two runs will break you in your race. You are ready, and you’re going to survive and THRIVE and OWN your race!

I can’t wait to read Girl, Stop Apologizing. I need to get it. I can’t remember if I told you about Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst (I read it a couple of months ago), but it’s an incredible book that I highly recommend. I just started a book my friend recommended to me called The Happiness Equation, so I’ll let you know how it is.

Hope that y’all have a great weekend!


Thank you for the pep talk… I’ve been nervous about this! Oh both of those sound great, thank you Natalie. Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy some sun for us!


GOOD LUCK Andrew! Stay warm and safe on the course tomorrow. Oh yes, and have fun!

Reading (listening to audiobook) “The Other Einstein” by Marie Benedict, about Albert Einstein’s first wife Mileva Maric. It’s historical fiction, but all the same, I still want to kick Albert Einstein really hard in the shins right now.

You are going to do great in a couple. Week Janae! You’ve got this! Happy Friday!


Oh really?!? I’ll have to read that! Thank you Michelle, you are the best! Stay warm this weekend and drink hot chocolate… this is nuts!


Good luck to Andrew tomorrow!!!

Best thing on toast: smashed avocado, a poached egg, and a sprinkle of sea salt!


Your toast made me drool a little.. that sounds so good right now! Thanks Isla!


You are all good on your training plan, the important thing is to log a lot of consistent mileage which you’ve totally done over the last few months!


Good luck to Andrew! So exciting.

Did I miss who your coach is? I probably did because I’m so scatterbrained lol.

Also I’m a boring toast person. I usually just have peanut butter or regular butter ha ha.

Have a great weekend Janae!


Oh you didn’t! I don’t have a coach right now… that’s why I need one bc I can’t keep track of my own training weeks haha! Thank you, you too Hollie!


Have a GREAT run, Andrew!! It’s like a victory lap for all the hard work you’ve been doing in school.
Avocado toast is a big winner, but I also like peanut butter on toast, or butter and cinnamon sugar (so the TJ’s spread looks amazing).
I’ll be continuing my daughter’s birthday celebrations this weekend.
I just bought Bird Box (20% off at Target). I didn’t want to watch on Netflix before reading, so now I’m excited to read it. I recently finished The Hypnotist’s Love Story by Liane Moriarty, and I liked it.
Regardless of the “off” schedule for your training plan, you’re totally strong and have kept yourself feeling and performing well through this whole cycle. Still going to kill it in a couple of weeks!


Victory lap… I love that! Enjoy the celebrating and let me know what you think of that book, I’ve been wanting to read it too!
Thank you Corey! I hope you have a wonderful day!


I just got done with The Other Side of the Bridge and it was good, but The Orphan Keeper was amazing! I’m going to the library for some new books today.


Let me know what books you get next. STAY WARM JENNY!


Congratulations on finishing your last long run! Do NOT worry at all about your training not following the plan exactly. In my un-educated :) opinion you have done more than enough. I hope you enjoy the taper! My prediction is you will have a wonderful 50 mile experience and enjoy it.

Happy weekend!


I NEED YOUR OPINION!! Thank you so much for telling me this… I cannot wait. Happy weekend to you too!


Currently reading Molly’s Game – it’s really good! My moms homemade jam is best on toast.


Can she send me some of her jam too?!? Have a beautiful day Brooke!


Andrew->you are going to crush tomorrow! When it gets hard, just think of how mentally strong you are for training for this during such a busy point in your life. You can do this.

Janae->don’t let any doubts set in because your training plan got a little switched up on accident. You are going to kill it in a few weeks and all the hard work and training you’ve put in will add up and pay off.

Friday quote->”when we feel passion for something, it is because we are remembering what it was that we came here to do. the more passion we feel, the more in alignment with the source we are, allowing this energy to pour through us with no hesitation. this is the way it was meant to be.” Allow His energy to pour through you, because He gave you each this passion!:)

I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend because after being out of town for the half last weekend, getting engaged, all the celebrations this week, starting planning–>I am tired!! it officially starts my spring break from grad school so I’m going to just take a weekend to myself and relax. I may also take my first run tomorrow since my half if my body is still feeling up to that:)

I’m currently reading Becoming by Michele Obama which is fabulous and also I’m going to pick up girl stop apologizing because one time when I was in therapy my counselor banned the word ‘sorry’ because I said it so much, ha.

Have a wonderful weekend, Baron fam! And Andrew->this is YOUR WEEKEND! GO GET THEM!


WOW. That quote is beautiful. Thank you so much Eleanor for the pep talk too… thank you. I am just so thrilled over all of the amazing things happening in your world. ENJOY SOME RELAXATION. I’ll be reading that book in about 7 weeks (that’s how far out I am on the library list ha… I cannot wait). Thank you so much!


This is such a random question, but which specific color of the Victoria’s Secret Satin Lip Gloss do you use? I’m finally going to start wearing gloss (my lips have gotten so chapped this past Winter). Thanks!


HEY Amy!!! I use the Punchy color the most! I hope you love it and have a beautiful weekend!


I am totally sure you will rock your race regardless of being a week off plan! :)
I was on my treadmill this morning and my socks kept falling down. I was in a really good rhythm but the annoyance of the socks falling won out… I sincerely hope that doesn’t happen to you on race day. It was freaking me out!
Good luck to Andrew! Can’t wait to read about how it goes!


Good luck Andrew!! You’re going to kill your race!!! Can’t wait to read how it goes!! What an inspiration to be working as many hours as you do + run ALL the miles lately! Way to go!!

I LOVE Nutella on toast. It’s sooooo good and totally my guilty pleasure!

We’re buying a new flip house on Monday SO we’re just getting ready to get to work on it over the weekend! We can’t wait to get started!

I’m currently reading that same Rachel Hollis book! I’m on Chapter 12 and just started it earlier this week. It’s SO good!!! Love love love her!!

Have a great weekend, Janae!!



Does this mean that you will get some time on the race course too, or at least get to see it?

I love Rachel Hollis’ stuff, I will be listening to GSA on my runs this weekend =)


Hey Beth!!! So this course is on the same island but not at the same part so I might drive by some of my course:) . Thanks so much and enjoy listening. Have a wonderful weekend!


Good luck tomorrow Andres ! Hope you have good weather !!
Ironic you mentioned this water bottle. I’ve been wishing for a one like the hydroflask but at a better price point. And then show up with one. lol Good timing. I’m torn between the Caribbean, Oasis and Emerald. Question – you show a nice close up of the color, is that the Caribbean or the Oasis ?? If you know by chance.
Weekend plans – getting my 1 yr old granddaughter !!!! CanNOT wait !!


Good luck Andrew! Think of this as a reward for all the hard work you’ve been doing.

I like peanut butter toast, I need to try that brown sugar butter.

This weekend is my last long run until my race (on March 23 too!). It’s my first race back in two years, and was also my last race, so I am pretty excited. Other than that, my grandma and I have a lady date planned at the symphony.



smashed banana & almond butter & jam on sourdough

going to see captain marvel !!

Little Fires ? Everywhere (audiobook while I’m on the dreadmill)

Have a great day! ?


Andrew–you will KILL IT on your race!!! You are so totally prepared!!!
Janae–outfit details in an upcoming post for your ultra. And I can’t believe HOW SOON it is! I love it. Your job is to recover and to eat all the snickers. That’s a great job to have!

I think that busy moms TJs meals just needs to be a ‘busy human beings who want to get creative with their TJs finds’ facebook group. Because I am not a mom by any means but I am busy as ____________ and want to know other people’s recipes for QUICK flavorful TJs meals.

If you like hydroflask-esque water bottles, the company HEALTHY HUMAN–which is a great independent company based in Charleston SC–has gorgeous tumblers and steins. On the days when I come to the psychologist’s office for THAT job, I use a small 12 oz stein and put my breakfast oatmeal in it and bring it to work–I probably put it in my tumbler before 8 AM and even around 9:30 when I am sitting down to eat it’s still nice and warm. It could be a total game changer for bringing homemade foods on longer car trips? Also–their products are gorgeous, well-made, and a reasonable price point (and are OFTEN on flash sale on the amazon website). I love them!!!

That TJs cinnamon sugar butter looks like trouble. I don’t think I am ever allowed to buy it. Things that look good but wind up being trouble, for me, tend to be. Like that pancake bread. I swear I am the worst–ZERO SENSE OF MODERATION. Better to not keep it in the house and for me to only get that stuff if I am making a care package for a friend or going to a potluck or something.

I think you need to come to Atlanta. I will arrange a culinary tour for you, Andrew, and the crew of all the best tex mex and donut places within the metro area. And since this is ‘running city usa’ I bet you’ll also have more than your fair share of races to run over the course of the weekend! And I think Knox and Brooke would really love the aquarium down here.

This idea I just hatched above will count as my one and only Friday Favorite. Except I lie. My other Friday Favorite is that this afternoon Tom and I are driving to Asheville for a weekend getaway. We definitely need these in our life and we try to take one every couple of months. Our ridiculous schedules are more palpable when we can have little pockets of time away from our usual surroundings and away from STUFF TO DO AND PLACES WE ARE OBLIGATED TO BE…

I hope all of you have a GREAT weekend out there! :)



Currently reading: Asking God Your Hardest Questions.
On toast: Butter, Jam, and a slice of cheese.


Andrew! Way to get it done amidst work, tests, parenting, etc!

Fav thing to put on toast would definitely be avocado and an egg!

We are celebrating my oldest’s bday tomorrow! We’re driving to the Perky Nerd in Burbank so she can get her copy of Powers of a Girl by Lorraine Cink (my husband and I went to high school with her!) The book is about the origin stories of female Marvel heroes! I’m super excited and this is totally up my daughter’s ally.

I am currently re-reading The Great Gatsby in order to get ready to teach it again. Not my favorite book *gasp, but I need to pretend to love it so that my students will give it a chance!


That should say *signed by Lorraine Cink!


Andrew, enjoy your day on the trails! Best of luck and congrats on finishing school!!


Thanks so much Jackie!! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!


So what’s your race day outfit? Do you have an idea what the weather will already be? TO know how to dress?
Have fun and enjoy tomorrow Andrew!!


I am planning on wearing what I wore yesterday unless it is colder but it shouldn’t be! Once we get closer to the race I will be able to plan a little bit better. Have a wonderful weekend Mary and thanks!


Good luck Andrew, enjoy the journey.

I am really into Ricky Gates mustache. He is so cute and I love his personality. What a kind human being. I think running every street of a much smaller city would be a blast if some else could plan it all out for me.


You’ve totally got this Andrew!!!!!!!!!!

I love breakfast sandwiches. Although good old fashioned buttered toast is pretty fabulous.
I’m currently reading the Museum of Extraordinary Things by Alice Hoffman. She’s one of my very fave authors but it’s sadly not one of my fave books by her.


Go get this, Andrew!!! You are going to CRUSH it for sure!!!

Getting “Girls, Stop Apologizing” this weekend…can’t wait! Loved “Girl, Wash Your Face”!!

Best thing on toast: mashed avocado with thinly sliced tomato or cucumber & Mrs. Dash Lemon Pepper. OK, now I want that!

Cheers to a fantastic weekend!!


Go Andrew! I know how it must feel to realize you’re off by a week in training . . . but like you always say, it’s not any one particular workout or even workouts that make or break a race; it’s the accumulation of ALL the training. And you’ve done that!!

Love love avocado toast, or mixing peanut butter and plain greek yogurt on wheat toast. The yogurt makes it extra delicious! I need to try those sweet potato fries.

I have a yoga class and trip to the farmer’s market planned this weekend, but nothing else . . . I finally had a book on hold come in, so I’m excited to start that! Just finished the second Penderwicks books and wishing I had the third to start right away. They are some of my favorite books now.


That is so so true.. thank you for that reminder Kristin, you are the best. I need to try your yogurt/pb combo, I’ve never thought of that. Enjoy your weekend… sounds perfect. I need to check out those books. Thanks Kristin!


Just ordered the water bottle! My husband has a metal one that makes SO much noise when he takes the lid on and off. It’s even woken out baby. I selfishly needed him to have a new one :)


Good luck Andrew!


Best of luck Andrew on your run. You will smash it. I’m living vicariously through this blog at the moment. I fractured my hip (stress fracture) from running. I’ve had dynamic hip screw op two weeks ago and I’m recovering. Is anyone else is out there who care back to running after this injury please let me know! Girl Stop Apologising! Yes! I have to get that – and the water bottle. And the toast companion. This post was good ? hope the weather is good for the run!!


Caroline, I am so so so sorry about your injury. Please keep me updated with how you are doing and I’m praying for a speedy recovery for you!


Thanks so much for sharing the Ricky Gates video. So cool!


Love the black and pink hat. What brand is it?

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