Very Strange–Friday Favorites–Date!

Happy Friday, I hope your day is a good one!

Thursday started off with a 4 mile run @ 8:47 average before getting the kids to school.  After a few weeks of doing double digits on Thursdays it felt strange to cut back!

Skye probably did about a half mile of walking around the house holding onto Andrew’s hand for her morning training.

IMG 7878

Later on in the morning I met my sis for Burn Bootcamp.  It was lower body day and I’m hoping the extra muscle or two I gained yesterday will help me get up the hills in a few weeks.

IMG 7892

Andrew told me he is taking his taper way more seriously than the average runner… he hasn’t had a chance to run in about 10 days.  With all of the back to back long runs he has done in the last few months he isn’t worried but his first run back might be on race day:).

He wrote a 20 page paper yesterday but we did escape for a little lunch date just the two of us when Skye was napping (my mom was at our house).

IMG 7896

And dessert.

IMG 7901

Knox made his birthday list (that is in September) for us and put it by Andrew’s computer so he won’t forget.

IMG 7890

Just waiting patiently for the kids to come back inside.

IMG 7909

But then they went out and played fetch.

IMG 7923

Super fancy breakfast burritos for dinner (ketchup added after picture because eggs + ketchup = delicious).

IMG 7924


I have some favorite things to share today (affiliate links included):

*My latest Roolee favorites: This dress (it’s my new favorite dress), this top (below:), this dress for Brooke and this dress for Skye.

IMG 7898

*I can officially say now that it is RACE MONTH.   3/23 is going to be here soon!

*These pajamas.  An ad for them popped up on my Facebook and I bought them a few minutes later.  They are so soft and I can’t get over how cute they look matching in them.

IMG 7336

*This backpack!  My diaper bag broke so Andrew got me this diaper bag backpack for my birthday to carry all of the kids stuff in.  I’m obsessed with it.  The storage is unreal with so many different pockets and places for all of the things I need.

IMG 7889

*The Dash Hoodie! It is so soft and it will be with me for many of my runs this spring when I want to wear shorts but need a little warmth on top!

IMG 7656

*I’ve shared my sunglasses on here before but I thought I would again because I get a lot of questions about them—> they are HERE.  I wear them for my running and for the rest of the day.  They are super light and don’t bounce around (although I haven’t used them for a speed workout).

*For a church activity a few weeks ago my friend brought these chocolate covered strawberries with crushed up Heath bar on them.  I think I need to order these weekly from her now.

IMG 7367

*Three Identical Strangers.  It’s a documentary on Hulu.

IMG 7910

I hope you have a great weekend!

IMG 7912


Have any favorite things from this week?

Do you use a purse, wallet, diaper bag or something different to carry around your stuff?

Ketchup, salsa, hot sauce, nothing or other on top of your eggs?

Looking forward to anything this weekend?

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YES to ketchup on eggs!! Granted, I put ketchup on most things, but it’s a must on eggs.

I have a small backpack that I carry around sometimes, or I’ll use a purse or my KAVU sling rope bag (I love that thing).

Sadly, it’s supposed to rain here this weekend, but I’m getting froyo with a friend tomorrow and have a massage scheduled, so I’m definitely looking forward to that. Hope that y’all have a great weekend, Janae!!


A massage and froyo= sounds perfect! Thanks Natalie!


Hot sauce and cheese on scrambled eggs is great! Goat cheese is one of my favorites lately.

Going to a yoga class with friends tomorrow, but also need to study (taking the GRE in 2 weeks!), so trying to balance fun with focus time. Hope you have a good weekend! :)


I need to try goat cheese on eggs… that sounds great. GOOD LUCK with your studying and taking those breaks to do things like yoga will help your studying:) . You’ve got this!


I only like black pepper on my eggs! My hubby loves ketchup on them, but I’ve never done it!

Thank you for diaper bag recommendation, I still need to find one, and then I can be a diaper backpack mama (right now I’m a purse lady).

This weekend I’m excited to have a Galentine’s brunch with my amigas that was postponed fue to our snow days.

Have a happy Friday!


I really like this one and the price is great! Enjoy the brunch Jenny and thank you!


That exact dash hoodie is one of my most all-time favorite running tops from Brooks. NOW YOU ARE MY TWIN (except taller and thinner and you can run a heck of a lot farther…but we each need to have our own defining features, right?). I also feel compelled to claim Des Linden as my bestie who is my twin. #becausebrooks

Your date lunch looks FANTASTIC. I kind of want my own order of those tater tots. And add some chicken or salmon to that salad and I would want it to be entirely mine.

This weekend I am actually looking forward to TWO things. FIRST–tomorrow morning I am driving out to one of the ‘burbs to give a poetry reading and lead a writing workshop for a poetry group. And then tomrorow afternoon I drive the opposite direction, into the city (and further into it from where I live) to pick up candles that I made last weekend in a chandler workshop at a place called Candlefish (one of my friends and I had a friend date last Sunday and our candles were dried out, solidified, and ready to be picked up a couple of days ago…)

Today the new Glycerins are out!!! I wish I could afford a pair…I know from a fit and feel standpoint they’re really not different than the 16s, but I really love the way these ones look. Except I know I need to simmer down with the shoe love, since I just treated myself to Ghost 11s (that I didn’t “need”…) and my store’s Brooks Guru (tech rep) gave me a pair of Launch 6s that I have yet to try out. AND I have been wanting a pair of Cascadias for a while. But those GLycerins are cute as heck.

Those chocolate toffee strawberries look amazing! Send me some in the mail please? :)

Hope you have a GREAT GREAT GREAT day out there! :)


Des, you and me are pretty much triplets:) . I LOVE IT. My salad had steak on the bottom and it was heavenly! You need these tator tots. Sounds like an amazing weekend and I want to make a candle… that sounds amazing. Your love for shoes makes me so happy.. we just get each other. Thank you so much Stephanie!


Katsup,salsa,or hot sauce. I will take any of the 3. All delicious.

Favorite thing of week. Hot chocolate. You got me hooked!
Use a Madewell cross body satchel right now. It is a favorite thing.


Erica, how did you know I’ve been wanting one of those from Madewell… Can you and I just go on a shopping date please?! Enjoy the hot chocolate and I think we should just continue to drink it through the warmer months too.


I hate purses and diaper bags. I feel like I can’t keep it clean and when you put your hand it it’s always a guess of what you’ll touch haha.

I’m excited that I finally decided on my races for the year! I’m doing AF 10k in June and then hobble creek again.


AHHHH I am so so excited about these races! AF puts on an amazing race and I need to come check out hobble creek. Super excited for you!


Skye looks so cute, I love that age when you really get to know their personalty.

Poor Andrew, he has so much going on, I bet he loved the chance to take a break and sneak away for a break!

Safe travels to California this weekend.


Thanks Beth.. I agree, she really is so cute! Thanks so much Beth and it was so nice to get away just the two of us for a bit. Have a wonderful weekend!


Eggs NEED ketchup. And parmesan cheese. A backpack style is a must for the diaper bag! It makes it so much easier to have your hands free. If I go out without the baby (ha rare), I throw what I need into an over the shoulder bag. Apparently now I always need my hands free. I got a cute backpack diaper bag from my baby shower but I love the one you have! Thanks for sharing and have a good weekend!


Well now I need to try parmesan cheese with my eggs! I totally agree.. a backpack is needed. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend too!


Salsa on eggs. I have that same brooks jacket in black and gray, I love it. I plan to sleep in on the weekend, run a few miles on Saturday, recover and recover some more.


It is the best!!! Your weekend sounds perfect to me, enjoy!


Friday favorites = cold stone cake batter icecream. Ugh! Where i grew up we had a Coldstone but not where I live now so I miss it!!

Looking forward to RACE DAY!!! This weekend!! Tomorrow!! Woo hoo! Haha. (I’m excited if you can’t tell). Yours is just around the corner!!

Also—> just wanna empathize with Andrew. I have no kiddos so he definitely has it harder, but with working full time + full time grad school, training has been HARD. Half marathon distance at least I’m peaking at 35 miles a week, i couldn’t imagine trying to get in all the back to back long runs y’all do. So KUDOS to him and he will be just fine and ready running the alternate race. Glad to see y’all got a little date time the two of you :)

Enjoy your weekend!


GOOD LUCK TOMORROW ELEANOR!! Please let me know how it goes afterwards. Have the best time! Thank you for what you said to Andrew… I’m sending him your comment. You are a rockstar for all that you are doing. Go enjoy celebrating all of your hard work tomorrow.


That roolee top is super cute!
I have my 5k tomorrow as a warm up for my half on Sunday! Looks like a rainy one, the story of our life here. The river is like 15 feet higher than it is supposed to be. It has been flooded since Christmas and last week it rained almost every day. And at the nature center, their TREEHOUSE FLOODED. Nuts!

Have a great weekend, good luck to Andrew with all the work he is doing!


5k + 1/2 = you have a really fun weekend up ahead. Stay as dry as possible!

Thanks Loribeth and I’m cheering for you this weekend.


I have a big bag I use for work that looks like leather but is isn’t–I love it and it looks gorgeous. Plus it holds ALL my work stuff!

I love your dash hoodie! Always looking for bright colored winter running stuff; so much of it is dark and I want to stand out when I’m running outside! The kids are so cute in those pajamas; I love that picture.

Favorites: the chocolate chip cookie dough Lara bar (how had I never had that before?). YUM. And I went for a great hike over the weekend that I really needed. Nature time makes me feel 1,000% better.


Your bag sounds perfect! Thanks Kristen and now I need that Lara bar! I 100% agree with you… nature just makes humans happier! Have a great weekend.


My husband bought an instant pot this week, and I don’t claim the gadget itself as my favorite thing, but he made dinner one night. My favorite is someone else making dinner :)
When my first was getting to the toddler stage and didn’t need much for short outings, I repurposed a “fanny pack” type of thing that I had used for marathon training. It had a middle section the approximate dimensions of a few diapers and a wipes container, with “holster” type pockets on both sides for sippy cups (squeeze bottles during training runs). Since fuel belts have gotten so much more efficient and smaller, I’m not sure such a thing exists anymore, but it really was helpful at the time.
Usually just plain scrambled eggs–sometimes cheese or avocado. Unless I do breakfast nachos: chips with nacho toppings, but eggs instead of meat. Yummy!
Going to a ladies’ game night Saturday and brunch Sunday :)
Enjoy your relatively more restful weekend!


Hahah that is one of my favorite things too… food just tastes even better when someone else makes it! Your fanny pack thing sounds like such a great idea. Enjoy game night and brunch, sounds so great. Thanks Corey!


Hey Janae;) What size in that dress did you get? And how tall are you? I am 5 ‘4 and I am worried it will be too long;) Thanks girl, and have a great weekend:)


HEY AMANDA!! I got a size small and I’m 5’8.75″… it’s the perfect length for me! That is a tough question… get some awesome heels and it will be perfect:) . Thanks, you too.


I wish they had those jammies in adult sizes they look so comfy! I have my FIRST 100-miler the weekend after your race (3/30) so I’m definitely in the ultra-hype stage too, good luck! I loved my first 50-miler (lean horse 50mi in South Dakota).


KELCY. 100 miles. I am thrilled for you! So so exciting. Send me any tips and I’m cheering for you (and I better get to hear about your race afterwards).
They really do need to make those pajamas for us too!


All the toppings!!!! Salsa + hot sauce and hen dip in ketchup. Are they even eggs after that??


Hahaha I like the way you think! Have a fabulous weekend Hilary!


One of my all time favorite lunches (or solo dinners!) is scrambled eggs and avocado on tortillas, topped with Sriracha sauce. Yummmmm.

No one else in my family seems to like this, so it’s what I treat myself to when I get a meal alone! Oh well, they’re missing out.

Highlight of my week was getting the all clear from my doctor to move from the bike to the elliptical (I’m seven weeks out from meniscus surgery.) In about 3-4 more weeks, I can start a walk-to-run program, and you know I am psyched about that!

Have a great weekend.


Ummm I would love the meal. That sounds so good right now. I’m so so happy you are able to use the elliptical now. You are rocking this recovery. Keep me updated and I’m cheering for you Emily!


My favorite picture of Brooke is the one at the end of this post! Hands up get her – super smile – nose wrinkle – adorable!!!

I use a small leather backpack from baggy. It is nice enough to look good with my suits but big enough to squish my son’s coat in when needed. Make sure you wear that big one high enough on your back! The bigger the pack the more properly you want to wear it, and I used to have a diaper bag backpack that was huge like yours :)

Cheese on top of my eggs please!

Looking forward to celebrating my birthday this weekend! I turn 46 on Monday!


TONYA!!! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope this weekend is perfect and you get in all of your favorite things/people/foods:) . I definitely need to adjust my straps… Andrew was using it before me and I forgot to switch it back. Have the best weekend.


My roommate and I watched that documentary too of Three Identical Strangers and I could not believe it. It gave me all the emotions and I am so mad that the research is sealed for 100 years.


It makes ZERO sense. How people do stuff like this to other people makes me so angry!!

I hope you have a great weekend Cassie!


Skye = ? What a cutie pie!

Usually with eggs, I’m good with a little salt and some cheese. But avocado or guacamole are always good too.

I have a cross-body purse I got a couple years ago the first time we traveled overseas. I love it. Smallish, plenty of pockets, latching zippers, just the right size for my stage of life. But, when I had babies, I was totally a backpack diaperbag mama! And that was before they had a lot of cute options for them, like they do now. Kind of jealous of you girls now. ?

Current faves: I’ve had to rehaul my beauty and hygiene routine since cutting gluten out of my diet. Once I stopped eating it, my skin (acne and psoriasis) reacted horribly to *anything* with gluten in it. So this week I stumbled on some new finds. I tried tarte’s new (reformulated) matte face tape foundation. So far, I have to say I’ve never found a more perfectly matched foundation in my life. And it has pretty great coverage too. I know tarte is getting some blow back for not being inclusive enough in the first launch (this launch has 50 shades), but I have to give them props. I’ve only seen this much range in Fenty and maybe Colorpop, so maybe I’m completely #basic, but I’m impressed.

Also, probably continuing to show my level of #basicwhitegirl, but I honestly had never explored LUSH products before because, um… $$$. But my daughter and I wandered into one last week on a whim, not planning to buy anything, but I started reading ingredients and realized that *almost* everything was GF. I got puzzled by a cold cream bar they had (I used to use my grandma’s cold cream to take off my stage makeup—that stuff could strip paint off a barn!) and the associate asked if she could demo it on my hand. I bought it on the spot. It’s their “Like a Virgin” cleanser bar (I know), but it takes makeup right off and leaves my skin so soft. I went back yesterday to get some haircare stuff because GF shampoo and conditioner is pretty much trash and after watching me try not to cry the last couple weeks as my hair has literally snapped off in chunks while getting ready for church, my husband was totally cool when I mentioned trying some of their stuff even though it was really expensive (I really make an effort not to be too spend happy, especially on stuff like this). So far I have good first impressions on the hair stuff, but mostly my “favorite” would simply be LUSH and their employees. I read a product review on their app where someone said something like, “Remember when you walked in for the first time just look at the cute bath bombs but then ended up weeping to your newfound friend/therapist LUSH employee about every horrible thing your skin and hair had ever done to you in your adult life and like a trusted advisor, they knew how to solve all your problems?” ? Dramatic, yes…but also OH SO TRUE! So, shout out to all the LUSH employees as my favorites this week! ??

Have a good weekend and safe travels to CA. Lots and thoughts and prayers going with you guys! ❤️


I was just thinking I wanted to try a new foundation, I will have to check that one out. And now I want to go to LUSH, sounds amazing. Thanks Michelle! We decided last night that Andrew would go on his own with his parents/brother so I’ll send him your safe travels. Have a beautiful weekend girl!


Ulta for the foundation–they’ll match your shade for you and they have a very generous return policy if you keep the receipt and the packaging. tarte has a contract with Ulta for all of the shape tape concealers and foundations. Or you can buy them online, but it’s kind of nice to try it out first. You can’t use any of the Ulta coupons on the tarte products, but they gave me some pretty great tarte samples, so I was excited and it did sort of offset my straight up anxiety over what I had just dropped on the foundation.

And LUSH also has a really generous return policy but also is GREAT about samples. The girl that helped me yesterday even said “We get it, this stuff is really expensive, so we’re all about the try before you buy.” Plus at LUSH, I wanted to try some moisturizers, so the girl was great about applying it right to a couple spots where I have psoriasis and then letting me shop for a few minutes to see if I had a reaction. Sure enough, 2 out of 3 things I did react to so she was awesome about it and was like, “This is why we try things first!” Haha. Definitely a cool brand of people there.


My comment doesn’t answer any of your questions, but I may have been on your brother’s flight today while on the way to my friend’s baby shower!! I didn’t catch his name, so I’m not sure if it was him or a doppelganger. When I was exiting my flight, I said good bye to the pilot then did a double take. I had to call my husband right away because I have been reading your blog for years (pre Brooke!), so he understands who you are by now hahaha. I was too chicken to ask if it was really him, but I figured I would comment to you! Enjoy the weekend, Janae!!


OH NO WAY!!! Where were you flying? I can ask him right now! He would have loved to meet you! SO COOL and thank you for reading over the years, that means a lot to me. Keep me updated with how you are doing!


Haha, I will be so sad if it was him and I didn’t say hello to him! I flew out of Boston into Cincinnati this afternoon.


I didn’t know that your race is on the 23rd! I’m thinking about running a marathon near me that day… Not to PR or anything because I’m not super trained up but just to have fun and finish. I did a 20 miler on Wednesday and 17 today so I think I can do it as long as everything feels good the week of.

Hard pass on ketchup on eggs or really anything. I’ll do hot sauce or salsa though.


Oh that is awesome Grant! We can cheer for each other during our races. It sounds like you are good to go… GOOD LUCK!!!


I use a giant purse (and it’s just my stuff!). We don’t have kiddos.

I got to run at sunrise this morning – it was beautiful and then also planning to head to the mountains with a friend this afternoon, so looking forward to that. The weather is stunning.

All of the above, ketchup, hot sauce, salsa, (and cheese) on eggs.

Safe travels to California is weekend. Thinking of all of you!


I get it… we need all of the things with us when we go! Giant purses are necessary:) . Enjoy your time in the mountains today, that sounds perfect! Thanks Kristine and have a beautiful weekend.


Oh my gosh, LOVE that Brooks hoodie, it looks so comfy! If only I could afford $80 for a light hoodie – its so hard to resist!

Would love to see a round-up of some of your favorite affordable/more budget work-out and day-to-day clothing options :) I know a lot of us on a limited budget would appreciate!


Thank you!!

i made it today.very yummy and easy
Made this for the first time today and it was amazing! Thank you for the recipe!


Where do you get all of Sky’s headbands? I’m in love with this stripped one she has on! So cute!


You have to try this fruit dip ( I always serve it with apple slices):
Mix 1 pkg softened cream cheese, 3/4 cup brown sugar, 1/4 cup white sugar and 1 tablespoon vanilla until well blended. Spread evenly on serving dish. Top with 1 container Marzetti’s Caramel Dip. Sprinkle with Heath Milk Chocolate Toffee Bits (they’re by the chocolate chips in the baking aisle). Serve with fruit for dipping.


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