2 VERY Exciting Things, Doubt Your Doubts & PLEASE Do This!!!

1st most important thing to talk about today= Happy happy happy birthday to my absolute best friend.  I cannot wait to celebrate with Andrew all day long doing his favorite things today (and eat some pie in honor of his birthday and pi day)!

2nd most important thing to talk about today= ANDREW PASSED HIS FINAL TEST FOR NURSING SCHOOL YESTERDAY.  He is done and feels so relieved!

Welp, I’m just going to go ahead and hope and pray that this was our last snow storm until December.

I chose to represent a watermelon with my pink/green combo during my run to encourage summer to come faster.   The kids are counting down the days until we can put our trampoline up in the backyard and I’m counting down the days until grilling season begins and I can trade in my hot chocolate for popsicles.

IMG 8821

5 miles at 8:20 average and more wind than I ever want to run in again;)

IMG 8818

Please please please please please listen to this episode from Ali. IT WAS EVERYTHING I need to know for my race next weekend.  It built me up big time and I am going to listen to it again during my ultra too.   I cannot say enough good things about it.  It was funny because while I was listening to it on my run, Ali sent me a text and it popped up on my watch about the episode and how she thought it could help me for my race:)

IMG 8824

Knox sure missed Beretta.

IMG 3243

And then Andrew wanted to celebrate finishing his schooling by watching baseball on TV.  Skye was not supportive of this idea.

IMG 8832

My sister told us to bring over the kids last night so we could go on a date to celebrate Andrew.

IMG 8837

He chose Outback for dinner.  We went here for our first date almost three years ago.  On our first date he told me about how he was going to go to nursing school and now he is all done!

IMG 8841

We had steak, salads and soup and then went to his favorite store on the planet for a little while.

IMG 8845

Question—> I’ve never used salt pills before but I’m sure I’ll need them for the ultra.  Are these good or does anyone have any great recommendations for me?

IMG 8843

And then we picked up the kiddos.

IMG 8854

This picture was from two nights ago but my cereal/almond milk/fruit is on repeat as we finished the finale of the Bachelor.

IMG 8814

Yesterday when talking about the taper, the chart included ‘Self Doubt’ as one of the side effects of tapering.  For this race I haven’t been doubting myself as much (zero time goals = zero doubts for me) as usual compared to previous races in the past… Self Doubt has been my middle name leading up to many races.

Next time you are doubting yourself (whether during training, the taper or the actual race)… doubt those silly thoughts in your head (your doubts) and RELY on your training and your strength that you know you have.

Don’t doubt your training!  Trust the things you know = you’ve done the work so go have some fun on the course.  Have faith in the work you’ve put in to get to the starting line and don’t forget how strong you are!

Quote uchtdorf 1207089 gallery

Also, did you see that Kara Goucher is debuting in her first trail race… This race that she is doing isn’t that far from where I live so maybe I should add this to my summer list to so I can run next to her for the first .1 seconds of the race.

Screen Shot 2019 03 12 at 12 40 03 PM

Random fact of the day= Brooke runs any chance she can.  I’m having a hard time having her walk with me when we are outside going somewhere.  She just has the itch to go whenever she can!

IMG 8801


In honor of Pi Day… what is your favorite pie?  And if you don’t like pie (I’m sorry)… what is your favorite type of pizza pie?

Dog owners= Is your dog cuddly?

Bachelor fans—> What did you think of the finale?

Salt pills.. have you ever used them during a race?

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Congratulations and Happy Birthday to Andrew! What an incredible accomplishment!! I hope you all have a wonderful day.


Thank you so much Joy! I hope you are having a really great day too!


Congrats Andrew!!!! As far as salt pills, you might want to try them on a short run. Definitely take when you have a little food in your stomach. I have a brand I use and love that really bothers my friend’s stomach. It seems everyone in my run group has a different favorite.


Good to know… That is very interesting! Maybe I’ll just stick with potato chips and sports drinks! I should have practiced sooner with them but I have forgotten during training in this winter wonderland ha. Have a wonderful day Michelle!


Happy birthday Andrew and Congratulations on finishing nursing school!!!!! Amazing!!! So much celebrating for you guys today! :)


Thanks so much Laura! I hope you are having a great day too!


Happy Pi day! Not sure if these are everywhere in the US, but a pizza chain near me, Lotsa Pizza, is doing pizzas for $3.14 to celebrate!


Oh I wish we had one of those by us… that is an awesome deal! Have a wonderful day Mariah!


Congratulations to Andrew! That’s a huge accomplishment–and great timing to finish right before his birthday! haha. :)


CONGRATS again to Andrew, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I hope that he has a wonderful day and feels very celebrated. Also, I can’t believe that it’s already been three years??!!

I’m not huge on pie, but when I do eat it, I’m all about apple pie. Also, it’s officially the TWO-WEEK COUNTDOWN for me!!!! :)


Congrats, Andrew! It’ll be fun to see what’s next! Besides another baby, that’s a given. :) My boys had wanted a dog their whole lives. Last spring when my boys were 19, 16 and 13, *I* wanted a dog. I didn’t even like dogs. But I wanted something to cuddle with me, and think I knew everything, and look at me with that you are so amazing look in his eyes like my boys did before they became teenagers. A giant, furry Golden Retriever seemed to fit the bill. Does he like to cuddle? Nope! Does he adore me above all? Also nope! LOL He likes to play, go on walks, and be petted, but when he wants to lay down and chill, he goes to his room. He’s taken over my office as his own! I adore him anyway.


Hahah that is definitely a given! Oh I want to meet your Golden Retriever, he sounds like a blast and it sounds like he thinks he is the boss haha. Have a beautiful day Amy!


Happy Birthday to Andrew!! Hope you guys have a great day!


Thanks so much Kimberly!


Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! Happy Birthday, Andrew!
and huge congrats on finishing nursing school!
14th March, also the b-day of my husband! Celebrate!


Happy birthday to your husband! I hope you are both having a fabulous day! Thanks Gabi!


Congratulations Andrew!!!!! That is amazing! Now total job security lies ahead as we need nurses everywhere! Please have a slice of sweet potato, lemon meringue, apple, key lime, and chess pie to celebrate your birthday. And watch waitress! My favorite pie/food move ever!

My favorite pizza pie is cheese pizza. For St. Patty’s day I like to add jalapeños and green olives, and anytime you want to throw some kalamata olives on there I won’t complain :)

Our GSP loves to cuddle, and despite being 70 pounds thinks he is a lap dog. He has also adopted a recliner downstairs and up as “his,” though the downstairs one we continue to fight over.

I haven’t used salt pills, but I have taken a salt packet (those little square ones you get in restaurant silverware packs) occasionally during marathons.
After I ran the Flying Pig I devoured a bag of potato chips (which I don’t normally eat), and realized I might be low on salt.

And OMG YES sign up for that trail race with Kara! I bet you can run with her for a mile at least! What an awesome race that would be! Do it do it do it!


Pie is a favorite. I love my moms pies and I will eat any of them all day long. Except for coconut cream…I don’t get that.

Happy birthday to Andrew! How awesome that he finished school the day before!

We need must have treat lists for Disney so let me know :)


My advice (as always, take it or leave it) would be to steer clear of salt pills, especially if you haven’t been using them in training. Marathon rules apply in ultras, too — nothing new on race day! The race’s fueling stations will likely have plenty of salty foods and electrolyte beverages.
Congratulations, Andrew! And Happy Birthday!
I worked at the Outback Steakhouse for years, before I went to nursing school. It’s actually pretty decent, as far as chain restaurants go :)
My favorite pie is apple. My husband makes nearly the most amazing apple pie I have ever had… it even rivals my Grammie’s.


That really is so true! I’ve really been loving Powerade during my long runs so hopefully that and potato chips will do the trick. It also isn’t supposed to be very happy! OH I didn’t know that about you! I hope you get some homemade apple pie soon Stacey.


Happy Birthday Andrew! I’ve loved watching this relationship develop! Is that a bike store? Because I love bikes. Next time you are in Kaysville check out Biker’s Edge they have amazing stuff!
I could probably give you a list of places to visit in my “hood” since this is my 3rd Kaysville recommendation hahah


Keep the recommendations coming! We are going to be up there again soon ahhh! I hope you have a wonderful day Michelle!


I will!!! We have some great parks that I’m positive the kids would love! Did Andrew grow up in Layton?


Bachelor finale: I actually like the fact that he knew it was just one person. However, the vibe that she seemed confused not just about engagement commitment, but if she really liked him gave me a slight chest ache. We have all been in a relationship where we “wanted to want them.” Forcing it will catch up to you in one form or another.


Like usual, I completely agree with you. I love how much he loves her but I am just not sure she is wanting it like him. I wish we could watch it together. Have a great day Erica!


Happy Birthday Andrew! I’m a Pi Birthday Baby as well! I’m celebrating 36 years great years today!
I hope he enjoys both Pizza Pie and Pie! He earned with with nursing school completed + his race last weekend. Huge congrats to him!

I’m celebrating my birthday by running with our race team tonight in Longmont, Colorado. Also still coming off of a PR marathon this past Saturday in Hawaii. I ran a 3hr 12min marathon! Cutting 20+ minutes off of my previous PR, re-qualifying me for Boston, and also for NYC Marathon. I’m super stoked! My husband got his BQ as well. So we will be running together Boston 2020!!!!!
(p.s. you are my running inspiration… I’m a trail runner, not a road runner. But seeing your daily posts of your training plans and hard work put in on the road, keep me going to get out there and run more! THANK YOU!)

We are running the Leadville Marathon again this year!
This is the WORST / MOST DIFFICULT race I’ve ever run! Check out the race course… you climb to 13,000+ feet right in the middle of the marathon! This is after you’ve already climbed to almost 12K feet, and then you turn around and climb that mountain again before you finish the 26.2 miles of grueling trail! For perspective… I just ran the 3:12 marathon… and Leadville was a 6hr marathon for me last year! The entire race is at or above 10,000 feet!

The Leadville Marathon is just a “training” race for us this year. We (my husband Brad and I) are running the Leadville Marathon, Leadville 50-Mile and the Leadville 100 Mile Trail Races this summer! He is also doing the 50-mile Mountain Bike and 100-Mile Mountain Bike… to complete the “LEADMAN” in June/July/August!
Check out the races this summer… would love if you guys made the drive from Utah to try out at least one of these fun events!

Good luck in your 50-mile race! You will do GREAT! I ran my first 50-miler in Bryce Canyon last year.
I was quite under-trained and injured going into the race… but kept a positive attitude that that’s what brought me through it!

Again, Happy Birthday to Andrew! I hope his day is amazing!


HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAYDE!! I hope this year of life is a really great one for you! Huge congrats on your huge PR. You ROCKED it woman and I love that you both qualified and you are going to do it together. Well, thank you for inspiring me with all of your trail racing (Leadville Marathon, 50 miler and 100 miler!!!), you are incredible. I cannot even imagine the elevation gain in Leadville (let’s do it together one year). Just started following you, I cannot wait to see what you do. Thank you and send any tips you can think of (love the positive attitude one)! Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday and congratulations Andrew! So many things to celebrate for you this week!
Any pie except for pumpkin or cherry.


Thanks Samantha! I hope you get some delicious (non pumpkin or cherry) pie soon! Have a wonderful day.


Congratulations and happy birthday to Andrew! How exciting!!

I’ve been noticing in your last couple of posts that your skin is looking really good! Do you feel like it’s what the dermatologist prescribed that is helping?

Also, I was so excited to try that cereal you’ve been talking about from Costco and to my severe disappointment, my Costco does not carry it :( I’m going to be on the hunt every time I go to a different location!


Thank you Jordan! It actually has been doing better… my doctor gave me a topical cream and I’ve also slowed down on as much dairy as usual (she told me that a lot of dairy may be something that effects my skin) and I am noticing a difference. NOOOOOO I’ll go to Costco soon and get you a box:) . Have a beautiful day Jordan!


Congratulations to Andrew and Happy birthday!
I am a HUGE fan of salt on most of my runs…. super sweaty runner + Florida humidity = 1000% necessary. The capsules are okay but about a year or so ago I switched to Base Salt and I love it so much. It works super fast and is easier for me to take than digging around for pills to swallow. You just take a few licks every few miles. Works great for me


Happy birthday and congrats to Andrew!

Coconut cream.

We had a Samoyed years ago. She was extremely fuzzy and soft but would only tolerate cuddling for so long.

Not a Bachelor fan, more a Survivor and Amazing Race guy.


Congrats to Andrew! That is such a wonderful accomplishment!

Tonight we are doubling up on the pie and having a savory one for dinner and then picking up mini individual pies from a local dessert shop I love (which I may have planned my run so I finish right in front of the shop.) Already dreaming about the Lemon Meringue Pie I will be getting.


Happy Birthday, Andrew and congratulation on finishing nursing school. :)


Happy birthday Andrew, congrats on finishing the trail race, and congrats to finish nursing school – what a ton of awesome stuff all at once!!! Definitely run that trail race with Kara Goucher, Janae! My border collie, Maggie, is super snuggly when she wants to be – the other times, she’s an active as Brooke is! Have a great Pi/Pie Day! The gluten-free bakery near me is selling cherry hand pies and mini-Nutella hand pies.. yes pleeeeeeeeease.


Big congratulations and happy birthday to Andrew! What a week of things to celebrate, on top of his trail run, too.
I like pie, though I don’t eat it very often (not sure why not?) and it’s hard to pick a favorite. Blueberry pie is great. Also pecan pie and peanut butter pie…mmm…
My dog loves to snuggle up next to someone sitting or lying down, but she does not want to be held and really cuddle. She does this awkward thing with her legs straight out whenever we try to get her on our laps.
I hope your encouragement of summer works. I’m also definitely over the cold weather.


A huge congrats to Andrew and happy birthday!!!

My husband is a math teacher so they are celebrating Pi day by having a huge potluck and eating pie all day! I’m not a big pie fan, ice cream is definitely my dessert of choice!

My dog would sleep on my face if I let him. Ha! Good thing he’s only 20 lbs.

P.S. I got my boot off yesterday!! I have a PT appt in a week and will wear the brace at least until then, but man it’s so much easier to move around!

Salt pills.. have you ever used them during a race?


I second Stacey, nothing new on race day. It’s practically race day. Also, this may be calming: if you needed salt, it seems you would have thought of it before now – like during St. George (maybe you did). So, if you were thinking about it and this is not new, maybe salt with almonds. They can be packed in a bag for your pack.

Was it Josse who made her own gels? You could make gels with the right amount of salt for you. I recall someone writing in to use plastic baggies for prescription pills and snipping off a corner. I guess you’d need to pack scissors, too.

Then again, nothing new on race day. Chill, trust your training. ; )


Congratulations and a very Happy Birthday to Andrew!! I hope you both have a lovely day and, Janae, congrats to you for supporting Andrew as he progressed throughout his degree program.


Happy Birthday Andrew, and congrats!

I like pie. All kinds. :) we are having pizza pie tonight to celebrate. A local place has a buy one small pizza and get the second for $3.14!


Congratulations Andrew!!! And, Happy Birthday too!!!
Have a really great day celebrating today. You certainly have earned it!!


I use Salt Stick capsules for marathons/ultras, but I may suggest skipping them for this race if you haven’t used them on long training runs. Some people have tough stomach reactions to them. I really only need them in hot weather when I’m sweating a ton. You don’t want to get your electrolytes out of balance by not knowing how your body will handle them.

You may love them in the future, but I’d be too nervous for you to try them out new so close to race day and without trying them on a hard effort first. My guess is with the weather, you’ll be ok without them.


I haven’t tried salt pills. When I did my long trail run, which I admittedly didn’t race…just ran for fun, I used Nuun electrolyte replacement tabs in water (they are pretty salty) and salty foods like peanut butter and pretzels and panini sandwiches.


I saw another person recommend Base Salt—I second that!! It’s basically just Himalayan salt but it comes in the most perfect little carrying tube. You just lick your thumb, cover the tube and shake, then lick your thumb once per mile. What I like about it vs salt pills is that you take it much more gradually so you don’t risk GI upset. I know it’s close to race day, but it is such a gradual dose that you won’t have to worry; just be vigilant as you race and stop using it if you notice any GI upset coming on. Base has come with me on the run for each of my 3 Ironmans and I’ve had very good luck with it.


I’ve used nuun tabs before–they dissolve in water and have electrolytes and come in a bunch of flavors. Probably different than the salt tabs, but I like them and I think they help with recovery. I also loved that podcast episode! My doubts are about recovery from injury . . . trying to be really positive about it. Mindset is so important!

Probably banana cream, unless it’s an apple pie my friend makes . . . hers are the BEST. Dang, now I want pie.

CONGRATULATIONS to Andrew!!! Finishing school is the BEST feeling–you’ve worked so hard and all your work is officially paid off. YAY!!!!!


I’m not even a runner, and I take electrolyte pills. Yes, I did get introduced to them when training for a half (my first and last), but that was 8 years ago and I still take them quite often for heavy cardio workouts, or when I know I haven’t had enough water in the day. I’m convinced that 2 of those a day is what got me through a 5 day Disney trip in June with 23 of my 6th grade students!


Happy Birthday and Congratulations to Andrew!!!!!!!

I’m generally of the “if it’s not chocolate it’s not worth it” school of dessert so I make brownie pie and bring it to all pie type events.
I had actually forgotten somehow about Pi Day so had to do a little menu rearranging. Tonight will be a quiche- egg pie ;-) and pizza pie for any non quiche lovers. Plus the brownie pie.


Happy birthday Andrew!!! And congrats, hope you have fun celebrating


I am not a huge fan of pie – I would say my favorite is Dutch apple, because of the streusel topping!

My dog can be cuddly when he wants to be.

I wish more of these ended without an engagement. It seems like they have a better chance being realistic about the whole “dating on tv” thing, and taking time to really get to know each other.

I have used salt pills in ultras, ironman, and half ironman races, but only when it’s hot and I am sweating a lot. So I really don’t think you will need them unless the temps are going to be warm enough to cause you to sweat a lot. Just my opinion. And it also depends on what you are eating and drinking. If you are downing gatorade or some other salty drink, and eating potato chips at the aid stations, you won’t need salt pills either. My opinion is, if you haven’t needed them in your training runs, you won’t need them in the race, and if you haven’t tried them out, I wouldn’t try them for the first time in your race.

I love that Kara is doing the Leadville Marathon. I have done it and it is georgous! It is really hard too. One of the climbs is up Mosquito Pass, which tops out at 13,185 ft! It definitely felt super hard just because of the elevation.

We had a snow day yesterday – all schools were closed and my work was as well, because we had a snowstorm AND 50 mph winds. It was crazy.

Happy Birthday Andrew! And congrats at being completely done with school!


Congratulations and Happy Birthday to Andrew!

Roctane actually upset my stomach, but salt pills have saved me a longer races when I did start feeling unwell. Definitely try them before race day if you can! Salt Stick have been good to me:

Happy Pi Day, as a math teacher I feel like today is our national holiday. I did like The Bachelor finale in that Colton followed his heart instead of what the show might want. I didn’t like that they made it weird about his virginity, Chris Harrison started to come off as a creepy uncle and I usually like him.


Pi Day is the best. (I’m a math professor) And Happy Birthday to Andrew. Random: I made your chocolate chip cookie recipe yesterday and didn’t realize I was out of eggs before it was too late. So I used Bob’s Red Mill Egg Replacement and they turned out! I know you said your dad’s allergic to eggs. Had to share. I was impressed. Egg-free Chocolate Chip cookies!


CONGRATS TO ANDREW! An amazing accomplishment! I went back to school to earn my doctorate in physical therapy in my late 30s…NO JOKE it is NOT EASY! Wishing you all the best for the future and this new career!





Happy birthday and huge congratulations to Andrew!! He must feel so accomplished and relieved that he did it!!

My husband and I have a five month old cocker spaniel. She isn’t super cuddly, unless we are taking her in the car somewhere. She is still lovable though. :)

Bachelor finale… definitely thought it was too drawn out. And I wasn’t the biggest fan of Colton. But, I always watch, no matter what! :)


I love pecan pie! Or lemon meringue. Chocolate cream is a fav too. Okay, ALL the pies! I have a German Shepard mix and she is super cuddly!! She gets upset when we stop petting her haha. Ugh this season of the Bachelor started to lose me at the end. The Women Tell All was way too catty… even for reality TV. But even so I will obviously still watch Hannah as The Bachelorette!


I liked the Bachelor finale! It was an unconventional story, especially for the Bachelor, but I can definitely relate to it. I had a lot of relationship anxiety with my relationship now (which I think is what Cassie was having). Colton knew she was the one, as did my boyfriend, and we just took some time to catch up :) It took me like 3 years to fully get there….so I can not blame the girl for taking a few extra months. It’s a huge decision! I even broke up with my boyfriend once for the same-ish reasons she did….I’m so thankful my boyfriend fought for me and didn’t give up. It was all too real to watch that. I’m glad they’re happy and together now! Hope it works out…

Also, yay pi day! And my dog is extremely cuddly and I love it!


YAY for Andrew!!! Congrats to both of you because I bet that was a challenge all the way around! And happy birthday Andrew! What a fun day!

Oh my dog is the ultimate cuddly dog! I absolutely Love I’ve it and wouldn’t change it for a s inhale second! He’s the sweetest! :)

I’ve never tried salt pills before a race but I’ve heard they make all the difference those long races!!

Have a great day, Janae!!


You should come to Colorado! I’ve done both the Leadville Heavy Half and full marathon…definitely the hardest race I have ever done. The elevation gain and loss is brutal! I signed up for the 50 miler too, but ended up getting injured that training cycle. Happy B-day Andrew!!!!


Congratulations to Andrew !!!!!!! WooHoo !!!!!
Ok, that picture of Knox & Beretta……sweetest thing I’ve seen in a long time. (insert heart emoji)


THANK YOU for sharing the Ali on the Run ep!! I finished my first 50k yesterday, and her tips (plus your “I can do hard things” mantra) definitely helped get me to the finish line! I’ve loved following your 50-miler training. Trail running is so much fun; and ultra running is something else ?? You’re gonna rock it! Good luck!!!


I like salt stick chewables.
They’re nice and tart which helps when your mouth is dry. I tried capsules, so hard to swallow during a race.
Electrolytes have helped with cramping and heavy legs.

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