One of Those Days + Ultra Training Thoughts:

I have a new Skye update HERE!!


It was one of those days where I made a million mistakes (good thing kids forgive easily;), my left eye was twitching from random stress and I lost a million +1 things but we survived.  There were definitely some highlights from the day too:

IMG 6634

Like an 11 mile treadmill run.  Andrew was at the hospital so it was a treadmill day for me.  The workout on my plan called for a w/u, 7 x 5 minutes fast and a c/d.  I decided that with 33 miles tomorrow (I’m taking today as a rest day) that I should stick to a tempo pace for the fast intervals rather than the speeds I have done recently for this workout… which meant a 7:03 pace for those this week.

That pace still worked me pretty good though.  I caught up on all of my shows during those 11 miles so that is another accomplishment for the morning.

IMG 6648

Beretta was thrilled to have some new snow to play in/eat.

IMG 6629

I do not know whether I was sweating more during my run or during my trip to Target yesterday with Skye.  She refuses to sit forward so either I am holding her with one hand the whole time as she tries to get out of the safety belt or carrying her while she is trying to wiggle away from me.   She sure keeps life interesting!

IMG 6635

I bought her a swimsuit at Target to help encourage Mother Nature to bring warmer weather quickly…

IMG 6638

My sister just gets me:

Screen Shot 2019 02 11 at 7 37 02 AM

IMG 6658

For dinner I made Chicken Tortilla Soup from the Our Best Bites cookbook (I love this cookbook).  They also have the recipe for this soup online here too.  We had quesadillas and chips/salsa on the side.

IMG 6661

Our dinner entertainment:

IMG 6665

And Dessert:

IMG 6666

Time to rest up for 33 miles and all of the birthday partying afterwards tomorrow!


I have a few Ultra Training Thoughts to share:

IMG 2766

*I miss having a coach.  While my plan is giving me exactly what I need to get to my ultra, I miss having a coach to send me encouragement, a personal plan and motivation!  I’ll definitely be using Mary when training to get fast again!

*Andrew actually switched over to the 50k which we both agree is the absolute best plan for him.  His race starts 2 hours later so we won’t be together at all during the course but really I think it is for the best.  Between his Capstone and studying for the NCLEX, his schedule is tight and doing a 50k in this middle of all of this is an incredible accomplishment.

*Another awesome ultra documentary that you can rent here for $3.99!

Screen Shot 2019 02 09 at 1 33 54 PM

*Jackie saved me from messing up my fueling again in the future.  She gave me the idea to set my Garmin to remind me to eat.  I’m sure on race day this is going to be a huge key for success.

Screen Shot 2019 02 07 at 11 35 05 AM

*Tomorrow—> If you live in the area and you see me feel free to drop off donuts.  Snow is in the forecast so maybe the 33 miles will be on the indoor track;)

*Ultra training = being able to nap while a one year old rolls around on you the entire time.

IMG 5843

*When I see different types of food around my first thought is, ‘hmmm I wonder if I could put that in my hydration pack to use for nutrition during my next long run.’ Turns out other people have those thoughts for me too:

IMG 6580

*I had a lot of questions from people wondering how my feet didn’t freeze on my 25 miler last week in the snow and the Caldera 3 are the answer.  Not once did I think about my feet feeling cold or wet.  If you are a trail runner or need something to wear in the snow to avoid slipping… get these.

IMG 2808

Caldera 3’s fast drainage:

Screen Shot 2019 02 07 at 11 55 36 AM

*I found this goal of mine from 2011 and it made me happy.  I’ve wanted to do an ultra for a long time!  I am sure I’ll do a 100 miler sometime in the future too but that might have to wait for all of our kids to be in school:).

Screen Shot 2019 02 08 at 7 27 20 PM


Just another reminder that I have another post for you here today too!


What was your last speed workout?  Mine have been pretty much the same every week so I want to hear about your variety.  Give me the details!

Give me a thought or two or three from your training lately?

What were the last pair of running shoes that you wore?

Had any goals that you’ve had for a long time that you are currently working towards?

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My speed workouts haven’t been very speedy lately, but I’ve attempted some tempos lately and am working my way back to faster paces. It’s a longer process than I’d prefer, but I have a goal to be racing again this fall, and I’m going to get there!

Also, I must know: What did you think of the pancake bread??!! I’ve gotten a few of my friends hooked on it. :)


I find the most challenging part of getting back into speed workouts is to simply lace up and go. I am always fine once I get started but literally DREAD the thought of having to run x mi at x pace! So, kudos to you for getting out there!


YES, I agree, Carrie!! Thinking about it is always worse than actually getting out there and doing it. And thank you!


It was heavenly… I put it on my Friday favorites for this week. I need to go get more. Tempos are amazing for you Natalie and I’m so glad you are back to those! You’ve got this Natalie!


I just got cleared to work out again after having skin cancer removed (at age 28 – wear your sunscreen every day!). My first speed session in weeks was slowish, 3mi warmup, 4x 1.5 mi at 8 pace and cooldown.

This is random but I am moving to Glasgow, Scotland, and was looking for some fun races to run in the area. There is a really cool but “easyish” ultra run from Glasgow to Edinburgh along the river pathways (total of 55 mi). It reminded me of you and your hard training for your ultra. I will definitely sign up for it next year and you should think about signing up to! ;)

Stirling Marathon is in 11 weeks and I am hoping to crush my PR of previously 4:09. Maybe a sub 4 given that I was forced to take some time off from running is realistic?


Carrie, I am so glad that you were able to get it removed and that you are okay (please keep me in the loop with how you are doing). Ummm that is a killer workout, great job. That would be a dream race for me! YOU HAVE TO DO IT and I would love doing that.
Yes, it absolutely is. You can and you WILL. Throw away any doubts and your body will follow what you believe will happen.
Have a beautiful day Carrie!


Happy Birthday, Eve!! Adidas Boston shoes :)


that comma does not belong there :) Happy Birthday Eve is what I meant. I know that your name is Janae :)


Oh I know!!! Thank you Amanda and I have heard so many good things about the Adidas Boston shoes! Have a great day!


The Bostons are the best!!! They are my half marathon shoe!:)


Yes, Eleanor! I love them. I want to buy several pairs for fear that they will discontinue them :)


I can’t wait to hear about your 33 miler!!

If I’m stuck to the treadmill, I HAVE to watch something on Netflix. It’s the only way I survive!

I just signed up for my first 50k, so I’m anxious to hear what Andrew thinks about his. He definitely has a lot going on right now – I’m impressed he’s able to do all the training that he is! You guys are a super couple! :)


YOU DID?!?! I am SO thrilled about this. You have to keep me updated on how it all is going for you!

Thanks Chelsea, I’m really excited about it… it snuck up on me quickly. I hope you find something amazing on Netflix (and tell me about it for my next treadmill run). Thanks so much:)


Hi Janae!! Hope you’re having a great Tuesday and resting up for your 33 miles tomorrow, you got this!

I 10000% understand missing having a coach. Ever since I’ve had one, i every now and then think of taking a break from having a coach but its so nice to have someone holding you accountable, checking in on you, and encouraging you!

My last speed workout was…. 4×4 mins at 7:50, 1 min float, 2 mins at 7:35, 2 min recovery. I also have a speed workout tomorrowwww! So I’m excited for that:)

Last pair I wore->Brooks Launch 4. Next pair I’ll wear->Adidas Adizero Boston 4.

My forever running goal was to break 2 hours in the half, and when I started I thought it was unreachable. welllll I beat that one as soon as I trained for it, so now I’m trying to set another long term goal to work towards (like how you’ve wanted to do an ultra forever). Of course there will be lots of short goals along the way, but I would love to set another long term dream goal like that.:) nothing has come to me yet so we shall see…. my coach said “maybe a 1:30 half!” and I laughed really hard because that REALLY does seem unreachable, but ya never now:)


Oh thank you so so much Eleanor! Right? Coaches are seriously the best. Killer workout and go rock it tomorrow! So many people are loving the Adidas Boston!
I LOVE how you accomplished that huge goal that you were unsure of and now going for breaking a 1:30 half… I KNOW YOU CAN. Keep me updated on it all. Thanks so much.


Hey Janae! The chicken tortilla soup sounds delish! How did you make the quesedillas and what did you put in them?


Yes make the soup asap! We just used the tortillas from Costco in the refrigerated section that you cook yourself on the stove and put cheese in them. Super easy and delicious. Let me know if you try it and have a great day Kimberly!


I just bought my daughter that same Narwhal bathing suit!! It’s so adorable!!!


It’s the cutest… I couldn’t resist and I love that our girls will be twins!


My 19 month old does the same in shopping carts. I gave up and started letting him sit in the main cart or hold my hand and walk while I push the cart. Or I grab him a snack from Starbucks and he’ll stay in the seat until he’s done with it.


I’m not alone ha! Good call on the snack from Starbucks when we are at Target. I’ll try that one next time. Have a great day Stephanie!


I love that you posted the giant gummy bear! I think after one or two bites, it wouldn’t be that good.
My last speed workout was Saturday. I thought it was one I’d done before (1min fast, 2min easy/2min fast, 3 min/3min, then back down). I didn’t realize until Friday when I was looking over my coach’s notes that he added a 4 min interval in the middle!! No worries, I survived. I like running speed by time instead of distance. I got burned out on the track a few years ago.
Training is going really well.I feel like I will be ready for race day in less than TWO WEEKS!!
My most worn running shoes are Brooks Launch. Brooks always feel good right out of the box (no break in period) and they keep my feet warm when it’s cold. I have usually have two or three shoes that I rotate during the week.
My goal is to race at least once a month this year. I’ve got a lot of run races to look forward to.
Happy Birthday Week!! I hope you have a BLAST running your 33 miles!


Thank you so much fore sending it to me, it made me so happy. Oh that is an awesome workout and way to go on the addition of the 4 minute interval. Two weeks…. I’m thrilled for you and please let me know how it goes! What an awesome goal Elizabeth and thank you so much.


I need to screen shot all these documentaries to watch! Thanks for the recommendations! Keep them coming!


My current goal is being healthy . . . recovering from foot problems with PT was going much better until I tripped over a chair last night and hurt my toe! I cannot make this stuff up. The best part is that I was walking around, tidying up and giving myself a pep talk about my April race when I tripped. Sigh. Wearing birkenstocks with tights and a dress today because they’re the only shoes I can wear! And living vicariously through your training. : )

I love that you’ve had the ultra goal for so long! It will be fun to have the 100-miler in the back of your head, even if you wait a while to do it. And it’s always fun/good to mix up distance and speed training.

Agree with you–I am SO excited for spring to come! Spring running is the best.


Whew! No one can say you’re not busy!! What a shock to go from calm baby to busy baby. It’s crazy especially with years of calm patterns ingrained. Good thing you get running in on the daily!! Now, it’s like, “I can’t do everything I was doing the way I did it for YEARS?” “I have to …. CHANGE?” “What about ME (me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me (on a scale)), I’m the MOM?!” Life is like this sometimes.

Love the cycle of independence and velcro modes. Definitely do not want to be at Target during velcro mode, amiright?
. It’s like, ok, you go on a play date (social time) and I’m going to Target.
. It’s like, let’s play music (amp it up) and really get into it – this MIGHT work at Target with classical music? So what time of day is classical music mode? Is classical music mode only on Tuesdays and Thursdays?
. It’s like, ok, we’re going to a play place and Target 2 hours before nap time (amp it up). It is my goal to wear you into nap time, every day. We are going to learn everything about you. (Yeah, Brooke used to take naps all on her own.)
. We’re going to get into cycles of predictable high and low time (whatever the cycles may be for you) because we are so awesome! These will be winter-based cycles for now. We might spend 4 weeks at the beginning of each season exploring possibilities and then we will settle in for the rest of the season. We are going to get to know each other SO WELL because I love you!!!!!


I haven’t seen a track in about 4 1/2 years gulp. I will have to return to speed work eventually.

Right now I am still trying to decide on a race for a year – I would like to do 100 miles, so basically right now I am training and then deciding hopefully on a race towards the end of the year.

I totally get being able to nap despite anything during ultra training! I think I almost fell asleep once.

Have a great 33 mile run tomorrow!


I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that you’re running 33 MILES tomorrow??!! Did I read that right?! Your ambition and discipline boggle my mind. Your training for this ultra is just amazing.


Janae, I hope you got some rest in today before your big day!! And I listened to the Rich Roll podcast with Fiona, she was so inspiring!! I’ll have to watch that documentary. Happy early bday!!


Me before kids – she’s one why don’t you just turn her round?

Me with a 1 year old – girl… I hear ya… toddlers will only have it there way ?


Hi I was just catching up on your posts and read that Andrew is moving to the 50k and you are staying at ultra. My question, which you may have already answered, and if so I apologize. So 50k is roughly 31ish miles, how long is an ultra?


Get one of these to keep Skye in the cart! Game changer! Baby Buddy Deluxe Security Harness, Navy

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