Skye 14 Month Update!

I have another update on what is going on in Skye’s world right about now.

*Those little wrinkles in her nose on the picture above when she smiles…

*Skye calls after Brooke multiple times a day now.  When we were at church last week Skye was in the halls with Andrew (far away from the Sunday School class that I was in) and  Brooke’s primary class was walking from one room to another.  Andrew said when Skye saw Brooke she started screaming ROOKE and I could hear it from the Sunday School class I was in, ha.  She is forming quite the bond with both Knox and Brooke.

IMG 5102

*Two lefts do not make a left.  Andrew and I are both left handed but Skye grabs everything with her right hand.

IMG 6031

*Skye’s current schedule cycle:  3 days of complete independence followed by 1 day of velcro life to either Andrew or me. She wants to be glued to us!

IMG 4904

*From another one of her velcro days.

IMG 5220

*I am absolutely LOVING reading ROAR and I am learning so much from it.  There is a chapter about pregnancy and I loved what she shared about how exercise helps the health of our babies if we are able to exercise during pregnancy.

Lauren said the other day, ‘My chiropractor has a theory that the more active you are during pregnancy, the more active baby will be when they are born/growing up because they are used to movement.  Your comment about Skye being a busy baby made me think of that.”  <— I bet this is true.  Also, I think her busyness is why she sleeps so well at night (usually 13 hours straight)… because she is exhausted from moving all day (and maybe that is why I sleep so long each night too).

IMG 5226

*This made Andrew and I laugh pretty hard because he is still learning;)

IMG 5225

*Skye is currently the number one fan of KodiakCakes.  She also loves giving hugs now and below she had grabbed my shoulder, pulled me in and put her head on my cheeks.  She held me there for at least 10 seconds.  I love that she is communicating with us more lately… and she just started crawling around the house saying UH-OH on repeat which is fun.

IMG 5606

*Blankets to Skye are like running shoes to me.

IMG 6049

*Skye has turned into a social butterfly (which is strange because just a few months ago she would not let us leave her with anyone but my mom).  At our family get togethers she loves being in the center of everything and the other day my parents said they were leaving and got their coats and Skye BOOKED it over to them crawling high-speed to go say goodbye to them (or maybe she wanted to go home with them;).

IMG 6099

*One of my friends has triplets (they are older now… she has twins too) and I wonder how in the world people can keep up with more than one at a time at this age… Superheroes, that is how.

*Getting rid of the bottle is going real well.  SOS.  We are tapering down slowly but surely though.

IMG 5831

*Pointing is a common occurrence in her life right now and so is Brooke insisting on holding Skye.  It’s always funny for me to see Brooke holding Skye because Skye is about 60% of Brooke’s height:)

IMG 5420

*She has started to recognize what it means when we say no to something… either she will stop doing it or try to do it faster before we can get to her.

*Skye needs to share some of her leg strength with me.  She goes from this position to standing up without using her hands about 200 times a day.

IMG 5840

*She has recently really started loving stuffed animals and will give them hugs often.

*She took one step on 2/1 and hasn’t taken another step since then.  I think she finally did the one step so we would stop bugging her about it and she is okay crawling until we try to make her do it again.

IMG 5833

*We have a door that goes to our stairs and if it is left open Skye has a 6th sense about it and can sneaks so fast on over to them, stairs are her favorite.

*As you can tell from the pictures, she is VERY into Beretta.

IMG 5628

*There is a lot of passion in that little body.  Also, Skye’s new favorite food is Dole Whip at Disneyland… she went crazy for it.

IMG 5531

*Her teeth are just popping out like crazy right now!

IMG 5280

She is a happy little soul with a lot on her to-do list each day!


If you are a parent… what are your kiddos up to these days?

Anyone reading have twins or triplets?  HOW DID YOU DO IT?

If you have a pet, how do they do with kids?

-I’m amazed at how patient Beretta is!

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Love these updates! My son just turned one, 2 weeks ago. He is a busy guy as well! He points at everything and says “dat” he is so curious! Haha I love seeing more and more of his personality coming out!
He loves our cats and just loves animals in general! The cats aren’t too sure of him but tolerate his squeals and attempts at petting them.


Oh happy birthday to him! I love that he is pointing at everything. It really is so fun to get to know who they are a bit more. I’m glad your cats are so patient with him ha. Have a wonderful day Cara.


My sister has triplets and I had J right before hers were born. At the time we lived together so it was like having quadruplets between us. She had a lot of help with so much family around and now they are all in grade school so she has a lot more free time now.

Skyes squat is my goal. Literally. Haha


I BET THAT WAS CRAZY with all four of them there. I can’t even imagine. Her squats are my goal too. Have a great night Jenny!


I have a 7 year old, 5 year old and 20 month old. My oldest is in first grade and has a bunch of extra curriculars which makes our life so busy! I don’t know what I’m going to do when the other two have things going on too! My 5 year old is my boy, he is such a sweetheart. So mellow, unlike his sisters. My baby is soo busy. She is into everything. If I try to do anything, like even fold a blanket while she is awake, before I’m done she is on the table or in the pantry, or garbage, or bathroom….she is so fast and so curious, she is really giving me a run for my money! Enjoy Skye not walking while you can!!


My daughter is 15 months and basically spends all day trying to find new ways to hurt herself! We have a little slide that’s been packed away since my son outgrew it and the first day we brought it back out for her she climbed straight up and did the “no hands!” move from the top step, went down head first, and climbed up from the bottom. Last night she got onto the slide and stood up. I’m shaking my head writing that haha. My son was a piece of cake. Not scared, but not a risk taker and was just easy. My daughter is keeping me on my toes- she is very busy, too.

We have a yellow lab who is probably a lot like yours- he’s so patient and just happy to be around us. We also have another lab, older, who is very happy to be on the other side of the house from the little people haha! He is almost 14 and has trouble moving quickly (unless a squirrel shows up!) and I’m pretty sure his hearing is mostly gone so he’s earned a little peace and quiet ;)

How do you keep clips in her hair?! Does she ever try to pull them out or is she just cool with them? Sam grabs them out immediately. I’m kind of thinking I’ll just give up and hope her hair grows quickly for pigtails or ponytails so it’s not always in her eyes. It’s not slowing her down! (But they look so cute I want her to leave them in! :)


YOU ARE BUSY WITH HER! Brooke was easy like your son too, I totally understand how crazy the change is between the two. She sounds like quite the daredevil! I love what you said about your older lab moving quickly for a squirrel ha, I think Beretta will always be that way too.
Skye will once in a while pull them off but we started from day 1 with bows so she might just be used to it? Hers are little headbands so I’m not sure how she’ll do with the clip in stuff in the future. GOOD LUCK. Have a wonderful week Jenny and I hope you get plenty of sleep to keep up with them!


Just a singleton for me over here! She is not a busy or hyper child, which I majorly appreciate and can relate to since I’m not either! But on the flip side it can be hard to make sure she stays active!! We have to do lots of physical activity encouraging eg bike riding, park, dance, otherwise if she had it her way she’d do sedentary stuff all day (her favourite things are tv (duh), art, cooking, reading, and organizing her toys)… lol. She’s also very attached to me … 3 years old and still velcroed to my side all day every day.


Hahah it’s sure fun feeling attached to someone else all day;). I love that she is already so into art/cooking/reading/organizing, that is awesome! I hope you guys have the best week together.


Proud triplet Mama here! We have a set of boy/girl/girl triplets, and then when they were almost four years old ,we had another daughter. When they were little it was just life, but now looking back I wonder how we did it :-) My husband and I were young when they were born, and they were such awesome babies. I was blessed to be able to stay home with them for the first ten years, and still tell my husband how greatful I am that I was able to do that. It was and still is an amazing life with all four of our kiddos. The triplets are high school seniors now, and our baby is an upcoming high school freshman. This year has been crazy busy getting ready for our new reality of three kids going off to three different colleges, and our household becoming a more quiet zone. I’m definitely struggling more with this stage than any other part of raising kids. It’s hard to see them grow up, but we are so proud of them all!


YOU ARE MY HERO!! So you had 4 under 4?! How did you survive. I bet right now is a crazy time too. I hope they aren’t moving too far away and I hope you feel more and more comfort during this time, that must be so hard. Thinking about you Louisa!


My kiddo is about 20 months and he is a busy boy as well. Since he is my first kiddo I don’t know any difference but other moms tell me how active he is. I also get told a lot how little he is and asked if he is a girl because he has one long lock of hair in the back that I haven’t gotten the nerve to cut. People are funny about stuff like that but it doesn’t bother me.

I love being a mama and hope to have many more kiddos soon!


Oh my gosh, she is precious!!! We’re expecting our first (a baby girl) in June and I just love seeing Skye grow up because it’s getting me so excited!! I love all her outfits and headbands! How did you get her to not hate wearing the bows/headbands? THey’re PRECIOUS.
PS – Been reading for years, but I’m terrible at commenting, but you’re lovely and I read your blog every day! So happy to see you so happy! <3


I love the Skye (and all kiddo) updates! That first picture is so cute with the wrinkly nose.

I’m thankful my dog is really great with kids. He doesn’t seem to get to agitated when kids suddenly make a move or something. I think that is what is a test with some dogs (it seems) because kids can be kind of unpredictable. My dog is very mellow! i.e. he sniffs at you and then either goes and tries to catch something (if outside) or curls up into a ball (if inside ) :)


I can’t believe how similar Skye and my son are! He also took a step or two about a month ago, and hasn’t since. That’s so funny. Now, he will shake his head “no” and smile while sitting down to crawl if we ask him to walk.
We have two cats (our pup passed away in the fall) and they are very good with him. Our dog, Max, was patient with him, too, but did not seek out his attention like the cats do. They will lay right down next to him for a pat or cuddle.
My guy was 100% breast or bottle, and then one day the sippy cup just “clicked” and we haven’t looked back since. She’ll get it eventually.
When I worked in the NICU, we’d get a lot of multiples with various levels of medical needs, so being pregnant with twins (or more) would likely make me more anxious than actually raising them.


Skye is so precious! She looks like a tiny little peanut!! My daughter is 3 and she is in swim lessons and doing great with them! She’s also in gymnastics and she loves it! My son is 5 months and he just rolled over for the first time this last weekend! He also found his voice and loves to squeal with happiness. Seeing my kids interact is the most amazing thing in the world. The way my son looks at my daughter and how they smile at each other just makes my heart burst!!

I have no idea how people with multiples do it!! Truly amazing!

We have a cat and he is incredibly patient with my kids! He’s very old so maybe he’s just too tired to care, lol.

I love these posts, Janae!!


Ah, Skye is just so cute but I don’t think you have time pure hands full mama ❤️ My littles are 2.5 Ursula and 9 months. It’s hard having them so close in age sometimes but I love the bond they have . They also are both obsessed with our French Bulldog.


I have twin boys… they’re 6 now and in kindergarten! I had them as my firsts so I didn’t know anything different! They sure made my next baby, who is now 3, seem like a breeze! Literally ;). I nursed my twin boys for 13months and 18months (one self weaned during a cold at 13 months) with zero formula ever given to either…I also pumped but they’d never take a bottle so I ended up with over 9 THOUSAND ounces of frozen breast milk in the deep freezer (crazy I know) which I donated to 9 different moms/babies in need… needless to say I was crazy busy for those 1.5 years being a cow basically ;). I’ve always been a multitasker and love being busy so I guess twins were my destiny.

sky is getting sooo big it seems like you just had her I swear! I have this odd STRONG feeling you’re gonna have a boy next!


My daughter had her first birthday almost 2 weeks ago, she is getting into everything and loves running everywhere. Blankets and stuff animals are life right now for her. She currently likes to see what she can get into before we tell her no. She is the same way 3 days of being Miss Independent and the next 1-2 days has to be with me or my husband at all times.


I have 7.5 year old twin girls that are in 2nd grade! We also have a 2.5 year old girl. The singleton was way harder than the twins ever were. Twins were sleeping through the night at 6 weeks and still do, granted things are harder know that they are older and “think they know everything”. The 2.5 year old is the most stubborn of the 3, sleeps terrible and is completely attached to me. My running has gone in the tubes since she was born. Between work and her sleep schedule (she basically sleeps when I sleep) I run on empty most days but I would not have it any other way! The twins just finished their synchronized figure skating season and just started playing volleyball! We have an almost 13 year Chihuahua named Jack and a 12.5 Coonhound/German Shepard Mix named Brandy! Jack is our old man and comes out to play on when he wants and usually spends his time finding quiet corners to sleep in! Your blog is super motivating, thank you!

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