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My first Friend to Friend post is up and it is all about things I wish I could have told myself back when I first filed for divorce at the age of 27.  If you are going through some sort of break-up check it out.  If you have gone through a break-up in the past please leave a comment with your advice so we can help those struggling right now!  I wrote down all of your suggestions for future posts from this post.  Feel free to let me know about more topics you would like me to cover on Friend to Friend!


Both girls were in really great moods when they woke up yesterday.  Beretta was too busy watching for falling food and knowing she wasn’t supposed to be in the kitchen to look up;)

I fell asleep on the couch at 8:45 on Monday night at the end of the show we were watching that I was really invested in?!  This high mileage is really requiring a lot of sleep and even Andrew (who doesn’t like sleep) is sleeping a lot more lately.

I woke up after 9 hours of sleep and went out for 8 miles @ 8:39 pace.  I listened to this episode of Rich Roll (another podcast I love) and it was about depression and addiction.  I found it VERY interesting.  He talked a lot about how the loss of connections has contributed to anxiety/depression and shared a lot of research studies/about the things that make people happier.   I’ll be listening to the second part of it on my run today!

IMG 4523

Andrew did his 20 miler yesterday (I’m doing mine today).  The girls congratulated him on his accomplishment when he finished.  He wanted to do the 20 miles on the treadmill and caught up on the Good Doctor with all of his fuel/hydration right there!  The treadmill is an amazing tool to help us get to these races.

IMG 4545

Chocolate milk, recovery boots and studying the ultra’s course map.  I’m sure you’ll see an identical picture tomorrow of me doing the same thing after my long run.  Andrew is going to join me for his second long run (10-12 miles) during my 20.

IMG 4548

PS I’ve been off and for some reason the last few weeks I thought we would have over 6k feet of climbing in our ultra but it is actually 3650 feet of elevation gain but the majority of that is in the first 19 miles.  I need to get in some training runs where the beginning is mostly climbing followed by flat miles for awhile.   We also might just try rolling down mile 6-7… that looks like a steep downhill!

Screen Shot 2019 01 15 at 11 20 17 AM

There is a sliding door on our pantry that we’ve always just left open… until now.

Skye tip-toe-crawls into there without us noticing and pulls down an entire box of cereal and dumps the whole thing out.  So for now the door is closed (I hadn’t finished cleaning up the pb Cheerio mess yet).

IMG 4542

We went over to help my sister with a few things and then went to one of her favorite restaurants, Cubby’s.  Skye was sure that I got the steak salad for her.

Operation: I need to make sure I’m getting in enough iron.

IMG 4563

Brooke had a great day at school.

IMG 4594

Skye worked on her leg raises…

IMG 4604

And she is SO close to taking her first step.

IMG 4608

Brooke requested we watch a part of It Takes Two <–  Best addition to Netflix in a long time;)

IMG 4598

Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for dinner followed by some cookie dough for dessert.

IMG 4595

Off for 20 miles today!

Running is play and I can’t wait to play in the roads/mountains today for a bit.

IMG 4602

Oh and two more things I wanted to share today:

*I’m currently trying to train Skye to give me back massages after I finish a long run:

IMG 2325

*PS I saw this below paragraph on Instagram and wanted to hug it.  I love it so much.  “That place where your body naturally wants to be.”

I have a post from a few years ago that talks about the extra 5 lbs HERE and I think it’s a good one if you are struggling with this right now.

IMG 4570


What race have you run that had the craziest elevation gain/loss?

-The Emigration Canyon 1/2 that I did had you climb non-stop for the first 4.5 miles and then had a steep down for awhile after that.

What is something that you do after a long or hard run that you feel really helps you in recovery?

Do you get in enough iron through your diet or do you take a supplement?  What vitamins/supplements do you take each day?

Would you rather get a back massage or foot massage? Do you have ticklish feet?

-Foot massage… those are my favorite.

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“He wanted to do the 20 miles on the treadmill” – I’m pretty sure that’s a sentence that’s never been written before! Go Andrew!!!!!!!


I know, right… THIS IS SO EXCITING!!! Have a wonderful day Jenny!


YES! LOVE the Friend to Friend post!!

I would definitely much rather have a back massage. I get really tight, especially in my shoulders, and get a bunch of knots. I usually go to nail salons and pay $1 a minute for a 20-minute or so shoulder/neck massage. It feels AMAZING, and I highly suggest it to anyone who has a lot of tension in their necks/shoulders.

GO SKYE!!!! So exciting that she is almost walking now!


I hope that you get one of those amazing massages soon.. that sounds so good right now. Thanks Natalie and I think you are right, the move to California was necessary and so healing for you:) . You are doing incredible and YOU help so many people through your love for them!


I wouldn’t want to choose but I’d get a back massage :)

I used to listen to Rich Roll’s podcast. Several of them were just a bit off topic for me and I unsubscribed. I still occasionally check in to see if there is one I want to download. When they hit home, I LOVE them. So thank you for weeding out for me – downloaded Johann’s for the walks today :)


Let me know what you think of the episode… I didn’t agree with everything he had to say but I found many times where I was shaking my head YES to what he was saying. Have a beautiful day Amanda and wish I could join you on your walk!


Woah, love that Instagram post!


SO MUCH GOODNESS. Give me those good memories please:) . Have a wonderful day Hayley.


Love how you guys make doing a quick 20- miler no big deal! Ha! I’m training for a 20 mile race and I’m freaking out here! Seeing that it’s so do-able helps me feel confident that I can do it too! (Not sure about the treadmill though…)


YES YES YES… it is do-able and you are going to rock it. It’s crazy what training does to our perspectives… two months ago and we were having a hard time getting into our 10 miler training runs. Trust the training, you will get there and I better get to hear all about it. PS I couldn’t do it on the treadmill either;) . Have a wonderful day Carly.


I think the most elevation lost for me was probably hobble creek. And anytime I think about it, I want to do it again.

I’d so much rather a back rub, but feet are good too. I’ll take what I can get haha.

I don’t take any supplements right now and I’m completely unsure if I’m getting everything I need vitamin wise.


I hope you get a back rub soon. I WANT TO DO HOBBLE CREEK THIS YEAR… let’s do it!


I love love love that paragraph!
Recovery: Stay off your feet. When you are about to go do something, ask yourself “do I really need to do this, or am I just creating busyness, filling my time, creating accomplishment.” If it is any of the later 3, stay home and off your feet!


Oh I love that so much… I’ll be asking myself that question today after mine! Thanks Erica, have a beautiful day.


Uhm those recovery boots look INSANE, how do they work?


They are pretty sweet. They are compression boots and they inflate to squeeze your legs nicely:) They help to increase your circulation and help with soreness and stiffness. I have no idea if they truly scientifically work or not BUT I always feel better when I use them (and maybe that’s placebo affect but both of us agree that our legs feel better after). Plus it feels like a nice little massage:) . Have a great day Nina!


Hmm well post-surgery or flight socks are TIGHT and supposed to improve circulation so that would make sense!


I’ve done The Rut (10k over 31 miles) but harder than that was Beaverhead 50k. I think total was 8k of gain but the skree fields were brutal (blog has a post about the Rut right now and a pic of Beaverhead as the header – I’d post here if I could – crazy beautiful, crazy scary).

A good meal and a nap is great recovery if I can get it. Or Netflix all afternoon!

Back massage. Totally. Not super ticklish but don’t like people touching my feet really.

Have a great day!


OH MY GOODNESS… those both sound unreal and my quads started throbbing just reading about them haha! Looked at your blog and I can’t even imagine how you got up to that ridge. You are incredible and I hope you get a back massage soon. I’m crossing my fingers for a nap after today’s long run:) .


I love seeing your ultra updates – someday I really really want to do one so it’s fun to see a sneak peek. I am trying to decide on a spring/summer goal race and it’s looking more like it will be a half-marathon road race this time (other options were road marathon & trail 25/50k).
Skye is so adorable she can knock all the cheerios down. My floors are so clean because my 2yr old drops things all the time – I would not have a reason to clean the floor very much if it weren’t for him! Now I want PB cheerios too…
I supplement with iron when I think about it (twice a month?) since I don’t eat meat & don’t want to worry about it. The only other thing I do is B12, and then zinc when I am feeling a cold coming on. And for long run recovery, I love Hammer’s Recoverite if I happen to have it. I dislike massages because I am very ticklish and being tickled is not fun for me.


I need to try out that Recoverite… sounds interesting. Keep me updated on what you decide to do for your goal race this spring/summer. Hahah you are right… Skye motivates us to clean our floors way more often too:) . Go get some PB Cheerios, they are heavenly. Have a great day Katie!


I cannot imagine 20 miles on a treadmill!!??!! Way to go Andrew!
The craziest race, as far as elevation gains, was a few years ago in LA. I know, you wouldn’t think of LA and elevation…bit this race was insane! It was a half marathon (6pm was a 10K and the half followed at 8pm) that started right by the LA Times building. We ran a little through downtown, with some nice little hills, then up to Dodgers stadium. Now, if you’ve ever been to the stadium, you know it sits on top of a hill… once we got up there, the race course took us down and up every.darn.hill!! It was so hard! That race, after that year, does not hold a half marathon anymore….hmm
We just got some recovery boots and oh my gosh they are seriously the best!!! They really make recovering from long runs and hard work-outs so much better! And I also love a good hot shower after a long run ?
Go rock your 20miler! And have a great day!


Whoa! Can you imagine ever running that course in reverse??? It’s a good thing those big elevation changes are early (I think).
I’ve never done a race with huge elevation changes. In fact, I love races in beach towns, where it’s hard to find hills :)
I try not to sit for long periods of time right after running a hard or long effort, or at least move a bit frequently to keep everything from tightening up.
I should get my iron level rechecked, but I think I do OK. I take Calcium, D, Magnesium, Chromium, Cinnamon, Biotin, and Fish Oil supplements.
I like both back and foot massages, but I can’t reach my back, so that’s my pick :)
Have a great run today!


Love, love, love that post on Instagram. Saw it yesterday and it reaffirmed my decision to work through my disordered eating. I used to work and stress so much about keeping 5-10 pounds off of me and I finally realized that it is not worth it!! I was missing out on so much. I finally realized those extra pounds brought me freedom!!


Since I have started doing CrossFit in addition to running, I find that Epsom salt baths help so much relaxing my muscles (and my brain!). Works a lot better than ice for me.


At least you know Skye has good taste–PB cheerios are AMAZING!!

Chocolate milk is one of my favorite recoveries. So is SLEEP. If forced to pick I’d probably choose a back massage . . . but gosh, that’s a tough choice. I definitely have ticklish feet. I’ve accidentally kicked people when they’ve tickled my feet.

I used to take an iron supplement because I was a little anemic, but I find now if I’m really intentional about my diet and take a multivitamin semi-regularly, that makes a huge difference. And occasionally eating some red meat if I think I need it!


“Running is play” Love it, and adding it to the addition of “Now” as a mantra : )


Sorry to comment again ?. But I just listened to Man Bun Run with you and Andrew… So good!! You all are funny! I could totally see Andrew and Riley(?) hanging out and becoming great friends! Can’t wait for you to do another podcast!! Loved it!


HAHAH right?!?! We have now planned to go on a double date and I can’t wait to see them interact in person ha. Have a wonderful day and the more I get to hear from you the better!


I want both back and foot massage!
I had gastric sleeve surgery 5 years ago, because of that I have to take a multivitamin, iron, B12, and Calcium. I also take a Biotin bc I lost some hair after having 2 kids and the surgery.


I’ve done a downhill race before called the Heavenly Half, it had a net -2500 feet. It was super fun but I was insanely sore the next day!

I always try and get in extra protein after a long or hard run and that seems to help with recovery.

Can I have both a foot and back massage? Ha, I guess I would pick a back massage if I had to choose :)


Back massage 100%. In fact I need one now. Our roads are covered in snow and ice so I have been hitting up the gym treadmill but my form must be awful on the treadmill because every time I use it my back cramps up real bad. I need someone to run by me and tell me what I am doing wrong. I never have this issue on the road. Any suggestions? I know you used to use a piece of tape to stay further back. Also I listened to your interview on the Man Bun during my run. I love you and Andrew, made those 400M repeats fly by!


Oh I am so so glad that you listened… thanks for letting us join you on your repeats and great job on that workout (400s are hard). BOOO about your back pain on the treadmill (but I’m very glad that never happens outside)! Focus on your form each treadmill run. Try this workout out in my post here… I do it on the treadmill sometimes:

I found this article to be helpful too:

Good luck and let me know how it goes.


Our elevation in Tennessee is nowhere near Utah, but my races in Nashville have some pretty serious climbs….and especially in the summer that is rough!

Post long run i love a hot shower and comfy sweats…..even in the summer i am always cold after a run….guess the blood circulation has to catch up or something.

And i will ALWAYS choose a back massage….love them! That’s what I want for my birthday next month….an hour long massage!!


That is some crazy downhill! I’ve never run anywhere with more than about 300 feet of elevation change. I would be scared of tripping and tumbling down!

I take a magnesium supplement but I haven’t thought about iron in a long time. I don’t eat red meat either, but I eat a ton of broccoli which I think makes up for it.

I wish I had some go-to recovery tricks but I really don’t, apart from wearing compression socks. I hope you have a fun 20 miles and some good recovery! I had a really nice 12ish miles today, my long run of the week.


That elevation chart is no joke! Speaking from experience, you honestly may want to powerwalk down, and then up that ginormous hill. My favorite 50 miler has hills in the first few miles, and then again toward the end. The first time I ran it, I TRASHED my toes and quads running the down hills. Powerwalking saves me in ultras.
I take a vitamin D and a prenatal. I live in one of the most overcast areas of the country, so it is impossible, especially in wintertime, to get enough vitamin D from the sun. Most other supplements, in my opinion, are unnecessary unless a doctor suggests them due to levels in blood work. Iron pills, in particular, can wreak havoc on your digestive system.
My recovery trick isn’t really a trick at all — just a lot of rest, wearing compression socks, and eating/drinking well.


That is definitely what we are thinking too… there is going to be some good power hiking and power walking in those first 18 miles! Thanks for the tips… I need all of the help that I can get. Have a wonderful day Stacey.


What race have you run that had the craziest elevation gain/loss? A 50 miler with 22,260 ft of vertical gain/loss (11,130 of each), and a 100k with 26,000 ft of elevation gain/loss (13,000 each).

What is something that you do after a long or hard run that you feel really helps you in recovery? Ice baths after a long run. Also, I try to keep moving instead of vegging on the couch. They both seem to help reduce aches and soreness afterwards.

Do you get in enough iron through your diet or do you take a supplement? What vitamins/supplements do you take each day? I don’t take any supplements. I eat a lot of spinach, beans and whole grains (not much of a red meat eater here).

Would you rather get a back massage or foot massage? Do you have ticklish feet? Back massage but I am not a huge fan of massages because unless they are done just right, I am too ticklish!


WHAT… I cannot even imagine that elevation. You are INCREDIBLE. I’ll think about you when I’m feeling tired of going up. That was just the tip I needed today… I just want to be on the couch the rest of the day but walking will help. I hope you are having a wonderful day and thanks Jennifer.


So excited to see comments including B12. Vitamin B supports iron retention and quality protein (30g in the 1st 30 min of the day) is important too. Fish, mussels, kombu. Love your use of almond butter in the jam sandwich. Now, if we could do away with the bread…. Can vegetables make up for not eating beef? Well, some need more study there, IMO. really get it in to your system because why are we taking the supplements?) + (B12 + nutritional yeast unfortified non-GMO/ organic => support iron retention + other benefits).

Oh, did you know there’s a difference btw iron from vegetables and meat/ seafood sources? There is.


My comment appears differently than how I typed it. It’s missing spaces & content. I didn’t save it. Never saw this before.


I am signed up for my first Ultra (50 miles) in September. There is 8150 feet of uphill…3600 in the first 6.5 miles. That should be exciting!
I did a trail marathon last year and it was 3670 feet of up! Good times!

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