Reader Questions & Answers Part 3 + Monday Matters!

The top 3 most viewed posts from last week in case you missed out!

*Friend to Friend: 10 Things I Would have Told 27 Year Old Me—> Going Through a Divorce.

*Thursday Thoughts + the REAL Endurance Gain + 21 Miles

*Our MENTOR, 12 & Friday Favorites!

My sister and I slept in big time (I love sleep) and then headed back home to our families… it was a very nice getaway!   (Skye and Andrew aren’t in the above pre-church photo because I had to leave early for church and Skye was asleep and Andrew was showering).

Andrew straightened Brooke’s hair for church… something he never thought he would know how to do.

IMG 4968

Post church naps and complete relaxation.

IMG 4973

And then our family came over for a goodbye party for my aunt <– This is the aunt that signed me up for my very first race (a half marathon about 12 years ago)!

IMG 4977

Her favorite food is spaghetti so we made this sauce and it was delicious.

IMG 4983

Skye is pretty attached to my sis lately!

IMG 4981

A few Monday Matters to share:

*I always knew Maggie (on A Million Little Things) was my favorite character.  Then I saw her wearing a pair of Brooks on the last episode and I felt like maybe we actually are real-life friends.

IMG 4898

*Ultra training and all of these miles = I’m hungry 12 minutes after I finish a meal.  I always have snacks with me now in my coat pocket no matter where I go.    Trail mix is my current favorite snack to take around with me.

IMG 4756

*DON’T FORGET… just like running through the hot/humid summer helps you to get to some awesome fall race times, training through the winter with less than ideal conditions is going to bring you some incredible spring race times.  Don’t give up, the hard stuff during training is going to help us out big time on race day.

LRG DSC09182

*Time for a lot of miles—> I switch the days up a bit to fit our schedule but I’ll be working towards getting all of these in!  Plan from this book.

IMG 4899


You can read my previous Reader Q & A’s here and here.

*In order for me to get a long run in I am having to break it up, does that still count?

-I sure think it does.  Now if you are training for the Olympics or a very competitive time then you probably have to get in more long runs all in one chunk but I think breaking it up still counts if you are looking for completing your race.  Maybe just try to get in two or three of your long runs in one chunk during the cycle and then break up the rest if you need to!

PS In this episode with Camille Harron she actually talked about how beneficial it is for your body/recovery to break up these long runs.

*What is your morning getting ready routine with a baby? Doing your hair, etc.?

-I usually shower while Skye naps (she suddenly started hating it when I would shower while she is awake) and let my hair air dry (if I wash it) while I work.  When she wakes up I put a little bit of makeup on (I have no idea how to do makeup so I just buy random stuff at Target and throw it on as fast as possible) and curl my hair, straighten it or ponytail it while she crawls around my room.  Having fake eyelashes and tinted eyebrows helps cut down the time it takes for me to get ready.

IMG 1766

*When you started blogging how long did it take you until you got a large amount of readers and how did you get readers?

-I think I started getting a big readership about 6 months into blogging.  Do you remember Skinny Runner’s blog?  She had a huge following and she posted about me one day and I received a lot of readers from that.  A bit later I posted about my amenorrhea and that brought a lot of readers.  I used to post all of the time on Runner’s World forums and I think that helped me to get my name out and I did a lot of guest posts for other bloggers too.

*How do you know when you’re ready to train for a race again (vs taking it slow running) postpartum? 

-I am not an expert in the slightest about this but I’ll share how I knew I was ready!  I CRAVED it.  I did it because I wanted it… not because I thought I should be doing it.  I missed it a lot during pregnancy and right after having Skye (I took 6 weeks completely off after she was born) and once I started to really crave running fast again I knew I was in a good spot (for a little while I was just too tired to want to train hard).  I started feeling a little pep in my step again and the itch to go. I was also in a situation where Andrew was at home doing a ton of the nighttime feedings and help which made it a little easier for me to feel good to go again (aka I slept a lot more than the normal postpartum situation I’m guessing)… the next time around will definitely not be the same way because he will be working.

Soak in your time with your newborn/little one and when your heart/mind/body tell you you are ready to train again, go for it.  PS come back extremely slow though.  My coach tested my patience by giving me very short/small workouts in the beginning for a while and I’m glad I started out so small and slowly built up so that I didn’t end up injured.

This time goes by way too fast:

IMG 7484

*What pace were you when you first started running 8 years ago?

When I first really started training (my first marathon) I remember setting the treadmill to 7.0-7.5 for most of my runs and long runs.  That is still my goto pace when I am not doing a workout but the workout paces have gotten faster over the years.

*When I run I get bored!  What do you do to not get bored when you run by yourself?

-Podcasts 100% or I will take a new route or throw in intervals.  On the treadmill I usually read a book (if I am just doing easy paces).   Run with people, run in beautiful areas if possible, run different paces/speeds each day and dream about your breakfast;)

*How do you not let a bad race put doubt in your mind?

-I do let it put a doubt in my mind for a day or so but then I have to CHOOSE to move forward.  I have to tell myself that one bad run can’t determine my potential (just like one good run can’t).  We have so many races up ahead of us so let that bad race fuel your flame to train harder and get to those goals of yours.

IMG 9465 JPGIMG E5285

*Meg asked about the best places to visit in Utah?  Favorite part of blogging?  Hardest part of blogging?  How do you make time for it?

-Salt Lake City, Park City, Zion, Moab, Bryce Canyon, St. George, Utah County (so I can take you to Kneaders and Cafe Rio), SUNDANCE and pretty much anywhere where the mountains are.

My favorite part of blogging are the connections I’ve been able to form.  I’ve met some amazing people and get to talk with you guys every day.  The hardest part of blogging… self-employed health insurance (but not for long… Andrew starts work soon;) and some days when trying to juggle 3 kids when Andrew is gone and I have companies I need to get back to and content to create = I get stressed.  I make time for it when the kids are asleep and when Andrew can be on kid duty.  I love being able to sit down every day and write about the things I’m passionate about.  I’m very lucky that this blog that I thought would last for like a month has lasted for 8.3 years so far and many more to come.

*Bridget asked for my best tips for managing plantar fasciitis?

-Go see Dr. Bennett, get your plantar scraped, wear oofos during the day and sleep with this obnoxious boot that is so hard to sleep with but heals my plantar every time.

IMG 0778

*How do you come back after injury?  Dealing with one now and I hate it!

-Less is more (not that I’ve always done this… or even close to this but I’ve learned the hard way many times by getting re-injured).  Be patient with yourself.  You’ll get back there again but if you do too much then you will be back to not running again because of another injury.    This article could be very helpful.

*Treadmill tips with babies or kids at home?

-Do it when they are asleep ha.  The farthest I’ve gotten with Skye is 30 minutes while she is awake.  Stick with it… kids do learn, it just might take them a little while.  If they are with you in the room while running then have all of their favorite toys and snacks in there.  If anyone has tips for me too.. please help because more treadmill miles at home are in my near future.

*People keep telling me how bad running marathons is for my joints/body.  How do I respond?

-‘Prove it.’  Ha I don’t really know.  Just smile and nod and go along with doing whatever your heart/doctor tells you is best for your body and soul.

*Favorite podcast?

-I have so many favorites.. here are my current favorites:  Ali on the Run Show, Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, Finding Mastery, Man Bun Run, The Training for Ultra, Run This World, Work Play Love with Lauren Fleshman, How I Built This, I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein, The Fitnessista, Marathon Training Academy,  3 in 30 Takeaway for Moms, Better Than Happy, SuperSoul Conversations, Rise Podcast, Run Eat Repeat, Run This World, The Morning Shakeout, Rambling Runner, Running for Real, Rich Roll and Cold.

*How do you carry water on your runs?

-Now I use this vest but I love this handheld and this bottle that fits nicely into your fuel belt (it is slightly bent to fit perfectly).

Screen Shot 2019 01 18 at 10 56 14 AM

*Tips for making running friends! I can’t usually make run/club/group runs due to my work.

 -CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME WITH THIS QUESTION… My answer is to have a Josse in your life.  She knows the entire running community in the state of Utah and I have met all of my running friends through her.

*What smart watch do you recommend for runners (under $200-$300)?  I have a gear fit 2 pro and hate it (unreliable)?

-Andrew has the Garmin 230 and he absolutely loves it (his review is here) and it is about $220!  I love the Suunto Spartan Trainer (review here) and that one is $279-$329 (so a little above).   I have used the Garmin 225 for a few years. It isn’t a smart watch but I love it.  I have the Garmin 935 now and I am beyond obsessed with it but it is a bit more.

*Beckett said this too–> . Ooh for inexpensive smart watch ideas, I got the Garmin F35 for Christmas and am in love. $135 for a basic smart watch + Garmin.

*How do you balance training and motherhood?

-I feel like training makes me love motherhood even more.  I really love being a mom. I think doing something for myself helps me to focus on them for the rest of the day.  Having a race on the calendar or a goal I’m working towards helps me to be a better mom and enjoy taking care of them all day.  I have to juggle around when I get in my training and maybe wake up earlier than I would like or spend more time on the treadmill but I find a way to get it in each day according to everyone’s schedule.  Growing up my mom was a stay at home mom and with 5 kids her life was VERY busy… but she always made time to have a hobby or something she did just for herself (French lessons, piano lessons, book clubs, gem cutting etc).  She was a great example to me of not losing ourselves to motherhood by continuing to spend a little time each day on ourselves.

Skye is 4 seconds away from falling asleep:

IMG 9887

*Balancing energy demands between family, work, running.

-I have been obsessed with the idea of ‘balance’ over the years and I think I’ve just now figured out how to do it best for me—> Stop obsessing over balance because it’s not actually possible for me.  There are weeks where I get very little done with work because of kids and some weeks where I need a lot of help from everyone around me to get stuff done.  Some months I am good at doing the extras with my running and some months I come in from a run and can’t remember the last time I stretched/did core/did a proper cool-down.  I feel best when I let go of the idea of balance and prioritize for the day what has to get done and kind of let go of the rest and then when there is more free time I try to get the little things done.  I hope this makes sense… the easier I am on myself about my to-do list and what I get done each day, the happier I am.  Life is never going to be balanced for me so bring on the surprise of what each week is going to bring me.  I’m learning to let things go… like putting away the laundry.  IE our laundry room looks like it has exploded 99% of our lives.  I prioritize the kids having clean clothes each day but let go of the idea of always having it folded and put away nicely.  As soon as I start thinking I can and need to balance everything and do it all—> I have a major meltdown and cry for an hour straight.  As soon as I start to simplify and focus on just getting the most important things done, I feel a lot better… I have started to say no to a lot more things too which has helped.
Sometimes I just have to laugh about how unbalanced it is some weeks/months/years.

Any tips on making running friends?  What about running on the treadmill with kids at home.. how do you do it?

Whats your definition of balance… do you feel like you have a good balance on things most weeks?  What feels most out of balance for you?

Do you ever break up your long runs?  

What was the best part of your weekend… I would love to hear!  Do you have today off?

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Conan O’Brien needs a friend is so funny! I love Armchair Expert with Dax Shepherd too. So many Parenthood actors on there. :)
I had to comment because I’ve dealt with PF since I started running in HS (and it’s a big reason I quit running competitively back then…running was so painful). The only thing that has truly cured me are Yogatoes toe spacers. You can buy them on Amazon and you just wear them for a few minutes a day. I haven’t had a single flare up since I’ve been using them….I think it’s now been over 2 years? And that’s 3 marathons and several half marathons. The boot, the straussberg sock, rolling, none of that worked for me, so if you have any readers that have tried EVERYTHING and can’t get relief, please, please, please, PLEASE try the Yogatoes! :)


Oh that one is a CLASSIC… and when he has his wife on = the best ever! Yogatoes toe spacers?! I have never heard of those. I’m going to have to look those up for my next flare up. THANKS MOLLIE. Have a wonderful day.


Running friends can be tough to make if you always run by yourself, but I think racing helps. I haven’t raced at all in California, and I don’t have any running friends. But when I was in Dallas, I met most of my running friends from racing. I would see them at multiple races, and then we would start training together, and you meet other running friends through them. So my suggestion would simply be to start talking to people at races. Also, sometimes local running stores have social runs or group runs that you can get involved in, so that might help, too!

I’m so thankful for a day off from work today!! And I loved having sunshine this weekend. I was able to go for a much-needed walk on Saturday afternoon and take a nap yesterday. :)


Oh that is so true… races are great places to meet people. I NEED TO GET BACK TO YOU… I’m so sorry, this weekend I was running around with my sis. Enjoy your day off and the sunshine!


Balance… that’s tough! I think it’s just finding what works best for you. You can’t plan every minute of your life, but planning things out really helps me. If I write out my day (or put it into my calendar at work or home), I can really see what I have happening. If I notice that I’m spending more time working than anything else in life – time to switch it up! I’m a firm believer in writing lists or using a planner to really see what I have going on.
Best part of my weekend – Saturday evening, my girlfriends and I got pedicures (SO nice) and then we went out to our favorite Mexican restaurant (the boys joined us there). Funnily enough, my parents were at the same restaurant! So I got to see family and friends all in one night. After dinner, my friends and I watched terrible Netflix rom-coms. Honestly, such a great night!
Your plan this week looks so intense – my legs are tired for you! :)


Your Saturday night sounds PERFECT and how funny your parents were there too. Those rom-coms get me every time. Oh lists are lifesavers! Have a wonderful day Rhiannon and thanks:)


I made running friends when a few of us signed up for a marathon. We all knew each other casually, but that training cycle solidified our friendships. We picked a training plan and stuck with it. It often meant 5am starts to get runs in before work and school but we committed to it and we all ran that marathon. After, we missed our random chats and miles together so much that we signed up for a half marathon so we could train together again.


Oh I love this Carol… there is nothing like that running group bond that happens! I’m so glad you got back to work again together:) . Have a beautiful day Carol!


I love what you say about balance–I feel like finding balance is challenging as a single person with no kids, and I wonder what that will be like when I DO have kids one day (and a husband, ha). Taking it a day at a time is a vital skill! I love seeing people like you make it work.

Best part of the weekend . . . seeing my dad and my last day of PT is today! Eek! I think I’ve come a long ways and am not sure I’m 100% but I know I’ve improved a lot. Although now running less than 3 miles makes me sore because of all the time off. Sigh.

Brook’s straightened hair looks like a waterfall!


Totally agree… a day at a time, a mile at a time:) . I am SO glad you got to see your dad and that you are BACK RUNNING. Best news. Thanks Kristin and I hope you have a wonderful day.


I love that you’re loving A Million Little Things!! I haven’t watched it yet from last week – I’ve had the longest lasting head cold and I just can’t get myself on the treadmill but I’m saving that episode for when I finally run again!! :)


Let me know what you think of the latest episode… great idea to save it for a treadmill run. That show is so good. FEEL BETTER ASAP


For making running friends, join a running group on Facebook in your area. I’m part of one for Utah that is called run4fun and they plan group runs and ask for running buddies all the time. They also meet up at races sometimes. Also our local running store has a group run every week.

I love that you got your blog to explode so quick! I’ve been blogging for 5 years and haven’t hit a huge jackpot in followers yet but slowly keep growing.


I need to join that group on Facebook! You are doing an amazing job! I think I also got in right when blogs were exploding too so that helped. Have a beautiful day Jenny and stay warm!


It’s so funny that you mentioned Skinny Runner’s former blog – that’s how I found your blog! I’m very grateful to her for making the introduction, and I miss her posts! At least she’s still on Instagram.

I’ve struggled a lot with making new running friends. I moved to a new city a few years ago and everyone I’ve met is nice, but the community here is very clicque-ish. I’m still trying! I think it is especially hard for me because my last city had the most awesome running community in the history of the universe.


No way… that makes me so happy. I miss her blog big time. Maybe someday she’ll start again;) .
It really is so hard… keep trying and if you ever move to Utah I’ll be your running buddy. Have a beautiful day Sarah.


Ooh for inexpensive smart watch ideas, I got the Garmin F35 for Christmas and am in love. $135 for a basic smart watch + Garmin.


$135… THAT SOUNDS PERFECT!! Adding this to the post! Thanks!


For making running friends I would recommend reaching out to a school that has a cross country team. As a coach, it is sometimes hard to do the longer runs because we are all such different paces. I know if I had someone trustworthy to volunteer to run with one of the pace groups so I knew an adult was with them, it would make this coach feel much better! You never know if you’ll form a friendship with that coach that will allow you to have a running buddy!

My favorite part of the weekend was knowing I wasn’t having to go to work on Monday! I love my job as a teacher, but I really love days off to catch up on family time, rest, and school work :)


That is something I never thought about… what a great idea Sloan! Enjoy every second of today and pamper yourself!


I have a few running friends, but I’ve had to accept that 90% or more of my runs will still be on my own because adult schedules are hard. Those rare times when i can get to a run or a fitness class with my running friends is a treat, and I try to just savor it and be thankful for it without beating myself up about not spending more time running with people.
Balance is a huge goal of mine. I don’t know if I’ll ever be great at it, but for me it’s all about feeling like my basic needs are being met as well as the needs of the people I care for; NOT one or the other!
I try not to break up my long runs, but I often do two shorter runs on week days. I’m a high school teacher, so It’s hard for me to get 7+ miles and be showered, dressed and at work at 7:20am. So I often do 4-5 miles in the am at my own pace, then do another 3-4 with the students in my running club in the afternoon.


That is such a good point… adult schedules with work/families/everything makes it hard to meet up and run with people. I’m probably right there with you on the 90% stat. And I love what you said about not one or the other… so much truth. I love that you direct a running club at your high school, you are helping so many kids start such a good healthy habit for life. Have a beautiful day Kerri and enjoy your day off!


Pro tip (and by pro tip I mean a Sicilian grandmother’s tip):
For a large crowd, mix in a little red sauce to cooked pasta to keep the noodles from sticking. Keep the sauce warm. If the noodles get cold, the sauce will rewarm the noodles when guests are ready to eat.


That is SO smart. Thank you Molly, we will 10000% be using this tip. I can’t wait and I want to eat the food your grandmother makes:)


I love your come back to the “running is bad for your joints” remark, haha! ? Actually, my doctor is a runner and I remember saying once “I know running is bad for my joints” before I realized he ran and he said “In theory. Yes, there are exercises that are easier on the body, BUT, if you recover properly, keep your mileage appropriate to your ability, and cross train, you *should* be fine. But what do I know? I’ll probably end up with a knee replacement someday.” ?

The balance thing…have you ever seen National Treasure 2 where they’re all on that stone table in the cave and they’re trying to get everyone safely off without displacing too much weight in any one direction, too quickly? I feel like that’s all of our lives, don’t you? We’re all going through that on some level. For me, I just have to make a list EVERY SINGLE DAY (no lie) of everything I need to do. Then I simply go about checking off items in order of priority. As in, “Life will literally implode if this does not get taken care of TODAY.” Then I work down from that level of priority. And like you said, sometimes, lots of stuff gets taken care of, sometimes it’s only a few things. But in the end, if we’re all still upright on the stone table at the end of the day, I’m putting a ✔️ by the success box in my brain.

Have a great Monday, Janae! I’m snuggling in and watching the snow fall with all my family (college kids included, woot!).


I LOVE how your doctor replied to that… he sounds awesome (and funny:). I need to see that movie. I love your priority system… and the daily list. Awesome. ENJOY Michelle and thank you so much!


Mom’s Run this Town has a lot of chapters in different areas and that is a great place for women to make running friends (you don’t have to be a mom to join). I live in Lehi and before the chapter opened two years ago it was hit and miss if I found someone that was around my pace. But since this chapter started I can always find people to run with and we set up big group runs, it has been awesome.


I’ve never heard of Mom’s Run this Town… that sounds awesome and I’m going to check it out. SO great. Have a wonderful day Collette, stay warm and thanks for sharing.


How do you recommend asking someone about their divorce? I’ve become good friends with a woman in my ward who recently got divorced (it became official a week or two ago) and I’d love to talk to her about it but I’m not sure how, or if it’s even appropriate.

Also, I prefer biking over running but whenever it’s snowing like it is today (I’m in SLC) I get the urge to go run outside! It’s weird.


That is a great question… I’m so sorry she is going through all of this. For me personally, if I wanted/felt ready to talk to somebody about it then I would BUT if it was someone I knew really cared about me and they told me that they are there for me if I ever needed to talk… then I would. It’s a tricky situation, follow your gut and just support her in every way possible. You are so amazing for being there for her. Hahaha get out for a few miles today… it’s NUTS.


When I get bored on my treadmill, I play around with speed and the incline. I feel like I can really go fast on the treadmill, so I like to push myself. That really helps me stay motivated and takes my mind off of the fact that I’m not outside. I also try to run where I’ll be able to see myself in a mirror. It sounds silly, but seeing how strong I look despite how I might be struggling mentally really helps, too!

I need to visit Utah just to go to all of the places you post about! HA!


Oh I love that… playing around with the speed/incline always helps me so much too. YES come and I’ll take you around!


I racewalk ( stupid knee doesn’t like much running at all but I am a fast walker!) but I really believe that breaking up my longer walks in the start of my last training helped my knee behave. I broke up my long walks in the beginning and then as I got closer to my half marathon I made sure to do the full long walks. I am building miles again now and am toying with doing that again. I don’t have a goal race yet but have a few in mind for the spring. Some half marathons have a walking category and I really want to try it!


Carrie, you are amazing and I am so glad that breaking up your longer walks were able to get you there to the half marathon. YES do those halves… that sounds awesome and keep me updated all along the way. Have a wonderful day Carrie.


Yesterday we headed to snowshoe a local mountain – it was gorgeous and we headed up early afternoon and then chased sunset on the mountain. It was dark when we headed down – by moonlight and headlamps. And then we watched the supermoon when we got home – and took film photos that hopefully turn out.

For me, some of my best friends come from running – from my first marathon clinic more than 6 years ago and then through a road running group I joined. I have met friends of friends through running. I do a lot of solo miles these days, but we have so many fantastic local trail running/road running groups I think I could have lots of people to run with if I chose it that way. I think for me it was just showing up, to weekly runs, to group runs and putting myself out there. I appreciate it might be tougher when you have a lot more commitments on your plate and kiddos but just getting out there, joining a local running group, even if you can’t make all the runs is a great way to meet people for running. It has gotten to the point, where many of my running friendships have evolved far beyond running.

In terms of balance, it is just the 2 of us – no kiddos to speak of so it makes our time a lot easier to manage.

And yes, it is not a holiday here, but I happen to have the day off – currently tucked next to our fire place staying warm. Hope you are enjoying your day in thanks to all the snow you guys got! Have a fantastic day Janae!


Your day yesterday = perfection. Wow… I love snowshoeing. Your advice for finding running friends is perfect. Enjoy your day off Kristine and thank you!


I remember Skinny Runner’s blog!! She was the best! :)

I need all the tips on finding runner friends! Everyone I know thinks I’m crazy for enjoying logging so many miles all the time! HA!

I’m also always seeking balance in my world! Between work, life, running and everything in between, it can be tricky trying to stay calm and not get overwhelmed at times with everything! I keep prayer a top priority though and it definitely helps me calm my anxieties when I feel super un-balanced! Also, un-plugging helps me a ton!

I don’t break up long runs a bunch but I definitely have before!

Have a great day Janae!!


LOL at the “when I run I get bored” question. I know some people do, but I run so I purposely have nothing to do/focus on, and can let my mind clear/zone out a bit. That’s my favorite part!
I need to jot down your favorite Utah places, for if I ever make a trip out that way – it sounds like a beautiful state!
Treadmill running: I agree that my kiddo totally got used to it, but it took a while. I also setup a gate around it while he was little and tempted to touch/climb on it while it was moving.
I definitely do not have balanced figured out. I think letting go is HUGE in terms of being okay with how things are. For me, letting go also meant letting others help, which has made a huge difference. Loved reading your thoughts on balancing family life with running and personal endeavors.


If you like the Rise podcast have you listened to Rise Together? I love that one too!


AHHH YES… I need to add that one. Did you listen to the 5 love language one? That one is so so good!
Have a great night Catie!


Yes! I listened to it yesterday on my way to work. And then my husband and I took the quiz and we both scored the same! Quality time. Our second was different though.


I LOVE what you said about balance. I agree that as I get older i get better at realizing that I may not have balance on any one particular day, but over time things seem to balance out. My work has busy seasons so there are times when work has to take priority, but then I make sure to focus on family and friends, house cleaning etc in the other times. And I try to cook healthy meals most of the time, so those nights when it’s eggs or cereal for dinner I don’t worry.

PS – thanks for all the podcast recs. I just listened to COLD and am SOOOO creeped out!


To find a running buddy, look up your local chapter of MRTT/SRTT (Moms Run This Town/She Runs This Town) on Facebook. They’re a National group with local chapters everywhere. I was wanting a running buddy so badly to help motivate me and to spend time with like minded women. I saw this listed somewhere, joined, and jumped right in with the group runs. Everyone was so nice and super supportive and I found a great group of gos that I run with a couple of times a week.


I’ll second SRTT. My chapter has SO many women that it is so easy to find someone to run with at any time of the day. Honestly I see people planning runs at 4 am to get them done before work. It’s a really great community.


I have had luck with joining the running club in my area and volunteering as race support, especially packet pick ups, water stations. You spend time with people talking shop. My experience is people love to have new people join their runs because it helps with the boredom:). There is a two for one answer!

I got together with ladies today for a daytime run since most of us didn’t work today but school was in session. It felt very luxurious!
I am super impressed by your mileages these last weeks! You are going to rock this ultra?


Love these Q&As!! And very happy you addressed the topic of breaking up a long run. I had always heard it’s totally fine to do but I’ve never done it before and think I may need to this week! Have an 18 mile that I need to knockout tomorrow because I leave for AZ Thursday. It’s gonna be snowing/icy/freezing so I’m thinking about doing 9-11 in the morning and then coming back in the afternoon to round out. The thought of doing the full 18 on the treadmill all at once just seems unbearable!


Do you still count calories/ track while training? Can you do a post on the importance of fuel!


Hey! That is a great question and I’ll do a post about it soon. I do not count calories but every few weeks I’ll weigh myself to make sure I’m not dropping weight from all of the miles. Have a fabulous weekend!

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