My 2019 Goal + 10 Ways He Got Through 32 Miles on the Treadmill.

Time to start off another year!

Brooke’s favorite part of yesterday was going to the indoor pool.  Skye was not sure about the pool and after this picture below was taken she demanded being held the entire time.


IMG 3255

Brooke’s friend came with us too so we grabbed some ice cream after the pool because it is never too cold for a cone.

IMG 3282

I’m not going to lie… I’m not loving the treadmill like I usually do in the winter but it is helping me to continue getting in my training when it is too slick outside so I’m grateful.

IMG 3244

And then we went out until 9:30 pm like the crazy party animals that we are.

IMG 3295

One of my top 10 favorite meals ever.

IMG 3299

IMG 3296

We then went to a party and Brooke proved she is braver than I am:

IMG 3301

IMG 3307

IMG 3303

Ready for bed.

IMG 3311

I saw this yesterday and it instantly became one of my goals for 2019.  Life is busy regardless with kids and work BUT I do plenty of things that I don’t need to do too… this is the year to be more present and more still.

IMG 3240


I’ve had a few requests for Andrew to share how he got through 32 miles (in two days) on the treadmill…

IMG 2979

I can’t remember the most (I think it was about 12 miles) I have ever run as a training run, BUT I do know that this is the absolute most that I have ever done outside of a race.  I also did last week’s long runs on a treadmill….. So yeah that was REALLY hard.  I know some of you die hard runners out there do TONS of runs like that on a treadmill and major props to you.

How did I end up running two long runs in a row on the treadmill? Well, Janae and I had planned to do our long runs together on Monday and Tuesday but I got really sick the Sunday before.  I was about 75% better on Monday so I wasn’t going to try to get 18 miles in.  My two runs got pushed to Friday and Saturday, perfect timing for mother nature to send in a few snow storms.  So the treadmill wasn’t first choice  BUT, I learned a lot and I have another list for you.   10 Ways I got through 32 miles on the treadmill, fyi they aren’t in specific order.

1- The biggest thing for me is breaking the run down into chunks.  I didn’t look at my 18 mile as 2 hours and 45 minutes running straight on a treadmill, but rather I have 2.5ish laps to do.  Each lap is 60 min.  I only focus on that lap and that 60 minutes. I try not to think about what is next and how much more I have to do.  Instead if I’m 23 minutes in,  I have only 7 more minutes to hit half of the lap and and I’m on my way there.  This gives me encouragement when I hit those laps or whatever way I break it up.  I also know that I can do 1 hour on a treadmill so I just focus on that.

2- This might be TMI, but oh well.  So I sweat quite a bit when I work out, especially when I run indoors.  With sweat and lots of movement chafing can be a problem as well.  So first I have been using vaseline or deodorant on those chafing areas before I start running and if I’m drenched in sweat and it gets uncomfortable I have a change of clothes ready for me.

3- INVEST in a good fan.  No joke I looked on Amazon for something good and looked at reviews.  I knew I found a good one when people were complaining about how loud and powerful the fan was.  I needed a fan to produce an arctic air breeze to cool me down.  I bought this one.

4- I thought about In-N-Out from miles 9-13 of both runs.

5-  I’m a sucker for getting my emotions going by watching a really good movie or tv show.  For my second run I watched the movie Miracle about the 1980 Olympic hockey team.  Although I have seen this movie hundreds of times, it got my emotions going and I just like to get inspired by something.  Another thing I did was for the last 3 miles I watched GoPro videos on youtube, if you want to be inspired – watch those!!

6- I had all of my nutrition lined up on the ledge right next to the treadmill.  I’ve already learned the hard way a few times during this training cycle of not fueling enough during the long run so I had it all organized in the first place.

7- I know I already mentioned movies, BUT I change things up doing my run.   For the first 45 minutes I will listen to an audiobook, then turn on a movie or if I’m not feeling it and I’m dragging I will turn on some music that has fast rhythm or makes me turn on my legs and drive.  This helps chunk the whole run and keeps me looking forward to a little change.

8- It really is nice to have someone training with me, #Janae. I know that if I don’t follow through on my runs I will let her down or vice versa.  It is awesome to be able to talk about specific runs/routes/times.  So when I got up this morning and knew I had to do 18 miles on the treadmill I was already committed and knew that Janae had already done her run.

9- This one might be a little weird… but I don’t care.  Sometimes I’ll talk to myself.  NO, not like full on conversation but I’ll tell myself to push or how much left I have.  I do it out loud, like I’m telling my legs to keep going or something.  This helps me, I don’t know why but it does.

10- I listen to songs or my current favorite song on repeat for a while.  Last week’s repeat song—> Superposition by Young the Giant.


(Janae here…. Give me a few years and I‘m sure I’ll talk him into doing a 100 miler).


What things help you to get through a long treadmill run?

Do you continue to eat ice cream through the winter?  Do you believe it is ever too cold for eating ice cream?

Who made it until midnight?

What food do you find yourself thinking about a lot during a run?

-Pancakes and hamburgers.

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I also break up my run in chunks to make it more doable and less overwhelming! Same thing with a training schedule :)

I love ice cream, but I definitely eat less of it during the winter.

LOL, I was in bed at 9:30 only to have my pup freak out over firecrackers. Poor guy.

I typically plan whatever meal I have next. With it being so cold, I think a lot about coffee or hot chocolate while running.


I’m right there with you… hot chocolate passes through my brain often during a run in the winter ha. Oh no, I get so sad when fireworks make dogs freak out! I hope you have a beautiful day Marissa!


For long treadmill runs I like to turn the display off during each song. When a new song comes on, I look at the display and sometimes increase incline until the next minute hits and then turn the display off again. For some reason this makes me feel like time goes faster.

Yes to ice cream! We had TJ’s mini peppermint chocolate ice cream cones last night.

We did make it to midnight, but at home with our cats and a fire in the fireplace. The weather was so rainy and gross here yesterday. We were glad for the chance to hibernate!

Long run food thoughts…. breakfast foods like eggs and also smoothies / milkshakes if it’s really hot out!

Happy 2019 everyone. :-)


How do you turn your display off?! I want to try this on mine, such a good idea! Okay, I must try those cones asap! Way to go staying up until midnight. Happy 2019 Jess!


I wish I could tell you a trick, but on the gym treadmill touch screen theren is a little icon that hides/shows the display (and just shows a blank screen)…. I’m super unobservant, so I’m not even actually sure what brand treadmills we have at the gym haha. Maybe there is an option in settings for you!


I need to know how to turn the display off!!! I cannot train my brain to not look at the mileage and because of where I put the remotes for the tv I can’t put a towel over it. Why even look when I know I’ve got at least an hour to go, right?? :)


I’m like Andrew; I need to mix it up in a long treadmill run—podcast, then music, etc. I love watching musicals because they mix it up automatically!

NEVER too cold for ice cream!! One of my favorite memories is when I was 8, and it was the coldest day on record (I grew up in Minnesota), so my mom took us to get ice cream. While we were in the car, she said, “Why are we doing this??” It was so much fun.


Good idea with the musical, I’ve never tried that! Hahaha that memory is awesome. I love your mom just from that story:) . Have a wonderful day Kristin!


Heh I was nowhere near making it to midnight. I was asleep by 8:30 pm. So to me, you guys really were party animals!

Props to Andrew for getting in those runs, and I have to agree with him about a 100 miler, once you get into sleep deprivation during the race I’m out. That’s insane!


I wish I went to sleep at 8:30… I am already planning on doing that tonight haha! Yeah that is so true, I don’t know how people do the lack of sleep thing for a day/few days. Have a beautiful day Victoria!


I’m pretty sure most runners talk to themselves. Not weird :).

I’ll eat ice cream any time!

Brooke is also braver than me. I would have probably ran from the room haha.


That snake was way too big… she just loves all animals! I hope you had a really fun night and Happy New Year Jenny!


Happy New Year!
If I do a long run on a treadmill, I break it up into intervals. Every so often I’ll get off and do some weights. I’ve done 10+ miles multiple times on Sundays during tax season. It’s the only day I can get the long run in. I also watch TV or movies.
During the summer, I dream about watermelon and iced tea on my long runs. It’s like in the cartoons where someone is dangling the carrot on a stick in front of bugs bunny .
I’m lactose intolerant, so no ice cream for me. I’m sure I would eat it ar every opportunity, if it didn’t make bad things happen
I made it 12:01.
Have a great 2019!


YES, that is so helpful to break it up with some weights too… I might have to do that for my next one. Hahaha thank you for the dangling carrot visualization, that is so me too! Way to go making it to 12:01. Thanks Lee, you too!


I’ve never had access to a treadmill, so I’ve only been on one a few times. I can’t imagine doing a really long run on one.
Ice cream is a year-round food, but in the winter it sometimes requires being wrapped up in a cozy blanket.
I didn’t technically make it until midnight–I took a nap at 11:00 and set my alarm for 45 minutes so I could be awake at the stroke of midnight :)
Pizza or hamburgers sound reeeallly good during a lot of long runs.
Happy New Year!


I am very glad that you agree that it ice cream is a year round food! Hey, I think that counts… you were up to ring in the new year;) . Thank you Corey, have a wonderful day!


Never too cold for ice cream.
I long run in the morning so I find myself thinking about breakfast foods. Omlet and pancakes. I try and convince the household to go out for breakfast when I return!
Happy 2019!


Happy 2019 to you three! I think that you should all go out for breakfast today:) . Have a beautiful day Erica!


Haha – you guys are great. Andrews part is hysterical. I see a 100 miler in your future :) happy new year!


I get through treadmill runs with Zwift which is a virtual run/ride program. It gives me a little world to watch and live people to engage with if I want to. Also music, podcasts and audiobooks. I love running to Christmas music all year. Weird, right?

We stayed up binge watching Netflix until 1:00 am. That never happens. Oh, and we decided at 10:30 to order a pizza. I was surprised they delivered that late. I had a little wine, but otherwise didn’t drink.

I think about lots of things during my long runs but oddly it’s not usually food.

Ice cream in the winter = a-okay!


Nothing helps me get through a long treadmill run. I just can’t do it (in part because my legs hurt more on my treadmill for some unknown reason, in part due to overwhelming bored-ness and hotness, regardless of exciting movies and multiple fans). I either reschedule the long run or skip and move on.

I made it to midnight for the first time in years, partly because we were watching Miracle (*high five*, Andrew) but mostly because I was doing work to get all my primary classes/rooms/notebooks/materials/etc ready for the new year.

I think a lot about brownies, fried eggs on toast, and red meat when doing long, long runs.


Happy New Year, Janae! I hope 2019 is a beautiful year for you and your family! Oddly enough, after running, all I want to do is eat protein. Usually after a race or long miles, I enjoy steak or eggs/bacon! Yes, I had ice cream last night too! Never too cold for ice cream!


I don’t think anything could get me through a treadmill run longer than 5 miles! I’m amazed at Andrew.

Not an ice cream person, but I think a lot about cake while running.


Ice cream is a year ’round food. It helps that there ARE seasonal ice creams like Marionberry pie in the summer and peppermint candy or a “Joy to the Swirl” in winter.

Honestly I do not remember when I ran on a treadmill last but it may have been three or so years ago. One year I did 14 miles on a treadmill and it wasn’t too bad-I broke it up as 2 x 7 milers. However, I really hate how some treadmills turn off after an hour so I have to do some quick math when restarting. I also switched treadmills to break up “the view.”

When running I often think about hot coffee or something warm and delicious (winter) and something refreshing (summer). When I was on swim team my friends and I always talked about the next meal during our kicking sets. Swimming makes me crazy hungry.
We made it until midnight. Here in Germany there are an insane amount of fireworks so it’s worth it to be outside at midnight.
Happy New year. Gute Rutsch in eines neues jahr (Have a good slide into the new year!)


When I run I think about cheeseburgers a lot. I also think about a slice of cake with a scoop of ice cream on top more often than I care to admit. Oddly enough, though–and it’s one of my “default favorite junk foods”–I don’t ever really think about nachos loaded up with queso and steak and guac and more queso and grilled fajita vegetables and even more queso (or any other sort of tex mex).

BIG BIG PROPS to Andrew for his training runs on the treadmill. That’s a lot of awesome integrity right there to see his runs through–two long runs in a row–on something that seems so frustrating and dull. I admire that determination.

It is never ever EVER too cold for ice cream!

And I am right there with you on that goal for 2019. Even though I love body flow and yoga and things that are generally considered ‘mind body’ in any possible way, the whole idea of stillness–embracing it, inviting it, letting it be at the foundation of how I navigate my day–is really hard for me. My instinct is always GO GO GO GO GO and BE BUSY and then BE BUSIER and then BE BUSIEST. But this past year I’ve really *felt* in a big way how much that has worn me down, and working with a counselor to get through some stuff and some big-time anxiety has helped me untangle all the different things that keep BE BUSY as a sort of endless cycle of crud when I have really been starting to CRAVE taking more time for myself, finding stillness, slowing down just enough to see clearly and to fully embrace everything that happens in my life as its own kind of beautiful. There’s a lot more I could say–it seems I am predisposed to being really open and honest–but it feels like it would be TOO open to say it someplace so public. Oh well. :)

Let’s talk about cookies instead. I REALLY WANT COOKIES right now (let’s face it–‘right now’ seems more like ‘always’…’right now’ just means ‘i really want cookies that have scoops of ice cream sandwiched between them’…#reallifecookiemonster over here!)

Hope your day has been a good one! :)


I think everyone says they will “never” do certain distances; you might surprise yourself someday!

Hope you are both enjoying your training and having a wonderful New Year’s Day.


Ha I love reading Andrew’s segments. His honesty is hilarious and such a great read. I am a RN and I am so proud of him doing school while balancing a family. It it such a hard degree to get and I got mine with no distractions, I can’t imagine juggling a family at the same time. Kudos to you Andrew!


Long, long time reader, here. I just want to say, “Thank You!” Thank you for another great year of blogging and spreading positivity. Following your blog is like a good book that never ends. You always show up, and you always leave me inspired and smiling.


B.R.A.N.D.Y. I can’t thank you enough for this comment! Thank you for what you said… taking a screenshot now! Happy New Year to YOU!


Hi Janae! I love when Andrew guest stars on your blog. I wanted to tell you that I was reading an article in Runners World and it said that Ultra people swear by Canada Dry Gingerale to settle their upset stomach late in their race. I thought that was interesting. I have no experience with this; however, 26.2 is my longest distance. You are going to be amazing!!! Also, thanks for your blog. I find so much inspiration here and look forward to reading every day. Happy New Year!


My husband and I were in bed my ten pm on NYE. I can use pregnancy as an excuse, right? But honestly, I think the nicest thing I could do myself for the New Year is start with a good night’s sleep. I stand by it!

I always think about cheeseburgers on my runs too!
xo, Ali


Great treadmill write-up! :) Loved it.

I once had the largest piece of chocolate cake with frosting after a long run.. I didn’t think about it during the run but it is a fond memory of a post-run food. IF I ever do another long run, I may dream of that cake :)


Love this post! Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family, thanks for all your positive energy and service to your readers :)


That fan is no joke! My hubby bought me the exact same one to keep me cool during treadmill runs, too! He also said the sound review was what solidified his decision :)

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