10 Bullet Points + Blood, Sweat & No Tears.

It was 7 degrees.

Yeah, no thank you.

Our current treadmill set up is pretty great so I can’t complain.  There was a lot of sweat and some blood from hitting my Hydroflask against my lip really hard on accident but luckily there were no tears (but I did get a little misty eyed when Taylor Swift was playing some of her older songs that got me through my college years;).

Brooke woke up and joined me for the last two miles.

IMG 3316

And then she joined in with Andrew to do some pushups.

IMG 2077

When you are just trying to get your next set of push-ups in and nobody is supportive of that idea…

IMG 3338

She did try to feed me a Cheerio she found on the ground while I was stretching.

IMG 2073

We ran a few errands together (Brooke’s coat is tied around her waist because she is transforming into Andrew and says her coat makes her too hot?!?).

IMG 3343

Yesterday was Mer’s actual birthday (90!!) so we went over and spent some time with her at her house!

IMG 3346

And then went to dinner with my parents.

My mom started me young on breakfast for dinner and I continue to make her proud:

IMG 3371


And a few random things before I let you go today!

*The group picture from Mer’s 90th birthday party.  Many of these cousins of mine I haven’t seen in 10-15 YEARS!?!  We all decided that can never happen again.  It was such a fun party and to see Mer cry tears of joy when she realized what was happening was just the absolute best.

IMG 3063

*Have I mentioned to you yet that it is just unreasonably cold here right now?

IMG 3286

*We have earned this recovery week and we are taking full advantage of it.  Gotta get ready for hard weeks coming up…

IMG 3242

*Two of my college best friends came over the other night.  We stayed up late talking and eating chocolate cake at the table… just like we did 10 years ago.  

IMG 2972

*Brooke has mastered the art of surprise sneak attacks on Andrew and she is very proud of herself for it.

IMG 3289

*Andrew’s Hydration Pack arrived so he is getting used to it by wearing it around the house while carb loading.   We really are mastering this ultra training over here;)

IMG 3061

*My neighbor works for a jewelry company for kids and she asked if Brooke could be in a few pictures for them.  I thought this one turned out so cute.

28A0422 Copy

*Knox comes home today and we will all be together for 5 days.  Andrew used to carry these two around like this often… and now it is a little bit harder.

IMG 2975

*My cute cousin made this plant hanger for us for Christmas.  She just followed this tutorial and got the rope and rings from Hobby Lobby!  I want to learn how to be crafty!

IMG 3144

*Knox told me the other day that he doesn’t like the smell of bread.  I didn’t know that it was possible to not love that smell.  I’m still speechless.


Do you enjoy doing crafts?  What kinds?

What temperature is just too cold for you to go outside to run?

-Single digits… that’s when I just can’t do it.

How often do you do push-ups?  Knees or toes?

-I can only do a few on my toes but I’m joining Andrew in a push-up challenge thing that he signed up for so by March maybe I’ll be able to do 6;)

Making any health additions to your 2019?

-My goal is to just eat more vegetables and drink more water!

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Before each practice of high school lacrosse, our coach had us do a set of pushups, sit-ups and dips. So every day (no joke, every single day) since I was 16 years old (I am now 40), I have done pushups, situps and dips :) I usually do 16 pushups on my toes (we were not allowed to do them on our knees! ha). I am not sure that my form is superb. In any case, I like the habit.

I like to knit . I have aspirations of making super fun ahd delicious cookies. I was so hooked on all of the holiday baking shows. I just want to bake all day and create fun cookies or cakes! And then deliver them to people. Ah, dreams :)


Your coach was onto something and EVERY DAY… Amanda, that is AWESOME! I need to get in that habit! Hahaha maybe your weekends should be dedicated to baking all of the goodies. I hope you are having a beautiful day so far and I always get so excited to hear from you!


When I was a kid I did a lot of cross stitch crafts. I was GREAT at it–so long as you didn’t look at the back of my crafts! Then it was a whole jumble of knots and ugly threads. Now I will stick to writing poems, coming up with big creative ideas, and splicing together elements of Recipe 1 with elements of Recipe 2 to make things that sound yummy to me (and prove to be yummy to Tom). Bonus points if they will hold up for leftovers for like five consecutive days so I have lunch at work without succombing to the siren song of the hot foods bar at Whole Foods!

Happy Actual Birthday to Mer!

The summer I got certified to teach Body Flow I taught at the women’s only facility of the gym where I was a member and then a Flow instructor, and in my Friday mid-day class a mom and her teenaged daughter came together, religiously…the daughter wore the same Taylor Swift t-shirt every single class. I kept on trying to pay attention to the choreography I was teaching and where I was in the song the chorey was attached to, but I kept on hearing the chorus to “Love Story” over and over again. I hope I remembered the name of that song right.

I only do push ups when someone makes me do them in, say, a Body Pump class. Because I have overwhelming shoulder instability and pain (I think that the arthritis has spread from my knee to my hsoulders–it’s what the pain feels like, but I don’t have the money to go to a doctor to have him tell me what I already suspect and give me no real therapy for it…), I always do push ups on my knees. I can handle the downard motion fine enough on my toes, but up–my shoulders can’t take it. Thankfully when I teach Body Flow I can do all my chaturangas on my toes and really set a good example and model good movement for my class participants. On days where my shoulders feel really cranky, though, I tell them that self-care is good and sometimes the gentler option is the best option–and I make sure that I “model” chaturangas on my toes in equal portion to the “gentler option” of chaturangas on my knees. ;) And I pay attention to my coaching so it really embraces inclusivity instead of giving my classes a cue of “Stephanie is not as trained or experienced or as AWESOME at this as a group fitness instructor should be…”

I hope you have a great day out there! Time for me to go to work and sell running shoes to everyone all day (…and dream of hoarding all of the Brooks shoes for myself and ONLY myself…), and then teach RPM this evening! :)


Hahaha I love that story from the Taylor Swift t-shirt! I didn’t know that about your shoulder… I am so sorry about that shoulder pain you experience and the arthritis (I have a post about this coming up). You are doing an amazing job as an instructor, I so wish I could come to your classes! Enjoy your day Stephanie!


Yeah, I’m with you on the not running outside thing when it’s 7 degrees. That’s WAY too cold! But I’m glad you got to watch some TayTay! I went to her concert but am watching the Netflix special. Her lyrics (especially in “All Too Well” and all of her older songs) just speak to me and have gotten me through SO much.

I try to do pushups at least three or four times a week. I do them on my toes but sometimes do them on the TRX bands at the gym. Also, that pic of Brooke is TOO PRECIOUS!!

And I need those pancakes. They look delicious!


Oh you went to her concert… that is awesome! Way to get in the pushups Natalie. I hope your 2019 is perfect and go get some pancakes today:)


Good Morning!

I know you briefly talk about it in a few posts- but could you do a post on winter running and layers etc. you wear? I still can’t figure it out!

I love doing crafts! I am planning a baby shower for my sister in law, and have been working on decor for about 4 months! LOL!


Hey Emily!! I have all of my favorite winter running pieces in this post here: https://hungryrunnergirl.com/2018/11/the-clothes-we-wear.html
The colder it gets the more layers I use BUT my normal combination is one of the baselayers I have listed in that post, the Brooks Fly By 1/2 Zip and then a jacket on top (like the Canopy Jacket). That usually keeps me pretty toasty for anything 20 and above and below that and I usually add in a lululemon vest that I have to really keep my core warm. I hope that helps. Have a beautiful day and good luck with the baby shower, she is so lucky to have you!


I don’t remember where I found this, but it works. I started on day one, able to do 5 push ups. And by day 30, I actually could do 50.
Day 1 thru day 14: day 1 do 5 pushups, day 2 rest, day 3 do 5 pushups, day 4 do 10 pushups, day 5 rest, day 6 do 10 pushups, day 7 rest, day 8 do 12 pushups, day 9 do 12 pushups, day 10 rest, day 11 do 15 pushups, day 12 rest, day 13 do 15 pushups, day 14 rest
Day 15 – 20: do 24, rest, 25, 30, rest, 32
Day 22 – 28: 35, 35, rest, 38, 40, rest, 42
Day 29 – 45 pushups
Day 30 – 50 pushups
It might sound confusing, but it works!
Try it. It’s only 30 days and you LOVE a challenge.


Okay, this looks really doable for me… I’m going to try it! I just took a screenshot… THANKS KATE! I hope you have a beautiful day!


I bet Brooke loved that photo shoot! So cute.

I’m a wuss, I hate running in anything under 50 degrees haha. Although, last year at this time I bundled up and went outside. So basically I just need to find the best winter running clothes and buck up because it wasn’t that bad haha.

I’m always trying to eat more veggies. I will again this year try to find more that are good so that I have more than just carrots corn and broccoli to eat haha.


YES YES YES… the right gear makes the biggest difference! When it is this cold I just worry about my lungs ha so no gear can help with that. I hope you guys have a great day and stay inside like we are haha.


Whoa! Macrame was all the rage when I was a kid & I’m sure I made that same plant hanger. I didn’t really stick with any crafts, though.
Some days even 40 degrees feels too cold! Depends on my motivation. But single digits? I can’t imagine how that would feel.
I do pushups as part of workouts a couple of times a week. Toes :) The first set usually goes OK, and then it gets way harder!
I need to get better at just moving more on my off days; some dips, lunges, pushups, or some mobilizing work.
Love Brooke’s jewelry modeling photo! She’s a natural.


Oh really… I love it when things come back around again:) . Way to go on getting in your pushups each week, you are inspiring me (I just finished my run and now I need to do pushups). Thanks Corey, I hope you have a fabulous day!


I am sooooo excited to watch Taylor Swift’s concert! Trying to save it for when I have some longer treadmill runs to do but I might just watch it today. :-) I’m glad she played some of her older songs, too!

I love crafting! I used to do a lot of embroidery and paper crafts (like card making), but now I do a lot more drawing. I should get back to crafting . . .

I ran in 6 degree weather once. I’d been running all winter but that was the day I found my limit . . . I was so cold I kept having to walk to loosen up, but then I’d get colder from walking! A vicious cycle. Today the dog and I ran a mile and it was snowing . . . pretty magical. :-)


16 degrees is too cold for me on the roads. On the trails, I will go down to 10 degrees but it is necessary to have clothes to change into in the car. I have been doing pushups 3 or 4 times a week for a couple of years, some days I will do as many as 75 (that’s a lot for me) I try to do as many of those on my toes (I can do about 60) and then switch to my knees. This year I am going to tackle doing a few pull-ups without assistance.


That picture of Brooke. Beautiful. Love love love.


I have ran in 30 below (with windchill). I got frost bit on my face. I ran in 12 below this past week and frost bit my Achilles (how?!). I now have a rule I stick to the treadmill for below zero;-).

I never do push-ups because I just can’t figure them out. I don’t know if it is my height, lack of strength or what. I do need to put more effort into trying to do at least 1!


I have ran in 30 below (with windchill). I got frost bit on my face. I ran in 12 below this past week and frost bit my Achilles (how?!). I now have a rule I stick to the treadmill for below zero;-).

I never do push-ups because I just can’t figure them out. I don’t know if it is my height, lack of strength or what. I do need to put more effort into trying to do at least 1!


I can do maybe 4 pushups on my toes before my form starts to collapse. So the rest are on my knees. Same for planking. I’d rather keep good form and be on my knees.

I’m a knitter and do some card making.

I need to eat better and definitely add more veggies!


I am not great at crafts (no patience!) but the one thing I can do is decorate Christmas cookies. I did a bunch this year for some people at the gym and the horse farm where my horse lives and I had a ton of people tell me I should try to sell them next year!

I actually prefer cold weather running! Anything above 60 and I am way too hot, even in a tank and shorts. Don’t even get me started with humidity, ugh! But single digits and below zero is pretty tough and I just do a few miles.

Since I started Crossfit a year and a half ago, my pushups have improved a LOT. They are still really hard for me but I can do 20 on my toes without a break.

For 2019 I have an ultimate goal of completing an ultramarathon, but part of that is a bunch of smaller goals like eating more fruits and veggies, drinking more water, lifting more weight, etc.

Have a great day Janae!


Love that group family picture! What a treasure!! And breakfast for dinner is always better than breakfast for breakfast, imo. ;)

My go-to craft of choice is always crochet. It’s a huge stress reliever for me and then I love being able to give away whatever I make. But, I really love jewelry making too. Funny enough, I got the crochet interest from my mom and the jewelry making from my Dad. :)

I really do not enjoy cold in general but especially not running in it. Maybe too many traumatic memories from doing the N.U.T.S. races over a decade ago (do they still even do that series???), so I pretty much stick to the treadmill life from November through April. Pretty boring, I know, but Netflix gets me through, haha.

My health resolution this year is really to simply work my way back from all the health problems. Not sure if I’ll ever get back to running, but I’m determined to build up my walking/cardio base again. Oh, and to drink more water. ;)

Happy New Year! Enjoy your very hard earned recovery week, Janae and Andrew!


Okay seeing your treadmill makes me so excited to get mine! It’ll be here next week and I can’t wait! It was a big investment but it’s worth it! I think I am sticking with this running thing :)
I recently got into crocheting and I am OBSESSED. I have a bunch of friends who are pregnant right now, so I am making baby blankets like crazy! But I like crafting in general – even if I’m not good at it, I enjoy it.
Push-ups are a part of this workout program I’m doing, so I don’t have a choice other than to do them once/twice a week! I try to do as many on my toes as a I can. Sometimes I do them at an incline – hands on my workout bench, feet on the ground – and I can do more without straining my back too much.
I just signed up for my first 10k of next year! It’s in April so I am actually hoping to find another one to do sooner. I really enjoy the 10k distance, so if you or your readers have any good recommendations (I love to travel for races!), let me know! :)


I have run in negative 15 degrees before. As long as its not too windy I can deal with the temps. Its when you add a 20 mph wind that makes it unbearable for me. I can only do push-ups on my knees. Maybe one on my toes. I try to do them once a week when I do my strength training. I made it through 3 sets of 10 yesterday. I also do them using TRX bands which is not easy.

I am craftier than I usually give myself credit for. But doing crafts isn’t something I really think about doing a whole lot until someone asks me to do something. I am decent at cake decorating and I did make my daughter’s Poppy costume last year. Maybe if there were more hours in a day I would take on more crafts.

I should probably try to do some kind of sugar detox for 2019…. I say that as I am eating a Twizzler :P


WHAT?! Not like the smell of bread? I swear the smell of the bread aisle at the grocery store is my #1 favorite smell. Also, I got a bread machine for Xmas, and I’m half looking forward to making/eating the bread and half looking forward to just having my apartment smell like bread! Ha!!!


My husband saw -32 degrees on the way to work today?!?!

I ran in 4 degrees yesterday and have run as low as -5 degrees. I feel like that is probably about as cold as I can do!


Not an answer to any of your questions but my 5 yr old was watching over my shoulder and when he saw Brooke’s jewelry picture he leaned over and whispered “Mom, she’s beautiful.”


I’m TERRIBLE at crafts – I would cringe when we had art during grade school, just give me more math problems please!
I agree, single digits is too cold, maybe only for a short fast run. I’ve gotten better at pushups this last year from HIIT/strength classes and consistent yoga. I still sorta hate them but I love that I feel stronger with them now. And aiming to cut back on sugar after going a little overboard over the holidays. Trying to save treats for special occsasions and use fruit to curb my sweet tooth throughout the day. 1 1/2 days in and so far so good ;)


Those pancakes look amazing! Where are they from?


Happy Birthday to your sweet Mer!

I also need to eat more vegetables and lay low on the cookies. I’m sidelined with a bad cold and haven’t felt good enough to run. :( But this has caused me to be home and clean and purge. Can’t believe it’s 2019

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