Top 10 of 2018 and Why I Can’t Wait for 2019!


The best picture we got before church:

Our Sunday started how it usually does with the lack of any personal bubbles followed by chocolate chip pancakes.  Both girls slept in until 8 and it felt glorious to sleep until then too.

IMG 3172 2

And then we were off to church!  I start teaching the 8 year olds next Sunday but Andrew and I were with the 3 year and under crowd yesterday so we came home exhausted but Skye had the time of her life ha.

IMG 3186

The most important event from after church was making a birthday cake for my brother-in-law.  Brooke always surprises me with how good she is at frosting a cake.

IMG 3205

Is it just my eyeballs or are they twins?!

IMG 3210

We got some more snow again yesterday…

IMG 3202

Which meant that a soup night was the best option.  We had this soup and my sister-in-law brought chili too!

IMG 3211

So much partying.

IMG 3212


It’s always fun for me to go through and see what posts were viewed the most each year.   I thought I would share them here too in case you want to check any of them out.  It’s been an amazing year with many highs and of course some lows (because that is just how life goes and it makes the highs that much better;).  Thanks for joining me and I can’t wait to get to know each other even better in 2019!

Here are the top 10 posts of 2018:

*A Post on my Religion and Beliefs!  The comments of this post were the absolute best.  It was so fun to read about everyone’s beliefs and thoughts on things that are so important to us.

IMG 9465 JPGAnderson 5

*St George Marathon Race Recap! —> After 8 years of listening to me talking about my dream for a sub 3 marathon, it finally happened.  It was a dream race day for me and my mental/nutritional/training game finally all came together.  I may or may not reread this post every week or so to remember it all and relive the day:).

IMG 9465 JPGIMG 5289

*A Very Awful Day but We are Okay—>  This post was about me and Skye getting in a car accident.  We were stopped and my car was rear-ended and totaled.  It was the scariest moment of my life when it happened and not knowing for a few minutes if Skye was okay.  Thank goodness for carseats.

IMG 9215

*Skye’s 6 Week Update!  This post was up there in views… how did Skye get so big so fast?!

IMG 6968

*We Moved + A Bun Tutorial!  We sure weren’t planning on moving when we did but it all kind of happened suddenly and I’ve loved sharing more with you!  You can see a bit of our house in this post and this post.

IMG 9465 JPGIMG 5513

*7 Months and Why I Stopped Breastfeeding.  I am pretty sure I did it all wrong but we are all just trying our best, right?  Maybe by our 5th kid I’ll figure it out… either way Brooke and Skye have both turned out amazing:)

IMG 9465 JPGIMG 4183

*Sissy’s New Workout Room… Her Before and After is Amazing!  My sister is very talented with remodeling and her workout room is awesome now.

IMG 9465 JPGIMG 5730 2

*My Blogging 8 YEAR ANNIVERSARY.  It feels like just yesterday that I started blogging and sharing with you three times a day my funny teaching stories and pictures of very unappetizing oatmeal creations that I thought were cool.  Time flies!

IMG 5894

*Hungry Runner Brother Guest Post (about his journey to losing over 120 lbs and running his first 1/2 marathon)!  He is now training for a marathon and able to run around chasing his kids all of the time.  He feels so much better and I LOVE his love for running now:)


*What’s My Plan Now and One Regret.  After I finally got my big goal, just chatting about my goals for the future with my running!

IMG 9465 JPGIMG 1994

And I’ll include the 11th most viewed post too because I liked this one;).

*What Was Different This Time Vs The Other Times!  I talk a lot about what I did different during my last marathon training cycle to help me get to the sub 3 compared to all of my previous marathon training cycles!

Screen Shot 2018 12 20 at 12 41 58 PM

And as of midnight we are in 2019 and I’m really excited for the year ahead.  I can’t wait for our ultra and doing something I’ve always wondered about… this is getting us out of our comfort zones big time.  Hopefully, I’ll be getting back into some speed in the summer and doing some of my favorite local races.  I’m excited for all of the training, lots of time with the family, seeing where Andrew ends up with work once he graduates, continuing to do the job I love and all of the random day to day stuff in between.

I hope your 2019 is amazing and that if 2018 was a hard one that you are able to look forward to this next year with hope.  I remember when things were really rough for me I changed all of my passwords to 2015WILLROCK when the new year rolled around because I decided the self-fulfilling prophesies are real for me.


What are you looking forward to in 2019?

What are your New Year’s Eve plans?  Will you be staying up until Midnight?  

-We have no idea and my goal is to make it until 11.

What was your favorite race in 2018?

Do you look like anyone in your family a lot?  

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Lol, 11 is the goal here too!
I am so thrilled for how your 2018 came together. You’re journey has been so inspiring and has personally made me think I can dream realllllly big!! I can’t wait to see what 2019 holds for you.
My favorite race of 2018 is a tie between Chicago marathon and a random local 10 miler in the ‘dismal swamp.’ I had so much FUN during both of those races, even if I had races with bigger PRs. I’ve realized running is way more than that and that’s what I’m bringing into 2019.
I randomly look a LOT like my mom’s dad’s half sisters daughter. I think we’re first half cousins once removed? She’s 30 years older than me and we still look like we could be sisters. It’s odd!
Happy new year!!!! XX


Good luck making it to 11! Yes yes yes… keep dreaming big Mollie! You had a great racing year and the year I come do Chicago you need to do it too:) oh that is so interesting that you two look like sisters, I love it! Have a beautiful day!


Happy New Year’s Eve! Thanks for sharing your top posts—they’re fun to revisit! My husband and I are planning to usher in 2019 at midnight, but I’ve been known to doze off. This year, I will be turning 30 and one of my goals is to travel to California (we live in Canada!) to run a full marathon and visit wine country. I’m not sure if it’s a realistic goal, as it has been a couple years since I last ran consistently (I’ve only done three halves to date!) but that’s my big goal for the year (plus work life balance). The motivation behind it is to be stronger. I know if I can channel some of your focus, I’ll be able to do it. :)

And my mom and I are twinners, with a 30 year age difference!


Thank you so much Julie! You too! You can do this… I know it and I can’t wait to hear all about it. I love this goal. Please keep me updated on your training. Have a beautiful day!


This year was definitely an interesting one and full of so much growth and change in my life. I’m definitely looking forward to new and exciting possibilities for 2019. I have a lot of hope and can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for me next!

It’s been so much fun getting to know you over these years, and I always appreciate how encouraging you’ve been. Thanks for being there for me and always listening to my issues and updates. :) (Oh, and I usually celebrate East Coast time so that I can go to bed earlier. :))



2019 is going to be absolutely amazing for you Natalie! Thank you for your friendship, it means a lot to me. That is brilliant… I’ll celebrate that way with you too!


I LOVE your positive outlook! 2019 will ROCK! I am determined to recognize my many blessings in 2019. I just need to remember to put things in perspective. I will most definitely NOT be staying up till midnight! I will be tucked in bed no later than 10:00 ? Thank you for your wonderful blog Janae- hope your day is great.


Oh thank you so so much Kimberly! I’ll join you in doing that this year! Have a wonderful evening and in bed by 10 is a perfect plan:)


Happy 2019, Janae and family! The new year will rock, mucho!!! I get to meet my lil girl in less than three months, and I keep thinking about how everything in the new year will be so amazingly different! Eek!

We’ll try to stay up until midnight, with pizza, movies, and Martinelli’s cider. Usually we ring in the new year celebrating our good friend’s bday, but my husband is getting over a bad cold, and we don’t want to expose anyone, so it will be a little more low key, but maybe a special last new year’s eve as a family of two.

I think I most resemble my dad, we have the same noses, and both wear glasses, so our faces are pretty close!


Less than three months—> I am so excited for you! That sounds like the perfect way to celebrate, enjoy your last one as just the two of you! Happy New Year Jenny and I hope you are feeling well!


Our office closes early so I get out at 1p.m. Woohoo!

I’ll meet up with my sister and brother and law for a bit this afternoon, then go for a nice long walk with the dog, then do some reading, Netflix viewing. And be in bed by 9:30 :)

New Year’s Eve in general is a combination of my least favorite things – parties, cold, drinking, staying up late. Ha! I like low key and warmth and cuddles so that is how I’ll celebrate.

I’ll repeat myself and say that I just really enjoy reading your blog and hope that 2019 is filled with a daily post because reading about your family’s adventures makes me happy.


Yay! You get off early today! I love the way you like to celebrate:) Yes, do not worry.. there will continue to be daily posts! Have a wonderful day Amanda and thank you for your friendship:)


People think my sister and I are the same person. I don’t think we look enough a like to get us mixed up all the time but most people do and we confuse people a lot haha

We normally go play games or something at that sisters house but we haven’t really made any plans this year so we will see what happens.

I hope you have something fun come up for you guys to celebrate!


Really!!! How far apart are you two? Thank you so much and I hope you guys have a great night too!


3 1/2 years!


That is awesome!


Happy last day of 2019! I’m happy you blog daily because it’s my favorite thing to read when I get to work. :)

Looking forward to in 2019 -> breaking 2 hours in the half marathon, a “fresh start,” another year of grad school, and more time to build on my relationship with my significant other and with God!

I’m usually in bed by 8-9 (no joke). So I’m going to try and take a nap after work because me and my significant other are going to this restaruant that has dancing from 9-midnight and then at midnight their fancy chefs make a breakfast buffet, so I think the food will motivate me to stay awake!

Favorite race in 2018 -> this is a great question, I haven’t thought of this yet! I would say Double Bridge Run 15k in Pensacola, FL in Feb. Such a beautiful race, special to be surrounded by friends, and a friend pushed me to the finish and it actually showed me I have a lot more potential. Also, my dad drove up (7 hour drive from him to me!) and surprised me at the finish which was absolutely priceless.

Have an amazing night and happy 2019 to you!


Thank you so so so much for reading each morning Eleanor! I cannot wait to hear about you breaking 2 in the half and good luck in your next year of grad school… you are amazing! Can we join you at that restaurant? A breakfast buffet sounds heavenly! Your dad surprised you at the finish line? I love that so much! Have a wonderful day and enjoy that nap:)


Happy New Year! Thank you for always writing such fun content and sharing your heart! I don’t have much time to read blogs anymore.. but yours I do every morning! <3


Happy New Year to you Katie! Thank you so much for reading and I always love hearing from you, it means a lot to me! I hope you have a wonderful day!


Happy new year!! I love looking back at your posts too, a lot of the ones highlighted were my favorites as well ❤️

This might be random but I truly believe it: about the breastfeeding, I hate seeing you say you’re pretty sure you did everything wrong with choosing to stop, etc. I just know that as mothers, we need to trust our mothering instinct and do what is right for us, our baby, and our family. Sometimes that looks like doing something that another mother wouldn’t choose, or doing something that another mother wants to do but can’t…. I remember you saying you got some mean comments about stopping breastfeeding and I just really hate that for you.
I stopped breastfeeding due to some postpartum mental health issues, and even got people telling me that I should have just tried harder, so I get it.

All that to say! I think you are an amazing mother and our choices are so personal to us and our individual situations! You’re doing a great job and I hope the mom guilt leaves you alone!


Oh thank you so much Amanda! Thank you for what you said…I am already nervous about the next one (and I’m not even pregnant). I would love to email more about your postpartum mental health issues because I think that plays a big part for me too. Thank you for taking the time to write this to me. It means a lot. Have a beautiful day Amanda!


My goal is midnight but only because I love watching the ball drop in Times Square and that hopeful feeling for the new year. I also need to stay up because the marathon I’m doing next year, the registration opens at 12:01! ?

Happy new year! ?


Hahah that would motivate me to stay up past midnight too! Enjoy your evening April and let me know what marathon you are signing up for!


I’ll be taking down Christmas decor and spending most of the day lounging. I took the day off and it snowed. Perfect day to be lazy!
My favorite race was Moonlight on Mt Ascension- a 12 hour, overnight trail run we did on the summer solstice in Helena, MT.
I look a bit like my mom but nowhere near as much as those girls! Wow!
Happy New Year to you and your family. I’ve been reading your blog almost daily since Brook was just a year old. It’s been fun watching your family grow and change.


Yes, snow days really are the best days to be lazy.. enjoy your day! Okay, that trail run sounds INCREDIBLE and so so hard. You are amazing Angie! Thank you for reading and please keep in touch with how you are doing and your awesome adventures!


Happy New Year Janae! Thanks for sharing your life with us and keep it up!!

Having a fun restaurant group dinner out for NYE! Yes, I’ll be up ’til midnight :)

Favorite race in 2018 – Ragnar Michigan! So proud of myself completing 16+ miles over 3 runs in 24 hours. Super challenging and SOO much fun.


Happy New Year to you Jen and thank you so much! Oh that dinner sounds awesome and RAGNAR is no joke… huge congrats on doing that (I swear it took me longer to recover from ragnar than any other race I have done)!


Happy New Year, Janae! I’m just looking forward to a clean slate for 2019. 2018 was a tough one for me but I learned a lot and I feel empowered with a lot of the answers I got. So, I’m taking note from you…positive self-fulfilling prophecies! ;)

Be safe out there, everyone!


Michelle, I am so sorry about what you went through this last year. Thank goodness for the lessons learned and this next year is going to be your best. Thanks Michelle, please keep in touch with how you are doing!


❤️❤️❤️ Thanks Janae! ❤️❤️❤️


Thank you for sharing your top posts in 2018. I had a falling out with running. Truthfully, I got lazy after my husband and I got married and avoided running for the past year. I’ve missed running and have been wanting to get back into it lately. Reading your blog gives me the inspiration to do just that.

In 2019, I look forward to getting back to running consistently. I haven’t signed up for any races just yet, but will probably aim for fall. I also hope this is the first year in a long while that I make it to midnight on NYE without any naps.


Running is always there for us when we are ready and it sounds like you are ready for it again now! Enjoy the process and keep me updated on how your running is going. Congrats on your marriage and your 2019 is going to be amazing!


I enjoyed reading your blog this year and all of your Skye updates! In 2019, I’’ really looking forward to running my first half marathon since having our daughter a year ago! And of course another year of being a mom and watching her grow into her own person! My favorite race this year was the turkey trot I did because it was the only race I did this year post baby BUT it was the fastest race I have ever run! 7.5 miles at 8:45 pace! It taught me that even after a season of rest, injury, or just time off of running, your body can definitely come back stronger and tougher. It was a great feeling and gave me the courage and confidence back to sign up for a half! As far as New Year’s Eve plans, the goal is to make it to midnight, but we will see! Here’s to a healthy, happy 2019!


I am really looking forward to you running your first half marathon since your little girl was born too. PLEASE let me know how your training is going and you rocked your turkey trot! Enjoy your evening and your 2019 is going to be amazing. Thanks Courtney!


I’m excited about the races I have planned for the next few months and MOVING into our new house! Not sure how it’s all going to work out, but I know it will somehow and it will be worth all the hard work.
We are grilling steaks and going to bed early. I’m meeting friends to run in the morning and then going out for breakfast to celebrate my birthday!! It was last week, but several people were out of town and/or worn out from Christmas :)
My favorite race of 2018 was a 5k in July. It was so much fun because so many of my training buddies were there. I think all of us placed in this race…I have some fast friends!
Someone told me recently that I look a lot like my Dad, but I can see a resemblance to my Mom and Nana when I see photos of me.
Wishing you a very Happy New Year!! I just know 2019 is going to ROCK!!


MOVING AHHHH! Good luck and it will all work out (if you live close we can come help:)! Let me know how all of your races go too! I like the way that you party and HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAST WEEK!! Enjoy your run and bfast, the best way to celebrate a birthday! So cool that you all placed… I love it. Thank you Elizabeth and I know yours will too!


Happy new year, Janae! In a perfect world, I would be tucked in bed by 10 pm after a nice dinner out… but I have a feeling I won’t be allowed to go home that early.
I just wanted to say thank you for always being so positive and a great resource for all things running. I look forward to reading all your posts and I still tear up thinking about your sub-3:00 marathon. It’s weird how you can be so happy for someone you’ve never met! I hope you have a wonderful 2019 to match 2018!


Wow. Heidi, thank you so much for your sweet comment and for being my internet friend. I hope your 2019 is amazing and please keep me in the loop with your world and what you are up to! Have a wonderful day Heidi!


So cool to see all of your top blog posts – I had to peek at a few of them that I missed! Thanks for sharing parts of your life online – I enjoy learning bits and pieces whenever I get a chance to read what you have been up to.
I feel like 2018 was a bit of a blur (pregnancy & then a newborn). I am hoping to get back to a race in 2019 & I am exited to be living closer to my family so I can spend more time with them. And I am SO excited to continue to watch how my little kids grow and change all throughout the year. They are so much fun.


Thank you Katie for reading! Congrats on your new little one and I totally know what you mean about those stages feeling like a blur. I AM THRILLED that you are going to be living closer to family and your racing. Keep me updated on everything and have a beautiful day!


So happy for how happy your year’s been—here’s hoping for a great 2019!! I have two big races coming up in the spring that I’m excited about and some other things I’m hopeful for!

I stayed up til 10:30 last year, so maybe 11 should be this year’s goal…we will be getting culver’s for dessert tonight which I am VERY excited about.

I don’t look too much like anyone in my family, except that my mom has a picture of her when she was three that looks JUST like me. It is so weird because we really don’t look alike now! At least we have proof we’re related. :-)

Happy New Year!!!!!!


I am so so excited for your two big races this spring, please let me know how your training is going and of course how the races go. CULVER’S CHOCOLATE CAKE IS TOO GOOD! Thank you, you too Kristin!


I cannot believe how much Brooke and her cousin look alike….crazy!


Right?! It’s so crazy!


Happy New Year, Janae and the rest of the HRG crew!

We will be celebrating the new year in California with New York – if I make it past 9:30, I’ll be surprised.

I didn’t race at all this year, but I finished on a high note. I ran my first, last and only half marathon of the year this morning. It wasn’t a race, just me and my local roads. I hadn’t done anything longer than 10 miles all year so this was a stretch. I was extremely slow and I forced myself not to look at pace at all, I just wanted to go the distance and I did! I’m VERY happy to report ZERO ankle pain! Looking forward to a great 2019!


YAY!!! Look how far you have come since your injury… WAY TO FINISH THE YEAR STRONG!!! I am so happy about this. I hope your 2019 is incredible Kathy!


I’m hoping for way, way more stable health in 2019. I start a clinical trial for metastatic breast cancer on January 2nd, and I’m cautiously optimistic that it will keep my disease from progressing. Let’s all cross our fingers for me!!!


Emily, I think about you a lot. Praying that this will work. Please keep me updated!


Happiest New Year to you and the family, Janae!


What a beautiful family u have. May God bless you and your family.

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