Silentish Saturday!!

Working on the sippy cup over here.

IMG 1666

Hit up the treadmill at the gym during nap time to use their weights afterwards and because I really wanted to read while I ran (and I didn’t feel like being cold).

IMG 1682

Skye was still asleep so we had a counter date with some salads.

IMG 1683

IMG 1673

Brooke came home from school ready to party.

IMG 1684

We were able to have my neighbor’s kids over.  Skye was not very excited about sharing mom in the beginning.

IMG 1686

But then she realized that she had a lot of shared interests with this little boy and they became friends.

IMG 1708

My neighbor brought these nutella stuffed cookies from Good Thyme when she came to get her kids.  These cookies were life changing.

IMG 1787

More cookies in this post… a different neighbor of ours is from Finland so we wanted to try and make her some cookies that reminded her of her childhood years.  We made these Traditional Finnish Christmas Joulutorttu!

IMG 1713

Then we were able to decorate her house with her.  The star on her tree is over 100 years old!

IMG 1720

Lots of couch time and microwave dinners from Trader Joe’s because we are fancy like that.

IMG 1722

She loves rubbing the corner of her blankets.

IMG 1726

This is her ‘I can’t stop getting into everything I’m not supposed to but I’m so cute nobody could ever get mad at me’ face.

IMG 1792

Time for a hill pyramid workout—>  My quads are burning as I read over the workout.

PS My sister-in-law sent this in our group text yesterday… so much truth:

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Tell me three things that you are doing today!

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1. Church
2. Nap or hike
3. Meal prep

Happy Saturday! ?


I hope that a nap and hike might happen:) Sounds like a great day! Enjoy Kayla!


Those Finnish cookies look so delicious!!! (I sense a theme here–I seem to comment about all the cookies you post. Am I, in some deep down existential sort of way, becoming a cookie? Hmm…) And I love seeing Skye make new friends.

My day: I teach Body Flow in just under an hour, and I work at the store all afternoon and evening. I’m excited about work, because I have been told that there is a surprise waiting for me over by my “personal stuff” bin in the back room (we each have a bin with our name on it for putting our stuff there when we are on shift). I *think* I know what it is–and I think I know who it’s from (our store’s sales rep from my most favorite running brand in the universe), but I won’t know until I get to work. Tonight, when I get home, Tom will still be at work, so I *fully* plan to curl up with a book–one I get to read for fun, because I choose to, instead of reading more of my students’ papers or their emails complaining about their grades even though their essays had no thesis, horrible paragraph structure, and limited analysis. ;)

Speaking of cookies: there is a Whole Foods about 1 mile from my apartment and they have a “cookies by the pound” bar. It’s dangerous. Whenever I decide to just get myself a little something, I am done for. For days. It can get really bad. Whenever I go to Whole Foods and DO NOT succomb to the lure of the cookies bar (especially when they have their raspberry bars AND their chocolate peanut butter bars…), I feel like I completed a serious act of #adulting. Crazy.


HAHAH deep thoughts!!! I hope that your Body Flow class went well and that things go really well at the store today!You’ll have to let me know what the surprise is later! Cookies by the lb… good thing we don’t have one close to us! That sounds amazing. I hope you have a wonderful day Stephanie!


OMG is my stores Brooks rep gifted me with a navy blue Notch thermal hoodie!!!!! It’s the nicest thing for her to do that. I am so dang excited for s really cold morning run so I can wear this. I am totally a lucky duck!!!


Trying to book our March Disney trip (yes I know I should have done this 6 months ago but I tried and got frustrated and so….), Swim practice at 2 different times so essentially nearly 4 hours of our day, and then a Christmas gift exchange party for the 11 year old and a Daddy Daughter date for the little one to stay out of the way!! We don’t really do kid birthday parties so for the past 2 years we have tried holiday parties. Last year I had both girls invited friends and let me tell you the 6 and 7 year olds were FAR easier then the older crew. This year I separated them and my youngest only wanted 2 friends who were so sweet and easy. I am bracing myself for the older crew!! Its my rest day ( maybe..) so no workout planned.


Good luck with booking the trip (and can we come with you guys?)! You guys have a very busy day and good luck with the older ones. PS daddy daughter dates were my absolute favorite as a kid. Have a wonderful day Carrie:)


That text is so funny… And so accurate!!
My niece is in town with her volleyball team, so I’m going to be her cheer squad today. I have only boys, so it will be super fun to be around a bunch of teen girls for a change ? Then I need to clean the house!
I’ve been really busy lately, so I haven’t commented on your posts, but thank you for recommending podcasts! You have introduced me to some really great ones that get me through lots of miles! Lindsey Hein’s new one is really good!!
Also, how is your sister’s half marathon training going? I’ve been thinking about her. When is her race?
Have a great Saturday Janae ?


Oh enjoy the volleyball games… my niece plays and it is so fun to watch their games. Good luck cleaning the house and you are motivating me to do the same ha. Oh I am glad you loved the podcasts and she twisted her back and so she is being super careful… we will get back to training as soon as it isn’t sore again. We are looking now for a 1/2 in the summer. Thanks Wendy, you too!


OH Christmas cookie time ! I’ll have to try the nutella ones. Your backyard looks so awesome for cooking out and playing. Alrighty, our 3 things. 1. Trying to build my running to walking ratio back up, so hoping for an easy 2-3 miles on the treadmill today. (I thought trying to read on a treadmill was ridiculous until a friend convinced me to try it, now I love it !!) 2. My daughter is on the upside from a bad sore throat, so staying in, playing games and watching Elf sounds good. 3. I have been pushing this aside, but need to sit down and fill in my 2019 calendar/planner with bills, events, appointments and dates that I know. Helps me a ton to have what I can already filled in.


YES… the kids are obsessed with it and I can’t wait to use it this summer:) I hope your treadmill miles were great! I feel like that is the perfect way to come back from a sore throat and good luck with all of the planning/bills/etc. Being organized makes life so much easier. Have a beautiful day Michele!


That is hilarious! Especially Amazon.
I love that age when kids don’t want to share their moms. So sweet.

Driving to Disney World today!!!!!! Yippee!!!!


ENJOY YOUR TIME AT DISNEY WORLD (I wish we could meet you there:)!!


Happy Saturday Janae! Thanks for the cookie inspiration. I think I’ll have to make some today! I love chocolate chip with Andes mints .
I ran in shorts today. Gotta love that 2 days ago I ran in 2 pairs of pants on a chilly morning. Gotta love boulder weather!!


Send me some of your Andes mint cookies for me please… those sound so good. SHORTS WEATHER WAHOO! I should have worn shorts today too but I was worried I was going to be freezing. Enjoy your day Emma.


My son is a freshman at CU – absolutely beautiful place – but the craziest weather ever!! We are in California so a big change for him – and he loves it!


I’m from California too! I just moved here a year and half ago from Los Gatos. Where do you guys live? The weather is definitely crazy but I’m enjoying living here as well.


Gold River – about 20 min from Sacramento


Going to try for a 7-mile hilly run but going to take my 5+ mile route in case my IT starts biting my knees. (Can’t wait to start PT [scraping! eeeeek] next week!) After the run, yard work –soooo many leaves—before the rain comes. Then to finally start my holiday shopping, decorating, recipe gathering. Your Finnish cookies look so professional! Post your recipe, please!


I hope that your IT was happy the whole time and that you were able to get in the 7 miles. Good luck and I really hope that the scraping helps out big time. Enjoy getting ready for the holidays! Here is the recipe: !


Janae I finished! Not only that – I PR’d!! 3:16, four minutes faster than my best time! And nothing hurt, beyond extreme soreness the last 5 miles. Now of course EVERYTHING hurts, but not injury-hurt, haha. I am going to refrain from walking as much as possible the rest of the day.

Btw your Finnish neighbor sounds like a super interesting person!


YOU PR’D!!! I have been thinking about you this morning. I am SO SO SO SO happy for you! Maybe the extra rest during the taper from the injury scares helped you!? Enjoy the day, your PR and the feeling of accomplishment after all of your hard work. I am just so happy for you. Have a wonderful day:)


The forced tapering might have helped, haha! Things could have so easily gone wrong but I decided I was going to give it my best shot in case everything went right… and it did! Thanks so much for all your encouragement!!

(Not to be discouraging in return, but all I can think about at the moment is how impossible it would feel to run anything more than a marathon… but I know when the time comes you’ll be ready!)


I am just so happy it all went so well. You’ve worked so hard for this! Hahah I sure hope we will be ready!


Run in the cold but DRY weather
Shop with the kiddos (my daughter flew home from college in USA)
Ham and egg pasta for dinner. sounds weird but it’s one of my daughters favorite.

Cookies cookies cookies! I have a fond love of all christmas cookies! My coffee came with a cute star cookie and I was so excited!


Your daughter is home… oh that makes me so happy. Can I come over for that pasta, sounds so good to me! Send me your favorite Christmas cookie recipe if you ever get a chance:) Way to get out there for your run!


Long walk with the dog today, and tomorrow is the annual Christmas pageant at church.
The kiddos sure love their blankets. My youngest daughter loved the silky tag on her favorite blanket , she called it her “piece” and would rub it all over her face when she was tired!


Oh I love how your daughter did that. That silky tag is still so important to Knox! I’m attached to my blankets so I get it;) Enjoy the Christmas pageant tomorrow, that sounds awesome! Enjoy your weekend Nicole.


Utah looks so beautiful at Christmastime! We’ll have to go someday! We have only been to SLC and Cottonwood Canyon to ski in like Feb/Mar a bunch of times, but never in Dec or in the summer.
Just finished 14 miles of hills.. holy cow my legs are tired. I am trying to adopt the “go slow to go fast” concept and it is SO hard! Who would have ever thought going slow would be harder? ?
The rest of the day I will be finishing my decorations, and then bringing the kiddos to a holiday festival called “Hoodies and Hot Cocoa” at a nearby shopping center, where they are showing “The Grinch” (the original animated one) at an outdoor amphitheater. Should be fun ?
Have a great weekend, Janae!


Only one thing today. I volunteered at 2 veteran cemeteries near where I live to place wreaths on gravestones for Wreaths Across America day. ???


Enjoyed your photos, as always, Janae. Thanks for letting us peek in on your life. Three things I’m doing today:

1. Meditated
2. OrangeTheory workout (ran into an old friend)
3. Writing

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Haha, I love Skye’s guilty/not guilty face. And Fedex joke = so funny.

3 Things were are doing

1. Went for a run
2. Tried to christmas shop for the other half but instead saw stuff I wanted #fail (I didn’t buy anything for me though) :)
3. We are going to a Christmas concert tonight – a proper date night – all dressed up etc.

Happy Saturday!

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