Favorites + The Best Gift from Andrew + Back at Last!

The treadmill is really hard for me these days and I’ll leave it at that BUT I am very much for the fact that it makes it possible to run with kiddos when Andrew is gone.  8 miles @ 8:20 pace.

Weird fact I was thinking about with my back to back long runs this week—>  The morning after my 20 miler I was pretty sore but then I did 16 miles that day and the next morning I wasn’t sore at all.  I was tired and worn down but not sore… my theory is that the second long run just flushed out all of the lactic acid or something;).

Andrew left early to go to California to get Brooke.

Utah got hit with another snow storm so he barely made it to the airport on time to catch his flight because there were so many accidents on the freeway.  Once he arrived to get Brooke their flight back was delayed a few hours to get back home so Andrew and Brooke went and hung out at Andrew’s grandparent’s house.

IMG 2943

It snowed the entire day.  It was gorgeous but Andrew is doing his 20 miler today so this should be very very interesting….

IMG 2937

The snow inspired Knox to want to make Snow Ice Cream.  I have never heard of making ice cream with snow but sure enough, I looked up a recipe and there were a ton of them!

IMG 2948

We used this one… sugar, vanilla, milk and some food coloring.

IMG 2955

These two finally made it on the plane back after a bunch of delays (Andrew has the worst luck with flying).  He sent this picture.  It felt so beyond good to have her back home again.

IMG 2964


I have a few Friday Favorites to share with you today… In case you received any gift cards that you need to use up:)

*My favorite gift this Christmas—> The below picture from Andrew.  He puts a lot of thought into his gifts and this one made me cry.  You can get your own designed here.

IMG 2754

*Also, TAKING BACK SUNDAY TICKETS!!! I have been to their concerts a few times… 15 years ago:). I listen to them all of the time still and can’t wait to go with Andrew.

IMG 2692

*I bought this sweatshirt on Amazon because it was cheap, it looked really warm and different than anything I have.  I was sending this picture to Andrew to show it to him ha and I look tired because I was exhausted.   For the price it really is super soft and long enough for me… short tops on me are a big pet peeve of mine.  It’s very cozy.

IMG 2378

*We have a MINI Target here now in addition to our normal Target.  I am standing at the front of the store taking the picture and there is the back.. it’s tiny and almost as fun as the normal big one.

IMG 2961

*Brooke and I both have voted that this is the best brush on the planet.  We both have a lot of hair and this detangler helps out big time!

IMG 1844

*My new favorite duffel.  Perfect for quick little getaways!

IMG 2540

*We found little notes from Brooke that she left to surprise us with while she was gone in California over the break.  Whales are Andrew’s absolute favorite (which is why we went swimming with whale sharks) so this picture she made for him made him tear up a little bit:)

IMG 2614

*I have been listening to the podcast COLD the last few days and it is unreal.  SO CREEPY.

*A new pair of Sorel Slippers.  My last pair had seen their day so Andrew got me a new fluffy pair for Christmas.  They just are the best.

*My friend posted this and I couldn’t agree more… cookies have been a part of each meal because that is just what I like to do in between two holidays.

IMG 2966


Should Andrew brave running 20 miles in all of the fresh snow and craziness outside or run TWENTY MILES on a treadmill?!?

Have any fun weekend plans?  ARE YOU READY FOR 2019?!?!

Do you like going to concerts?  If you could get a free pair of tickets to see anyone in the world perform… who would it be?

Are you a slippers wearer?

-Through and through.  I inherited this from my mom.

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That cartoon made me laugh as i was just standing in my closet wondering what day it was. Slippers are a must! My feet are always cold. Andrew should definitely do his run outside. All that snow sounds beautiful and 20 miles on a treadmill sounds like torcher. I just did 4 miles on the treadmill because its crazy windy and it took a lot of pep talks to myself to finish. I would love to see Beyonce in concert! No big plans this weekend. Just hanging out at home and recovering from the holidays.


Bahaha right?! It’s such a weird feeling time of the year. So he did the treadmill… it was so icy! I don’t know how he survived. Pep talks are a must on the treadmill. Enjoy a relaxing weekend Corrinne!


I started running a few months ago to help with anxiety. I just signed up for my first 10k and I’m so excited. I also bought my first pair of Launches and I’m taking them out today. Thanks for inspiring me!


Marcia! THANK YOU for telling me this, I am so excited for you! Running helps me out a lot with my anxiety too. LOVE the Launches, enjoy and please keep me updated on how you are doing!


I LOVE Taking Back Sunday!!! SO exciting that you get to go to their concert! I definitely went to one of theirs back in the day. I didn’t know they were still touring! If I could get free tix to see anyone in concert, it would definitely be Taylor Swift. I’ve been to every concert of hers, and she puts on such amazing performances. She’s my homegirl, and her lyrics (especially in All Too Well) speak to my heart.

Absolutely on the slippers! I wear them all the time at home. My plantars starts to act up if I don’t, so they actually help out quite a bit.

Hope that y’all have a great weekend, Janae!!


Hmm.. 20 miles is long.. maybe the treadmill and watching some of the Harry Potter movies to pass the time?

I LOVE TBS and have been listening to them for 20 years too. I’ve always loved how you’re a fan, no one around me ever knows who they are. My social media handle is part of a lyric from one of their songs.

That is so incredibly thoughtful of Brooke! Such a sweet thing to do :)


What is your social media handle?! I must know. You and I are lifetime fans:) . Good call on the Harry Potter movies… I’ll have him do that next time. I hope you are having a great day Sam!


Running in the snow makes you so much stronger! Way back in the day I shaved off 30min from my first to second marathon- the only difference was training through the Vermont winter. For an added bonus, frozen gels taste better!


30 minutes off… Chelsea that is awesome! I bet you guys have really tough winters! Hahah that is very true about frozen gels. I agree.


I definitely have to wear something on my feet indoors but now I am a lover of Altra Escalantes as my slippers! In fact, I’m ordering a new pair today because mine are worn down. I only wear them as my slippers/indoors. I had plantar a couple of years ago and switched over to these as my slippers and now that my feet are fine I am deathly afraid to try anything new and will NOT. Ha!

I vote for 10 miles outside and then 10 on the treadmill. I did this once when it was super snowy here a few years ago and it was a nice break and change in scenery. And I looked forward to getting inside after the cold first 10 :)

Do Andrew’s grandparents live in California?


Yes, both sides do actually (his parents met in California and a lot of Andrew’s extended family still live there). Enjoy your new pair of the Escalantes! I am so happy that they have helped you so much and DON’T CHANGE WHAT YOU ARE DOING:) . Oh that is a good idea… next time I’ll have him do that!


What a beautiful gift from Andrew! I love it when gifts are thoughtful like that. Have fun at the Taking Back Sunday concert! I do not think I’ve listened to them since high school, but today might be a today to reminisce. :) xo, Ali


Hahah I hope that you listened to them today! THEY ARE THE BEST. Thanks Ali and I hope you are having a beautiful Friday!


Brooke’s notes could not be sweeter! What a wonderful gift that she knew she would be thinking of you and could make you smile while she was away :)
Running in the snow is usually fun for me, but I don’t know about 20 miles!! Maybe half outside and half on the ‘mill?
Some friends who moved to Florida will be visiting on Saturday–can’t wait to catch up at a trampoline place and dinner!
I don’t do concerts very much, but for Christmas I bought my family tickets to see Hootie and the Blowfish (with Barenaked Ladies) in August. I went to high school with 2 of the guys, so it’s fun to see them perform.
I do fleecy or fuzzy socks more than slippers, but I have a pair next to the door for taking the dog outside. My sister-in-law got me a new furry Lands End pair for Christmas.


I LOVE Taking Back Sunday!! Would go see them for sure if they played here! I’m such a big fan of concerts, I think I have tickets for 6 different ones between Jan-April this coming year :)


I AM SO JEALOUS!! You’ll have to tell me which ones were your favorite:) . Enjoy all of the concerts and have a beautiful weekend!


My daughter and I agree with you, that brush is the best on the planet hands down. We love them. Thanks for the recommendation on the slippers. I am a slipper wearer from fall to spring and mine are not going to last the rest of this winter. But I am not sad to have to get a new pair, I love slippers! Funny story – my Aunt propped her feet with slippers on up next to their fire place and dozed off. She woke up to very warm feet and the bottom soles had slightly melted !!!


Andrew – > I personally say the snow. Race day could give any conditions so unless its dangerous I always try to get outside. my last long run of my half training will be tomorrow in rain (my last 12 miler was in rain/super big headwind too), and although it wasn’t the funnest, I will remember that on race day, and be more prepared on race day if the conditions aren’t great!

I’m so ready for 2019. 2018 has been a bit of a doozie but I’m ending it on a strong note and so I know 2019 will be a great year.

Are you a New Years resolution person? Or do you have any running/family/life goals? (besides the upcoming ultra)


Dude. That race map is amazing! I wouldn’t know which race I’d want to memorialize like that, but I love knowing this exists. Maybe my 50th State! What a great gift. Way to go Andrew.


We have our family cabin day tomorrow! So glad I get to go back there. So if I can just make it through today with the kids haha ;)


Oh gosh, at this point in the year I think I am 99% cookie!! I need to see the new Mary Poppins and Fantastic Beasts movies…hopefully one of them makes it into the weekend.

I have been CRAZY sore from a bunch of lunges I did, hoping that goes away soon!!

I feel kind of ambivalent about 2019?? 2016 and 2017 were very intense years for me and both times I was ready to move on, but 2018’s been pretty good and not too crazy! Which is good!!


Oh my gosh… 20miles on a treadmill sounds absolutely excruciating! I think I would brave the cold and fresh snow! Besides, running in the snow, you have a lot to keep your mind off the run: watching carefully so you don’t slip, looking at the pure beauty of the snowy landscape….
I love my slippers. I have flip flop style ones that are super soft and fluffy.
My husband gave me the biggest surprise this Christmas!! We are flying to New York tonight for New Year’s!! I am so excited! I have never been to New York, so we have a bunch of touristy things planned, but I am also dying to run in Central Park!!
Good luck to Andrew on his long run today. Enjoy the snow with your kiddos ?


Split the miles up? I’ve done runs where I started where I did half outside and then half in because it got too cold. That’ll give him a chance to really see what it’s alike…but it could also make him cold and annoyed lol.


That is a really good idea… I’ll have him do that tomorrow:) . Thanks Jenn!


Outside. He likes adventure.

I feel naked without slippers.


If I were Andrew I would do some mixture for his 20 miler – GOOD LUCK! Fresh snow is difficult but so is the treadmill. I have never run that far in the snow. We got a bunch of new snow here too & while I am happy for the snow (it’s pretty + we cross country ski), the layer of ice is making me question outdoor running even for my short runs.
Taking Back Sunday sounds fantastic! You reminded me how much I like them & have not listened to them in a while. I am going to find their music now…


Andrew should run outside–seems like he is made for it and I bet he would feel so satisfied during and after the run!

If I could have concert tickets, they would be to see Neil Young!

I used to live in slippers during the winter, but my sister recently gave me a pair of Oofos–LOVE them and wear them constantly at home.


So how did Andrew handle his run? One way would be to split the difference–start with five miles on the ‘mill, then shift to 10 miles outside, and then heat back up by building the heat with 5 more on the treadmill.

For concerts–I want to see The National so badly. I also want to see Mumford & Sons and Avett Bros, but I really, really, REALLY want to see The National.

My weekend–a whole lot of work. The store I work in is EXCEPTIONALLY short staffed right now, and my boss is super stressed. I’m just super tired. My “break” from the university isn’t what other professors have–it’s just work. But at least tomorrow morning I will teach my Flow class (and I subbed someone else’s Body Flow class this morning) and on Sunday morning I will go for a run and have breakfast with a friend before I am on duty. I also have to do a proper grocery shop (our fridge right now is scary!) and figure out some sort of reasonable meal prep for the week ahead for me and Tom. Any ideas? And I have to write a blog post. I think I am going to review the Notch Thermal Hoodie from Brooks…

OK–speaking of work–time to get ready and drive there!!! Have a great day, Janae!!


I cannot imagine doing 20 miles in the snow or on the treadmill! Maybe he should split it up.

We’re home for the weekend, no plans. I can’t believe it’s going to be 2019 in a few days. I turn 55 in April! How did that happen?

We saw the Brian Setzer Orchestra on Saturday night! It was super fun. Les and I are both musicians, so live music is the best. We don’t go to enough concerts and every time we do we remember how much fun we have.

I wear slippers in the winter but not the summer (sweaty feet.)


What an awesome gift! Great job Andrew!
Brooke’s note is so sweet :) I got a little tear in my eye. So glad she finally made it home!
I’m Team Snow for the long run, unless it’s too slippery. I can’t imagine doing 20 miles on the TM. Might be a good idea to split it up.
That cartoon cracks me up every time I see it. I’ve been slacking on the veggies big time. I had a huge salad for lunch yesterday and it really hit the spot!
I have that brush too and it is the best. My hair always gets tangled in the back when I’m wearing sweaters or hoodies.
I wear Uggs moccasin slippers around the house . I think they are the best post run recovery shoes! They are so comfy and you can wear them out of the house too.


Okay, while no one WANTS to do 20 miles on the treadmill…but safety first! I literally watched FOUR slide-offs/accidents happen in front of me in a less than a two mile span on i15 last night! FOUR!!! So, maybe at the minimum, compromise and break up the run (according to his schedule)? Some treadmill, some outside once the sun melts some of that black ice? It’ll just take one tiny slip to tweak his back. ?

So glad you’ve got everyone back hone safe and sound! Probably a very happy day! Also, those are some pretty thoughtful gifts. Lucky lady, for sure!

I personally am so ready for 2018 to end. I’ve had a lot of scary health issues, and a pretty rocky road with one of my kiddos and, quite frankly, I’ve been telling the Lord since April “I’m ready to tap out on this year!” Haha! But I’m putting on the rose colored glasses, counting my blessings, and going into 2019 with a good attitude. Onward and upward, right?

Hapoy New Year, Janae!


Going to concerts is one of my favorite hobbies! My husband and I met at a concert when we were in high sChool and have now been together for 12 years! For his birthday in October we traveled to see the Goo Goo Dolls in concert. And our next one is in April to also see Taking Back Sunday! They are a huge motivator during my runs! So I can’t wait! If I could see anyone, it has been a dream to see Dashboard Confessionals! I hope you have the best time at Taking Back Sunday!


You met at a concert? I love that so much! I want to see Goo Goo Dolls! Let me know what you think of seeing them in April! Oh I have seen Dashboard.. it was incredible! Keep me updated on how you are doing Courtney!


I’m listening to COLD right now. I’ve been listening to it while I run. I’m in the middle of episode 6. So creepy and so intriguing!


It makes me keep checking over my shoulder when I listen to it while running because it is so creepy! What in the world?!?


That is so funny- I just returned that sweatshirt from Amazon this morning. Love how soft it was but the arms were way to short for me! ?


Really?!? Oh noooooo!


Mini target?!? Darn it Canada why did you have to reject Target ????


They did?!? Ahhhhh nooooo!


What an amazing gift from Andrew! A few years ago my husband bought me a medal/bib holder and I had no idea he’d been listening to me say how I needed a place to display all of them so that gift meant a lot. :)

I’m seeing Kelly Clarkson this spring with my mom so that’s my upcoming concert. Have fun at yours!

So sweet about Brooke’s notes. My 3 year old has just started doodling little notes for us and it is the CUTEST.

Have a great one!


Maybe he should warm up on the treadmill to get his muscles ready, then run a good chunk like 12 miles outside? Then finish it up inside when he gets cold (oh right, he doesn’t get cold… so idk!)

I am moving out of my apartment this weekend!

I do not not not like concerts at all. Big crowds make me incredibly anxious.

LOVE slippers – I just recently got into them, because I instituted a no-shoes-in-the-apartment rule, so slippers are the best.


6 miles is my max on a treadmill. I will brave any type of weather if I have to do more than that, even if I have to do the same loop 60 times. Haha!


I think the idea of 20 miles in the snow sounds great – but depends how much time you have :). Honestly 20 miles on a treadmill would kill me – 9 miles is my max, so I probably would have gone in the snow

I am definitely a slipper wearer, I have like 4 pairs of slippers and slipper socks – I have been banned from more :)

So not ready for 2019 but it is coming :). Hopefully some good changes! Glad Andrew and Brooke made it home safe! Have a great day Janae!


If there is a popular trail then Andrew should run outside. Maybe slower and a little less mileage. Running on packed snow while snowing is magical.


Hi! So i know this post is old and i’m just now writing on it, but wanted to let you and your readers know about my experience with ordering the personalized marathon wall hanging. I think its amazing! i went online and proceeded to order one myself. I ran chicago so i clicked on the IL races. The first thing that they advertised for was the chicago marathon photo but you had to go to the chicago tribune website. I paid 120 for the photo and frame. I received the product and only got the photo, no frame. It also had my wrong time on it. They won’t email me back nor will they answer their phone. I’m only writing this to tell people if they do go to order chicago’s photo to not go through the chicago tribunes webiste!!! Stay on the runink.net

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