Weekending Talk + TRAIL Running (1,800 ft UP) + My Bro–> 11 Minute PR!!!

*MY BROTHER HAD A HUGE PR!  He finished in 1:43:32 which is an 11 minute PR for him.  This was his second 1/2 marathon (his first was May of this year).  He has lost over 120 lbs.!  He is just amazing in every way.  It’s been so fun to coach him.  I cannot wait to see what he does at his marathon in February (Phoenix)!  PS you can read my brother’s guest post here about his first half!

PS I’m still working very hard on converting him over to Brooks.

Let’s also take a second to talk about how he still accomplished an 11 minute pr after FALLING in the last half mile.  He got back up and fought for it.  I’m so proud.

IMG 7506

*Our house was silent yesterday.  It was so weird.  Brooke and Knox were gone with their other parents and Andrew was at school for most of the day.  I’m pretty sure Skye could have slept all day because it was so quiet.  I love that she sleeps with her little bum in the air like this.

IMG 7467

*Finally she was up and ready to party with me.

IMG 7476

*Once Skye’s nap time rolled around I put her down at mom’s house in her crib and I went over to the trails.  I’m taking a break from speed but wanted a challenge in climbing.

IMG 7488

I did about 2.7 miles of trails to get to the Y trail and then started the real climbing.  This hike is hard for me to walk so I knew it was really going to challenge me.  I’ve never run up it and wanted to go for it.  My goal is to eventually do it without any stops (I stopped for breathers 5 times yesterday) and I can’t wait to work towards that.  1,075 feet of climbing in 1.11 miles!

IMG 7503

A very good feeling to see this sign.  It took me about 15.5 minutes (of actual running… not counting the breaks) to get to the top.

IMG 7495

I love the Mazama from Brooks so much.  All of the benefits of a trail shoe but much lighter than the others.

IMG 7496

I was legit feeling like I was going to puke the entire way up… and I want to keep doing it and getting better at it. <— Runners are a strange group.  PS my friend was wearing my Koala Clip to see if she likes it (she did!!) so that is why I was wearing my fuel belt again.  Also, it was so nice to need sunglasses for a run again:)

The way back down the Y trail is tough too because your legs are toast and you are having to brake pretty much the entire way down to avoid rolling down.

IMG 7502

I’m going to be sore today.  Running UP + Strength training = crazy fast spring races right?

Screen Shot 2018 11 03 at 12 04 54 PM

*I listened to this podcast during my run and it was so great.  Who is watching NYCM this morning?  I’ll be watching on ESPN2!

IMG E7483

*For lunch we had TJ’s Cauliflower Gnocchi with chicken and red sauce (Skye loved it too) and then she crawled over me 400 times.

IMG 7520

*We just hung out on the floor for a few hours and it was really nice.

IMG 7524

*Andrew finished up his day at school and it took us 30 minutes to figure out where we wanted to go to dinner together.

IMG 7537

*Brinner always wins.  Always.

IMG 7545

*While we were eating one of my old bosses came up to us,  he works at this restaurant now, and brought us some chocolate cake.  This was eaten a few hours later while watching Friends.

IMG 7546

I hope your Sunday is a great one!


Are you watching the marathon this morning?

Tell me about your weekend running?  Give me the details!

What was the last podcast that you listened to if you are a podcast listener?

What are your Sunday plans?

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Good Morning! I couldn’t sleep in today and woke up at 5:30. A bit disappointing to not take advantage of the extra hour, but alas. I am enjoying reading your blog and eating breakfast before church which normally doesn’t happen. Your trail run looks beautiful! I am heading to the trails later this morning to get in some elevation as well. Last long run before the Flying Monkey Marathon. Then I am rewarding myself with laying on the floor and watching NY Marathon. I don’t get ESPN, but it is shown at 1 on abc which works. I just cant look at instagram before. GO DES, ALI, SHALANE!


What a gorgeous run! <3

Sooooooooooooooo watching (like, as I type)! Rooting for several people out on the course!


I’m watching the marathon…. right now watching the prerace waiting for the women to start. Go Desi. Go Shalane!

I ran yesterday for the first time in a week. 8 miles and it felt awesome. I got sick last week, ending my 334 day run streak. ?

Last podcast I listened to was Trail Runner Nation.

Today I will watch the race, do my shopping and laundry and meal prep for the week.

Can I have some cake??


We have a neighbor who works as magalbys party planner and she brings us cakes that they have to get rid of all the time. They are also super sweet and have kids our kids age. Not to brag but we basically have the best neighbors ever haha ;) .

I don’t know what it is but every time I see the view from the top of the y I immediately think bout falling off. I’m not scared of heights but that one gets me. Especially when I take my kids!


I was able to do 2 longer runs this weekend. My body has really only been wanting 1 and then a day off, but not this weekend, and it was g.l.o.r.i.o.u.s!!

The morning shake out. (Podcast)

Happy Sunday.


I the the NYC marathon on now!! About mile 3 for the women!!!
I just listened to that podcast yesterday on run yesterday too!!! So good!!
I’m dropping my son and oldest off at the airport, they’re flying to Denver just for the day! So it will be quiet here too. Just one son and a dog and 2 cats… Lol super quiet…ha!
Enjoy your Sunday ?


Wow this trail! And congrats to your brother, that is amazing! Yesterday was my 8 yo son first track workout of the season (and mine too!) and we both had fun. I did 10x400m a little faster than 5k pace and it was a nice (!) challenge. This morning was a easy 5miler before watching the marathon!


I met my training partner early and did our long run. She’s awesome and it makes the miles fly by quickly. The half we are doing is a trail paved/gravel so we decided to practice on one today. Well my new Brooks are a muddy mess..totally worth it. We discussed needing to reassess our time goals based on ice/muddy patches and roots (tripping us) today.
It was a good run and I strangely want a cheeseburger at 9:30am ??‍♀️


Ooohh… I forgot to say a huge congratulations to your brother!!! An 11 minute PR is amazing!!! So impressive!!


Yayyy Congratulations to your brother on his PR!!!!

Last night we tried a new church that has Saturday night services. It was a big change for us but the process of going to church then out for dinner as a family was really nice. Plus our daughter is old enough to discuss the sermon over dinner which was amazing!!!
Also really nice is sitting at home in my pjs on Sunday, truly resting, which is something I struggle with if I leave the house at all. I mean, I’ll put on some kinda real clothes to walk the dog but that’s different than running errands etc. Our denomination doesn’t have any specific rules about it but I try to chill on Sundays and it doesn’t always work.


In the flow of choreography for each RPM release, strength work and speed work are interspersed. In the middle of the release is a pure intervals track where the resistance stays somewhere between speed work and strength work (or, rather, hill/mountain climbing resistance…). I always tell my class participants that our power exists in the meeting point between speed and strength–when we have enough to challenge our speed (and make us want to work to get faster) but an accomplishable amount of gear (and hwere we eventually get too bored with it and want to see what else we can do). Your intense trail climb is like that–you want to see how it will help you get faster, you want to build the strength to accomplish that climb. You are already powerful and strong and fast and incorporating this climb not only into your workout but into your GOALS will help you become EVEN MORE POWERFUL. I love it!

And I love your cauliflower gnocchi lunch. I might do something similar for dinner when Tom and I get back home on Monday night. We are so dang obsessed with the cauliflower gnocchi.

My run is this morning. I let myself sleep in after my former student-turned-friend’s wedding (the impetus for our visit back here) AND with the whole ‘daylight savings time ending’ thing (easy excuses to sleep in? Sure, but I have to be up at 4 AM every morning back home…so why not…), but in a bit once the caffeine hits I an heading out for a small run around Stephens Lake–one of my favorite running routes from back in the day. Mid-day I am walking Tom around campus from my PhD days at Mizzou and showing him what I love about my school, and this evening we are going to dinner at my friend Brandi’s house where he will meet another group of my friends from the years I lived here.

I’m soaking up every little bit of being back here–it’s been 4 and a half years!!!!! And I am bummed that the fleet feet store didn’t have hoodies and that their branded gear does NOT say “Columbia MO”–it just has the franchise’s logo. Womp womp. Oh well. :) That leaves more money for me to treat myself to the neon yellow/night visibility color of the Brooks running hoodie I love! HA!!!


Congratulations to your brother! Perseverance must run in your incredible family! Thank you for your uplifting blog. I enjoy it so much!


Congrats to your brother – that’s huge!


Congrats to your brother!!!! An 11 minute PR on his second half is huge!!!

I am watching the marathon this morning while trying not to feel too sad as I was supposed to be running my third marathon today! Training was going awesome over the summer, and then I injured my hip about mid September and had to rest for about a month. Luckily, the injury wasn’t major, and while it did derail my hopes for a new marathon PR, I am just beyond grateful that I am able to run again. I have run pretty consistently over the past seven years and have luckily never had any major injuries, so taking a month off and having to build back up has been a humbling experience for me! I did a great eight miler this morning, in the perfect running weather, and just reflected on how happy I am to be running again. There will be more marathons in my future, I just know it! I hope you have a great Saturday!


Emily. I am so so incredibly sorry about your hip injury keeping you out of your marathon today. I totally know how you feel… it’s so hard. I am VERY happy that you are able to run again and I CANNOT wait to hear about your amazing first marathon post-injury and you rocking it. I’m glad you had an 8 miler today:) You are amazing… go eat some chocolate today!


My plans today included getting up early to get my run and dog walking in so I could get home and watch the NYC marathon! Watching now while doing some food prep and laundry. Also – I just added the “y” trail to my Utah runs and hikes bucket list!


I did my toughest run in about 7 months! Ankle sprain on April 3rd really messed up 2018, but I’m finally making progress. 8 miles with 968′ of elevation gain (and about the same loss.)

The rest of my Sunday plans are breakfast, church and lots of resting/eating.


What a great trail run! I wish I knew the trails where I live. They are supposedly everywhere but I’m scared I’ll get lost so I stick to the roads.
I did 10 miles today on my hills. I get half way and then I push it on the way back. I’m trying really hard for a 1:45 half this spring.
I didn’t watch the marathon but was rooting really hard for Des Linden. She got 6th. That’s really really awesome!
What running shirt are you wearing? It’s a super pretty color.
Enjoy your Sunday!


Congrats to your brother!! That’s awesome!

I’m watching the marathon and just taking it easy today. The y trail looks like fun


No problem sleeping in today. So happy for the extra hour!

Hey, the Barons race is coming up 11.16.18: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jq25BlwozGE

So excited! Hope the GoPros and all show us what’s what!! Andrew, might want to get on the Y with your feet!


Yes! I watched the marathon and it was so good! Those women and men run crazy fast.

Today was nice-ran a lovely run, did some boring tasks, then coffee and marathon watching!!!

When I see your runs it makes me want to visit Utah some summer!!!


I need to come run that trail!! Crazy inclines and strength DO = great spring race tones!
My Sunday included staring at my incredible new engagement ring and wondering how I got so lucky to have the greatest fiancée ever!


Wow, your brother is amazing!
I ran the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon yesterday and PR’d!!! It was an amazing day! The weather was perfect and I felt great. The best part was that 8 weeks ago I couldn’t even run more than 6 miles becausenod my IT band. I had signed up for my goal race in September to try to better my BQ time. But, i wasn’t able to run it due to my IT band flaring up. Seven weeks ago, I had an amazing 10 mile run out of nowhere and that same day someone offered me a free race entry for Monumental. I took them up on their offer, and I was able to train hard for 7 weeks. It was an amazing gift from God!!


I watched the NYC Marathon this morning. It was so inspiring!

Congrats to your brother on his 11 minute PR and his journey to a healthier lifestyle!


Wow amazing for your brother!

I ran a 10k race today! I have run a couple of times many years ago but this was my first since getting back into it. A PB even from then though and a time that I was very happy with! I wasn’t entirely sure how it would go but I lined up with the 70 min pacer and didn’t see her again after the first couple of minutes haha! I went for it and am so thrilled with how I did! So excited for the next one!


Huge congratulations to your brother! Is he still going to write a post about his diet and fitness journey? I would Love to read it!


Wow that run looks intense! I recently went hiking up Pulpit Rock Norway and it was such a challenge – and we didn’t even run! I definitely find it harder on the way back down – you’re just trying not to lost control of your own legs!


Could you please ask your brother if he could do another recap post on his marathon?! I love following his progress!!! It super motivating.

Also, you are a machine. That elevation gain in such a short time is super tough!!!

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