Weekending Discussions.

We were planning on going running separately in the early morning but then we realized with both Brooke (with grandma) and Knox (at his mom’s) gone we could go out during Skye’s nap and run together (and have her nap at my sister’s house).

Definitely the best option for the day.

The snow is supposed to start showing up next week so it was nice to get in at least one more snowless trail run.

IMG 8858

I wore the Caldera’s for the first time in a long time and really loved them.  They have a lot more cushioning and shoe to them which I think is going to be very necessary for these longer and longer training runs in our near future.

Felt so good to be in shorts again!

IMG 8830

I did 12 miles and Andrew did 9 (and walked while I did the extra three in the mountains).  I am coming from a bigger base than he is and I do not want him to be injured so our training won’t be exactly the same until he has built up a bit more.   He definitely has me on the short steep stuff and going downhill… I can never catch him!

Technically, I went 12.3ish miles but I forgot to restart my garmin after a break that we took and didn’t realize for a little while that I forgot to push start.  I like seeing the distance on my watch so I went until it hit 12.00.

About 1,000 ft of climbing which mostly happens during miles 2-4 and then not too much climbing other than that.

IMG 8866

Skye is pretty much able to stand all on her own these days!

IMG 8872

Brooke had the most amazing time with her grandma and cousins.  They went to a play, did crafts and made pies for Thanksgiving.

IMG 8882

They sent us home with an apple pie that Brooke mostly made to start celebrating a little bit early.

IMG 8888

On the way to pick up Brookie we stopped for my new favorite salad.  Last week Megan D wanted to go eat at Spitz and I did not think I was going to like it (as you can tell, I stick to the same restaurants most of the time) but turns out, this place is the greatest.  I could eat here daily.  If you are in Utah, go eat here.  And make sure to say no olives on your entrees because olives are the worst;)

IMG 8876

Brooke missed her sister!

IMG 8887

And more cousin time because it’s the weekend and we party hard over here;)

IMG 8892 2

My brother is officially in marathon training now!  He is doing the Phoenix Marathon in February and just hit a new personal distance record!  Hearing about his runs afterwards make me so happy… just two years ago he couldn’t run a mile and now look at him!  He is using Honey Stinger gels for his fuel and loving training this time of year! In Arizona this is prime time for running.

IMG 8812


Tell me about your weekend running!

Who else is in marathon training right now?  Anyone else doing the Phoenix marathon or have you in the past?

Tried a new genre of food that you didn’t think you would like but you do?

Feelings on olives?

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I don’t like olives either!! Yay – you def have good taste! Hitting Disneyland today after church to celebrate Mickey Mouses’s 90th birthday – he looks really good!!

Happy Sunday!


Haha – I wake up early and read most days straight away but this is the first time I’ve been the first comment :)


So Big News (at least for me)….I signed up for my first 1/2 marathon ever! I kind of dread training over the winter but I don’t mind the treadmill thankfully. I have a feeling I may be asking you for lots of suggestions/advice over the next few months. My biggest issue is going to be nutrition and not over-training since I tend to ignore or not realize that my body needs a break. I think I get fooled by endorphins (:

I would love to work up to trail running….looks so invigorating.

Haven’t tried a new food genre lately but maybe as I start to train I’ll get random cravings?

Not a fan of olives or even olive oil. I also avoid capers which just seem like mini-olives to me.

Brooke’s apple pie looks fabulous. My mom used to make “Apple Delight” which was basically apple crisp. I used to ask for it all the time. I’m a pie fan except for cherry.


“My biggest issue is going to be nutrition and not over-training since I tend to ignore or not realize that my body needs a break. I think I get fooled by endorphins (:”

Whoa, are you me?? Lol, this is so true for me too as I am training for a half marathon. Would love to read any advice as well.


KOLYA!!! I am so thrilled about this! YES YES YES… send your questions my way! You are going to rock this and those endorphins… they do fool us on a few things! I completely agree with you about pie… everything but cherry please. I hope you have a wonderful week!


We are finishing our basement so the treadmill is stored away and I have had to run outside. I cannot believe how much I am enjoying the fresh air, even though it is cold. I might keep this up all winter on my weekend runs even when the treadmill is out of hibernation.


There are only two foods I despise, and olives are one of them! The other is cottage cheese. Happy Sunday!


I love hearing about your ultra training. Right now my body is loving longer distances and I did my first ever 11 mile run yesterday. I’ve signed up for my first half marathon in May and want to be very comfortable with the distance. I used to be such a baby about running in the cold but this year I’m embracing it. As long as there’s no ice on the ground and it’s not dark, I’ll be out there.

Kids are the best cooks! My oldest stepson does most of the cooking for taco nights, and the youngest is the dessert king.


We had several BIG races over the summer (1 marathon and 4 ultras). So right now I’m just in base training but because I’m hoping to BQ in April and have lots of time to shave off, it is serious training none-the-less. My husband and I train like you and Andrew (minus having to worry about kids) – he’s usually not at the same training level I am until we have a race together. Even then I’m usually working towards bigger goals than he is.
I’ve decided I need to move to Utah. You have all the neat restaurants.

I’m on team Olive. Sorry. ?‍♀️


So glad to find another olive loather! My whole family loves them and they make me gag. Olives and artichoke hearts are the only two foods I absolutely refuse to eat.

Brooke looks just like you in that picture where she’s rolling out the dough. So focused!

My dad’s always been a sushi fan and I never thought I would like it . . . but then I actually tried it and realized it’s amazing. Also calamari is one I didn’t expect to like!

No marathons plans (possibly ever), but really hoping to get into a 10-miler in the spring that I’m in a lottery for . . . fingers crossed!


I’ve heard lots of good things about spitz but I haven’t tried it yet!

I like olives! My grandma used to say that olives make you sexy HAHAHA


I’m not a big olive fan but craved them when I was pregnant with my second kid. It’s weird.
Send Brooke’s pie over. I love apple pie. I’m making my aunt a diabetic friendly gluten free pie for Thanksgiving. I’m interested to taste it. It uses frozen apple juice concentrate instead of sugar. I hope it’s decent tasting. Everyone should get dessert on Thanksgiving.
No run today. My right foot hurts. It feels considerably better when I wear running shoes which makes me think I can run but I’m trying really hard to take the day off so it clears up for my race on 12/1. It’s outdoor long run day. They are the worst to miss. I’d much rather give up a treadmill day.
Have a great Sunday!


My weekend running was definitely therapy running, more than getting good miles in! I was a little bit hungover on the Saturday so went out *just* before it went dark in the evening, just to get myself up and out of the house!


I officially start training for marathon #5 tomorrow! I took yesterday as my last Saturday to do absolutely nothing for a while (other than household chores) and rode my bike this morning. I won’t be putting my bike away completely – my marathon PR happened when I rode on 1 or 2 of my easy days each week and I plan to keep doing that.

We’ve tried a lot of different types of food in Hawaii and I pretty much like them all.

I love olives!! My grandfather grew them and his were the best. One of my favorite childhood memories is riding on the back of his motorcycle through the olive trees. (I won’t hold it against you that you’re not a fan!)


Completely unrelated! But…. i would love a detailed post on renovations. Even if it’s other website recommendations. Want to update my floors and baseboards. Yours in the old house looked amazing and would love some info!!!


Ahh, I totally understand the need to hit the mileage after forgetting to restart your watch! Good thing you only missed .3ish miles and not half a mile or 3/4 of one ;)
Usually I run long on Saturdays, but did mine today since I volunteered at a 50 miler yesterday. It was the perfect inspiration – today’s 16 miler was just perfect and I was smiling like a geek most of the time (also I witnessed basically the most gorgeous sunrise ever – what a way to kick off a run!)
I hate olives too! Those and mushrooms , ugh!


Oooohhh, I’m adding that to my “must try” restaurant list for Utah :)

No weekend running for me…but we went hiking on Saturday and today. Saturday was in a lot of snow (we hiked in Cottonwood Canyon up to Dog Lake) and it was SO beautiful! My glutes are already sore haha

I am an olive lover…but I feel like it is one of those foods that you love or hate, there is no in-between (kind of like cilantro…which I hate).

Have a wonderful start to your week!


I ran a 3 mile cross country race yesterday in freezing temps with 4 creek crossings and muddy hills. I stayed upright and came in 3rd in my age group. Don’t tell my husband but it didn’t suck that much. The soup buffet afterwards helped too.

I love olives. My daughter would eat olives all day if I let her and she is 3!


Love the jingle bells on your shoes :) There is an 8K jingle bell run in my town, and it’s so noisy at the start! But it’s festive and fun. I didn’t think of putting on my jingle bells, but I did get out for 9+ miles ahead of my half marathon on 12/8. It’s so fun to follow the progress you guys are making–you and Andrew on the trails, your sis, and your brother, too!

I’d love to do Phoenix someday. Living on the east coast, I’m not sure how likely it is that I’ll get to jet out there, but I do love that region.
I will eat all of your olives, so you won’t have to. Don’t even think about it.

What a great day for Brooke! I love it when my kids get to spend time with grandparents and cousins!


I ran the Flying Monkey Marathon in Nashville TN this weekend – about 3000 ft of climb during the whole road marathon. I actually was able to break the tape and PR’d my marathon by about 9 minutes (finish @ 3:16). Felt great for a check in a few months after a hundred miler!


AHHHH YOU KILLED IT!! 9 minute pr on 3000 ft of UP. You are incredible. SO happy for you!


Janae, my heart is sad that you don’t like olives! :( But, I’m learning that I definitely swim upstream on that. I LOVE them…always have. If they come on my kids’ or husband’s food, they all pick them off and pile them on my plate…and I do not mind at all, haha! Funny olive story: my husband and I went to Spain this summer and we had been warned to not ask for seasoning or sauces at the restaurants—how it’s given to you is how the chef/cooks intended it to taste. Well…a lot of the food was pretty bland and dry. BUT, they serve olives with EVERYTHING! Even breakfast. It took us about two days to realize why as we watched all the Spanish people eating: a bite of food + an olive. Olives were their seasoning/salt. Of course, I was a happy little clam anyway, but it’s one of the few times I’ve watched my husband voluntarily eat olives! ;)

I know you didn’t have a great experience with Indian food (still makes me so sad for you!), but that was something a few years ago that I tried with some trepidation, but loved. I fly solo on that in my house as well. What can you do? ?‍♀️

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