The Tables have Turned… Who Would You Cook For?

Good morning!  Today I’m sharing a meal that we made for my parents along with an awesome discount from Blue Apron below! My mom also has a few things to talk with you about at the end of this post. This post is sponsored by Blue Apron!


Our favorite delivery showed up on Halloween in a refrigerated box!  It was full of farm fresh-ingredients in all of the right proportions ready for us to cook up a delicious meal for my parents.

IMG 7334

If I do my math right, my mom has made me 7,124 dinners over the span of my life.  It has been really fun lately now that the tables have turned and we get to have them over for dinner a time or two each week.  November and December are the perfect time to focus on family and show others why we love and appreciate them!  My mom (and dad… he makes the best pancakes on the planet) have shown me they love me so many times by cooking a delicious meal for me.  It’s so great to take a moment and show them my love by making them dinner.  My parents have always been such great examples to me of making dinner together as a family an extremely important part of the day—> After a good meal we leave the table mentally, physically and socially full.  I love being able to provide that for my people too.

We knew that my parents would love the Sweet & Savory Sesame Chicken with Vegetables & Jasmine Rice from Blue Apron.  We were so excited to have them over.


PS another bonus of our house now= Skye can snack in her high chair or crawl all over the main living space while we cook and we can see her the entire time.


This meal only took us 20 minutes to prepare (all of the meals from Blue Apron can be prepared in 40 minutes or less)!  The faster I can get food into my stomach the better.


My parents came over right when the meal was ready.  The girls were thrilled to see them!  It’s so nice living so close to them now.

IMG 7435

Andrew was showing off his skills that he learned from being a server at the Pasta Factory for many years (St George readers, have you been there?).


Blue Apron makes it easy to make quick and delicious chef-designed recipes at home and impress my parents:)  They offer a huge selection of recipes and they are always adding new dishes to their menu each week.  I love being able to try new and exciting meals at home and getting out of our normal food ruts.


Meal time= the best time to have conversations with the people you love.


Skye is learning a thing or two from Beretta—> Wait patiently below the table for someone to toss you some food.


And a lemon cookie for my mom after the meal because lemon flavored desserts are her absolute favorite!


While we have my mom here for a second, I thought it would be fun to have her share a few things because she is so great.  Welcome Hungry Runner Mom:

Hi!  Here are some of my favorites and dislikes!

Dinner- I love really good and crispy sweet and sour chicken.  I hate refried beans!!!!!

Dessert- Everything, especially lemon!

Candy- I love anything chocolate!  Rocky road fudge is fantastic!  I will NEVER eat sour or fruity, sticky candy.

Snack- I would eat real buttered popcorn every single day if I could.  I do not like spicy hot snacks at all.

Hobby- Some of my hobbies include a French tutor for 2 years, I cut precious gems for many years and now I am hand relief carving wood.  I don’t like sewing very much even though I’ve sewed a lot.

Book- Classic- Les Miserables or Anna Karenina, Spiritual- Book of Mormon.  I don’t like books or movies that involve any children in peril.

TV- Food Network, Wheel of Fortune or classic sitcoms like Andy Griffith.  Nothing too scary because I am a big chicken.  (Ex.- After watching Law & Order with my husband, his choice, I was convinced I would be murdered for sure someday! Ha!) I have converted him to Food Network though!!

Exercise- I walk 30 minutes on the treadmill in the morning and do 30 minutes on the stationary bike in the evening. I actually dislike all exercise but like living so I guess I have to.

Pet- Dogs!  I love dogs and training them.  My most disliked pet was Janae’s psycho bird when she was about 10 years old.

Favorite child- Janae (Yes, she did pay me to say that.)

Thanks for reading!


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Do you have the opinion that desserts must include chocolate or do you consider fruity flavored treats to also be delicious desserts?

Who do you love to cook for?!  Who was the last person that you cooked for?

What is usually your favorite meal of the day?  

What is your favorite snack?

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I want to know more about the psycho bird!? Hahaha!


Hahaha I don’t remember that bird (her name was Nala) as much as my mom so she is going to write a little bit about it on tomorrow’s post:) I do remember loving it (but I was the only one in my family that felt that way ha)! Have a great day Florence.


Hi! I love any and all desserts! I have to be in the mood for fruity desserts though. I love cooking for my family and others. I am so happy when I can provide a delicious meal for others and have them enjoy it as much as I do. The last person I cooked for was my husband and he is so easy to please. My favorite meal of the day is dinner, because it is a hot meal that everyone can enjoy. Breakfast and lunch are usually something easy like oatmeal/cereal and sandwiches. So it is a nice way to end the day with a home cooked meal. Favorite snack is probably fig bars. They are easy to grab and go and fill me up. Have a good day!


Your husband is lucky to end the day with delicious meals that you have made. I LOVE fig bars (do you make yours… I would love a good recipe if you have a second:) Thanks Christa and I hope you have a wonderful day!


I wish I could make fig bars! I enjoy picking them up from Costco though!


Hahah that is what we do too:) Just didn’t know if I was missing out on homemade ones! Thanks Christa!


I’m butting in here to recommend this recipe from Smitten Kitchen!!

Not difficult to make and 100% worth the time. I think she mentions this in her post, but you can get the figs from TJs!

Also, your mom’s responses were so cute and reminded me a lot of my mom. Fun to hear from her!


Okay, her fig newtons look incredible. THANK YOU!!!


My husband works away from home and only come home on weekends so during the week I cook for my son and my cleaning lady, so I cooked for them last night. I actually prefer fruity flavored treats, don’t really eat chocolate. Fruit is the best snack.
Your mom seems like a very fun and wise woman.


Really! I’ll take your chocolate off your hands:) She really is both of those things. I hope your ankle is feeling better today Almarie!


Yes, please tell more about your crazy bird!!

I love most desserts, I like more than I dislike. And my favorite snack is graham crackers or bread of some kind. I love bread.
Favorite meal: breakfast, although I am not a morning person, so if I can eat French toast at lunch time, that’s the best.
And I cook for me and my husband most nights, we had baked potatoes the other night and burgers last night.

Have a great day!


Hahah I’ll have my mom write a bit about the bird because I don’t remember the psycho part! Oh I LOVE graham crackers too (Andrew dips his into milk:) I hope you get some french toast soon and that you have an amazing day Loribeth!


Your mom’s comment “I actually dislike all exercise but I like living so I guess I have to” made me laugh out loud this morning


She seriously is so so funny… I wish I could share all of her texts messages that she sends me. She is out of control:) Have a great day Maria!


I love that y’all have family meals together! I never had that growing up, so I always appreciate when I see families who do that. We never really had home-cooked meals, so I can pretty much only microwave things, so I don’t cook meals for anyone. BUT one of my favorite married couple friends let me third wheel it with them every Monday night for dinner. We do what’s called Tour de OC and try out different restaurants in the area (and we even made a rating system!!). So I love those meals together!

I definitely love fruity candies! I’ll take all of the gummy bears and Gushers that your mom doesn’t want!! :)


OH I love that you go have dinner with them on Monday nights. That is the best and I want to join the Tour. Oh Gushers for life over here too!


I actually laughed out loud at “Janae’s psycho bird.” HAHAHA
I am right there with your mom. ANYTHING LEMONY!
My favorite time to eat is in the evening, but I am a huge fan of breakfast food!
My favorite snack would be Salt and Vinegar Almonds.


Hahah my mom is so funny. Okay, I think you must have just changed my entire life… salt and vinegar chips are my absolute favorite. I had no idea that they had salt and vinegar ALMONDS. I’ll be finding these asap. Have a great day Kelly!


Fruity desserts all the way- especially anything lemon. Lemon bars? I could eat those every single day. My waistline would suffer if I gave in to that particular craving ? Like your Mom I dislike exercising. I am a fan of living however so I better get to it!


I want to send you some of my mom’s lemon bars… they are the best. Have a wonderful day Kimberly :)


I think we need to read more about this psycho bird! So funny. Well, maybe not.


Hahah my mom is going to write a little about Nala on tomorrow’s post now! All I remember is that I loved that bird like crazy:) Have a great day Stephanie!


Oh my gosh your mom’s comment on exrecise if my new life motto. So sweet!!


HAHAHA it’s a good one:) I definitely didn’t get my love for running from her;) Have a great day Juliette!


Janse – Tell us more about your psycho bird…

I have the opinion that the most delicious desserts do not involve chocolate or cheesecake. I enjoy fruit pies, anything ala mode, pastries, cheese, etc.

I love to cook for my neighbors, and last cooked for my husband and son :) white bean turkey chili.

My favorite meal is any eaten leisurely- no rush.

My favorite snack is cheese!


Hahaha I’m going to have her write up a bit about the bird tomorrow because I do not remember the psycho part:) Interesting about your dessert theories! That chili sounds AMAZING! Have a wonderful day and enjoy snacking on some cheese!


I love fruit desserts! They can be totally decadent and satisfying! I actually prefer a fruity or vanilla type dessert over chocolate.

My favorite meal of the day is breakfast because I always wake up starving!

Last person I cooked for was my husband, he’s a lucky dude!

My favorite snacks are fruit, yogurt, nut butters, and veggies with salsa or hummus.


You send me your chocolate desserts please. He IS a very lucky dude! I hope your breakfast this morning was amazing:) Enjoy your day Allison.


I’m with your mom–I love lemon! Give me lemon cream cake, or lemon bars, or some sort of lemon pie or lemony cheesecake and I am happy. But I also love all things chocolate, so give me a slice of chocolate cheesecake, or a scoop of oreo cookie ice cream (…maybe on top of a brownie?!?), and I am one happy camper!

My husband doesn’t like exercise, but I think your mom needs to have a heart to heart with him–because he likes living (and I hope he likes living with–or because of–me *wink wink nudge nudge*), exercising REGULARLY is a good thing.

You asked about snacks. I could go to town on a bag of brownie bites or cookies (there are MANY reasons why I try to not keep much sweets in the house–my lack of willpower is just one of them), but when it comes to savory snacks I tend to have two modes: give me some good roasted nuts or give me chips & salsa. (And my favorite chips that are not from my usual tex mex restaurants are the multigrain ones from Late July. We find them at Costco. And–well–if it has quinoa and chia, it’s good for you, right?)

Hope you have a good day out there! I love that Blue Apron makes it easy for you and Andrew to treat your parents! :)


I’m like you… I LOVE all of the desserts:) Haha she sure does! It’s amazing how dedicated my mom is to getting in a workout six days a week even though she doesn’t like it! Chips and salsa… I completely agree with you. Best snack. Thanks Stephanie, have a great day!


YAY for Team Chips N Salsa!

On another note I think you and your mom need to co-design a running shirt that says I CAN DO HARD THINGS and have the proceeds donated to something like Girls on the RUn or some relief fund for injured runners whose insurance won’t cover enough of their medical care or some scholarship fund to help bring people to run marathons and half-marathons or something like that.

…I am sure SO MANY OF US would find a way to buy that top…the tank top version (especially if it’s a performance tank to run in), the cute floppy casual hoodie version, even a cute bumper sticker made to look like those oval 13.1 bumper stickers! ;)


Janae!! I love how your mom hates sour and gummy candy but you love it. haha.

SO, I just have to say, I have read your blog for years and we comment back and forth now and then so I consider us Internet friends, but I listened to your interview on Ali on the Run Show this morning, and I know its an old episode pre-Skye but it just helped me so much. You were talking about how your 30s you gained so much confidence over your 20s, and also how time does heal things and it just really encouraged me. I’ve gone through a rough patch this year and sometimes it doesn’t feel like it’ll get better and its so true that every month I see things get a little better and one day I’ll look back and it won’t bother me.

So anyways, just wanted to let you know even an old podcast episode is very inspiring and encouraging to me. Have a great day!


Eleanor. Thank you thank you thank you for your confidence. I’m so glad you loved the episode. I am so so sorry about how your year has been and I really can promise you that it does get brighter. If you ever need to talk with someone, I’m your person (just email me)! Thanks Eleanor and I hope today is a great one and you can do hard things… you’ve already proved that to yourself.


I am a fan of all kinds of desserts. Chocolate is good sometimes, but I really like lemon desserts and anything with fresh berries. Just no cooked fruit please :)
I like cooking for my husband and baking for family and friends (because I get to eat some of the cookies and give some away)
On the weekends I love breakfast. I’m usually up early to run and then I have time to enjoy something really good for breakfast. During the week I like dinner when I get to sit down with H and have time to talk.
My favorite snack is chips and salsa or guac or queso. I can’t control myself!!
I love your Mom’s comments! She is so funny. I’d like to hear what your Dad has to say sometime.


I totally agree with you, weekend breakfasts are the absolute best. Baking for people is my favorite too. She sure is and I’ll ask my dad… he is hilarious too! Have a wonderful day Elizabeth!


Oh, I just love your mom!

Thanks for sharing, and someday I will not be poor and have to give Blue Apron a try?


I should have you over for a Blue Apron meal:) Thanks Jamie… I do too:) Have a wonderful day!


That meal sounds delicious

Your mom is awesome! “Janae’s psycho bird” ha! I hate pet birds too.


Hahaha my mom learned her lesson with getting me and my brother birds ha. Have a wonderful day Jenny!


Fruit desserts are great. Combine them with chocolate – yum! I’m with your mom, I love lemon anything! The only things I don’t like in dessert are coffee and hazelnut.
Favorite meal is breakfast – especially if someone else cooks it! Meals always taste better if someone else makes it for you!
Favorite snack is popcorn!


Living close to family is the absolute best. It’s great that so many of you are so close!
Fruit flavors in dessert are OK sometimes. Chocolate is a big favorite, but also cinnamon, caramel, shortbread & other sweet goodies!

I sort of like to cook a big meal for a family gathering or holiday, but daily cooking gets tedious, especially when everyone has a different opinion of what’s good on which day. I made waffles for my son’s breakfast this morning–does that count?

Though I like eating, I’m also fine with food ruts because it’s easy. I probably look forward to my big lunch salad every work day.

I’m always up for eating (too many) tortilla chips, and I love Late July Sea Salt & Lime the very best.


I found your mothers comment about ‘children in peril’ interesting because im the same for animals! If an animal gets hurt in a movie I turn it off or in a book I stop reading ?

Have a great day Janae and HRG Mom!


Oh yes… she is the same way for that too (and me too)! Thanks Pamela… you too!


Your mom is so great! Thank you HRG mom for sharing a few likes and dislikes with us all :)
I love to cook for my family!!! I think that is one of my all time happiest parts of the day. Dinner time is very precious to me. A time to be as a family, talk about whatever, tune out the rest of the world for a bit. Last night we were all kind of laughing because I totally did an “Old fashioned” dinner: homemade meatloaf (ground turkey though), mashed potatoes, steamed veggies, and homemade bread. All I was missing was an apron, pearls, and heals, and I could have been June Cleaver… ha ha
But seriously, family dinner time I think, keeps us all grounded. :)
Have a great Thursday!


How fun to get some adult time with your parents. I’m from a big family too, and while I love the chaos that goes on when we are all together, I cherish the quieter moments when it’s just my parents and we can get into deeper conversations. And i’m so with your Mom on lemon desserts and popcorn!


-I love ALL dessert and I do like fruity. Like your mom, I love all things lemon!

-Ha I like cooking for anyone but myself best. I last cooked for a friend going through a tough pregnancy.

-Breakfast for sure! I can eat “breakfast foods” for any meal.

-Snack = Banana/apple with peanut butter.

We love Blue Apron!


Chocolate is my favorite dessert, but I like tart/fruity desserts too.

I love cooking for Les – he is not picky at all so that makes my life really easy. Our families are very spread out and we’re usually the ones who travel so I don’t get to cook for them very often.

I’d have to say dinner is my favorite meal – the work day is over and we can relax, not rushing to get on to the next thing.


I’m the opposite of your mom, I don’t like lemon desserts! And I don’t believe nuts belong in desserts either…except pecan pie. Turns out I’m an old, southern lady ?
I love cooking for myself but cooking for others stresses me out. I’m so afraid they won’t like it. Haha


I never really leave comments, but I HAD to this time because your mom is the CUTEST!!!!!! Eeeeeep! I wish I could hug her! :)


I didn’t know your mom spoke French! I’m semi-fluent and an trying to increase my proficiency. Tell her je suis toujours enchanté quand elle nous écrit :)

My favorite snack is homemade granola… snacking on it right now actually. Unlike your mom I do NOT like popcorn at all, and usually don’t even like any salty, crunchy snacks. I have too much of a sweet tooth.

I’ve never been a chocolate-focused person. I mean I still like chocolate, I’m not a monster, I just think there are so many great desserts that aren’t chocolate. It’s almost never my first choice.


So were Brooke and Knox out of town when your parents came over? I noticed they weren’t in the pictures. So nice you do this with your parents!
And I want desserts with chocolate! My 5 year old had an oatmeal raisin cookie one time and asked where was the chocolate chips? I always put chocolate in everything – cookies, muffins, etc.


Your mom’s comments made me LOL!

Hope you are having a great Thursday! We are expecting snow here this weekend – tis the season for hand warmers! (And treadmills) :)


Haha “. I actually dislike all exercise but like living so I guess I have to.” …your mom is so cute!

My favorite meal of the day is dinner because I’m not eating it at work ;) I much prefer eating with my kiddos!

Favorite snack that I actually eat : apple & PB
Favorite snack I wish I made more: celery & PB
(It’s too much work to cut celery at the office lol)

Sadly, I love all lemon everything AND chocolate everything! But like your mom I don’t like sticky, sour stuff that’ll stick to my teeth!


Hahah can we have a guest post by your mom about the psycho bird? My mom never Allowed pets so now I have two psycho dogs

Where is your kitchen table from? I want one like that with a bench too!


Hahaha I’m glad you get to enjoy some crazy pets now;) It is from RC Willey! I tried to find it online but maybe you can just send them this picture and ask if they still offer it? THANKS!


oh my goodness, your mom is THE BEST. “Janae’s psycho bird” comment wins blog world today. I think she should ask readers to share their psycho pet stories when she revisits what sounds like will be amazing memories of Nala. When I was a kid my mom had a Pomeranian that was psycho, the moment she left in the morning (after feeding her eggs and bacon) that little psycho would patrol the halls and nip at my sisters and I’s heels. She lived to be an insanely rip old age, which my mom was convinced was because of her diet.

Do you have the opinion that desserts must include chocolate or do you consider fruity flavored treats to also be delicious desserts?
Don’t fall over but I am not a dessert person but oh heyyyyy tortilla chips all day over here.

Who do you love to cook for?! Who was the last person that you cooked for?
Anyone that will sit with me and eat it :-) I cooked for a friend recently who I brought home from a minor hospital procedure who was instructed “no cooking”.

What is usually your favorite meal of the day?

What is your favorite snack?
A good salty trail mix.


I am just fascinated with your mother’s hobbies (she is so talented!) Could we see some pictures of her work with the gems and wood carvings!?

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