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Just in case you missed out last week, the top 3 most viewed posts were:

*A post On My Religion and Beliefs!

*House Tour!

*Close Call + Personal Bubble + Bullet Points.

Before I get to answering a bunch of questions, I’ll show you our Sunday:

It was Skyester and me again (Andrew was at school ((his LAST classroom instruction hours before he graduates) and Brooke and Knox were with their other parents).

My day started off watching the NYC Marathon and for about 2 seconds Skye put her head down on my blanket and watched with me.

Seeing Shalane at the end say ‘I LOVE YOU’ gave me all of the goosebumps.  I loved watching the end of the men’s race… it was so close.  I love that we get to have so many men and women to look up to that inspire us with our training.

IMG 7598

I was put in charge of dessert for our family dinner so I made banana cream pie and pb cookies.

IMG 7602

My crust didn’t turn out super pretty but it all tasted like heaven.  I’m gladly welcoming the month of pies.

IMG 7607

Our neighbors little boy is 2 months younger than Skye and the two babies ‘played’ (grabbed each other’s faces and stole toys from one another) for the first time.

IMG 7614

Andrew came home and then we went over to my parents for dinner.

IMG 7627

IMG 7629

Skye and my sister have been bonding.

IMG 7639

After dinner we picked up the Brookester!

IMG 7648

Beretta was happy to have her home too.

IMG 7651


The other day on Instagram I asked for any questions that you’d like me to answer so today I am sharing a bunch of them!  I’ll share about half of them today and the rest on another post!

*What’s the first project you’re going to tackle in the new house?

-We (I mean, Andrew) just finished putting shiplap up in our living room so we are decorating that.  Next we will be putting together our GYM SPACE!!

*How do you use your anxiety in a positive way to fuel your running?

-I definitely deal with anxiety… doesn’t everyone have it a bit?  Running helps me so much.  I am anxious about a lot of things… kids, work projects, different relationships in my life etc and running melts them away.  When I took two weeks off after the marathon I could feel my anxiety rising with each day I took off.  It was definitely still manageable but I noticed it more without running.  Running helps me in so many ways and starting the day off with a run makes the entire rest of my day so much better.  I don’t know if anxiety fuels my running at all but running helps me to work through problems and have a better perspective on things that are worrying me.  I definitely think it is so important to have many different tools to help you deal with problems but running is one of my favorite tools.

*How do you get your sponsored posts?

-I work with Mediakix exclusively which is an influencer marketing agency.  They have been the absolute best people to work with and they have helped to connect me with so many brands that I absolutely love that have been the perfect fit for me!

*How are your girlfriends?  I miss seeing them on the blog a bit:)

IMG 6600

-They are fabulous!  I don’t see them as much as I did a few years ago but we usually get together once a week or every other week to see each other.  We are still as close as ever though… that’s how you know they are good friends, you just pick right back up where you left off even if it has been a while (when life is crazy sometimes we don’t see each other for a month).

*Do the girls in your church go on missions too?  Or just the boys?

-Both can go.  The sisters going has been much more optional though.  I did not go (I got married) but Andrew served Spanish speaking in Cincinnati, Ohio.  My three brothers went to Peru, Portugal and El Salvador.

*Who is your favorite 35 yr old red headed friend?

-Easy.  Megan D.  No questions asked.

*Any tips for women trying to get pregnant, but not wanting to lose too much fitness?

-Hmmm this is a tough one.  With Skye I was still doing workouts and did one race and then as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I stopped doing speed and extra long runs.  Each woman is different and some continue to do speed during pregnancy!  Work with your doctor and do what feels right for you.  For me during pregnancy, I kept up some fitness but really used running more than ever for my mental health.  I struggle with hormones during pregnancy and running helped me to feel so much better.  I knew that running fast was going to be there for me after I had Skye and recovery so I just ran easy and as far as my body told me to each day without worrying about losing fitness… and then once my body was ready to go again, I went for all of the fitness possible:)  I think my body welcomed the break from speed/tons of miles during pregnancy and that helped me to have a great marathon afterwards.

Below was my last speed while pregnant with Skye (I found out I was pregnant a week later).

IMG 7565

*Favorite non-running activity/exercise?

-Hiking.  By far.  It used to be spin class but I haven’t taken a spin class in forever… but hiking I love because I live in the perfect place for it and it’s something I can do with my family.

*Where are the booties that you wore in your giveaway post from?

– They are from Steve Madden and I can’t find the same pair but these boots and these are pretty similar!

IMG 6594

*What does your coach like for you to do for cross training?

-Strength training.  Mary is big on strength training and I’m starting that all out this time around.  Other than that, I don’t do any cross training (besides hiking).  I have the time for running (and now weights) and that’s it… plus running is my favorite so I do that in the mornings when I go out.

*Do you get trolled on the internet?  If yes, how do you deal with that negativity?

-Absolutely:)  Sometimes it is worse than others (and with each year it gets better and better) and most things don’t hurt me except when it is about how I am as a mother (like how I didn’t breastfeed for a year… I’ve gotten some pretty harsh stuff about that).  I think that stuff hurts the most because I am constantly questioning how I am doing with this important role in my life which means that criticism hurts bad BUT other than that, I’m used to it and it doesn’t bother me.  I’ve learned over the years (and need to apply it to the mothering comments) that you can’t please everyone.  By far the majority of my comments are kind and supportive.  I love my internet friends!

*Would you consider a marathon in another country?

-Absolutely.  Let’s all meet for one somewhere!

*Will you ever want an assistant?  

-As of right now the position is filled but I’ll let you know if Skye ever quits and I have an opening;)

IMG 6801

*When will you start grad school?  I remember you posted about wanting to do that for yourself awhile back!

-I changed my mind on this one for now:)  Life is completely different at this point in my life and I want to have more kids and continue to do the job I love (blogging) and between the combination of family, running and blogging… I’m maxed out and extremely happy. At that point I wasn’t sure how long blogging would last but I’m so so grateful it continues to go!

*Do you plan to go back to teaching?

-This is a great question… I go back and forth on it.  I loved teaching and miss it a lot but I also don’t know if I will want to go back to that once blogging is over (hopefully blogging never ends:).  I might want to try something new or maybe I’ll be blogging when I’m 60.  But there is a chance that when all of the kids are in school that I’ll go back and join them… gotta love having the same hours and days off as your kids.

*Do you plan on starting to coach soon?

-I’ve always wanted to coach and I was so excited to get certified to start.  When I went to get certified things with the blog were slowing down (dry spells are a part of blogging) and I didn’t have Skye yet so I was sure I would have the time to coach.  I didn’t know I was pregnant with Skye during the certification weekend and days after I finished I started to feel like junk for a while and was doing the bare minimum with work etc during my pregnancy.  Things have picked up a lot with blogging now and the kids keep us busy so right now my plate is full.  When I do start coaching I want to be giving my 100% with it and at this point that wouldn’t be possible.  Someday it will happen and I apologize it is taking me a bit longer to get there.  I’m having fun coaching my brother and Andrew for now and practicing on them for when I start taking athletes!

*A few weeks ago Jenny asked if I did a warm-up before the marathon.  

-I did nada before running.  26.2 was the max distance I was prepared for so adding to that wasn’t going to happen:)  I also wanted to start slow and finish fast so using the first few miles to warm-up was very helpful.  If I would have warmed up before I think my body would have felt good and I would have shot out fast rather than taking the first few miles to gradually get into things.

*Something most parents stereotypically, seem to like, but you just don’t.  (Ex: I found out I am not a zoo person).  

-I just realized this last month I’m not a pumpkin patch person and I think it’s because each October I took the kids to Cornbelly’s (the most crowded event in Utah, I’m pretty sure;) way too many times and I burned myself out on it.  I kept seeing cute pictures of kids at pumpkin patches last month and I think I just need a few Halloweens away before I go back (or find one that isn’t crazy crowded).

*Marilyn asked the other day how Beretta is with Skye.

-Amazing.  Brooke loves to get up in Beretta’s personal business at all times…

IMG 6553

Beretta just gives her a lick, takes her craziness calmly, rolls over or moves out of her way.  Beretta’s patience is amazing.

IMG 6556

*Why don’t you wear a wedding band?

-I don’t know why to be honest haha… one less thing to lose?  My ring has two little bands glued together so I just count that as my wedding band;)

*How do you know if you are getting enough calories to perform in running?

-This previous training cycle I actually started weighing myself.  Once I was at my pre-pregnancy weight(ish) I stuck to that area.  Scales with my previous disordered mind= TERRIBLE.  Scales as a tool to make sure that I am fueling properly during marathon training = perfect.  If I started to lose weight I would eat more.  Marathon training is not the time to lose weight in my opinion… in order to rebuild and repair after hard workouts/long runs = you need energy/calories.  Making sure to not drop weight is what helped me to make sure I was getting enough this time around!



Do you struggle with anxiety at all, does running help you with it?

What is your favorite non-running exercise/activity?

Do you do a warm-up before races?

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I have dealt with anxiety for a little over a year and a half now. But mine seems different than others I’ve heard about. Mine started when my grandma died very suddenly. My triggers seem to me death, and this one seems weird to me but, throwing up haha. Everyone is going to be sick at some point but I hate throwing up. Anyway, my anxiety also seems to be an all or nothing sort of deal. Either I feel 100% fine or I’m in full on panic where I’m shaking and breathing hard and all. Running/exercise does help with it and I’m hoping that I get better at doing at home workouts this winter so it helps more while I’m not running.


Jenny, thank you so much for sharing this with me. It’s interesting to see how it effects us all in some of the same ways and in some different ways. Thank goodness we have running as a tool to help get through some of those tough times. You are so beautiful inside and out! Have an amazing day!


A friend of mine has Emetophobia (fear of vomiting) and had a lot of anxiety caused by that. There does seem to be some help available to deal with it, it might help you! :)


Oh my gosh. I didn’t even know that was a real thing. I thought it was just so silly of me. Thanks so much! I’ll do some looking into that.


I know! She felt the exact same way! I hope it will help you to get some insights and maybe help you to feel a bit better! :)


I think this is one of my favorite posts to date- I think people asked fantastic questions and you answered them in a meaningful and honest way. Kudos!!
Additionally, I think running is fantastic for anxiety because I attribute a lot of anxiety to being afraid- running is a sport where if you are too afraid, it is impossible to operate. Running forces us to greet fear rather than avoid or numb it… to a point of course.
Mitch actually had me jog before the Chicago marathon and not sure if it hindered or helped, it just was. I would probably do it in the future, just to get more data.


Oh thank you so so much Kaytlin! Reading what you said about how running helps anxiety and teaches us to take on the fear rather than pretend it isn’t there gave me goosebumps. 10000% yes. Maybe I’ll try it out on my next one… interesting stuff (keep me updated on what you end up deciding if it helps or not). Have a beautiful day!


Thanks for being so open and sharing, Janae. I’ve definitely struggled with anxiety in the past, especially when I first moved out to California (I had a full-blown panic attack and thought that I was having a heart attack). I think running helps some with my anxiety, but I also just have to pray my way through it. That definitely always helps. And watching sports also calms me down, even if I have a rooting interest and get nervous for my team, mainly because it’s a different type of anxiety then.

I also love hiking for a non-running activity, and I love playing recreational sports (basketball, soccer, tennis, football)!


Hey Natalie! I totally can see how that move must have been so hard on your anxiety in the beginning and it’s amazing how it has all come together so beautifully. I hear you.. running and prayer help so much! Andrew would be happy if watching sports helped me too;) I hope you have a wonderful day!


Happy Monday! I don’t typically warm up for any races. I probably should start as I am getting old and it takes me awhile to get moving:) I don’t suffer from anxiety (or depression) and I credit my history of running for contributing to good mental health! I have been a runner since grade school and it definitely gives me a much needed break from the rest of my life. For anyone who suffers from anxiety or depression I highly recommend you read “Running is My Therapy” by Scott Douglas. The book does not suggest that running will cure it all – many of the runners he mentions in the books use running in combination with other therapies including medications. I know several people that take medications to help with mental health issues and I know that for some people just going for a run isn’t going to cut it.


Jo (<--- PS did you know that your name is Skye's middle name... even the same spelling, it makes me happy:). Thank you so much for sharing about that book... I would love to read that. I agree, running is an awesome tool (along with others) to help our mental health big time. We are so so lucky to have something that is so good for our physical and mental health. Have a wonderful day!


I did know that Jo was Skye’s middle name. It made me smile when you first announced her name on the blog!


I just love you and your blog. <3

Yep, I have had anxiety since I was 9 and running is by far the healthiest coping skill I have. (Currently working on making PRAYER the top one. ) Running can easily turn into an idol before God if I let it. Do you/have you ever struggled with that?

On a semi-related note about Missions, I am Lutheran but I often see young Mormon men walking around our neighborhood on my runs and they are always SO friendly and kind. I waved at them once, and they crossed the street to chat and hand me a card with Jesus' picture on it. I told them I wasn't Mormon, but that l will always gladly take a picture of Jesus, and one of them high-fived me, lol. :D

I really love to hike, walk, and stretch. Trying to like yoga and weight lifting too. :/
I've never ran a real race. I ran a Half Marathon distance on my own in 2015 because I really wanted to prove to myself I could. But I was in a very bad place and it wasn't a good thing. SO, I am loosely following a training plan and hope to run a real Half Marathon race sometime this year or early next if I can get brave enough. :)


That is a great question… in my brain I haven’t placed running above God BUT I definitely have days where I realized that I had spent an hour running that day and not as much time on my relationship with God and so I am right there with you and working on that. Prayer is such a help for me and my anxiety too (and with prayer I include gratitude with that big time because it’s hard for me to feel anxious and grateful at the same time)! I love that you see missionaries in your area!
I’m right there with you on trying to like weight lifting;) Keep me updated on your half marathon training and the race you end up doing… I am cheering you on BIG TIME!


Internet trolls are awful and mom shaming is the worst! I never realized how many people have an opinion on how you are raising your child and what kind of mom you are until I had my daughter. I think you are doing an amazing job as a mom and step-mom. Thank you for being willing to share so much of your family and your personal life, even with the trolls out there!


Oh thank you so so much Megan, that means the world to me. I totally agree… it wasn’t until I had Brooke that I had any idea mom shaming was even a thing! I hope you have a wonderful day and your daughter is so lucky to have you!


Happy Monday, Janae and fam!

I definitely struggle with anxiety and running helps me for a few reasons. One I think it releases that tension and stress and worry in my mind and it is an amazing alone time with God. Secondly, I find it super empowering to feel strong and that replaces a lot of my worries;)

I also really enjoy hiking with my boyfriend but not so much as a sport, more as a fun day out.

I’ve never warmed up before races before, but it’s something I definitely feel like I need to do for shorter races (5ks and 10ks), because I’ve noticed during training I don’t feel warmed up until mile 3 or so, so 5ks are like my worst enemy because I’m never warmed up haha. So definitely need to start warming up before those;)

Hope you have a wonderful day!


You nailed it on why running helps with anxiety… yes and yes. We are so lucky to have it! I agree, those short races = we need a warm up! Thank you so much and I hope you have an amazing week Eleanor!


This is a total side bar but a few weeks ago I had asked you about the BCAA recovery drink you use. I bought some and have been using it mostly after the gym, (bad rolled ankle needed healing) and I forgot to use it yesterday and I am definitely a lot more sore today. I bought the watermelon flavor, which I am not a fan of but I will for sure be using this product regularly.
MRM Reload BCAA+G Post Workout Recovery


NOOOOO WAY!! Oh this makes me soo soo happy and it is a great reminder for me to take it again. I stopped after the marathon and I am so crazy sore from Saturday’s run… it would have helped me so much. So glad you are loving it. Have a beautiful day!


My husband has severe anxiety and he was so much better when he exercised. It is now his “thing” NOT to exercise even though I know it would help him. In fact as long as I have known him it is the one thing that has really made a big impact. My almost 8 year old also has anxiety in the form of selective mutism. Even at a young age I do notice a little bit of a difference after she does sports. She has come so far, talking at school but not so much in other social situations but we are working hard on being “Brave”!
It’s funny, my 11 year old is not anxious but she has a tendency to be very hyper. I always dread back to school because she is usually off the wall at home after sitting for so long. She is doing competitive swimming this year and is so calm… Apparently 90 min swim practices make her calm!!


Carrie, thank you so much for sharing this with me. It really goes to show how much exercise helps EACH of us in our different situations. I love it. It’s amazing to hear about how your 8 year old has come so far. You sound like an amazing wife and mom. Have a beautiful day!


What is your favorite gear for running in the cold?


AHHHH so funny you wrote this question because I am literally writing my post for tomorrow right now about this. Check back tomorrow morning and I’ll have a full list. Have a beautiful day Samantha!


Coach Lindsey Hein didn’t have me do a marathon warm-up but did have me do a half mile warm up with strides before my half marathon. That was a great warm-up for the race.
Can we get a half marathon recap from your brother? What went well, which workouts were the most beneficial, changes from his first half, etc?


Hey Molly! I didn’t know that Lindsey Hein was your coach.. that is awesome! I’m with you on needing a little something extra before a half too! I will definitely ask him but his life is so crazy right now (he is a patent attorney and works a crazy amount) BUT I think his biggest changes were nutrition (taking in more calories before the race and during than the first one), experience (he knew what he was getting himself into and better how to pace himself) and fast finish long runs. Have a beautiful day Molly!


I have been struggling with pretty bad anxiety for basically my whole life. I found running a few years ago and it has been an incredible piece of my treatment! When I am running regularly, it helps significantly. I can count my steps or focus on my breathing and it helps to quiet my super busy mind. It’s not a cure, but I’ll take a little relief for a bit each day :)

My non-running go to is hiking or mountain biking! I love the fresh air and the accomplishment of climbing a tough trail. I’d love to learn how to be a better trail runner and will work up to that challenge.


Susan. Thank you for sharing this with us and I am so sorry that you have had to deal with pretty bad anxiety for your entire life. Thank goodness for running and the time it gives you each day to relax and feel relief (isn’t it crazy how running can feel like the most calm part of our day sometimes)! I’m going trail running tomorrow and so I’ll write about a few of my tips! Have a wonderful day and I hope you get out on the trails soon!


Love the Q&A!
About anxiety and exercise…I personally feel a strong connection. Any stress triggers that “fight or flight” response, and I definitely would rather run/work it out that engage in conflict! Seems to me that our constant high-demand lives keep us at some level of stressed-out regularly, so unleashing it through exercise is a good way to relieve it. I don’t think it makes me worry any less, but I feel better able to cope.

That pic of Skye napping made me smile–we used to call that “bum-bum going north” when my kids were little. So cute!


I completely agree with what you said corey. I think the run helps my perspective on some of these high stress situations too and the focus of gratitude that I feel on the run helps a lot. I love what you said about the fight or flight response and I am so with you on avoiding conflict! Bum-bum going north… we will be using that phrase from now on. Thank you Corey and have a wonderful day!


So I started running after giving birth to my 3rd child about 5 months post baby. And it cured all my depression I had! I wasn’t a depressed person normally just after giving birth. So I never looked back and training for my 15th half marathon. Having Mommy anxiety for me is never ending but Iearned to run and pray for my kids at same time. I call it my prayerful runs.


Oh this is awesome Christina! It’s amazing how many benefits we get from running. This is the kind of stuff that keeps us running for life and I love it. Congrats on training for your FIFTEENTH HALF MARATHON. You are amazing. Oh those prayerful runs… the best and so helpful. Have a wonderful day!


Thank you for sharing about Mediakix!! I’ve read your blog for years before finally starting a blog of my own. Finding brands to work with when you’re just starting out is tough, so I’m excited to give Mediakix a try!! Thanks so much again!


YES YES YES!! They are the best. Have a wonderful day Emily!


I think I left a similar comment when you posted about switching to formula with Skye, so apologies if I’m redundant, but I just wanted to say that I am so sorry you got so much flak for that!! I have six kids and I breastfed all of them, but I only made it to a year with 3 of them and it was a FIGHT to get that far–like it was basically all I thought about all day long, and there was so much pumping involved. So super stressful and awful and so with my fifth and sixth I was finally smarter and when my supply started to drop I just switched to formula rather than doing everything humanly possible to keep nursing–and surprise! I was way less stressed and my babies were JUST FINE. Probably happier because they were getting enough food without a sobbing mother. ;-) I also like to remind myself (and my sisters–2 out of 3 of them haven’t ever been able to breastfeed any of their babies) that there is a reason that the occupation of wet nurse existed and still exists! Some women’s bodies just have an easier time with milk production than others, and that’s fine! Thank heavens that we are lucky enough to live in a time when we have a readily accessible and (comparatively) affordable way to feed our babies when breastfeeding doesn’t work the way we might have wanted it to!

And good heavens I am grateful for running as one of my biggest tools to help me with anxiety and depression. I’ve noticed in my kids too that the ones who tend towards similar mental health issues are the ones who thrive most with sports–soccer, track, cross-country, and basketball are for sure lifesavers for our family!! But dang sometimes I really miss living in Utah and having access to the mountains–skiing and hiking are the best!!


I have never ever thought about what you said about wet nurses… that is SO so true. It’s so easy to blame yourself or be frustrated with your body when it doesn’t produce what you think it should but it’s one of those things we don’t really have control over. Thank you for sharing this Rachael! I really appreciate that you shared this with me. I am so grateful for running and sports… they help our mental health so much. Come back to Utah and let’s go trail running:) Have a wonderful day Rachael!


It blows my mind that anyone would care HOW you feed your baby. Is the baby fed? Yes? Cool! Then stay out of it!


I totally agree with you! It is so so strange to me too! Have a beautiful day!


I am wired for higher anxiety than the norm, and running helps. I used to use running to make it “go away” which we know is never going to do that. The best thing for my anxiety was doing the work of why it was there. That has been hard work, but absolutely invaluable. It has also been great for my running, because who wants that pressure on every run.


I love this post! More of these please ;) it was such fun to read!


I struggle with anxiety and recently started going to therapy to learn how to manage it. I highly recommend it to anyone (and actually everyone, regardless of what you need help with). But working out daily is and always has been an important part of my physical and mental health. I seriously start to feel my mental health slip if I go too long without working out. Regardless of how long it’s been since I’ve run, whenever I’m feeling particularly stressed/anxious/overwhelmed, my body always craves running hard. I love it so much and need to do it more, especially before the snow gets here!!
I’m sorry you have to deal with people being mean on the internet. Knowing you on and offline, I can say you are a wonderful human and the best mom. Your kids are so lucky to have you! You are so kind and loving.
I didn’t read all the comments, so I’m not sure if this already got pointed out, but on the Skye/Beretta question you said Brooke instead of Skye ;) Easy to mix up though. Skye is a little Brooke clone and I love it.
Have the best day, friend!!


I love that someone asked you about anxiety! I feel like I have probably always had anxiety in some form or another but probably in the last five years it has gotten worse. Coming home from a mission, Break-ups, marriage, having a baby with some health challenges (he is doing phenomenal now) etc. I mean they are all part of life but I felt like for me I just couldn’t get it together. And I was doing “everything right”. I would exercise, eat right, and take care of myself in other ways. And I did this diligently for years and wondered why I would get so worked up over little things like the baby having a fussy morning or being around sick people. And when my husband and I talked recently about trying to have another baby I knew I had to do something. I couldn’t keep feeling like this so I went and saw a counselor and got a low dose of Zoloft to take the edge off of things. I was SO freaked out about taking medication and having terrible side effects but honestly things have been so amazing. I am better able to cope with my stressors and I feel like I am a way better mom. I have loved my experience!


I’m a relatively new reader of your blog, after hearing you on my favorite podcast Alie on the Run. Just want to say Hi and that I love reading you! Congrats for your sub-3 marathon, this is also a goal of mine but I’m not quite there yet!

My favorite cross training activities are also hiking/walking and strength training! But… SWIMMING is also wonderful for those days where legs feel sore and fatigued from so much mileage.

Before a race I don’t really warm up but I’ll do some hip activation and high knees, etc. Anything to just keep me warm before the start, but no running (26.2 miles is enough!). I also prefer to start slow the first couple miles of the marathon and then slowly find my race pace.


Janae another great post.
Please don’t feel hurt from rude comments. If someone goes around internet telling women that they are bad mothers, this person has a serious problem.



Thank you so much Garou… I really appreciate what you said. A lot! I hope you are having a wonderful evening!


My husband and I are trying to have a baby, and it is inspiring to see you continue with running even though things had to change a bit. You came back even stronger! It is hard for me not to think of it as “running vs. baby” but I can see it is not really that way.

Of course we are all different. I recently made the decision to switch from full to half marathon for my next race. My body is telling me to relax a little and I’m attempting to be patient with myself!


I hate reading that you have been “trolled” for your mothering. That absolutely sickens me. Thank you for putting yourself out there, despite the negativity. And by the way, my little guy just turned ONE this past Saturday! I did make it a year breastfeeding and am 100% sure that you love Skye just as much as I love my little boy. Making you feel bad because you “didn’t make it a year” is absolutely ludicrous. Please don’t let any of that bring you down <3


Oh Stacey… thank you so much for your comment. It means a lot to me.

AHHHH he is a year… how has this year gone by so fast?! Thank you and I hope you are having a great evening!


I have never thought of making a banana cream pie in November, but I must try this! Why does pumpkin get to have all the fun?!

I also have some anxiety and being active helps, but sometimes I get anxious ABOUT my running . . . am I training right? Am I on pace? Should I be calmer when I run? Logically I know it makes no sense, but there it is. Sigh.

My favorite non-running is definitely hiking (yay nature!) or yoga–I definitely like a calmer flow yoga than a workout yoga, because it helps me relax so much, mentally and physically.


My 4th baby is 7 mos. old, he’s been nursing so much longer than the 2 that came before them. Good for you for doing what felt right. I’m sorry that people give you a hard time with that. Skye looks healthy and happy, what else can we ask for?!

I NEED to know what you do for your own nutrition. Sometimes, when I’m overindulging with whatever my favorite treat of the minute is, I convince myself that its okay because YOU eat junk food. But, what are you eating when you aren’t eating chocolate covered gummy bears, etc. Are you still supplementing? What helps you recover? Or What helps you feel like you can get out of bed in the morning, feeling rested?


I don’t really struggle with anxiety but I do love running when I’m feeling upset, confused or angry as it helps me to order my thoughts and think things through and to put things in perspective. I always feel much more calm and relaxed after a run and sometimes something that seemed like a big deal before I left suddenly isn’t that bad anymore.

I love running but I actually love lots of other types of exercise too! Swimming, strength training, cycling, hiking & walking the dogs, surfing, cardio classes at the gym… Yea, just about anything!

I usually do a few dynamic stretches and a some easy jogging or a few fast strides before a race :) I have also done what you said though and just took the first few km’s easy and counted that as my warm-up.


OMGosh! You still make my PB no bakes. That makes me soo happy. And, um, we’ve got some throwback pics linked on here. LOL. Memory lane for a hot second!


Oh phew! I had to get oddly specific for fear that I wouldn’t get the answer I wanted ;) I will sleep better tonight.

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